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Randall Towns

I bet you I can make it.

0 · 184 views · located in Italy

a character in “St.Vladimir's: Deaths Destiny”, as played by whscorbin



Full Name:

Randall Towns

Age: 16
Birthdate: February 2nd
Where you are from: Manila, Philippines
Role: dhampir
Royal/Dhampir Partner:
large groups

Description: Randall has always been what people call handsome. He has short brown hair that just seems to naturally falls well upon his head. He doesn’t need to bother with coming or styling it and yet always looks good. His blue eyes seem impossibly deep, almost making it possible to get lost in them, while at the same time they possess an odd little twinkle to them that makes them all the more interesting. He stands at about 6’3 with a well-muscled and toned body that reminds people of a coiled serpent, always ready to spring into action. His chest and arms are covered in scars, small cuts crisscrossing him all over.
Personality: Life is a gamble, or at least that’s the way Randall seems to treat it. Always willing to take a risk and place his faith in the dice, he’s an extremely carefree and laid back person. He has an almost permanent light smile on his face, as though there was some sort of joke going on that only he is privy too. He jokes around a lot and is known for a little bit of crude humor at times. He flirts and talks to people easily enough and many people comment that he flirts a lot and yet he doesn’t seem himself as doing it. It just kind of happens when he’s talking to someone. His relaxed attitude clashes severely with his sharp and blunt anger, even though it is mostly under control it’s not odd for some to snap at someone because of something they did. His anger can burn as hot as the fun one moment and then blink out of existence the next, making many people think he’s a little crazy. Luckily his anger is not a very common thing, only arising when someone does something incredibly stupid to him or one of his friends. His only major character flaw is his inability to truly understand other people, he’s often at a loss as to why people do things or how others feel.

When working or fighting it’s not odd for Randall’s face to go blank, he normally has a large number of thoughts going through his head so in order to stop them he ends up reciting something to shut his brain down. Quick witted but lazy, Randall is often found asleep in class and yet has the strange ability to pass almost everything with flying colors. His stark dedication to fighting and keeping his skills in the tip top shape make people surprised when they find him at the poker table or throwing dice. Overall Randall is a dedicated, fun loving goofball.

History: Randall was born in the Philippines where it wasn’t odd for families to be without the common things such as electricity. As a kid he learned Tagalog, the dialect of the Philippines but his parents forced him to learn English as well. He was the only white kid in his area and as such he stuck out like a sore thumb. It was not long till his parents heard that he was getting into fight after fight and that he was a quick tempered boy. It wasn’t odd for the kids in the neighborhood to pick on him for his color and as such he would fight them because of a quick rush of blood to his head. Randall seemed to be angry at the world for some reason, often yelling and screaming over things that were meaningless.

His Grandfather took him away from his parents at this point and took him up to one of the many mountain villages in the area. Randall’s Grandfather had been one of the greatest hunters of strigoi in his day and had taken it upon himself to turn Randall into a true killer. He did what any parent would tell you not to do to an extremely angry and hot tempered boy. He taught Randall how to fight. Every day they would sit on a cliff side and watch the sun rise for a few hours, this was how Randall was forced to learn patience. He wasn’t allowed to move or talk at all or else he wouldn’t be fed that day. After watching the sun rise they would go into the forest and he would be instructed in Kali, the martial arts style of the Philippines. Randall was forced to become ambidextrous during the training since the fighting style was based on using two knives. After three years with his grandfather Randall had changed drastically. What fat his body had was burned away and hardened muscled was put in its place, his mind was sharpened and he’d learned many tricks and methods to stop his anger from bubbling over. He’d mastered Kali and had learned other techniques from different martial arts. It was at this point that Randall’s grandfather gave him a pair of razor sharp knives and explained the dhampirs’ duty. From that point on they trained with the knives, cutting and slashing at each other as they went all out. Randall might have gone through what others would call child abuse but he loved every moment of it.

Misc: Carries a pair of short blades on the small of his back were they are unnoticeable.

So begins...

Randall Towns's Story


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Darius walked slowly through the crowds of the party, it wasn’t his place but he didn’t really have a choice but to be here. Brylen had an odd way of pulling you in and making you want to do whatever she said, it was a real pain. He had to admit though; Brylen wasn’t his only reason for being here. More than a few people said hi to him and he just smiled back and gave them each a little nod in return, he wasn’t very talkative most of the time and in all honesty he had no idea who many of them were. It was always interesting how people had this illusion in their minds that just because he was in the same class with them he was there friends, he had only a few people that he counted as a friend in honesty.

