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Adrian Le'fay Lazar


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a character in “St.Vladimir's: Deaths Destiny”, as played by Fruity_Loopsxx




Full Name:Adrian Le'Fay Lazar
Age: 16 years old
Birthdate: 4th of July
Where you are from: San Gimignano,Italy,South-Central Europe
Role: Royal Moroi ; the element of spirit,which gives him the power of Dream walking, increased compulsion, healing, resurrection, mind reading, aura reading, aura disguising, telekinesis but the side effects can harm him very easily such as depression,insanity and other things that might kill him. His power does have it's limit's such as going to far and raising the dead. Since he's young he is pretty weak and his body can be used to bring dark entity's from the other side.
Royal/Dhamphir Partner:N/A
Roommate: N/A
☬ - Life
☬ - Humans
☬ - His Family
☬ - Blood
☬ - Candy
☬ - The Strigoi
☬ - Weaklings
☬ - His Power

Description:Adrian is a very neat person who finds everything fun to him and speaks out to whatever opposes him in any form of a human or immortal themselves. He is everything his father used to be : Attractive,Skillful,Spirited and even a little bit Brawny like his mother who he loves dearly. He is a Strong willed boy who will fight for his friends and his life when it's on the line. To others he's weak but to his loved ones he's living and a nice guy. He is a Holy replication of his father.

Personality:Adrian Le'Fay Lazar is very career-focused, and fit into the corporate world quite naturally. He quite constantly is scanning his environment for potential problems which he can turn into solutions. He generally can see things from a long-range perspective, and is usually successful at identifying plans to turn problems around - especially problems of a corporate nature. He is very usually successful in the business world, because he are so driven to leadership. His
tireless in his efforts on the job, and driven to visualize where an organization is headed. For these reasons, Adrian is a natural corporate leader.

Adrian dislikes to see mistakes repeated, and have no patience with inefficiency. He may become quite harsh when their patience is tried in these respects, because they are not naturally tuned in to people's feelings, and more than likely don't believe that they should tailor their judgments in consideration for people's feelings. He like many people, have difficulty seeing things from outside their own perspective. Unlike other types, he naturally has little patience with people who do not see things the same way as him. Sometime he needs to consciously work on recognizing the value of other people's opinions, as well as the value of being sensitive towards people's feelings. In the absence of his awareness,He can and will be a forceful, intimidating and overbearing individual. This is the a real problem for him, who may be deprived of important information and collaboration from others. In their personal world, it can make his overbearing as a good friend.

He has a tremendous amount of personal power and presence which will work for him as a force towards achieving his goals. However, this personal power is also a personal issue and self-aggrandizement, which He would do well to avoid.

Although he is not naturally tuned into other people's feelings, he frequently has very strong sentimental streaks. Often these sentiments are very powerful to his powers and might affect them, although he will likely hide it from general knowledge, believing the feelings to be a weakness. Because the world of feelings and values is not where he naturally functions, they may sometimes make value judgments and hold onto submerged emotions which are ill-founded and inappropriate, and will cause them problems - sometimes rather serious problems.

He loves to interact with people. with him having ADHD , he's energized and stimulated primarily externally. There's nothing more enjoyable and satisfying to him than having a lively, challenging conversation. He respect's the people who are able to stand up to him, and argue persuasively for their point of view. But because he has a very forceful and dynamic presence to others even the most confident individuals may experience moments of self-doubt when debating a point with Byron.

In his own time he want's his home to be beautiful, well-furnished, and efficiently running nice when he leaves school. He's pretty likely to place much emphasis on his mother's life. before school began, Adrian felt as if he needs to be in charge as much as he does in life. He is likely best paired with someone who has a strong self-image, who is also a good person. Because Adrian is primarily focused on his powers, sometime's he have's a problem with being constantly absent from home, physically or mentally.( Adding more )
History:Adrian Le'Fay Lazar was born on july 4th to the parent's of Markus Le'fay Lazar and Arina Lazar. Markus and Arina were both royalty in the Moroi kind until he was born into that life. He had a bit of a connection with the dead after learning a few years later who he really was and what powers he would soon learn to protest. As he grew up in italy,his devotion in keeping it all a secret was part of his life.He could play with others but him body as a newborn wanted so much blood which he had to be restrained for until he was older.

