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Genieve Waverly

"Haven't you heard what they say about me? I'm practically heartless."

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a character in “St.Vladimir's: Deaths Destiny”, as played by desire99600



ImageFull Name:
"Old fashioned, but hey, we don't pick our names." Genieve Iris Waverly

"Call me Genie and I'll kill you. Slowly." Gene, Genieve, even pet names. Anything but Genie. That is, unless you have a death wish.

"What? You're shocked someone as young as me can be so... wicked?" Nineteen years-old

"I was a Spring baby." March 3rd

Where you are from:
"USA baby." New York City, New York, USA

"You've got two eyes genius. Use them." Instead of a beachy blonde, Genieve's hair is highlighted throughout to make it more of a darker, golden blonde. When she was younger, she preferred to keep it light and short, but after a while she decided to let it grow out. Now, it falls in softly curling layers, and ends just above her hips. Her bangs sweep widely across her forehead, gently touching her eyelashes. She has a smooth olive complexion free of blemishes or freckles. Her eyes are framed by thick eyelashes, but are large and round, taking up most of her face, and are a bright, vibrant blue. This gives her an innocent look she definitely doesn't deserve, but still uses to her advantage quite often. Her eyebrows are perfectly arched in a way that makes one wonder what she's thinking about all the time, and her lips are full and pink. Her features are very defined with a pointed nose, severely high cheekbones, pointed chin, and a prominent jawline.

When it comes to body type, Genieve is very tall. She towers over nearly everyone and her preference for high heels only makes this worse. She's very slender with a thin waist, prominent curves, and long legs that make her look even taller. She loves to look professional and classy when she dresses, and can always be seen in a blouse, a nice pant, a pencil skirt, or a fashionable jacket. And don't forget the heels. She's fond of them, not only for the extra inch or two, but for the loud clacking noise they make when she walks, allowing her to always make an entrance as well as an exit.

When you first see Genieve, you know she's a strong woman and is not to be toyed with. She stands with her shoulders back and head high. Her athletic build let's others know that she's in good shape to fight, but still, upon first glance not many see her for what she is. When making a first impression, Genieve's honey-sweet voice and doe-eyes make her seem kind and caring, her cloths and demeanor, classy and put-together. At most, people typically think she'd a high-class, successful business woman. Not a vicious, vampire killing machine.

"Only the best hun." Strigoi

1. Willfully or knowingly causing pain or distress to others.
2. Enjoying the pain or distress of others
3. Causing or marked by great pain or distress
4. Rigid; Stern; Strict; Unrelentingly severe.

"Haven't you heard what they say about me? I'm practically heartless." Genieve wears a wicked smile on her face everyday. She's calculating and quick, smart as a whip. What she lacks in size and intimidation, she gains in brains and motivation. She's dangerous for you know when she plots against you, she'll never lose. She's quiet and her voice is sweet and small, but she's absolutely lethal. She keeps a mental calculation of the her cousin Lucretia and her friends, and knows most of them by name. The other students are just faces to her and she completely wraps herself in her what she is, letting it absorb her. Genieve's temper is terrible and it is easy to set her off, making her a ticking bomb.

Genieve is a wicked woman with a wild temper. She's never once in her life been insecure or timid. Everywhere she goes, she drags with her a powerful and intimidating vibe. Genieve is a very determined woman. If she sees something she wants, she gets it. It's as simple as that. Nothing gets in her way of success and she wont give up until every possible solution has been exhausted. This headstrong woman isn't one to love and coddle you. If you have something she wants, and you refuse to give it to her, she has no problem with torture. Blood and pain has never been a weakness of hers. Most people just surrender to her right away. If her intimidating aura doesn't do it, a single glare from her icy blue eyes will usually melt the stubbornest of people into puddles.

As well as determined, Genieve's also very bright and an incredible manipulator. She's the kind of woman who will let you believe that you're in control of everything, only for you to find out later that she's been playing you the whole time. Her emotions are kept under tight lock and key, only allowing people to see what she wants them to. Some go so far as to say that the only emotion she has is anger. Her temper is her greatest weakness for she is very easy to piss off and once she is, there is no telling what she'll do when blinded by rage. Often her greatest slip-ups are when she's red with fury. If someone were to know precisely how to press her buttons, it could mean her undoing. This is why she keeps her emotions locked up so tightly.