He had three reasons to be here, the first was that Brylen always tried to drag him to these types of things partially because he used to enjoy them so much before he’d returned. That was of the past though. The second reason was to keep an eye on his sister, the guy she was with wasn’t exactly the most trustworthy when it came to girls and he would most certainly be keeping an eye on him. The third reason was perhaps the most expected, he was here to meet a girl. A girl that he couldn’t understand fully and who always confused him but an amazing girl the same. Darius scanned the crowds slowly as he sought out Andrea, he could see her just off to the side of the crowd. He didn’t know if she saw him or not but a small smile came across Darius’ face as usual, she always seemed to make his day a little better. It was sad though that she had a crush on someone else, she was really a good girl. Darius moved towards her slowly, moving around the small clumps of people as he closed the distance between the two. He was behind her, a few yards away still but behind her. He pulled out his phone and sent a quick message to her.

why don’t you turn around


Randall moved around the party with his normal smile on his face, he seemed relaxed and as though he was having fun. He was laughing at jokes, smiling at girls and making sure to who off whenever he could. Inside he was a coil of snakes worming around, looking in every direction for danger and problems. His training had made it so that it was hard for him to be in groups of people without freaking out a little bit, he couldn’t help but have his eyes constantly roaming as he looked for weapons or dangers. He was a good looking sort, more than a few girls came up to him and tried to entice him, he even thought about giving in more than a few times.

A cold sweat was on the back of his neck, the only sign of his nervousness or that he was bothered at all. It was more than a little reassuring that he could feel his two knives pressed against the small of his back, they were in easy reach and he would be able to access them without having to worry about anything. Of course he probably wouldn’t need them today but he couldn’t help but have them on him, it was part of his training. He swung around a few girls and picked up a drink, making sure to poor it himself just to be safe. He let the alcohol go down his throat and it settled his nerves a little. He smiled and milled around a little more, mingling with the girls mainly and the few friends he had here. Most of them were from the gambling tables but they were still pretty cool.

Randall drifted through the party, leaving laughs and girls in his wake. As he moved around a little he had to turn quickly and swing away from two figures in the party. One was a smaller girl named Angel and next to her was a guy named Mace, or at least he thought that was his name. He didn’t know either of them all that well but he’d seen Angel end someone’s chance of ever having children so he couldn’t help but not want to get near that. He turned another way and drew closer to the dance floor, his eyes spotting Brylen easily and another girl that he didn’t know. Brylen always seemed to have a dozen friends gathered around her. Randall kept moving though, not stopped for long other than to talk a little and make conversation with the people he knew. As he moved though one thing caught his eye, a small group of late arrivals. He glanced up towards them and his eyes settled on the pretty girl leaning against the tree. Something was oddly familiar about her but Randall didn’t bother thinking about it for long before turning away, she was probably just someone from the school. After spending a few more minutes wandering Randall turned and headed back towards the large group of dancers and did his best to join in, dancing with a couple of the hotties that he knew and mainly just trying to let loose a little bit.


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To say that Darrius was surprised by the warm reception that Andrea gave her would be like saying that the Sahara was a bit warm. Andrea wrapped her arms around his neck and practically through herself at him, Darius could help but rock back a little as he hugged her back with more than a bit of confusion. One moment she was ambushing her when he was trying to be the one ambushing her, the next moment she was backing off in her cute little shy way. He opened his mouth to say something when she changed again, almost dragging him away from the party and towards the lake. Darius glanced behind him for a second, his eyes finding his sister and checking on her before he let himself get led into a more private environment.

He looked around for a second; taking in the amazing little scene all around before he took the seat next to Andrea. Darius turned towards her and his eyes fell upon her face; she’d gotten a little disheveled in the rush over here. He reached out nervously, his hand shaking a little before he forced it to stay still. He brushed a strand of hair away from her face, letting his fingers brush against her cheek as he did so. He looked into her eyes as he let the smile grow on his face. Something about this just made him happy; he was always that way when she was around. Part of him took in her words and another part of him ignored them completely, distracted by the moment. In his mind time had stood still.

