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Gabe Ángel Benavidez

"Now we have to run..."

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a character in “St.Vladimir's: Deaths Destiny”, as played by The_Fallen_Ones



Full Name:Gabe Ángel Benavidez

Nickname: "No nickname.."

Age: 30

Birthdate: July 4th

Where you are from: Goiânia, Brazil

Role: Strigoi

Royal/Dhampir Partner:



Sun shine
cheerful people.


Description: Gabe mostly like to not wear a shirt, through when he dose it's a plain black or white one, and with a leather jacket on over it. He mostly only wears jeans or shorts, he doesn't take joy in dressing fancy anymore. His skin is well toned, and his body is in shape instead of covered in flap like most 29 year old men. His eyes used to be a brilliant chocolate brown, that had all the woman running after him, but now their a bright blood red, that scares all the woman off.

Gabe likes to spike his hair up so it stays out of his face while he fights and most the time if people see him, he'll be working out of covered in blood. He really doesn't care how he looks anymore, he used to be the best worrier and well dressed, but now he walks around in a pair of jeans, no shoes, no shirt, nothing. He used to be a good guy until he was changed, through when he is dressed he'll wear something nice like a suit, he still speaks with a Spanish accent, through most the time it's covered up.

Personality: He has a strong over powering attitude, but he is able to die it down when he first meets people. Sarcasm is something he was born using,and he has times where he is terribly rude. He always makes sure that he gets his opinion out, and he always gets what he wants. He understands that everyone has their own opinion, and makes sure not to judge before finding them out. Everyone has their story for why they think what they think, and that's what he's interested in. Everyone can be who they are as long as they aren't rude about it.

Gabe may seem relaxed and lazy, but it would also be obvious to a perceptive person that he’s alert and ready to act. He likes to pretend that he’s rude and sarcastic at times, but then he’ll readily do things for you if you ask. He moves like he has all day to do something, seeming lazy and unmotivated but when it really counts, he’s frighteningly fast. No warning, no hesitation, when action needs to be taken, he goes for it. His humor is dry and sarcastic in such a subtle way that it’s hard to pick up on unless you’ve been exposed to it a couple of times. His humorous comments come with a completely straight face, and no matter how absurd some of them may seem, it’s hard to discern if he’s really joking, unless you’re just good at that kind of thing. He’s confident, even arrogant sometimes, but doesn’t have much pride, though he likes to pretend he does.
Of course he has his moments of kindness..but only towards some people..

History: Gabe always,even now wondered why he married Natália's mother, but he cant help but feel some sort of joy, because if he hadn't he would have never had the child that he loves so much. For the longest of time,the two of them lived in Goiânia, Brazil, but they started to move around after awhile, Nat never seemed to mind through, and most the time Gabe would let her choose where they went and how long they stayed.

One time they had went to a small town in Mexico, and had only stayed one night because Nat didn't like the music there. Gabe had laughed at his daughter and they packed up and left that night. Probably the best thing about it was she didn't fall asleep till the music she liked came onto the radio. when ever they settled down some through, Nattie would cook and clean and pretty take care of him, she always said he was like an over grown child.

He remembered that night like any other, she was sixteen years old when he was changed by Wini Zeklos. They were blindsided on their way home and while he managed to kill three, Natália took down four. They had bother let guard down. It looked like they had gotten them all...And then Wini appeared from nowhere and was on him like cold on ice. Gabe could have pushed her off and gotten back up before she ripped his throat out, but Nattie was taken by surprise and if he had done that the vampire would gone for her instead, so he stayed down while he watched his little girl run to safety. The last thing he had ever said to her was 'That's my girl' when she had killed the four of the bloodsuckers. He had made him proud before he died.

Over the next few years he learned not to hate Wini for what had happened, and he grew used to his old family, but he always thinks about his daughter at night.
To be honest through he hates when Anthony goes for the younger children for a meal, because he always thinks of his Nattie.
Misc: I like food and music.....


So begins...

Gabe Ángel Benavidez's Story


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The group of royal’s and dhampirs are all the first party of the year. It looked like this year was starting out great, a few new faces in the crowd but most of them where already close with each other. They never thought the Strigoi would show up, they didn’t know it was them at first, they where all in disguises and the party had a lot of people around. Then something happened that changed the lives of many people in the group, now the group will have to make a choice between two close friends. Will they make the right choice? Will they be able to go through with their choices? Well we will just have to wait and see. Let the Party begin!