If you could sum up Genieve perfectly in one word, it'd be ruthless. Every word that comes out of her mouth drips with superiority and double-meaning. She doesn't care what others think of her and never will. She's ruthless and wicked, doing things simply because she wants to. If it doesn't benefit her, she wont do it. The only person she's ever loved is herself. She doesn't waste time with people she doesn't need. Genieve prefers to give out orders, rather than be ordered around. When someone undermines her, they're immediately put on her hit list. If she makes a threat against you, you can be sure she'll carry it out for she'll hold a grudge until the day she dies.

In all, Genieve is a wicked, selfish woman who takes a little too much pleasure in the pain of others.

ImageRoyal/Dhampir Partner:
"Ugh. There was a time when I might need one, but now I don't need anyone's protection." None, she's Strigoi

"I don't share very well." She doesn't have one.

"Winning. Short, sweet, and to the point."
♥ Winning
♥ Being right
♥ Blood
♥ Causing fear
♥ Causing pain
♥ Respect
♥ Sarcasm
♥ Getting what she wants
♥ Revenge
♥ Chocolate
♥ Horses
♥ Wine

"These questions."
☠ People asking her dumb questions
☠ Being bothered
☠ Being undermined
☠ Looking like a fool
☠ Most humans
☠ Water
☠ Being argued with
☠ Taking orders
☠ The color green
☠ Cats

Theme Song(s):
"Something... Powerful."
Sounds of madness- Shinedown

"Just look at Lulu's. I've been her shadow practically her entire life." Genieve Waverly is Lucretia Waverly's older cousin. Much like Lou, her mother died in childbirth just a few years before Lucretia was even in the picture. She was handed off to her grandmother and lived with her for two years until Lucretia was born.

When her mother died giving birth too, Lulu came to live with them. The two were inseparable. Even though there was a two year difference between them and they were cousins, the two may as well have been twins. They had an almost eerie bond with each other and did everything together.

When their grandmother died, they were sent to the same orphanage, but soon separated. Lulu stayed at the orphanage while Genieve was adopted up quickly.

Genieve fought her foster parents with every thing she had, making life as hard as possible for them, but they were stubborn. When they finally sent her back to the orphanage where Genieve could be with Lucretia again, Genieve found something heartbreaking. Lulu had all but forgotten her, wrapped up in a new boy she supposedly "loved." When Genieve confronted her about it, Lou swore this wasn't the case, but Genieve saw it. Suddenly, she was the third wheel in their whirlwind romance.

And when Lucretia and her new love plotted to leave together, it became the last straw. She knew what she had to do. She'd been thinking about it for days.

She went to the Strigoi. Willingly. She gave herself over to them and became one of them, telling Lou's father where she was and what was going on. She'd merely intended to frighten her cousin back into her arms, not have him kill the boyfriend and devastate her only friend. In anger, Genieve killed Lulu's father, but it hadn't had the effect she'd been hoping for. Instead of running to her in devastation, Lulu hid from her in hate.

"I think that's all." Nope(:

So begins...

Genieve Waverly's Story


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Genieve slipped out of the van with a smile, adjusting her long black wig on her head as she did so. Instantly, her black Prada heels sunk into the grass so she kicked them off, not really giving it a second thought. She had a hundred pair just like them. In every color.

With a smile, she watched Cherie and Winni walk off, eyes on Winni as she killed an innocent girl. She smiled and turned to the others. "Happy hunting." She smirked and sauntered off into the crowd.

She faught her way through the mashing bodies, using her sense of smell. There was a boy, near the other end of the crowd who smelled especially sweet. So far, she hadn't caught Lucretia's scent, so a snack wouldn't hurt while she waited.

When Genieve found the boy, he was dancing with a girl. She smiled and shoved the girl out of the way, placing her hands on the boys chest, ignoring the girls protests as she pushed the boy back into the shadows against a tree. "Woah." She heard him whisper as he wrapped his arm around her and she leaned in, closing her eyes to take in his scent.

Expecting a kiss, he leaned in too, but instead of his mouth, her cherry red lips went to his neck. And so did her fangs.