Darius blinked and brought his hands away, a small tint coming to his head out of embarrassment. He looked away, he wasn’t even sure how much time had passed. He probably looked like an idiot. He looked back at Andrea though and a torrent of thoughts came into his mind, thoughts that he’d tried to ignore for the most part. Andrea had always been looking at him oddly, he’d never thought about it much because he knew she like someone else. This time though Darius was starting to add up the little things, that stuff which should have been obvious to him earlier.

He looked up at Andrea and said with a smile on his face, his breathing steady as he tried to keep himself calm and relaxed. He had done this type of stuff before after all, it had just….been a while. He let his hand slowly move to hers, just cupping it in his hand as he said the first words to leave his lips since they had gotten there. “Well Andrea what should we talk about? I feel like a lot of stuff has already been said, just not with words. Perhaps I’m just a fool though.” He looked away for a moment and said started up again. “this is a lovely place, a lot like you. It’s pretty for one that’s obvious though, the water is also like you though; it’s steady and calming, soothing and elegant but can also be strong and possessive. The light reflecting like you, open and free. The wind is as stubborn as you, blowing at all times even if it’s being opposed, amazingly stubborn of course…..everything just perfect like you…….I’m gonna be quiet now before I embarrass myself further.” Darius looked away, not sure what had come over his mouth. Not sure why he’d said so many stupid things all at once.


Randall moved like water on the dance floor. Flowing from one girl to another as he laughed and enjoyed himself. He was finally loosening himself up a little, trying his best to just get into the rhythm of not being so strict. No matter what his grandfather would think he’d probably not end up dead from just one night of fun, and if he did well he would learn from his mistake. He laughed, he drank, he danced and he rinsed and repeated over and over again. He moved around a little when he saw Brylen again; a couple of her friends had drifted off from her.

Randall moved up behind Brylen, dancing behind her as he closed the distance slowly and swung around in front of her. It was funny, his grandfather hadn’t taught him a lot of the fun things in life but dancing he was taught. His grandfather say dancing as a way to teach certain fighting skills, and that had actually made Randall pretty good. He moved close to Brylen dancing with her and said to her just loud enough that she would hear but not loud enough for everyone to hear. “Mind if I join in with such a pretty lady?”


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"Angel come dance with me and let loose! No need to just stand there the whole time!" A voice called out the the young girl. She blinked a few times and turned towards Brylen, who was waving towards his. Angel smiled slightly and looked at Mace, was was standing beside her holding a full glass of god only knows what. He smiled down at her and nodded his head towards Brylen before he spoke in his oh so charming voice. "Why don't you go dance with Brylen, Angel, let loose a little?" Angel couldn't help but sigh, through it was so soft there was no way he could hear her over the music. "Okay, go have some fun Mace.." she said touching his arm gently before disappearing into the crowd and out of his view.

Everyone around her people were dancing along to the music, but in all honestly she didn't wish to join in on their dancing, sighing softly to herself once again and made her way over to Brylen and said in a gentle yet loud voice "I'm going to go get you a drink." before pushing away once again, by the time she had made it half way through the crowd, she saw that Brylen already had another dancing partner.
Angel shook her head and pushed away from the crowd with a slight growl. People looked at her and either laughed of backed off, but she kept pushing her way through until she was behind the crowd and away from everyone. If her sister had been here...Stop living in the past! Grow up! Angeline clenched her teeth and looked up at the sky, what kind of party person was she? She could dance with anyone, and just let loose, but instead she wanted to think about her sister. Slowly she looked away from the sky and towards a tree, and her heart thumped painfully.

A girl with pale skin and black hair stood under the tree, watching everyone, but there was something so..familiar about her, and welcoming. Slowly she made her way towards the tree and the girl, but just as she approached another person came forward. "Um hi,this tree seems pretty awesome so you wouldn't mind if i sat here either would you ?" she heard him say, and as Angel got closer to the girl, she started to recognize her more and more.. Slowly she turned towards the boy and looked him up and down, she had known him from school, he was a good friend, but if Angel was right, he was in danger by standing near this girl.

"Leave." Angel stated plainly as she glanced at the boy. To be honest she felt bad being so rude, but she would say sorry later, all she wanted to do was protect the boy right now. Slowly she turned towards the girl and started at me. It was her sister, it had to be, there was no other way..Wini...


