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Stand Alone

Stand Alone


A ghost in the Shell universe roleplay. This has both a large scale gameplay and micro play styles. Come take a look.

604 readers have visited Stand Alone since xXcandlejackXx created it.

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This roleplay will be rated M for mature audiences because of the potential of (but is not limited to) : Gore, strong language, adult themes, alcohol and drug references.

Welcome to Stand Alone, A "Ghost in the Shell" universe roleplay. If you are interested in this roleplay I strongly suggest watching the anime but it is not required.
This roleplay is as much a game as it is a regular role play. There are two ways to be involved in this roleplay. The large scale strategy game play and the micro gameplay that is the result of those large scale actions
You do not have to be part of the large scale gameplay, this is for players who want to "take over the world" and what not. The way large scale will work is simply taking direction with actions. example

Group A : Plans to take over area A with Units A , the goal of this is to blah blah thus giving them blah.
Group B : plans to defend area A with Units A and B the goal is to stop group A from gaining blah.
Location A map : link

In addition to this, there will be pads for faster : one vs one style combat, this will be reserved however for two groups that are alone, meaning there is no way for another player to see or interact with them. this could be used for conversations over "The Net" and what have you.

This would start the micro gameplay of combat between large groups this is more of the regular roleplaying , it can be a single player vs player or group vs group with each author controlling the squads. this is up to you. Outside players/ solo players can interfere with these events and even change the outcome. Using maps can be helpful here to convey the post of your squad with a visual reference. ( MS paint and Photobucket are useful for this )

As a secondary part of this roleplay and more of the micro gameplay most players are use to you could simple exist in this universe and be affected by the events, chose to join sides, ignore the conflicts, do something about it, again the choice is up to you. You could be a passerby as you witness an explosion from the grenade tossed into an oil depot that was off shore infact I would love for "random" people to be in this roleplay so if you want to own a bar , go for it, if you want to be homeless, go for it, if you want to be an upper middle class suit who works in the officer building of the SATF, go for it, in fact I'd love you for it.

As far as plot is concerned its fairly simple. Our conflict starts with China on the verge of political failure, thats right China will fall as a nation. This causes several word groups to take interest in this, as for how it falls or why is still yet to be determined.

So for a plot chart this is what I'm thinking.

Story starts with a press conference with the Chinese head of state. I.S.A.T.F has been tipped off that there will be an assassination attempt on his life at this time.

Upon the successful assassination attempt China is thrown into a panic, this is where most of our evil groups can make themselves known to the public if they wish.

Plot points will be added as characters and events occur.

Action list / cost: Must be done by players all of theses are encouraged but you must " show your work" as any math teacher would say.

Small Scale Hacking: Requires in game time , not instant hacking unless the character is unprotected from cyber attacks.

Large Scale Hacking: Hacking an organization's information and property takes time and money to a large scale.

How Hacking Works:
First, the hacker will need to declare WHAT/WHO they are hacking, it will determine how the hacking will work, what it will affect, and what the risks are.
First, and the simpler of the two, will be hacking an inanimate object (such as a Corporation's finances or Online Banks, ect.). You will need to come up with the individual or team that's hacking the entity. The manpower behind the hacking team will determine the capital that will need to be invested, the time it takes to do what you're setting out to do, the risk of getting detected, and the payout divvying (creating a tossup between job security versus profit and the like). The size of the entity that will be hacked will also play a factor with regards to the reward vs. size, the levels of security and encryption that will need to be bypassed, and the likelihood that the job will be busted and you will see the inside of a prison cell for a long time. These will be written up later, possibly later today.