Brylen looked around as she took another drink from her alcholic beverage. Shes been here about an hour now and things have really heaten up and most everyone was here. She has had a few drinks in her and was feeling a bit tipsy. She looked at Kitty "hmm I feel like dancing...c'mon lets go dance" she then left the crowd she was in and went to the area most people where dancing. She put her hands in the air, still holding her drink, and let her body move to the music. She loved to dance and she wasn't actually that bad at it. Her eyes looked over at Angel and Mace but mostly looked at Angel and beckoned for the girl to come over and dance. "Angel come dance with me and let loose! No need to just stand there the whole time!" she yelled, she looked around for her sister Eliza knowing she would be around here somewhere, probably with Brook. Brylen started singing out loud to the song "So raise your glass if you are wrong In all the right ways, all my underdogs We will never be, never be anything but loud And nitty gritty, dirty little freaks Won't you come on and come on and Raise your glass! Just come on and come on and Raise your glass!" It was her favor song and new the words by heart, she sang it loud but on key, she wasnt too bad of a singer, there has been worse she has heard. She wanted someone, anyone to come dance with her so she looked through the crowd "c'mon anyone wanna dance?!"


Mace was standing there with Angel, he has been holding the same drink for the past hour, hardly ever drinking from it. He didn't really care for drinking and it really didn't give him the effect it seemed to give others. He was here because of Angel, he would pretty much do anything for her, anything she asked. He knew maybe someday he could be Angel's guardian but he needed to prove he could do the job and do it right. He watched as Brylen went over to dance and called Angel, he just shook his head. He knew Brylen was a party girl and always got a bit wild when it came to the partys "Why don't you go dance with Brylen, Angel, let loose a little?"


Brook was standing with Eliza and bobbing her head to the music "This party fuckin rocks doesnt it Liza? first party of the year always resembles what the year is going to be like! and I feel its going to be a good one" she grabbed a drink for herself and slowly sipping it knowing she shouldn't have too much just in case anything happened. She gazed around the crowd looking for Lulu, she knew the other dhampir had to be around here somewhere because she did hear Brylen singing and usually where Brylen is Lulu isnt that far away because shes the girls Guardian. She looked to Liza "we should find your sister and Lulu if thats okay? Though it shouldnt be too hard eh?"


Wini was sitting in the front seat of the car and fixed her black wig looking to Gabe "we better not get caught or this is going to go downhill" she then climbed out of the car fixing her red dress and put her sunglasses on, she turned too look in the car "now lets go find us some fun shall we?" She then walked swiftly near the tree line not really wanting to be noticed by anyone, she wanted to observe and take note of everyone there. She saw Darius and saw how tall he was getting "he really has gotten tall" she thought to herself as she scanned the crowd again this time her eyes fell on Angel, her sweet little sister has started to finially look like she was growing up. She frowned, if only she could talk to them, to say hi but she knew she couldn't it would ruin everything and just cause more issues. So for now she just leaned against a tree and watched.


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"Angel come dance with me and let loose! No need to just stand there the whole time!" A voice called out the the young girl. She blinked a few times and turned towards Brylen, who was waving towards his. Angel smiled slightly and looked at Mace, was was standing beside her holding a full glass of god only knows what. He smiled down at her and nodded his head towards Brylen before he spoke in his oh so charming voice. "Why don't you go dance with Brylen, Angel, let loose a little?" Angel couldn't help but sigh, through it was so soft there was no way he could hear her over the music. "Okay, go have some fun Mace.." she said touching his arm gently before disappearing into the crowd and out of his view.

Everyone around her people were dancing along to the music, but in all honestly she didn't wish to join in on their dancing, sighing softly to herself once again and made her way over to Brylen and said in a gentle yet loud voice "I'm going to go get you a drink." before pushing away once again, by the time she had made it half way through the crowd, she saw that Brylen already had another dancing partner.
Angel shook her head and pushed away from the crowd with a slight growl. People looked at her and either laughed of backed off, but she kept pushing her way through until she was behind the crowd and away from everyone. If her sister had been here...Stop living in the past! Grow up! Angeline clenched her teeth and looked up at the sky, what kind of party person was she? She could dance with anyone, and just let loose, but instead she wanted to think about her sister. Slowly she looked away from the sky and towards a tree, and her heart thumped painfully.