Slowly Alec made his way through the crowd, looking for one person..Brylen. Where was she? "So raise your glass if you are wrong In all the right ways, all my underdogs We will never be, never be anything but loud And nitty gritty, dirty little freaks Won't you come on and come on and Raise your glass! Just come on and come on and Raise your glass!" Alec couldn't help but chuckle, he was getting closer, because that couldn't have been anyone else's amazing voice.

Alec grinned and pushed a couple out of the way before stopping dead. There was someone behind her, dancing and swiftly closing the space between them as the male spun around to her front. Alec moved without thinking, pushing through the crowd faster so he could get to her. “Mind if I join in with such a pretty lady?” the male whispered, but Alec put his hand stiffly on the other males shoulder, jerking him back slightly as he started angrily at the male. "Beat it." Alec snapped, pushing the other male away from Brylen and stepping up beside her, wrapping a arm around her waist and pulling her closer to him. No one stopped to stare, but if the other guy gave him any trouble, Alec would have to show him how over protective he can be.


Gabe jumped out of the car and made his way around the party, keeping a sharp eye out for anything that would threaten his little group. Through he should be think about his daughter, but he had to look out for the others. He sighed and walked towards where he was sure Wini was, but he stopped short when her little sister seemed to pop out of no where.

Gabe tensed up and watched closely as the girls walked up to her sister. He knew this wouldn't end well, but it was put to Wini to test out her old bonds. If something started he'd let her handle it until he felt he would have to step in. One thing was for sure, he wouldn't let anyone die today. Not if he could help it, he would be more likely to die then Wini, which means he would end up risking his life to save her if the moment came, but he didn't really think the younger sister would want to kill her elder, because through the look in her young eyes was full of angry, there was something deeper down, a yearning to join her, to just hug her sister and let loose of the all the tears she had built up.

It was sad to see how broke the young girl was, if none of this had ever happened, maybe the girl would be down there dancing and partying with her friends, instead of walking down the dark path that seemed to lead her to her sister. When you love someone you'd do anything for them, and he was sure if the young girl asked, Wini wouldn't stop to think about turning her. But what a sad thought...


"This party fuckin rocks doesnt it Liza? first party of the year always resembles what the year is going to be like! and I feel its going to be a good one" Eliza turned towards Brooks voice, and grinned at her best friend. "It's kickass!" she responded, grabbing another beer from the table near them and popping off the lid so she could take a large swig from it.

Most the time, she didn't like the other drinks, and it was nice to have something light like beer instead of vodka. Brooke was right, the year was sure to be more kickass then the last, and if it wasn't Eliza would soooo want a refund! "we should find your sister and Lulu if thats okay? Though it shouldnt be too hard eh?" Eliza blinked and looked back at Brook before bursting out into a small fit of laughter before nodding and setting a grin on her face. "Oh i'm sure it wont be hard to fine her at all." she chuckled as they both seated out to find her twin, but a bad feeling was growing deep down in Eliza, and she wasn't sure how to shake it.


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Brylen was letting herself sway to the music when she saw a girl with reddish hair coming towards her ”Nice singing” she heard the girl yell over the crowd and Brylen smiled to the girl and when the girl got closer she could here her say “I’m Bellatrix, but you can call me Trix” . Brylen grinned, she was always up to making new friends and she has seen Trix around the school “Hey im Brylen!!” she yelled over the music as she danced. She watched as Trix walked off to Lupe and smiled to the dhampir and waved yelling out “Nice dancing Lupe!”

When Nat got up and sung she let her body moved to the music sort of going into a trance like state most likely because of the drinks but the drinks where helping her depressed feeling from being a spirit user go away which always made her to be in a better mood. She watched as Darius and Andrea walked off to the lake and grinned, she did hope those two would get together. Maybe they need more of a push, or maybe I just need to give Darius some pointers she thought to herself.

