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Rosella Sophia Griffin

"I love this crazy tragic sometimes almost magical awful beautiful life"

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a character in “St.Vladimir's Vampire Academy”, as played by mgoodwin2



Full Name: Rosella Sophia Griffin
Nickname: Everyone calls me Rosie
Age:16 years old
Birthdate:November 23
Where you are from:London/England/Europe
Role:Moroi/ AIr Element
Royal/Dhampir Partner:None
Likes:Fashion,Sweets,Tea,Animals,Books,Classical music,flowers
Dislikes:coffee,heavy metal music,compulsive liars

Description:Rosie has soft long chestnut brown curls that fall almost to her bell button and a small button nose. She has big brown eyes and very delicate pale skin. She is 5.4" tall and 88.lbs. She also has slender lips that are the color of a pink rose and a very slender body to match. Rosie's mother is a famous fashion designer around the world,so ever since she was born she has been her doll to dress clothes on. Not that Rosie don't like it, she loves fashion.She doesn't have any tattoos or weird markings on my body.
Personality:Rosie has a very reserved personality. She is the kind of person who would pick a friend up when their down and defend them if they were being picked on. She is very gentle and caring person. Rosie is very soft-spoken but will come and talk to you if it seems you have a problem. She is also apologetic which means she would apologize if to you if it seems to her that she had done something wrong or has done something to upset you. But, can be a tough cookie when it comes to her element training. Rosie is not a posh-over if it seems that something bad is about to happen.She can be very shy around people she has just met, but once she gets use to having you around, she'll open up to you. Rosie is utterly brilliant. She's extremely smart and is a straight A+ student. Even though she's very shy, she knows how to get her school work done, and that school comes first before anything else. Rosie is very liked by animals for some strange reason.
Misc:"My love"-By:Sia

So begins...

Rosella Sophia Griffin's Story

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Welcome to St.Vladimir's Academy

It was the first day of school and students have already have just moved in the last couple of days. They have been assigned roommates this year and a new thing with the Dhampir/Royal pairings have changed. Last year they where allowed to have the male/female pairings but they where having to many relationship coming out of this and the Dhampirs where losing their focus. So this year things where going to be stricter and harder.

All students where in the assembly that Headmaster Lisa Rogan has called. After all the students where settled down in their seats she looked around and nodded for the guardians in the back to close the door.

”Welcome students to a new year at St.Vladimir’s I see some old and new faces in the crowd. I hope all of your summer was well spent. Now things are changing this year, such as parings of the Moroi and Dhampirs. This year it will be female-female and male-male, I know some of you guys have already gotten settled into your dorms but some will have to change dorms to move in with their partner. So with that said let me start naming off the pairings. Andrea Ivashkov you will be paired with Helena McKinley. Darius Zeklos you will be paired with Alec (he is still being made). Kittrina Drozdov you will be paired with Guadalupe Montez. Adrian Lazar you will be paired with Mace Rodrigens. Brylen Dragomir you will be paired with Alexandra Petrova. Gabriel Ozera you will be paired with Drew Salmore. Bridget Dragomir you will be paired with Gabriella Clough. Angelina Zeklos you will be paired with Natalia Benavidez…”

As Headmaster Rogan continued to keep listing off the pairings there was a few of the students that started talking with one another about the pairings.


Brylen was sitting next to Alexandra and Kitty next Alexandra, unforunately she was also sitting by a younger boy that just kep staring at her. When she heard her name get called off and was paired with Alexandra she was more then delighted. “Oh my goodness finally! Alexandra this is the year I tell you! It is already starting out to be a great year! We finally get to work together!” she was excited, now Alexandra and her would pretty much be together 24/7 and she didn’t have to be switched around to different Dhampirs like last year. She shook her head thinking about last year, it was just hell for her. She then looked to Kitty “Good luck with Lupe, shes seems a bit too uptight for me…we will save you tho! Won’t we Alexandra? She saved me last year from my many different dhampirs.” She then got a text from some random person saying there was a party in one of the dorm rooms tonight, she showed the text to Kitty and Alexandra, then she let out a small grin "I am so going to get my drink on tonight" she said in a low voice, and wondered slightly if Julian was going to be there. She looked around for him, spotting him she gave him a smile and wave then turned back to Alexandra and Kitty.


