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Larisa Sunshine

You're heart is beating so fast... its tempting me.

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a character in “Stake with your name on it”, as played by Fatal_Flaw_Enki


Larisa is a beauty among the vampires. She is a rarity with her vibrant read hair and crystal blue eyes. The others around her are jealous of her coloring, because even with the bite of death, her body had kept most of its naturally creamy pink flush, though tinted slightly with the paleness of death. She is one of the oldest vampires in New York. She loves wearing different types of modern clothing, her favorite being a blue blouse and a pair of skinny white jeans tucked in some beautiful black laced boots.


Larisa is a natural born leader. She enjoys having control over her coven, but hates living in fear of the current vampire slayer that has been reported in the New York area. Her natural nature is to be kind, though she can turn her flip to be nasty when it proves to be useful for her. She does not like being a vampire, all that much, because it causes her pain to see others die by her hand. Often she drinks, compels, then releases her victims back out into the world. Her policy with her coven also keeps all their victims alive or willing. Either way, she would not enjoy seeing those around her die.


Larisa was turned in the 1800's by her brother Christopher. It was at that time that her family of supernatural hunters were searching for the vampire demon that lived within Boston. Though her brother had the trouble of falling in love with the woman and was turned. Trying to convince Larisa that vampires were not all that horrible, he lost his temper and attacked her. In an attempt to save her life he turned her as well. At this point their father had found the witch who had convinced Christopher to change and killed her, and then he was after his own children.

For years Larisa was on the run, and found that she was welcomed into a lock tribe out west, keeping her well hidden from the colonies. She watched and listened as the world developed around her to become the modern world. When the tribes moved further out west because of treaties and laws, she moved back to Boston. There she found her brother around the 1920's playing with some dolls he seemed to enjoy. She ignored him for the most part, still hating him for what he had done to her. Then word came about that a new vampire slayer was on their trail. It was then when she heard that her brother had departed to the world of the true dead by this man's hands. Again, she was able to out run him.

Deciding that she did not like Boston as much as she hoped, she started changing men who had an interest in her, but soon found that it was just a ploy to become part of the world of eternity. Being their master though, with the powers she had learned within her years of being a vampire, she was able to keep them under control. She allowed them to change those who wanted to be a vampire, but nothing else and moved her coven to New York. Her she started a strip club called the Temptress and allowed her men and women to work there to bring in extra cash. When people asked about the sharpened teeth she told them that her workers were required to sharpen them to give the look of vampirism, this way it seemed more tempting. It worked. Only those who knew Larisa well would go in the back and offer themselves for feeding. Though many times her coven would hunt when work let out at two in the morning.

So begins...

Larisa Sunshine's Story


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#, as written by Adoda
Imi turned around as she heard someone appear. Her nightvision wasn't working properly so everything she could make out was some red hair. Was this person on her side? No, then she wouldn't have one of those guns...wait, what kind of gun was that? A vampire hunter gun?! She's thought those just existed in bad comics!

Imi swallowed back her fear, tightening her grip around her sword. 3 against 1...this was going to be a long night.