She continued to dance and was glad her guardian Lulu hasn’t come over to tell her to slow down on the drinking, since she has started having guardians most of them told her to not drink so much and she was most likely to tell them to fuck off. She saw Angel come up to her and she hoped the girl was coming to dance but then heard Angel yell "I'm going to go get you a drink." “Okay hun come back and dance though!” she yelled out to the girl as she walked off. Brylen then felt someone, most likely a guy, come up behind her. She grinned and danced against the mysterious guy not looking back to see who he was, she was just going with the flow but then felt him move in front of her and saw that it was Randall “Mind if I join in with such a pretty lady?” she was about to respond when she saw Alec come out of no where and tell the guy to ”beat it”. She saw the look in Alec’s eyes and she knows that look. She looked to Randall “sorry hun but Alec here needs me in his arms right now” she then turned herself so she was looking up to Alec’s face. Putting her hands against his chest “you know you could of let him have once dance” she grinned slurring her words a little as the liquor started getting to her head. She looked around with her eyes as she dance with Alec, her eyes found Angel….over near a tree with a girl she hasn’t seen before and the weird boy, Adrian. She kept looking over there as she leaned her head against Alec’s chest.


Mace smiled to Angel watching her every move then heard her say in a very low voice "Okay, go have some fun Mace.." “Ill try Angel, you too”[/b] he watched her walk away and he looked over the crowd he wasn’t one much for partys but he came for Angel. He walked around the crowd keeping his eyes open for anything then went down to the lake. He noticed Darius and Angel and waved to them both then went a little ways past them and took a seat on the grass and started flinging rocks out to the water letting his mind wander.


Wini kept thinking about Cherie’s hand that was on hers the whole car ride to the party. Her mind then went to Marcus, she was sure she was going to kill that boy someday, though she wasn’t sure when but she really wanted to. She watched Angel go into the crows and Darius go off with a blonde girl to the lake. Her eyes scoped the crowd once more and she noticed one of her old friends Trix, god she missed that girl so much but she knew she couldn’t go over and say hi. They where suppose to be staying somewhat on the down low for now. She heard Cherie come up behind her, she knew the smell and the sound of the girls footsteps. "Are those your siblings?" she nodded “yes they are” she looked to Cherie when the girl came and stood next to her “im hungry” was all she said before she moved quickly to the first person nearest to them, a girl (npc) with black hair, and grabbed her quickly pulling her over to Cherie. Before the girl could scream she quickly snapped the girls neck in a very swift way then bit down on the girls next. She sighed feeling the warm blood go down her throat. After a couple minutes she let her bite go and pushed the girl over to Cherie “here I left some for you” she grinned her lips where stained with blood but as she turned around there was now a boy near them. She grinned when he said "Um hi,this tree seems pretty awesome so you wouldn't mind if i sat here either would you ? she couldn’t help but laugh. Did this boy know what he just got himself into, she thought to herself but before she could say anything she saw Angel walk over, her little sister she hasn’t spoken to in years.

She watched Angel tell the boy to leave and Wini couldn’t help but laugh again, her little sister sure has grown up “I would listen to her you don’t know what could happen to such a pretty boy like you” she snorted and then looked to Angel then looked to Cherie “have fun with your snack” she then quickly took her sisters arm and walked swiftly farther away from the crowd. “Ah my dear little sister, it has been years and you have grown up so much….there isn’t a day that I have not thought of you….I saw one of your friends earlier. She was in the garden I used to go during my stay at St.Vlads. Her father is actually one of my good friends now” she then pulled Angel into a tight hug “you should join me Angel, its amazing you never have to worry about anything any more, join me. I want to have my baby sister with me always”.


Brook grinned to Eliza when she said the party was kick ass. Everything was going good, she then watched as Eliza grabbed a beer “don’t drink too much I don’t want to have to be the one carrying up those god damn stairs at the school, ya know how I am with those stairs, they always make me fall.” She kept her eyes gazing the crowd. Seeing some of her friends hanging out others drinking. "Oh i'm sure it wont be hard to fine her at all." “Ya got that right wherever there is the crowd she is there.” She then started walking with Eliza around the crowd and spotted Brylen dancing with Alec “theres your sister now gotta find Lulu”. She scanned her eyes around the crowd wondering where Lulu was, there was just something about the girl that she liked and really wanted to spend more time with her and maybe do something more, who knows. She pulled out her phone and sent a text to Lulu ”Where are you girl? Been looking for you thought u be near Brylen”. After she sent the text she looked to Eliza “Ok sent a text to Lulu asking her where the hell she was.”


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Darius started at the lake, a blush on his cheeks as he rubbed his forehead slightly. He’d basically done the equivalent of verbal vomit and he couldn’t help but be embarrassed of himself. He stood up quickly and stepped away from Andrea, his mind going through a thousand things and he could barely hear a word she was saying.

