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Drake Le'Fay Lazar

Got a Problem Chump ?

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a character in “St.Vladimir's: Deaths Destiny”, as played by Fruity_Loopsxx



Full Name:Drake Le'Fay Lazar
Nickname: D-Fay
Birthdate:21 of July
Where you are from: San Gimignano,Italy,South-Central Europe
Royal/Dhampir Partner:
• Candy
• Girls
• Family Time
• School Work
• Dancing
• Assholes
• Strigoi
• Scum
• Low-Lifes
• Bitches
• Fags
• Spanish

Description: Has Dirty Blondish hair with a gold streak down the middle. He has slightly tan skin and he looks pale sometimes when it rains alot or just when he feels like being down. He has brown eyes just like his mother and he has the looks of his father more than his brother.

Personality:He is very clear idea of the way things should be, which he strives to make happen. He can value security and kindness, and respect traditions and laws even if it doesn't apply to him. he tends to believe that existing systems are there because they work. He's not likely to buy into doing things in a new way, unless they're shown in a concrete way why its better than the original way.

He has an extremely well-developed sense of space and function. He's very likely to have beautifully furnished, functional houses. He makes extremely up a good interior decorator too. This special ability, combined with his sensitivity to other's feelings and desires, makes him very likely to be great .

He is extremely aware of his own internal feelings, as well as other people's feelings. he does not usually express his own feelings, keeping things inside. If they are negative feelings, they may build up inside himuntil they turn into firm judgments against people which are difficult to say, once set. Though he learns to express himself, and find outlets for his powerful emotions.

He is just not likely to express his feelings,he is also not likely to let on that he knows how others are feeling. But,he will speak up when he thinks and feels someone really needs help or is in trouble, and in such things he could can truly help others become aware of their feelings.

He sometime's feels a strong sense of responsibility and duty. he takes his responsibilities very seriously, and can be counted on to follow through. For this reason, people naturally like to rely on him alot for things. He has a difficult time saying "no" when asked to do something, and sometime's he become's a bit tired. He does not usually express his difficulties to others, because sometime's they really dislike conflict, and because they tend to place other people's needs over their own. He really just needs to learn to identify, value, and express his own needs in life.

When his friends are down in the face of criticism, he gets discouraged, and may even become depressed. When down on himself or under great stress, he kinda begins to imagine all of the things that might go critically wrong in his life. he has strong feelings of love, and become convinced that "everything is all wrong", or "I can't do anything right".

History:Drake Le'Fay Lazar was born on July 21'st to the parent's of Markus Le'fay Lazar and Arina Lazar. Markus and Arina were both royalty in the Moroi kind until he was born into that life. He had a bit of a connection with the dead after learning a few years later who he really was and what powers he would soon learn to protest. As he grew up in italy,his devotion in keeping it all a secret was part of his life.He could play with others but him body as a newborn wanted so much blood which he had to be restrained for until he was older.

He lived in San Gimignamo,Italy for a long time until he was called to go to a school a little far from where he lived but on that same night his father disappeared with no where to be found His brother had no other thought but to think that he died but in truth he did by the hands of the Strigoi.

His fathers body had actually been ceased to look the same way but his neck was ripped and broken in the middle of an alleyway a few miles from his home and he and his mother decided to move on their own reasons for it.Now,its his first year at the academy and Hes missed some huge party that was supposed to go down at the lake but for all he knows is that he better find his brother.
Theme Songs:

Nirvana-Smells like teen spirit
Bullet For My Valentine-Tears Don't Fall
Korn ft.ϟƘƦƖןןΣx-Shut the **** up
ϟƘƦƖןןΣx-Rock 'n Roll
Gotye-Somebody That I used to know
Owl City-FireFly
Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jespen- Call me Maybe
Linkin Park-Numb
Linkin Park-Forgotten
Hollywood Undead-Been to Hell
Hollywood Undead-Coming in Hot




So begins...

Drake Le'Fay Lazar's Story


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Adrian Le'Fay Lazar


He backed up as the man approached him. His only instinct was to run the hell away from this man. The man was talking about how warm blood was and as his father could see it Adrian was in need of help. Adrian started to run towards the deep woods as the man ran towards him. He paused for a moment as he sat in a tree and he took a deep breath.

"A-Help me,Help me please". He moved towards the tree's as the man came closer and to Adrian it all became black. He was dead before but now he was surrounded by whiteness all around him. He looked in the distance and he could see his father and mother as they took him with them and onto a million years of happiness.