It She clamped a hand tightly over his mouth so he couldn't scream and drained him quickly of blood, pushing him to the ground and stepping daintily over him and back into the flashing lights of the party.


Lucretia tilted her head, watching the dancers. She was leaning against a tree at the edge of the party. Her hair was a mess, there was a drink in her hand, and she was fairly sure her dress was on backwards, but she didn't care. A tall blond boy stumbled out from the shadows behind her. "Wow." He said simply before placing a kiss on her cheek and stumbling off. She smiled slightly and watched the dancers again.

She had her eyes on Brylen. Her charge. With a sigh,she took a drink, and flicked out a cigarette, lighting it. Lulu took a long drag and narrowed her eyes. Something didn't feel right. She didn't know quite what, but her instincts as a Gaurdian told her something was wrong. Her eyes spotted odities in the crowd. A van rolled up with several older looking kids in it, that she'd never seen at the school, and, as they filed out, they scattered. She watched one of them adjust their hair, and narrowed her eyes as the woman's entire scalp shifted on her head. A wig? Were these kids really that worried about reputation.

Her phone buzzing in the one shoe she still had on shocked her out of her train of thought, and she reached down to pull it out.

From Brook:
Where are you girl? Been looking for you thought u be near Brylen

Brook was near Brylen? Lulu raised her eyes and spotted her there, with Eliza, at the edge of the dancing crowd. She was only just behind them. She grinned and texted back.

To Brook:
Turn around.

When her friend turned around, she winked and waved slightly, chuckling.


Kittrina showed up to the party. Typically, she got a ride with Brylen, but she'd run into some trouble at the school that had taken her some extra time, so she told her friend to just go on ahead and she'd catch up to her. She turned the corner, silver heels clacking on the sidewalk, and looked at the party. Slowly, a grin crept across her lips. It looked great.

The music was loud and pulse quivering, making her want to jump in the mass of dancing bodies right away. Quickly, she let her eyes scan the crowd, and instantly spotted Brylen and Alec dancing. With a smile, she kicked off her heels, stepping onto the grass in bare feet and grabbed a drink from the bar before slipping through the crowd to Brylen.

Kitty silently slid up behind her and grabbed her friend's wrist, tugging her away from Alec for a second and close to her so she could get a word in. She caught Alec's annoyed look and shot him a smirk. "Hang on there big boy, she's all yours, just let me say hi okay?" She teased and leaned into her friend. She already smelled like booze, and she could tell by the way she wobbled that she would not be the designated driver. "Hey Bry-bear!" She grinned, taking a drink. "Party looks amazing, finally got out of that bitches office." She rolled her eyes. "She told me I couldn't leave school grounds for two weeks or something like that." She shrugged. "But obviously, that didn't work."

Kitty gestured to Alec. "Anyway, go back to your man-candy there." She said with a smirk and grabbed a near by boy, pulling him close, placing one arm on his shoulder while she used the other to take another drink, letting her body move to the music, her back to Brylen's so all she had to do was shout over her shoulder to talk to her friend.


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Kitty felt Brylen's body go limp against her and held tighter. Approaching footsteps made her look up to see Alec, rushing towards them. Of course it was Alec. He was always so protective of Brylen. Kitty liked that he cared about her friend, felt reassured that, even if her friend's Gaurdian failed, Alec would be there. But sometimes, Kitty marveled at how Brylen could stand Alec. It would be smothering to her, to have someone hovering over her constantly like that. "Is she hurt?! What happened!!" He said as he ran over and Kitty rolled her eyes.

"Oh please Alec. Have a little faith. As if I'd let her get hurt." Only Kittrina seemed capable of making a sarcastic joke at a time like this. It was her defense mechanism. Her way of making everyone else believe she was tough, when really, inside she was reliving her mother and her father's deaths over and over again. Death was a traumatizing thing, but unlike a lot of the Royals and other school members here, she'd had to deal with it first-hand. Only in the last two years had she gotten a break.

And now it was back again.

As Kitty was dragged along by Brylen and Alec, she silently wondered if death was following her like a cloud.