Darius turned his back away and closed his eyes, taking a really deep breath and focusing on what was going on. He had no idea what he should do right now, it was obvious he was out of his depths and he was just making a fool of himself at this point. He opened his eyes again, they went first to the huge dance party where he couldn’t have picked out an elephant from the crowd let alone a single person. He swept his gaze around though and by luck happened to see Angel. He seemed to be heading up the hill and he couldn’t help but frown as she went and hugged some random girl. Darius looked closer, not recognizing the girl when he started walking around the lake to get a better view. To anyone watching it would just look like he was taking a little stroll, not too odd for someone who was well known for not liking these kinds of parties. Before he had taken even two steps he called back over his shoulder before continuing. “I’ll be back in a sec, I need to see something”

As he walked his brow furrowed as he started to be able to see the girl clearer. She didn’t look like any of angels friends but something about her was familiar. He started to move towards them now, a look of concern on his face that echoed the concern that he felt. Something was off and he just couldn’t place it. He moved toward them swiftly, his walk turning into a jog and then a run as the realization dawned on him. Who would Angel walk up to and hug? Who would keep themselves away from the party? Who would be the only person that Angel would leave Brylen and Mace to go see? There was only one answer. Wini.

He closed the distance and let his voice yell out to them. “Angel! Come here, step back slowly!” He’d already lost one sister and no matter how much he loved Wini he wasn’t going to risk losing the other one. As he got closer he saw it, the blood on Wini’s lips. Anger flared in him as he charged forward, first thinking it was Angels blood until he saw the girl dead and being fed on. He reached out, grabbing Angel to pull her away from Wini as he spoke with a snarl. “Damn you, How could you do something like this? The sister I knew wouldn’t have hurt anyone, let alone feed on one…..I guess being a monster has made you one.”

He hated the idea, he hated the words that were flowing from his mouth but he couldn’t stop them. He’d had the fear, the worry and the doubts about returning her to who she was but now it was confirmed. She wasn’t his sister anymore. His sister was gone and even if she was staked and changed back she wouldn’t be her again. His sister was dead.

Every bone in his body called for him to slit the guys throat, his hands moved to his back and almost drew his blades before he stopped himself and just smiled at the guy. He gave the girl and wink and added a wink for him too when he started to speak. “Well if he’s so very needy I guess I’ll let him have you, don’t worry though babe. I’ll be by later to show you what a real man is like. Peace sulky” With a last little laugh Randall twisted away, his movements quick and clean as he put a few people in-between them.

He danced a few more dances and had a few more drinks before he broke away from the dance floor and headed towards the drinks. He glanced up seeing two very odd sights. The first was the little angel hugging some girl, he’d never thought of her as the affectionate sort. The second sight was Darius and Andrea, he’d never thought either one of them would grow enough of a pair to get any along time together.


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“I would listen to her you don’t know what could happen to such a pretty boy like you” Wini snorted and then looked to Angel then looked to the other girl who stood by her. “Have fun with your snack” Her sister said plainly before she quickly took Angels arm and walked swiftly farther away from the crowd, Angel stumbling behind her sister in a slight state of shock. “Ah my dear little sister, it has been years and you have grown up so much….there isn’t a day that I have not thought of you….I saw one of your friends earlier. She was in the garden I used to go during my stay at St.Vlads. Her father is actually one of my good friends now” Angeline wasn't real sure how to respond, but her sister seemed to read her mind and she pulled Angel into a tight hug, and for a moment, for a small short moment, Angel closed her eyes and hugged her sister back, she wanted to cry to her sister, she wanted to beg her to let them turn her back, before she had been so strong coming up to her sister, and now all she could think about was crying. Wini could snap her neck, or drink from her, or change her, and all she wanted to do was cry to her sister like she used to. “You should join me Angel, its amazing you never have to worry about anything any more, join me. I want to have my baby sister with me always”. Angel closed her eyes tighter, gripping her sisters shirt like it was her life line.

It would be so easy to say yes, to let her sister pull her away and never look back. But...Could she really do it? Could she leave behind everyone she loved? Could she leave behind Mace. Deep down, Angeline knew..she knew she could. One part of her could leave them all behind and go evil, all for hr sister. But the other prat of was screaming at her, yelling and fighting. Slowly she opened her eyes, to tell her tell her that?