He lived in San Gimignamo,Italy for a long time until he was called to go to a school a little far from where he lived but on that same night his father disappeared with no where to be found Adrian had no other thought but to think that he died but in truth he did by the hands of the Strigoi.

His fathers body had actually been ceased to look the same way but his neck was ripped and broken in the middle of an alleyway a few miles from his home and he and his mother decided to move on their own reasons for it.Now,its his first year at the academy and things couldn't have been better than him being there but he misses his mother and sometimes he feels home-sick but he gets over it now that be brought his father back from the dead.

Being able to see his father and other things is what gets to Adrian because he can see what happened through his fathers eyes the last day he lived and who killed him. This is what makes Adrian suspect something had happened on that same night when his father died and it all leads up to the Strigoi but he wonders who in the hell did do it.

Misc: Psychosocial by Slipknot

So begins...

Adrian Le'fay Lazar's Story


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Adrian Le'Fay Lazar

Adrian was a very hardened boy with only a few thoughts about what he should be doing right now. He wanted to get lose and go wild like a rock star who was drunk.

He just assumed everything would be going right so he walked around to get a look at a few things. He had his thoughts on the Strigoi and right now wouldnt be the perfect time to get caught and killed by them..since they were all together at this party Adrian and the others would be the perfect target.

He was clear about his thoughts and feeding would be the wrong thing to do but he had never been so used to all the music and the lights. He shook his head and looked around at Guadalupe dancing.

He wanted to turn the music off and swim into the water and he was gonna do that. He walked over to the lake and slowly took off his shirt as he looked down at the water underneath him and he took a deep breath.

He jumped in as the water engulped him. He was looking up and swam back up as he smiled. He had never wanted the urge to go for it but he was just..not the usual self.

He slowly crawled out of the water and he looked to his right and to his left as everyone were either : Talking,Dancing,Or just doing whatever a teenager do.

Adrian walked over to Guadalupe and smiled. He just had a urge to have fun and everything was pushing him to the limit. Either he lived his life now doing nothing or watching everyone else have fun.

He looked into her eyes and he could tell everything apart from her. He started to dance with her as he moved his legs to the beat of the music and caught himself into a maze of different moves.

He suddenly walked over to the pool and picked up his half dead cell phone. He needed to charge it quick but to hell with that. He looked back up as everyone kept dancing and he panicked. " can do you...just be you".

He walked back over and began to dance to the beat around everyone.

He looked over his back and saw a girl sitting by a tree. He smiled in such a amazement as she was doing just what he had been doing a while ago.Either keep dancing like a maniac or go with the flow. He chose to go with the flow and walked over to her.

The girl had Black Hair, A nice body, Brown eyes and pale skin with a hint of something that really caught his attention. He smiled. "Um hi,this tree seems pretty awesome so you wouldn't mind if i sat here either would you ?


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Brylen was letting herself sway to the music when she saw a girl with reddish hair coming towards her ”Nice singing” she heard the girl yell over the crowd and Brylen smiled to the girl and when the girl got closer she could here her say “I’m Bellatrix, but you can call me Trix” . Brylen grinned, she was always up to making new friends and she has seen Trix around the school “Hey im Brylen!!” she yelled over the music as she danced. She watched as Trix walked off to Lupe and smiled to the dhampir and waved yelling out “Nice dancing Lupe!”

When Nat got up and sung she let her body moved to the music sort of going into a trance like state most likely because of the drinks but the drinks where helping her depressed feeling from being a spirit user go away which always made her to be in a better mood. She watched as Darius and Andrea walked off to the lake and grinned, she did hope those two would get together. Maybe they need more of a push, or maybe I just need to give Darius some pointers she thought to herself.