The second, and more complex of the two, will be cyber-brain hacking. This is a highly technical and extremely difficult process that requires a much closer proximity compared to hacking a corporate or industrial entity. NOT EVERYONE WILL BE ABLE TO DO THIS, THIS IS S-CLASS HACKER STUFF (Also requiring a cyber brain). Failing to properly execute the hacking will result in permanent damage to the cyber-brain of the target, if not complete brain death. When attempting a brain hack, you will have to declare what you are going to attempt to do once you successfully hack into the target's cyber-brain. There are three different types of direct cyber hacking: Alteration, Manipulation, and Hijacking.
Alteration- Alteration, or "Ghosting", is altering the memories of the hack-ee. This can be as simple as making someone not remember someone else to deleting entire weeks or months from someone's mind. The difficulty exponentially increases depending on the size of the alterations. Depending on the skill of the hacker, the subject may or may not be able to fully realize that something is awry. The best hackers in this field of cyber-brain hacking leave little to no trace of their work, but the subject feels a strange light fog or sense of deja-ju when the hacking is completed. This kind of hacking is relatively harmless compared to the other two.
Manipulation - This type of brain hacking involves the senses of the target, most often the visual senses, and changing how the target will percieve the world. The auditory nerves and tactile nerves can be altered as well, although the tactile manipulation isn't utilized very often. This kind of hacking requires a more lax proximity compared to Alteration or Hijacking, which need to be closer. In addition to the proximity, two manipulation hacks CAN occur simultaneously, but one would need to be rather skilled to sustain this kind of hack for any long length of time. For example, if one was under the effects of Visual Manipulation, the hacker could make one or multiple entities appear invisible to the eyes of the victim, or just shut their vision down entirely. Depending on how skilled the hacker is, there could be giveaways in the altered vision that might alert the victim to the ongoing hack. Audio Manipulation victims would be unable to hear a certain sound, or a modified version of a sound such as a distorted voice.
Hijacking - Hijacking is the most complex and potentially dangerous type of hacking that is known to man. It also requires the initial hacking to be at close range, but once the hack is successful the effective range can be several miles with the right equipment. Hijacking's effects are in it's name: it hijacks the body or a particular body part of the victim and subjects it to the whims of the hacker. If done incorrectly, this can cause permanent nerve damage and even permanent paralysis of the limb or entire body. The effects of Hijacking can last from a few moments up to several days, depending on the skill of the hacker and the equipment they use. Hijacking anyone in the world and being discovered carries an immediate death penalty.

Black market weapon deals: consist of 20 firearms of your choice, please look up cost per unit and do some basic math here, people.

Assassination attempt: Cost depending on client/ agency/ target.

Drug smuggling: Set up a location, buyer, means of transport, and all that jazz. Takes time.

Drug sales: Takes manpower and can cause leaks in information. Can be done with NPC's, however they can be controlled by other players as well to small degrees.

Information leaks.

Human trafficking.

You all get the idea. These actions must be done by players somewhere and must take time as each can be countered.
Organization / Solo infomation

---- Orgs. Groups and organizations are multi player character sets that work to a goal, an example of this would be the Special actions task force. SATF, which is composed of former military and Law enforcement personnel , this unit is commissioned with the safety and well being of their Area of operations, they are funded by the government and have a total staff of 200 (though only 4 squads can be played at any one time outside of their "zone of influence").
Basically the limit is on how far out the org. can send "all their people" and this makes it harder for orgs. to do stuff from a distance. Starting balance is 5 Billion $ for "good" factions. 1 billion is the starting for "evil and neutral factions."

---- Solo
--- OP solo characters - OP solo characters are characters that have the ability to challenge organizations and groups due to a "perk" this can range from being a Class A hacker to Sheer funding (think Batman level funding ) . These characters must be kept in check tho since they can easily god mod, these characters must be treated like Organizations and have a purpose. One drawback that limits these OP characters is the fact they can only do ONE task at a time, this means they can't just do whatever they like.

----Reg Solo characters: Think of these characters as supporting lead roles, they are independent and can join or leave factions as they wish. They can turn into OP solo characters if they wish but they must show their path to becoming an OP.

Teams/ factions.

International Spec. Action Task force. I.S.A.T.F (good)
Stand Alone. ( Technically Evil ) Funds the evil actions of the world with "jobs "
Whisper. (If I'm allowed to add here, it's more a duo) (Neutral)

Gear definitions and restrictions.
Cloaking armor : Used by spec military/ spec law enforcement units, cost 2.5 million per unit, renders wearer 99% invisible to both optical and thermal imaging.
Combat mechs : used by spec Military units, cost 10 Million per unit, capable of blocking 50 caliber armor piercing rounds and comes with a Kill barrier that will kill any hackers that try to hack the user or the suit unless the Hack is otherwise
trained to deal with such things( A class B+ or higher would be needed)
AI tanks: used by spec law enforcement and military units cost 8million:
Dummy barriers: prevents kill barriers from killing the hacker. cost 20k
This list will be updated as the game goes on of course and is just a helpful guide.