A girl with pale skin and black hair stood under the tree, watching everyone, but there was something so..familiar about her, and welcoming. Slowly she made her way towards the tree and the girl, but just as she approached another person came forward. "Um hi,this tree seems pretty awesome so you wouldn't mind if i sat here either would you ?" she heard him say, and as Angel got closer to the girl, she started to recognize her more and more.. Slowly she turned towards the boy and looked him up and down, she had known him from school, he was a good friend, but if Angel was right, he was in danger by standing near this girl.

"Leave." Angel stated plainly as she glanced at the boy. To be honest she felt bad being so rude, but she would say sorry later, all she wanted to do was protect the boy right now. Slowly she turned towards the girl and started at me. It was her sister, it had to be, there was no other way..Wini...


Slowly Alec made his way through the crowd, looking for one person..Brylen. Where was she? "So raise your glass if you are wrong In all the right ways, all my underdogs We will never be, never be anything but loud And nitty gritty, dirty little freaks Won't you come on and come on and Raise your glass! Just come on and come on and Raise your glass!" Alec couldn't help but chuckle, he was getting closer, because that couldn't have been anyone else's amazing voice.

Alec grinned and pushed a couple out of the way before stopping dead. There was someone behind her, dancing and swiftly closing the space between them as the male spun around to her front. Alec moved without thinking, pushing through the crowd faster so he could get to her. “Mind if I join in with such a pretty lady?” the male whispered, but Alec put his hand stiffly on the other males shoulder, jerking him back slightly as he started angrily at the male. "Beat it." Alec snapped, pushing the other male away from Brylen and stepping up beside her, wrapping a arm around her waist and pulling her closer to him. No one stopped to stare, but if the other guy gave him any trouble, Alec would have to show him how over protective he can be.


Gabe jumped out of the car and made his way around the party, keeping a sharp eye out for anything that would threaten his little group. Through he should be think about his daughter, but he had to look out for the others. He sighed and walked towards where he was sure Wini was, but he stopped short when her little sister seemed to pop out of no where.

Gabe tensed up and watched closely as the girls walked up to her sister. He knew this wouldn't end well, but it was put to Wini to test out her old bonds. If something started he'd let her handle it until he felt he would have to step in. One thing was for sure, he wouldn't let anyone die today. Not if he could help it, he would be more likely to die then Wini, which means he would end up risking his life to save her if the moment came, but he didn't really think the younger sister would want to kill her elder, because through the look in her young eyes was full of angry, there was something deeper down, a yearning to join her, to just hug her sister and let loose of the all the tears she had built up.

It was sad to see how broke the young girl was, if none of this had ever happened, maybe the girl would be down there dancing and partying with her friends, instead of walking down the dark path that seemed to lead her to her sister. When you love someone you'd do anything for them, and he was sure if the young girl asked, Wini wouldn't stop to think about turning her. But what a sad thought...


"This party fuckin rocks doesnt it Liza? first party of the year always resembles what the year is going to be like! and I feel its going to be a good one" Eliza turned towards Brooks voice, and grinned at her best friend. "It's kickass!" she responded, grabbing another beer from the table near them and popping off the lid so she could take a large swig from it.

Most the time, she didn't like the other drinks, and it was nice to have something light like beer instead of vodka. Brooke was right, the year was sure to be more kickass then the last, and if it wasn't Eliza would soooo want a refund! "we should find your sister and Lulu if thats okay? Though it shouldnt be too hard eh?" Eliza blinked and looked back at Brook before bursting out into a small fit of laughter before nodding and setting a grin on her face. "Oh i'm sure it wont be hard to fine her at all." she chuckled as they both seated out to find her twin, but a bad feeling was growing deep down in Eliza, and she wasn't sure how to shake it.


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“I would listen to her you don’t know what could happen to such a pretty boy like you” Wini snorted and then looked to Angel then looked to the other girl who stood by her. “Have fun with your snack” Her sister said plainly before she quickly took Angels arm and walked swiftly farther away from the crowd, Angel stumbling behind her sister in a slight state of shock. “Ah my dear little sister, it has been years and you have grown up so much….there isn’t a day that I have not thought of you….I saw one of your friends earlier. She was in the garden I used to go during my stay at St.Vlads. Her father is actually one of my good friends now” Angeline wasn't real sure how to respond, but her sister seemed to read her mind and she pulled Angel into a tight hug, and for a moment, for a small short moment, Angel closed her eyes and hugged her sister back, she wanted to cry to her sister, she wanted to beg her to let them turn her back, before she had been so strong coming up to her sister, and now all she could think about was crying. Wini could snap her neck, or drink from her, or change her, and all she wanted to do was cry to her sister like she used to. “You should join me Angel, its amazing you never have to worry about anything any more, join me. I want to have my baby sister with me always”. Angel closed her eyes tighter, gripping her sisters shirt like it was her life line.