“Angel! Come here, step back slowly!” Angel winced at the voice, she slowly turned around, not really leaving her sister embrace, but looking at her brother. She wanted him to leave, she wanted to go with her sister.
Before Angel could say anything through, he charged forward and reached out, grabbing her to pull her away from Wini as he spoke with a snarl that broke Angel's heart. “Damn you, How could you do something like this? The sister I knew wouldn’t have hurt anyone, let alone feed on one…..I guess being a monster has made you one.”

Wini...Daruis... Angel jerked her arm out of Darius grasp and stepped back, towards her sister. "She's not a monster!" Angel cried out shaking her head. "How could you say something like that Darius?!! She's our sister!!!" Angel's voice had risen, and the look in her eyes was killer. Angel felt so inbetween, and now her brother was protecting her? No..he would not protect her from her own sister!!


Alec grinned down at Brylen “Sorry hun but Alec here needs me in his arms right now” she then turned herself so she was looking up to Alec’s face. Putting her hands against his chest, she was distracting him so he wouldn't spin around and kill that guy. “You know you could of let him have once dance” She grinned slurring her words a little, she was going to be drunk soon if he didn't take her drink away, through she would throw a fit. "Unless he's a cross dresser, he cant dance with you." Alec chuckled at his joke and spun her around, stopping when he saw Kitty.

Alec blinked as Brylen was pulled away from him, and he shot Kitty a annoyed look which only earned him a smirk. "Hang on there big boy, she's all yours, just let me say hi okay?" She teased making him roll his eyes and stand there akwardly in a dancing crowd, waiting to get his lil Bry back. Before Alec knew what was going on Kitty gestured to him and said in a joking tone. "Anyway, go back to your man-candy there." Alec grinned and Pulled Bylen back against his chest before spinning them around, through he did catch site of Kitty grabbing some random guy and dancing with him, he couldn't help but chuckle.


Silently Gabe made his way over to the boy who had pretty much been turned down by Wini. He grinned at the kid and leaned on the tree before speaking. "Got turned down huh? I bet that sucks. Feelin kinda alone and upset? You know when the blood tastes the best? When the person is scared or sad, the blood tastes so good then, well to me it dose. I like to feed off of sad people, but I never kill. Well..not most the time." Gabe grinned at the kid and stepped in front of him, making the boy back up.

Gabe hadn't fed in a few days, and the hunger was starting to get to him, a fast little meal would do good, but if the boy made to much noise, he'd just snap his neck and feed, he didn't have a problem with it, through deep down he would feel guilty for ending such a young life..but why the hell not? Just because he wa leading the others didn't mean he had to be a good boy. Because none of them were good. They were all bad, so he might as well be bad too.


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Adrian Le'Fay Lazar


He backed up as the man approached him. His only instinct was to run the hell away from this man. The man was talking about how warm blood was and as his father could see it Adrian was in need of help. Adrian started to run towards the deep woods as the man ran towards him. He paused for a moment as he sat in a tree and he took a deep breath.

"A-Help me,Help me please". He moved towards the tree's as the man came closer and to Adrian it all became black. He was dead before but now he was surrounded by whiteness all around him. He looked in the distance and he could see his father and mother as they took him with them and onto a million years of happiness.

They took him to Large Golden gates as Adrian looked inside. They asked him if he wanted to go with them and he smiled. His brother was gonna need help after what just happened and he was gonna help an angel.

Drake Le'Fay Lazar


Drake entered his car and looked into his phone as he could hear a loud ringing in his head. He could hear him,Adrian calling onto his name as Drake spoke. "Adrian,what are you doing..Eh where are you ? ".

Drake sat back as the word death crossed his mind. Drake was a simple dhampir just like all the others but he was much,much more scared of the fact that his brother was dead and he had knowone else.

He thought this was all some sick prank but he knew more than that. He pushed the car keys into the egnition and he drove off towards the party.

As he was getting closer to the party he could see them everywhere dancing. He left his car and looked around as he screamed. "Where in the hell is Adrian at ?".
He tried to call Adrian's phone but everytime he heard his voicemail.

He walked over and Threw a bottle."Now i said where in the hell is my brother at ? ". He stood his ground as he could hear that ringing in his head again.

His head was completed with voices as he could hear everything until he couldn't believe it..He could feel the element..the power..the strength as he sniffed. Being older than everyone at the party made him aware...Strigoi.