They took him to Large Golden gates as Adrian looked inside. They asked him if he wanted to go with them and he smiled. His brother was gonna need help after what just happened and he was gonna help an angel.

Drake Le'Fay Lazar


Drake entered his car and looked into his phone as he could hear a loud ringing in his head. He could hear him,Adrian calling onto his name as Drake spoke. "Adrian,what are you doing..Eh where are you ? ".

Drake sat back as the word death crossed his mind. Drake was a simple dhampir just like all the others but he was much,much more scared of the fact that his brother was dead and he had knowone else.

He thought this was all some sick prank but he knew more than that. He pushed the car keys into the egnition and he drove off towards the party.

As he was getting closer to the party he could see them everywhere dancing. He left his car and looked around as he screamed. "Where in the hell is Adrian at ?".
He tried to call Adrian's phone but everytime he heard his voicemail.

He walked over and Threw a bottle."Now i said where in the hell is my brother at ? ". He stood his ground as he could hear that ringing in his head again.

His head was completed with voices as he could hear everything until he couldn't believe it..He could feel the element..the power..the strength as he sniffed. Being older than everyone at the party made him aware...Strigoi.


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Brook watched everything happen and then it ran threw her head once more. She looked to Eliza knowing she must be having a hard time with what was going on. She reached her hand over to Eliza’s and squeezed it trying to give her an assuring look. “Yeah. We need to get ahold of someone. Fuck. Looks like the party's over." She nodded in agreement though she looked to Eliza “How about you go over to Bry I think she will need you” she then watched to make sure Eliza went over there then followed Lulu. “Fuck this isn’t any good, and my stress is going way high I might need to borrow a cigarette from you” as she was talking she looked up to see a women ahead of them. The women didn’t look familiar to her at all though she looked liked she was dressed up for something. She felt Lulu stop and then move off to the side hearing “shh” . Brook then felt something click in her mind. Strigoi. Of course they had to be all over the place.

She walked silently next to Lulu but then heard the women laugh "Think you can get away from me baby cousin?" Brook eyes went wide and looked to Lulu “you know her Lulu?” her eyes went back to the women in red "Thought I was dead didn't you? No... That's not it. You knew I was alive. You merely forgot about me." she heard the women, she didn’t have a good feeling about this at all. As she was about to reach for her daggers in her leg sheaths when she felt herself get slammed against a house. Her eyes went wide as she now was looking at the female strigoi up close. Brook felt the women’s arm pushing against her throat and she put one of her hands over the strigoi‘s arm and squeezed digging her nails into the women‘s arm. Her other hand was struggling as she tried to reach for one of her daggers. The women’s words where going through one ear and out the other as she dangled there struggling to breathe but once sentence did catch her attention "Did you know our Lulu here had a fiance? I'll bet she never told you that. Feel hurt now?" she coughed, she wasn’t going to let the female get to her. She finally was able to reach one of her daggers and quickly pulled it up and went to slice against the females arm but she was started to fade in and out from the lack of oxygen she was getting. She looked to Lulu with pleading eyes for help not able to choke out any words as she felt her eyes start to close.


Mace was skipping rocks not really paying attention to anything when he heard a “eep! He looked up to see Andrea and tried to hold back a laugh when she said “damn you mace! What's a boy like you doing here all alone?” “Sorry Drea wasn’t paying attention….and I am just out here thinking…” before he could say anymore he heard a scream and quickly got up. He noticed Andrea heard the sound too. "Quick Mace! I think Angel's..." Mace just ran and then he saw Angel laying there, Brylen passed out in Kitty’s lap. “What the fuck…!” he looked around and also saw a man carrying Adrian’s limp body into the lake. He couldn’t think straight…angel….Adrian. His body started shaking and he let out a scream, Mace never let his emotions get to him but he felt he was going to explode.

He ran over to the man that put Adrian’s body into the lake “What happened to him! Tell me what happened to him!” his eyes looked wild then looked around once more and then back to the man “please just tell me what happened” his voice got softer and his eyes where now having a pleading look. He wanted to go over to Angel but he knew he needed to find out what happened to Adrian.