"You know what you have to do Brylen." Alex's voice drifted in the background as she stared at little Angel's body, trying to fight back tears for the first time since her father's death. Her face was passive, but if one looked closely, they'd see that her bottom lip quivered ever so slightly, and her knees shook.

She looked at Darius, and a sudden pang of pity washed over her as her knees buckled and she knelt beside Angel on all fours, breathing hard. She felt like she was suffocating, hallucinating. Not again. Why did she let herself get close to Angel? Death always seemed to attack those she loved. Was Brylen next?

Gradually, as Brylen did whatever she was doing, Kitty stood, just as Brylen passed out. '

Reacting quickly, Kitty caught her friend in her arms and sat down slowly. She needed to sit. Standing was too much work. Gently, she placed Brylen's head in her lap and absent-mindedly smoothed her friends hair, suddenly wishing she had a drink. She needed to forget this.


Lulu watched with eyes wide as Angel was killed. It took all her physical strength not to shout after her. All of her training nearly flew out the window right there as she thought. Why Angel? Why? I don't know a single person in the school that doesn't adore her. Why not me? I could name thousands that hate me.

“If there is one strigoi there is more Lulu they usually don’t just come alone. We need to scope the area or call for help from the school, this is way out of out hands." Luckily, Brook's voice brought her back and she turned to her with a slow nod.

"Yeah. We need to get ahold of someone." She bit her lip. "Fuck. Looks like the party's over." She rolled her eyes and stood, grumbling about how, as soon as the school authorities showed up, they'd all get their asses beat for the booze, sex, and drugs going on left and right. Silently, she led Brook and Eliza back up to the road, where she walked silently towards the school. She would drive, but she didn't quite trust herself behind the wheel right now.

Lulu snapped out of her walking stupor to realize, that ahead of them, there was a woman standing, smack in the center of the road. They were a little ways from the party now, but she could still hear the pounding music, but the woman had deffineitly come from the party. She was wearing a tight, velvet red dress, and was barefoot. Though her back was turned, her black hair was illuminated in the streetlights and it appeared to be a complete mess and a little too shiny to be real. This was one of the older kids she'd seen pull up in the van, and now that she realized that Wini had been one of them, Lulu guessed that this one had to be Strigoi too.

"Shhh." She warned Brook and Eliza, slipping silently out of the streetlights, hoping to skirt her without notice.


Genieve grinned as she listened to Lou's approaching footsteps suddenly become silent. She's realized what she was. Quickly, she whipped around and spotted her cousin and two friends creeping off towards the shadow of houses. Genieve laughed. Cold and cackling, cutting through the silent night air. "Think you can get away from me baby cousin?" She smirked, yanking off her wig as she flashed a wicked, fanged grin.

She laughed cooley at the shocked expression on her cousin's face. "Thought I was dead didn't you?" She smirked. "No... That's not it. You knew I was alive. You merely forgot about me."

In the next second, she had a body slammed up against a house. But, instead of Lou, it was one of her friends. The dark-haired one Lulu had called Brook at the party. She held her against the house's side by a forearm pressed firmly into her throat. The girl's feet were dangling, and Genieve leaned on her arm, slowly constricting the girls air supply. "Gonna go call the gaurds on us Lou?" She tsked. "Doesn't sound like you. You're a fighter, not a baby." She gestured to the girl she held against the building. "But she suggested it didn't she? So you went along."

Genieve grinned and leaned further on the girl's windpipe. "Let's see if I can get you to fight me." She said, a wicked grin coming to her lips. "I was the one who sent your daddy after you that day." She looked at the choking Brook. "Did you know our Lulu here had a fiance? I'll bet she never told you that. Feel hurt now?" She teased.


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Brook watched everything happen and then it ran threw her head once more. She looked to Eliza knowing she must be having a hard time with what was going on. She reached her hand over to Eliza’s and squeezed it trying to give her an assuring look. “Yeah. We need to get ahold of someone. Fuck. Looks like the party's over." She nodded in agreement though she looked to Eliza “How about you go over to Bry I think she will need you” she then watched to make sure Eliza went over there then followed Lulu. “Fuck this isn’t any good, and my stress is going way high I might need to borrow a cigarette from you” as she was talking she looked up to see a women ahead of them. The women didn’t look familiar to her at all though she looked liked she was dressed up for something. She felt Lulu stop and then move off to the side hearing “shh” . Brook then felt something click in her mind. Strigoi. Of course they had to be all over the place.