She continued to dance and was glad her guardian Lulu hasn’t come over to tell her to slow down on the drinking, since she has started having guardians most of them told her to not drink so much and she was most likely to tell them to fuck off. She saw Angel come up to her and she hoped the girl was coming to dance but then heard Angel yell "I'm going to go get you a drink." “Okay hun come back and dance though!” she yelled out to the girl as she walked off. Brylen then felt someone, most likely a guy, come up behind her. She grinned and danced against the mysterious guy not looking back to see who he was, she was just going with the flow but then felt him move in front of her and saw that it was Randall “Mind if I join in with such a pretty lady?” she was about to respond when she saw Alec come out of no where and tell the guy to ”beat it”. She saw the look in Alec’s eyes and she knows that look. She looked to Randall “sorry hun but Alec here needs me in his arms right now” she then turned herself so she was looking up to Alec’s face. Putting her hands against his chest “you know you could of let him have once dance” she grinned slurring her words a little as the liquor started getting to her head. She looked around with her eyes as she dance with Alec, her eyes found Angel….over near a tree with a girl she hasn’t seen before and the weird boy, Adrian. She kept looking over there as she leaned her head against Alec’s chest.


Mace smiled to Angel watching her every move then heard her say in a very low voice "Okay, go have some fun Mace.." “Ill try Angel, you too”[/b] he watched her walk away and he looked over the crowd he wasn’t one much for partys but he came for Angel. He walked around the crowd keeping his eyes open for anything then went down to the lake. He noticed Darius and Angel and waved to them both then went a little ways past them and took a seat on the grass and started flinging rocks out to the water letting his mind wander.


Wini kept thinking about Cherie’s hand that was on hers the whole car ride to the party. Her mind then went to Marcus, she was sure she was going to kill that boy someday, though she wasn’t sure when but she really wanted to. She watched Angel go into the crows and Darius go off with a blonde girl to the lake. Her eyes scoped the crowd once more and she noticed one of her old friends Trix, god she missed that girl so much but she knew she couldn’t go over and say hi. They where suppose to be staying somewhat on the down low for now. She heard Cherie come up behind her, she knew the smell and the sound of the girls footsteps. "Are those your siblings?" she nodded “yes they are” she looked to Cherie when the girl came and stood next to her “im hungry” was all she said before she moved quickly to the first person nearest to them, a girl (npc) with black hair, and grabbed her quickly pulling her over to Cherie. Before the girl could scream she quickly snapped the girls neck in a very swift way then bit down on the girls next. She sighed feeling the warm blood go down her throat. After a couple minutes she let her bite go and pushed the girl over to Cherie “here I left some for you” she grinned her lips where stained with blood but as she turned around there was now a boy near them. She grinned when he said "Um hi,this tree seems pretty awesome so you wouldn't mind if i sat here either would you ? she couldn’t help but laugh. Did this boy know what he just got himself into, she thought to herself but before she could say anything she saw Angel walk over, her little sister she hasn’t spoken to in years.

She watched Angel tell the boy to leave and Wini couldn’t help but laugh again, her little sister sure has grown up “I would listen to her you don’t know what could happen to such a pretty boy like you” she snorted and then looked to Angel then looked to Cherie “have fun with your snack” she then quickly took her sisters arm and walked swiftly farther away from the crowd. “Ah my dear little sister, it has been years and you have grown up so much….there isn’t a day that I have not thought of you….I saw one of your friends earlier. She was in the garden I used to go during my stay at St.Vlads. Her father is actually one of my good friends now” she then pulled Angel into a tight hug “you should join me Angel, its amazing you never have to worry about anything any more, join me. I want to have my baby sister with me always”.


Brook grinned to Eliza when she said the party was kick ass. Everything was going good, she then watched as Eliza grabbed a beer “don’t drink too much I don’t want to have to be the one carrying up those god damn stairs at the school, ya know how I am with those stairs, they always make me fall.” She kept her eyes gazing the crowd. Seeing some of her friends hanging out others drinking. "Oh i'm sure it wont be hard to fine her at all." “Ya got that right wherever there is the crowd she is there.” She then started walking with Eliza around the crowd and spotted Brylen dancing with Alec “theres your sister now gotta find Lulu”. She scanned her eyes around the crowd wondering where Lulu was, there was just something about the girl that she liked and really wanted to spend more time with her and maybe do something more, who knows. She pulled out her phone and sent a text to Lulu ”Where are you girl? Been looking for you thought u be near Brylen”. After she sent the text she looked to Eliza “Ok sent a text to Lulu asking her where the hell she was.”


