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Present Day Earth


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Ogar [12] "Don't dare get in my way, I'll run right over you."
Rose Hellena [8] Watch out, with a rose there is also thorns
Pandora Geminite [8] "Those who stray from order must be reminded of their place."
Kintry Lauver [7] "Nah, I think I'll go play instead."
Dmitri Cherevin [6] "Come, we shall dance with the Devil tonight!"
Jace Beleren [5] "I'm not powerful. You're just weak."
Aurora Mae Laurn [5] "Just because I'm a jack, doesn't mean you're the boss of me, sorry love, it's not going to work that way."

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Dmitri listened to everyone discuss the matter, and as some people went off to find food. That was seriously tempting, but he probably should hang around a bit so he didn't miss anything good. Ogar and his direct superior Pandora both agreed on storming in and smashing down with supreme force. He smiled and spoke up finally, having kept quiet for the most part. "While I am for stomping rebels as the next guy, I think subtle action will work better. Identify the malcontents, discredit them in the public eye, and once they are seen as villains, capture and execute them for crimes against all people. Cause terrorist actions, plant evidence that pins the blame on them. Without proper support from the public at large, a rebel movement is nothing more than extremists with no support or help what so ever. Just moving in and smashing them, and whatever is around them as collateral damage, only gives them reason to say 'Look, the Hierarchy is just brutish bullies!'. They don't need the ammo to throw against us. We get the publicity boost, avoid unnecessary levels of mindless violence, and deal with the problem at the same time."

Dmitri adjusted the way his hat sat on his head, before brushing his hands off and crossing his arms again. He had given his two cents in comparison in the direction the conversation seemed to be going so far. Whatever was decided, he would support of course, but he was offering alternatives. He had to wonder if anyone would listen that had a serious say in the matter.

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Rose could hardly hold in a scoff that she almost let out. "I hardly think that is a good idea Ogar. Running around rampant only makes us seem like...well as Dmitri said, bullies. I'm sure that would just make more people join there cause. I know it's hard to believe, and I hate to admit it myself, but there comes a point where quantity does matter more than quality. No matter how good we are at fighting we can't take on the whole cove and come out on top."

She sighed and rubbed her temples, mumbling, "I hate mornings like these." Before continuing. "I guess it just depends on the severity of the problem. However." She gives a stern look over to Ogar. "Killing everybody is not the answer. We can't go on with in heirarchy if we don't have anybody to govern. We might as well not do anything if we destroy everything we rule over."

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#, as written by Skwidge
Kintry's lips upturned in a very bright and cheerful smirk as the ten left. "Geeze, finally." She then turned to Jace, a pleading look in her eyes. "Can I pleaaaaseee kill her, pretty please Jace?" She then turned back to Ogar as he began to speak, her head nodding ever so softly. She then patted him reassuringly, that same cheerful smile on her face. "Ah, I agree with you Ogar, however, like as mentioned, there are some tactical errors. However! I'm sure it'll be easy to find you some smashing to do in any case!!" She giggled warmly, her whole demeanor screaming 'innocent yet devilishly sadistic child'. The girl tilted her head, her hair falling off of her shoulders and drifting lazily down, hanging in the air. She then shrugged, turning to Rose.

"Rose-Kiva, I'm sure that with the combined forces of the upper hierarchy, it would be so simple to wipe them all out! Please don't underestimate the power of the Aces!" The girl was obviously playful, having absolutely no crossness whatsoever. "I mean, I'd need a whole BLOODY lot of food, but still!" Kintry spread her arms out wide as she emphasized 'lot', her head tilting back for the same reason. She then shrugged, giggling ever so softly. She smiled at Dmitri, but a smirk soon entwined on her lips as well. She quickly got up, settled back on the couch and having discarded her now-empty marshmallow bag, she turned into an owl, swept down over to him and plucked his hat right off of his head by the rim and dip in the design. Landing a couple feet away from him, the girl returned back to normal, placing the hat on her own head with a sweet and all-too-innocent smile. She then flashed him a wink, sticking out her tongue. Her features practically screamed 'if you want your hat back, you'll have to come get it~'. Just for good measure, the Ace placed one hand on the top, making sure he couldn't just use telekinesis to grab it off. That was cheating.