Wini felt like she was ready to explode and attack her victim when she saw someone jump in front of her then say “Wini?” The voice sounded familiar as her eyes went over the girl that stood in front of the helpless person she was ready to feed off of. Her eyes went wide…Bells.. “Bells…Bella...” she said in a low voice, she never called her Trix always Bells or Bella. She was shaking, she was still in attack mode but she held herself from attacking her old friend. “You shouldn’t be here Bella. Im a monster…” she then felt herself being wrapped into Trix’s arms. Wini stood there motionless. Her arms to her side, she hasn’t felt a hug like that since she was turned. She for one didn’t allow any of the others to really touch her except for Gabe and Cherie at times.

"Oh my God Wini! I missed you!" she tried to hold a straight face as she heard Bells “Bella im not who I used to be. I am a killer. Your crazy for coming out here. I am not the same Wini…” she then heard in the background someone yelling her name…then recognized the voice, Cherie. Shit…she need Bella to go before Cherie came around. Then she heard another noise, someone else was nearby she looked around and spotted a teen girl then noticed it was Lupe [I] “fuck fuck fuck fuck these two needed to go” [I] she thought to herself as she heard Lupe "Wini, Don't hurt her."

Wini hissed at Lupe “For fuck sake lupe I wouldn’t hurt Bella, now you two need to go because there is another strigoi that will be here soon and if you want to live then leave” she pulled away from Bella and looked to her “I am sorry I broke my promise and never came back” and with that she gave a small kiss on Bella’s cheek and she fled to find Cherie. She never told Bella her feelings for her, before she got turned she was starting to feel more for Bella then she thought she could but everything changed after she got turned. She fled the streets and saw Cherie and run up to her “im here but I am going….im a fucking monster that needs to die. I killed my fucking baby sister!” she screamed out finally all of what happened that night was getting to her and she fell to her knees in front of Cherie ready to just give up.


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Drake Le'Fay Lazar


Drake stood in silence for a moment as he finished his prayer and all of a sudden someone started to ask so many questions he wanted to rip their head off. He looked at the boy dead in the eyes as he spoke. " You...Them..". Drake felt a slight sense to tell the boy but he was soo damn mad.

"Why boy..? why don't you go over there and look at your friends..they..". He stopped as he couldn't notice but Drake's 4 Molnija Marks were on his neck showing everything. He pulled his jacket up and smiled to the boy.

" You know what these marks are for ? i killed three strigoi since i've been a dhampir..and now,now you need to know how to kill one of them". He pulled out his silver stake and gave it to the boy.

"If you wanna survive and not end up like my brother..then i suggest you listen to what i say and keep your eyes peeled or just like that...your a goner and your useless". Drake also gave a few simple hints. " Another way to kill them is to burn them so knocking them out would be your best choice and then there's decapitation".

Drake cracked his knuckles as he deviously smiled. " If i can kill four then you can kill one two but i warn you...whoever killed my brother has a large bounty on their head and if you know who did this..then your dead meat to me.

Drake could feel his words settling into the boy's throat as he took back his stake and he headed toward the woods. It became quite odd that his brother was dead and now if Drake died..then his family legacy would be over and it would be deceased in memory. He may not have been a royal moroi like his brother btu he was a warrior in the soul and in the heart.

He walked back out of the woods and approached the others.


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Drake Le'Fay Lazar


Drake started to walk as another young boy crossed his path. Drake snickered for a moment as he gave the boy a silver stake. "What i need you to do is set a fire all around the field so knowone can leave that way its just us and the strigoi". Drake already had his plan in motion as he gave the boy a walkie-talkie.

"Alright now go get the fuel in my car and just start to put it around everyone in a circle". Drake was so furious with the fact that one,his brother is dead and two,he had one part in all of this which was to kill one more strigoi.

He started to sniff more as he could smell the blood of a strigoi. Of course he could pick all of them out from everyone else because they all looked like shit to him and in plus they had more in common.

He started to devise a plan on a small sheet of paper as he sat his stake down and looked further towards the others. Whoever killed his brother was gonna die and that time was now....So,either he was gonna set everyone on fire or just kill anyone that looked more like a strigoi to him..and that was wini and gabe.

He knew for some reason that if he killed one the other would come after him and that's what he wanted. Drake was 24 years and he was a guidance counselor after his clan advised the feeling of something strange at the school and looks like he found it.

He went to make a quick call. The school never answered as he silently turned off his phone and set his eyes towards the others. He picked out the two that he wanted and he began to walk towards them..and kill them for good.