It would be so easy to say yes, to let her sister pull her away and never look back. But...Could she really do it? Could she leave behind everyone she loved? Could she leave behind Mace. Deep down, Angeline knew..she knew she could. One part of her could leave them all behind and go evil, all for hr sister. But the other prat of was screaming at her, yelling and fighting. Slowly she opened her eyes, to tell her tell her that?

“Angel! Come here, step back slowly!” Angel winced at the voice, she slowly turned around, not really leaving her sister embrace, but looking at her brother. She wanted him to leave, she wanted to go with her sister.
Before Angel could say anything through, he charged forward and reached out, grabbing her to pull her away from Wini as he spoke with a snarl that broke Angel's heart. “Damn you, How could you do something like this? The sister I knew wouldn’t have hurt anyone, let alone feed on one…..I guess being a monster has made you one.”

Wini...Daruis... Angel jerked her arm out of Darius grasp and stepped back, towards her sister. "She's not a monster!" Angel cried out shaking her head. "How could you say something like that Darius?!! She's our sister!!!" Angel's voice had risen, and the look in her eyes was killer. Angel felt so inbetween, and now her brother was protecting her? No..he would not protect her from her own sister!!


Alec grinned down at Brylen “Sorry hun but Alec here needs me in his arms right now” she then turned herself so she was looking up to Alec’s face. Putting her hands against his chest, she was distracting him so he wouldn't spin around and kill that guy. “You know you could of let him have once dance” She grinned slurring her words a little, she was going to be drunk soon if he didn't take her drink away, through she would throw a fit. "Unless he's a cross dresser, he cant dance with you." Alec chuckled at his joke and spun her around, stopping when he saw Kitty.

Alec blinked as Brylen was pulled away from him, and he shot Kitty a annoyed look which only earned him a smirk. "Hang on there big boy, she's all yours, just let me say hi okay?" She teased making him roll his eyes and stand there akwardly in a dancing crowd, waiting to get his lil Bry back. Before Alec knew what was going on Kitty gestured to him and said in a joking tone. "Anyway, go back to your man-candy there." Alec grinned and Pulled Bylen back against his chest before spinning them around, through he did catch site of Kitty grabbing some random guy and dancing with him, he couldn't help but chuckle.


Silently Gabe made his way over to the boy who had pretty much been turned down by Wini. He grinned at the kid and leaned on the tree before speaking. "Got turned down huh? I bet that sucks. Feelin kinda alone and upset? You know when the blood tastes the best? When the person is scared or sad, the blood tastes so good then, well to me it dose. I like to feed off of sad people, but I never kill. Well..not most the time." Gabe grinned at the kid and stepped in front of him, making the boy back up.

Gabe hadn't fed in a few days, and the hunger was starting to get to him, a fast little meal would do good, but if the boy made to much noise, he'd just snap his neck and feed, he didn't have a problem with it, through deep down he would feel guilty for ending such a young life..but why the hell not? Just because he wa leading the others didn't mean he had to be a good boy. Because none of them were good. They were all bad, so he might as well be bad too.


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Adrian Le'Fay Lazar


He backed up as the man approached him. His only instinct was to run the hell away from this man. The man was talking about how warm blood was and as his father could see it Adrian was in need of help. Adrian started to run towards the deep woods as the man ran towards him. He paused for a moment as he sat in a tree and he took a deep breath.

"A-Help me,Help me please". He moved towards the tree's as the man came closer and to Adrian it all became black. He was dead before but now he was surrounded by whiteness all around him. He looked in the distance and he could see his father and mother as they took him with them and onto a million years of happiness.

They took him to Large Golden gates as Adrian looked inside. They asked him if he wanted to go with them and he smiled. His brother was gonna need help after what just happened and he was gonna help an angel.

Drake Le'Fay Lazar


Drake entered his car and looked into his phone as he could hear a loud ringing in his head. He could hear him,Adrian calling onto his name as Drake spoke. "Adrian,what are you doing..Eh where are you ? ".

Drake sat back as the word death crossed his mind. Drake was a simple dhampir just like all the others but he was much,much more scared of the fact that his brother was dead and he had knowone else.