She walked silently next to Lulu but then heard the women laugh "Think you can get away from me baby cousin?" Brook eyes went wide and looked to Lulu “you know her Lulu?” her eyes went back to the women in red "Thought I was dead didn't you? No... That's not it. You knew I was alive. You merely forgot about me." she heard the women, she didn’t have a good feeling about this at all. As she was about to reach for her daggers in her leg sheaths when she felt herself get slammed against a house. Her eyes went wide as she now was looking at the female strigoi up close. Brook felt the women’s arm pushing against her throat and she put one of her hands over the strigoi‘s arm and squeezed digging her nails into the women‘s arm. Her other hand was struggling as she tried to reach for one of her daggers. The women’s words where going through one ear and out the other as she dangled there struggling to breathe but once sentence did catch her attention "Did you know our Lulu here had a fiance? I'll bet she never told you that. Feel hurt now?" she coughed, she wasn’t going to let the female get to her. She finally was able to reach one of her daggers and quickly pulled it up and went to slice against the females arm but she was started to fade in and out from the lack of oxygen she was getting. She looked to Lulu with pleading eyes for help not able to choke out any words as she felt her eyes start to close.


Mace was skipping rocks not really paying attention to anything when he heard a “eep! He looked up to see Andrea and tried to hold back a laugh when she said “damn you mace! What's a boy like you doing here all alone?” “Sorry Drea wasn’t paying attention….and I am just out here thinking…” before he could say anymore he heard a scream and quickly got up. He noticed Andrea heard the sound too. "Quick Mace! I think Angel's..." Mace just ran and then he saw Angel laying there, Brylen passed out in Kitty’s lap. “What the fuck…!” he looked around and also saw a man carrying Adrian’s limp body into the lake. He couldn’t think straight…angel….Adrian. His body started shaking and he let out a scream, Mace never let his emotions get to him but he felt he was going to explode.

He ran over to the man that put Adrian’s body into the lake “What happened to him! Tell me what happened to him!” his eyes looked wild then looked around once more and then back to the man “please just tell me what happened” his voice got softer and his eyes where now having a pleading look. He wanted to go over to Angel but he knew he needed to find out what happened to Adrian.


Wini felt like she was ready to explode and attack her victim when she saw someone jump in front of her then say “Wini?” The voice sounded familiar as her eyes went over the girl that stood in front of the helpless person she was ready to feed off of. Her eyes went wide…Bells.. “Bells…Bella...” she said in a low voice, she never called her Trix always Bells or Bella. She was shaking, she was still in attack mode but she held herself from attacking her old friend. “You shouldn’t be here Bella. Im a monster…” she then felt herself being wrapped into Trix’s arms. Wini stood there motionless. Her arms to her side, she hasn’t felt a hug like that since she was turned. She for one didn’t allow any of the others to really touch her except for Gabe and Cherie at times.

"Oh my God Wini! I missed you!" she tried to hold a straight face as she heard Bells “Bella im not who I used to be. I am a killer. Your crazy for coming out here. I am not the same Wini…” she then heard in the background someone yelling her name…then recognized the voice, Cherie. Shit…she need Bella to go before Cherie came around. Then she heard another noise, someone else was nearby she looked around and spotted a teen girl then noticed it was Lupe [I] “fuck fuck fuck fuck these two needed to go” [I] she thought to herself as she heard Lupe "Wini, Don't hurt her."

Wini hissed at Lupe “For fuck sake lupe I wouldn’t hurt Bella, now you two need to go because there is another strigoi that will be here soon and if you want to live then leave” she pulled away from Bella and looked to her “I am sorry I broke my promise and never came back” and with that she gave a small kiss on Bella’s cheek and she fled to find Cherie. She never told Bella her feelings for her, before she got turned she was starting to feel more for Bella then she thought she could but everything changed after she got turned. She fled the streets and saw Cherie and run up to her “im here but I am going….im a fucking monster that needs to die. I killed my fucking baby sister!” she screamed out finally all of what happened that night was getting to her and she fell to her knees in front of Cherie ready to just give up.