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St. Vladimir's Academy

First Floor


a part of St. Vladimir's Academy, by Adrian Shadoan.

Entrance Hall straight ahead, Cafeteria to the left, Main Office to the right.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over First Floor, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The first floor of the Academy
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First Floor

Entrance Hall straight ahead, Cafeteria to the left, Main Office to the right.



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Kein'Vei made his way back to his room, thoughts milling around his head like a beehive, unable to sort all he heard. He had about half an hour before he need to go. So when he got into his room he closed the door behind him and lent against, closing his eyes and digging into his thoughts. So he was the child of, no the descendant of a demon and and angel. That would explain a lot but the plot thickened. So he was cursed by Satan, who deformed his face. Kein'Vei only referred to it as a deformity in his mind, although I wasn't a handicap it did prevent people from connecting with him. That seemed to be a greater curse then being unable to eat and talk, mostly because, according to Teryl, they had been fixed. The angel had said that the Holy One, which Kein'Vei assumed to be the being many people referred to as God, had saved the life of the child. removing the need to eat and drink and giving them telepathic abilities. It made little sense to The Hushed One however, why would his abilities be so extensive. Maybe it had something to do with the curse, because in a way it was a curse to have thoughts so exposed.

Teryl had seemed to assume that the curse would make The Silenced Ones, as his kind seemed to be called, naturally evil. Yet, Kein never felt particularly inclined to do evil. There had been hints of others like him who had done terrible things. He had always assumed that who he was is the result of a freak mutation that occurred rarely, the last record one being 54 years ago, but now it seems it was a ancient curse. Slightly cliché if it wasn't so real. Opening his eyes, thoughts finally sorted he looked at his watch. Jumping in surprise, he was 5 minutes late, obviously he had taken quite a while to collect himself. He rushed out the door and down the hall to the room of the girl he was tutoring.