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Pandora Gemite.

"Those who stray from order must be reminded of their place."

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a character in “Stacked Deck”, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Pandora Geminite

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color: Blond

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 128

Appearance: Pandora typically refrains from wearing vibrant colors, preferring blacks and grays for her normal attire. However, she is always seen wearing two pearl necklaces, along with black fingerless gloves. 

Personality: Pandora is and has always been a harsh person. Some go so far as to call her cruel. She rules with an iron fist, allowing no place for error, lest there be dire consequences. She demands respect and authority from those she commands. Despite all this, all of her actions are cold and calculated, resulting in optimum results. Above everything, Pandora favors order and control, and despises failure. 

Suit: Ace of Spades

Power: Pandora has the ability to burst blood vessels anywhere in anyone's body. It could be a huge explosion or a small trickle, a fatal explosion or simply a pinch. All it requires is her concentration. She was able to practice this gory power when she was a child on things like rats and other pests. By the time she was around 14 or 15, the technique was mastered. This ability makes her intuitive to those near her; she can sense emotion through the pulse. 

Bio: Born into a prominent family as the youngest of six children, Pandora was treated differently within her family due to her astonishing power. Her own kin believed that she was a monster in the making, and they were right. Sent away to live with her aunt, the former Ace of Spades, Pandora developed most of her ability there with guidance from the Ace. She joined the Suit of Spades shortly before her fifteenth birthday. She swiftly and easily she worked her way up the ranks, quickly earning reverence and reputation amongst the others in the Suit. Soon, the Ace of Spades realized the threat her niece posed, and challenged her to a duel. In the fight, Pandora lost her eye. Her aunt lost her life. Thus, Pandora Geminite succeeded her aunt as the Ace of Spades.

So begins...

Pandora Gemite.'s Story


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Lawrence looked up from Rose at the sound of a loud crashing noise. Looks like big man is at it again.. He thought to himself, expecting him to burst into the living area at any moment. Of course, he was correct. Ogar ran into the living area shouting about how they all loved him. He kept his usual smile as he picked his elbows up off the back of the couch and gave a friendly wave. "Of course we do Ogar." He said. "But you know, paying for repairs on the walls all the time can get a bit boring and don't you pity the ones who need to fix it even a little bit?" He said in a friendly manner as a tall woman with short hair also entered the room, greeting them with a 'good morning'. He hadn't really had the chance to talk to her very often so he didn't remember her name, but he did know she was part of the Spades. "Good morning." He said, his voice ever so pleasant.

He had came down here to quench the boredom he had from sitting in the library for hours, but wasn't finding much luck. Still, it was better than nothing. After all, things good eventually get interesting. He felt his stomach make a small croaking noise and realized he hadn't had any breakfast yet. Aw..but the kitchen is so far awaayyy... He thought to himself, although the kitchen really wasn't that far from the living area. The walk down here had been enough for him and he felt like going back to his room and falling asleep. Perhaps a cup of coffee would fix that. He had planned to have some in the library but forgot after getting too comfortable lying on the cushion before.

As he pondered through his thoughts on whether or not he should go to the kitchen anyway, he heard a familiar voice greeting the four of them. He let out a small chuckle. "Well, if it isn't the Ace of Spades herself. You look a little irritated? Did something happen this morning? Perhaps you found out those new underwear you recently bought were too small for you after all?" He joked with a cheerful voice. Happy to finally have something to entertain him with.


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Lawrence gave a brief nod at Ellen after she told him that she had slept well. He walked around to the side of the couch and, tired of standing, plopped himself onto the floor and crossed his legs. Everyone seemed to be inputting there own ideas and opinions about the situation, but Lawrence himself hadn't really felt like getting too deep into the problem. It wasn't in his best interest as to what did and did not happen at the cove, but he was and Ace all the same, so he didn't have much of a choice but to participate. His smile faded a little as Meira spoke up once again, this time speaking a little out of line. He figured one of the other suits would speak up about her behavior eventually. Technically all this girl was was a mere number and hardly had any right to input her opinion on what the final decision would be about the conflict at hand. Though he didn't really like the comment about thieves pissing of the 'big names', as what she had referred the suits to, but he didn't care all that much about they way she was acting. One of them would get angry at her eventually. Rose had already told Meira to speak properly around them, of course that didn't seem to help much. If anyone was going to scold the 10 of spades it would be either Pandora or Jace, most likely Jace would be the first to become the most irritated, but he wasn't placing bets. Although the girl did have a point about leaving the problem be for now, they couldn't just brush it off and assume those living at the cove would act so stupidly. He wasn't doubting their capability of keeping the rebelliousness under control, but he knew it wasn't safe to assume everyone at the cove was some idiot that doesn't know any better. He leaned his back against the side of the sofa and crossed his arms over his chest as he watched this little conflict unfold.

((Woops two Pandora's XD))