Mace was sitting next to Angel, his hand was in hers, which always seemed to happen when they where together. He was quietly listening to the pairings. He heard who he was paired with and looked around for Adrian “Well I don’t know him to well but guess will have to get to know him.” When he heard Brylen and Alexandra get paired he couldn’t help but shake his head “they are going to get into so much trouble this year” he said under his breath. He then went quiet again till he heard who Angel got paired with and his eyes looked to Angel “Wow I did not expect that Angel…”.

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Brylan smiled to Lupe when she asked "So, I haven't any idea of what I'd where to this party. You all have ideas?" she then looked over the dhampir "Well you came back to the right place" then heard Kitty pipe up "Anything that glitters maybe? Simple black, but sexy as hell, dress?" and saw Kitty point to her dress and remember the comment Kitty said before"Will Alec like? Hell Brylen, I might even be into you. Good luck keeping him off you." "Well I can't help how I look
black is just my color". She then looked back to Lupe "yes I agree with Kitty...anything black or even would look amazing on you" she smiled then made sure she had what she needed in her purse then heard her phone go off two times she read the two texts first from Raven:"B. Just been caught sneaking into the school. Am in the principal's office now. For the love of God I did not think I'd be back here again." Her eyes went wide...Raven was in the school...Raven...she was going to see Raven again. She quickly texted Raven back "I will be down there asap". She then opened the text from Gabriel: "Hells yeah, bring the party. let's move it forward an hour? she grinned and texted back quickly "Ok will meet you theres". "Okay change of plans guys...we are heading to the party now...going to send a text to everyone.

"change of plans everyone we are heading to the party now. meet y'all there."


Brylen arrives to the party with Kitty and Lupe (if you want that to change just tell me) and looks around for the rest of the crowd. She pulls the drinks out from the trunk of the car and heads for the hill side with the lake on the otherside. "C'mon Kitty, Lupe lets get this party started!" she then puts the drinks down near a tree and grabs one, already opening it and starts to drink it down "hope everyone gets here soon or there wont be any drinks left!"


Mace heald Angel close and let her cry after a few minutes he whisper in the girls ear "I have been meaning to give you something". He reaches into his pocket while his other arm was still around her. He pulled out a necklace unclipped it and put it around Angel's neck "I hope you like it, I got it specially made". Mace then leaned in and gave Angel a kiss on the cheek "You will always have me Angel, always". He felt his phone go off and read the text from Brylen "Looks like the party is starting now, lets go I will drive you there okay?" He then took her by the hand and walked with her to his old small looking car and helped Angel into her seat, then he got into the drivers seat and drove off. When they arrived he got out and went to Angel's door and opened it holding his hand out for hers "looks like a few already got here".


Wini's eyes looked wild she then heard Marcus say "Don't you dare touch me or I'll snap your neck you stupid witch. I don't need to go with your little friends." She was about to respond back when she felt Marcus's lips on hers "OH NO YOUR FUCKING DEAD!" she screams and starts scratching at him when she is pulled off from Marcus from Gabe she hisses "I am going to kill him" she watched the little prick run off but she then noticed Cherie run off. "Ugh I will be right back" she then quickly ran off after Cherie "Cherie wait" she caught up to her and grabbed her arm gently "Wait know I do not like Marcus at all. I am going to kill him...what he did he just made a really bad enemey...if he ever lands a hand on you again...c'mon lets go get ready to trash the party." She then wasn't
going to wait for Cherie she just wanted to let the girl know that she really hated Marcus in everyway possibled. She got back to the house and looked Gabe and Gene "Okay I am ready to get out of this house and cause chaos, anyone else ready?"


Brooklyn was dropped off near the stores and she started walking down the street peeking in stores trying to find Eliza "ELIZA" she yelled out on the street. She was walking by an alley when she heard a noise. She decided to take a peak and when she walked down the alley she couldn't believe what she was seeing. "ELIZABETH!" she then ran forward at the male strigoi grabbing one of knifes from her sheath "get your hands off her now! you nasty ass blood sucking monster!" she then ran forward and went to stab at the male strigois chest grabbing Elizabeths hand to try to get the girl behind her. She never have fought a strigoi yet but she wasn't going to back down,the monster was feeding off her charge.