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“I would listen to her you don’t know what could happen to such a pretty boy like you” Wini snorted and then looked to Angel then looked to the other girl who stood by her. “Have fun with your snack” Her sister said plainly before she quickly took Angels arm and walked swiftly farther away from the crowd, Angel stumbling behind her sister in a slight state of shock. “Ah my dear little sister, it has been years and you have grown up so much….there isn’t a day that I have not thought of you….I saw one of your friends earlier. She was in the garden I used to go during my stay at St.Vlads. Her father is actually one of my good friends now” Angeline wasn't real sure how to respond, but her sister seemed to read her mind and she pulled Angel into a tight hug, and for a moment, for a small short moment, Angel closed her eyes and hugged her sister back, she wanted to cry to her sister, she wanted to beg her to let them turn her back, before she had been so strong coming up to her sister, and now all she could think about was crying. Wini could snap her neck, or drink from her, or change her, and all she wanted to do was cry to her sister like she used to. “You should join me Angel, its amazing you never have to worry about anything any more, join me. I want to have my baby sister with me always”. Angel closed her eyes tighter, gripping her sisters shirt like it was her life line.

It would be so easy to say yes, to let her sister pull her away and never look back. But...Could she really do it? Could she leave behind everyone she loved? Could she leave behind Mace. Deep down, Angeline knew..she knew she could. One part of her could leave them all behind and go evil, all for hr sister. But the other prat of was screaming at her, yelling and fighting. Slowly she opened her eyes, to tell her tell her that?

“Angel! Come here, step back slowly!” Angel winced at the voice, she slowly turned around, not really leaving her sister embrace, but looking at her brother. She wanted him to leave, she wanted to go with her sister.
Before Angel could say anything through, he charged forward and reached out, grabbing her to pull her away from Wini as he spoke with a snarl that broke Angel's heart. “Damn you, How could you do something like this? The sister I knew wouldn’t have hurt anyone, let alone feed on one…..I guess being a monster has made you one.”

Wini...Daruis... Angel jerked her arm out of Darius grasp and stepped back, towards her sister. "She's not a monster!" Angel cried out shaking her head. "How could you say something like that Darius?!! She's our sister!!!" Angel's voice had risen, and the look in her eyes was killer. Angel felt so inbetween, and now her brother was protecting her? No..he would not protect her from her own sister!!


Alec grinned down at Brylen “Sorry hun but Alec here needs me in his arms right now” she then turned herself so she was looking up to Alec’s face. Putting her hands against his chest, she was distracting him so he wouldn't spin around and kill that guy. “You know you could of let him have once dance” She grinned slurring her words a little, she was going to be drunk soon if he didn't take her drink away, through she would throw a fit. "Unless he's a cross dresser, he cant dance with you." Alec chuckled at his joke and spun her around, stopping when he saw Kitty.

Alec blinked as Brylen was pulled away from him, and he shot Kitty a annoyed look which only earned him a smirk. "Hang on there big boy, she's all yours, just let me say hi okay?" She teased making him roll his eyes and stand there akwardly in a dancing crowd, waiting to get his lil Bry back. Before Alec knew what was going on Kitty gestured to him and said in a joking tone. "Anyway, go back to your man-candy there." Alec grinned and Pulled Bylen back against his chest before spinning them around, through he did catch site of Kitty grabbing some random guy and dancing with him, he couldn't help but chuckle.


Silently Gabe made his way over to the boy who had pretty much been turned down by Wini. He grinned at the kid and leaned on the tree before speaking. "Got turned down huh? I bet that sucks. Feelin kinda alone and upset? You know when the blood tastes the best? When the person is scared or sad, the blood tastes so good then, well to me it dose. I like to feed off of sad people, but I never kill. Well..not most the time." Gabe grinned at the kid and stepped in front of him, making the boy back up.

Gabe hadn't fed in a few days, and the hunger was starting to get to him, a fast little meal would do good, but if the boy made to much noise, he'd just snap his neck and feed, he didn't have a problem with it, through deep down he would feel guilty for ending such a young life..but why the hell not? Just because he wa leading the others didn't mean he had to be a good boy. Because none of them were good. They were all bad, so he might as well be bad too.


