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Nathan Shaw

Delusional Psychosis, Grandiose Type

0 · 277 views · located in present day

a character in “St Tibalts Academy For Troubled Teens”, as played by Smokescreen


Age (13-19): 17

Why are you here? (Brief history explain what your past was like) Raised in a staunch Roman Catholic family, Nathan, though constantly berated for acting out, still maintained he was a good boy. He went through the motions most days; during mass, he would imagine himself far away. Perhaps on an island perhaps even dead, Nathan became almost overnight, quite displeased with his life. So he would leave, taking day trips away from his body and the adventures that he had made life worth something. Suicide of course was a cardinal sin and even if he did muster up the courage to take a blade to his wrists or gobble a bottle of pills and chase it with his mother's cheap chardonnay, he could not. Nathan was in love. However, Nathan new that he would never be happy and almost on cue, his love went away. He could not remember where she went, though he did recall a pond and thrashing arms. In addition to her cold eyes, he recalled a duck. Nathan thought that duck looked "quack-tastic". He missed Emily but she visited frequently. She spoke in odd ways. Telling him, he had sinned a great sin and now would taste of bitter waters. Nathan preferred Sprite. His time with Emily used to make him happy now she made him sad. She told him awful things and told him to die. Perhaps one day he would. Nathan wanted death to find him so he waited for a train to take him away. He stood on the tracks and waited for the explosion to hit him. The train looked like a smiling Cyclops. A man in car racing to beat the train ruined his plan. Nathan rushed over to the crash. Little fires were everywhere and in that beauty; Nathan had a moment of clarity. He had called his parents to the tracks. Pleaded with them to save him and they tried. There were some continuity errors in Nathan's mind. Doctors told him he was sick. He had to go to a nice place away from the ghosts. St Tibalt's sounded like a nice place maybe Emily would be there.

How has your room been adapted to your needs?: (Brief description) Standard padded walls, restraints on the bed. A bookshelf rests against the far wall opposite the bed; it contains various publications from children's books to more advanced literature. A Magic-Eye Poster hangs above the bookcase, when looked upon reveals the shape of a panda eating bamboo.

Room no.: 9

Appearance :(pic or description) Nathan is tall for his age standing just shy of six foot. He is height/ weight proportionate. His blonde hair though once tightly cropped, now is disheveled and unkempt. He looks tired with solid discolouration under his blue eyes. He wears sweatpants and sandals with a white undershirt. He is of broken spirit and always looks confused.


Nathan has an unrealised delusional psychosis. It makes him unpredictable but when in a more lucid moment he is intelligent and witty. He enjoys music and art, having ran away several times to the museum. He is known to "grey-out" where though walking and talking, Nathan is not cognisant of his actions. He is wary of new people but will acknowledge them amiably.

So begins...

Nathan Shaw's Story