He thought this was all some sick prank but he knew more than that. He pushed the car keys into the egnition and he drove off towards the party.

As he was getting closer to the party he could see them everywhere dancing. He left his car and looked around as he screamed. "Where in the hell is Adrian at ?".
He tried to call Adrian's phone but everytime he heard his voicemail.

He walked over and Threw a bottle."Now i said where in the hell is my brother at ? ". He stood his ground as he could hear that ringing in his head again.

His head was completed with voices as he could hear everything until he couldn't believe it..He could feel the element..the power..the strength as he sniffed. Being older than everyone at the party made him aware...Strigoi.


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#, as written by Vix
Nat rolled her eyes after hearing Doc’s jibes, shaking her head. He was a sweet guy and she’d love to sit down some time this year and write something with him. A sigh escaped her as she moved to the driver’s side door and opened it up, bending over and reaching into the car to grab her father’s guitar that she brought with her. She was thinking about doing one of her more popular songs. She should practice first. Carrying it with all the care in the world by the neck, she made her way over towards the woods. She left behind the sounds of the party, having her amp and headphones with her. She ventured away from the party and found a tree not too deep into the woods. She shoved in her headphones and turned on her amp, plucking out notes and singing to herself. For a while, she could feel a nagging feeling pulling at her, though she ignored it. She had a few drinks at the party, so that might be it. But it grew stronger. Huffing, she pulled out her headphones and slung her guitar over her back as she stood up. The sudden sound of Darius and Angel shouting about a monster reached her ears and she was about to dart to them when a more important sound reached her ears. And the scent of blood…”Help me… She could hear faintly the sound of Adrian. It was his blood she smelled! She remembered how his blood smell from the time she accidentally broke his nose when practicing combat. She quickly darted towards the direction of his voice, soon coming upon a figure that reeked of death and Adrian’s blood. Strigoi! Seeing nothing but an enemy, she hissed under her breath and unslung her father’s guitar, setting it against a tree. “You sick fuck! I’m about to change your name to Molnija Number Five!” Corny, but it made her feel pretty fucking epic as she charged the man from behind, grabbing him by his neck. She lifted his body with ease and slung him into a tree. When he had gotten up, he charged at her with his fist cocked back ready to punch her, but she met him with a spin of her body and a lift of her leg, kicking him across the face and bringing her leg down as she did so to take him to the ground. She was not about to be bested by a Strigoi nor was she getting her new clothes dirty. She didn’t have a stake to kill him, but she didn’t mind tearing out his throat. He grabbed her by the ankle and flung her across from him, slamming her into a tree. Dazed from the hit, she began to get up but was met with a rough hand about her throat, lifting and pressing her against the tree. Was she about to meet death? Clouds rolled by overhead, revealing the moon. As the lunar lights shined down through the trees, Natalia’s eyes met with Gabe’s and tears fell, smearing her eyeliner as she whispered through a choked voice. “Papai ... Como você pôde?” (Portuguese – Daddy, how could you?) She looked down at him, a splitting image of the once famed Dhampir warrior, tears and pain in her eyes. But...there was relief and affection as well.


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Drake Le'Fay Lazar


Drake stood where he could finally stay still. The screams and this...this was one of those nights where he wanted to tear shit up and throw it at those responsible.

He walked over to the crowd and looked into the eyes of Darius,Wini,and Angel who was just now falling to the ground lifeless as we speak. He looked straight at the last two standing and his fangs retracted.

"You..You did this to killed that little girl". He looked over his shoulder and he could sense the smell of blood as a young girl and a brude and sharp man were arguing. Not only did Drake recognize the blood but he could smell...his brother. He slowly walked towards the man and the girl and he looked to see his brother dead.

His eyes were filled with hatred as they both turned black as night and he stood with his fist balled awaiting to make his move and to hurt both of them. His brother was the only family he had and that was nothing.

He slowly watched as Darius who had just lost his innocent sister get ahold of Wini and Drake Le'Fay Lazar was pleased in silence.

He cracked his neck and picked up his brothers body. He took Adrians lifeless body to the lake and he slowly pulled his body deeper into the water and said his goodbyes."Brother...You were everything to me and i lost you. He stood up and filled his chest with strong air as he marched back up to the others and looked at the girl on the ground..dead.

He had something he wanted to say to everyone here but no..he stared at everything with his eyes still black,Fist balled and the temptation to kill. He gulped for a moment as he could feel the tragic loss..of family.