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#, as written by Vix
Nat rolled her eyes after hearing Doc’s jibes, shaking her head. He was a sweet guy and she’d love to sit down some time this year and write something with him. A sigh escaped her as she moved to the driver’s side door and opened it up, bending over and reaching into the car to grab her father’s guitar that she brought with her. She was thinking about doing one of her more popular songs. She should practice first. Carrying it with all the care in the world by the neck, she made her way over towards the woods. She left behind the sounds of the party, having her amp and headphones with her. She ventured away from the party and found a tree not too deep into the woods. She shoved in her headphones and turned on her amp, plucking out notes and singing to herself. For a while, she could feel a nagging feeling pulling at her, though she ignored it. She had a few drinks at the party, so that might be it. But it grew stronger. Huffing, she pulled out her headphones and slung her guitar over her back as she stood up. The sudden sound of Darius and Angel shouting about a monster reached her ears and she was about to dart to them when a more important sound reached her ears. And the scent of blood…”Help me… She could hear faintly the sound of Adrian. It was his blood she smelled! She remembered how his blood smell from the time she accidentally broke his nose when practicing combat. She quickly darted towards the direction of his voice, soon coming upon a figure that reeked of death and Adrian’s blood. Strigoi! Seeing nothing but an enemy, she hissed under her breath and unslung her father’s guitar, setting it against a tree. “You sick fuck! I’m about to change your name to Molnija Number Five!” Corny, but it made her feel pretty fucking epic as she charged the man from behind, grabbing him by his neck. She lifted his body with ease and slung him into a tree. When he had gotten up, he charged at her with his fist cocked back ready to punch her, but she met him with a spin of her body and a lift of her leg, kicking him across the face and bringing her leg down as she did so to take him to the ground. She was not about to be bested by a Strigoi nor was she getting her new clothes dirty. She didn’t have a stake to kill him, but she didn’t mind tearing out his throat. He grabbed her by the ankle and flung her across from him, slamming her into a tree. Dazed from the hit, she began to get up but was met with a rough hand about her throat, lifting and pressing her against the tree. Was she about to meet death? Clouds rolled by overhead, revealing the moon. As the lunar lights shined down through the trees, Natalia’s eyes met with Gabe’s and tears fell, smearing her eyeliner as she whispered through a choked voice. “Papai ... Como você pôde?” (Portuguese – Daddy, how could you?) She looked down at him, a splitting image of the once famed Dhampir warrior, tears and pain in her eyes. But...there was relief and affection as well.


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Drake Le'Fay Lazar


Drake stood where he could finally stay still. The screams and this...this was one of those nights where he wanted to tear shit up and throw it at those responsible.

He walked over to the crowd and looked into the eyes of Darius,Wini,and Angel who was just now falling to the ground lifeless as we speak. He looked straight at the last two standing and his fangs retracted.

"You..You did this to killed that little girl". He looked over his shoulder and he could sense the smell of blood as a young girl and a brude and sharp man were arguing. Not only did Drake recognize the blood but he could smell...his brother. He slowly walked towards the man and the girl and he looked to see his brother dead.

His eyes were filled with hatred as they both turned black as night and he stood with his fist balled awaiting to make his move and to hurt both of them. His brother was the only family he had and that was nothing.

He slowly watched as Darius who had just lost his innocent sister get ahold of Wini and Drake Le'Fay Lazar was pleased in silence.

He cracked his neck and picked up his brothers body. He took Adrians lifeless body to the lake and he slowly pulled his body deeper into the water and said his goodbyes."Brother...You were everything to me and i lost you. He stood up and filled his chest with strong air as he marched back up to the others and looked at the girl on the ground..dead.

He had something he wanted to say to everyone here but no..he stared at everything with his eyes still black,Fist balled and the temptation to kill. He gulped for a moment as he could feel the tragic loss..of family.


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Brook watched everything happen and then it ran threw her head once more. She looked to Eliza knowing she must be having a hard time with what was going on. She reached her hand over to Eliza’s and squeezed it trying to give her an assuring look. “Yeah. We need to get ahold of someone. Fuck. Looks like the party's over." She nodded in agreement though she looked to Eliza “How about you go over to Bry I think she will need you” she then watched to make sure Eliza went over there then followed Lulu. “Fuck this isn’t any good, and my stress is going way high I might need to borrow a cigarette from you” as she was talking she looked up to see a women ahead of them. The women didn’t look familiar to her at all though she looked liked she was dressed up for something. She felt Lulu stop and then move off to the side hearing “shh” . Brook then felt something click in her mind. Strigoi. Of course they had to be all over the place.

She walked silently next to Lulu but then heard the women laugh "Think you can get away from me baby cousin?" Brook eyes went wide and looked to Lulu “you know her Lulu?” her eyes went back to the women in red "Thought I was dead didn't you? No... That's not it. You knew I was alive. You merely forgot about me." she heard the women, she didn’t have a good feeling about this at all. As she was about to reach for her daggers in her leg sheaths when she felt herself get slammed against a house. Her eyes went wide as she now was looking at the female strigoi up close. Brook felt the women’s arm pushing against her throat and she put one of her hands over the strigoi‘s arm and squeezed digging her nails into the women‘s arm. Her other hand was struggling as she tried to reach for one of her daggers. The women’s words where going through one ear and out the other as she dangled there struggling to breathe but once sentence did catch her attention "Did you know our Lulu here had a fiance? I'll bet she never told you that. Feel hurt now?" she coughed, she wasn’t going to let the female get to her. She finally was able to reach one of her daggers and quickly pulled it up and went to slice against the females arm but she was started to fade in and out from the lack of oxygen she was getting. She looked to Lulu with pleading eyes for help not able to choke out any words as she felt her eyes start to close.


Mace was skipping rocks not really paying attention to anything when he heard a “eep! He looked up to see Andrea and tried to hold back a laugh when she said “damn you mace! What's a boy like you doing here all alone?” “Sorry Drea wasn’t paying attention….and I am just out here thinking…” before he could say anymore he heard a scream and quickly got up. He noticed Andrea heard the sound too. "Quick Mace! I think Angel's..." Mace just ran and then he saw Angel laying there, Brylen passed out in Kitty’s lap. “What the fuck…!” he looked around and also saw a man carrying Adrian’s limp body into the lake. He couldn’t think straight…angel….Adrian. His body started shaking and he let out a scream, Mace never let his emotions get to him but he felt he was going to explode.

He ran over to the man that put Adrian’s body into the lake “What happened to him! Tell me what happened to him!” his eyes looked wild then looked around once more and then back to the man “please just tell me what happened” his voice got softer and his eyes where now having a pleading look. He wanted to go over to Angel but he knew he needed to find out what happened to Adrian.


Wini felt like she was ready to explode and attack her victim when she saw someone jump in front of her then say “Wini?” The voice sounded familiar as her eyes went over the girl that stood in front of the helpless person she was ready to feed off of. Her eyes went wide…Bells.. “Bells…Bella...” she said in a low voice, she never called her Trix always Bells or Bella. She was shaking, she was still in attack mode but she held herself from attacking her old friend. “You shouldn’t be here Bella. Im a monster…” she then felt herself being wrapped into Trix’s arms. Wini stood there motionless. Her arms to her side, she hasn’t felt a hug like that since she was turned. She for one didn’t allow any of the others to really touch her except for Gabe and Cherie at times.

"Oh my God Wini! I missed you!" she tried to hold a straight face as she heard Bells “Bella im not who I used to be. I am a killer. Your crazy for coming out here. I am not the same Wini…” she then heard in the background someone yelling her name…then recognized the voice, Cherie. Shit…she need Bella to go before Cherie came around. Then she heard another noise, someone else was nearby she looked around and spotted a teen girl then noticed it was Lupe [I] “fuck fuck fuck fuck these two needed to go” [I] she thought to herself as she heard Lupe "Wini, Don't hurt her."

Wini hissed at Lupe “For fuck sake lupe I wouldn’t hurt Bella, now you two need to go because there is another strigoi that will be here soon and if you want to live then leave” she pulled away from Bella and looked to her “I am sorry I broke my promise and never came back” and with that she gave a small kiss on Bella’s cheek and she fled to find Cherie. She never told Bella her feelings for her, before she got turned she was starting to feel more for Bella then she thought she could but everything changed after she got turned. She fled the streets and saw Cherie and run up to her “im here but I am going….im a fucking monster that needs to die. I killed my fucking baby sister!” she screamed out finally all of what happened that night was getting to her and she fell to her knees in front of Cherie ready to just give up.