New York City: . ... island.jpg
Bejing China : ... Map1QT.jpg

Quest board.

World News (Events caused by factions ) (updated every page)

Notable Characters /lore.

Posting skelly : Please use this basic form to help keep the roleplay organised.

Physical/mental Status of character
Current Weapons (optional )
Post body


Character sheets.

Character sheets.

Full name:



Body: organic, somewhere in between , full cyborg. (any modifications, limbs, organs, tattoos ,ect ,ect.
( Full cyborg: Please note Full cyborg is expensive and comes with different levels of quality ranging from " Special operations , military, high end commercial, medium end commercial,and so on to low quality. I shouldn't see too many SO grade bodies or parts but it could happen. )


Current Occupation:

[b]Physical Characteristics:

Mental Characteristics:



Place of birth:


Mental/Psionic Particulars:

Previous Occupation(s):

General History: Classified (t)

Equipment/Attire/Currency on person:

Other information you'd care to add.


Organisation / group sheets (sub sheets required) This would be for players who want a group of people

----Character sheets.

----Equipment sheets for each unit or squad included in your group .

----Goal and plan sheets.

--- Budget and funding.


Q : What is the plot?
A : The plot is very very loose. I'm trying to let the strong roleplayers direct the outcome of this world. SO as a starting point we have the chinese president being assassinated.
from here a group or OP solo can cause events to tip the world scale in their favor.It is the job of the "good" character and groups to stop this

Q: With these evil groups, what can they be?
A: The evil groups can range from an indvual with a venddeta to a large corparation bent of controling the world. It's up to the roleplayers to choose their paths.

Q: What time frame is it?
A: The date is 2040 if thats what you're asking. As for a time fram of plot, there really isn't one unless you set one for yourself or some other group take charge.

Q: is there magic involved within this rp?
A: No saddly tho this RP is heavy into cyber tech so if you can justify it with a technologic answer shoot me an IM and we will talk about it. Just remeber the tech isn't MUCH past our currently level but is still leaps and bounds ahead.

Q: What kinds of battle equipment will there be as to weapons/vehicles/etc.?
A: If it exist now, then its still there. There are also AI tanks and other bipedal tanks and such. Amored personal mechs exist but are expensive yada yada. Again if you can justify why it existst let me know in IM then I will aprove or reject the idea.

Q: now is this gonna be one of those rps with different races and abilities and such
A: I'm gonna try and avoid that but we might throw in some genetic modification into the RP , so if you want a spliced character let me know becaue I'm not sure if i'm gonna do this or not.

Q: Good, could there be half robots and/or robots along with those people?
A: yes, ghost in the shell centers around full cyborg were only a small part of the brain is organic and everything else is cyborg.
so you have everything from organic to "full" cyborg.

Toggle Rules


The most important rule of this roleplay is not "god modding" but rather information modding.
We can not have players knowing everything the other side is doing. If a player covers something in their post like." They covered their tracks" you can't use their tracks to follow them, how ever if you want to bribe village to show you where the strangers went, that could happen and likely does. Just do so realistically. In addition to this, spying must be done by players in real time with a chance of getting caught.

Be able to understand that this is a mature roleplay, I'm not going to put an age limit on this , however, you know what you can and can't handle, so realistically look at that and then apply this to this roleplay.

No god modding : Player characters are mortal, they have to die sometime. Tho since this is a world were cyborg bodies do exist it's harder to kill players with these. Human character have the advantage of being unaffected by hackers , but can be killed easily
Cyborgs are hard to kill but can be hacked in various ways, know theses weaknesses before you make your characters. (again, I suggest watching Ghost in the shell to have a better understanding of this)

Don't be afraid to loose, if everyone wins all the time we won't have a role play.

once a character is dead, they are dead, but don't forget what happens when we die, funerals , mourning , ect ect

Be active, try and post regularly.

Be sure to read the " Large scale/ world news. " post every day to see whats going on.

OOC is going to be a must here so don't be afraid to contact another player and talk to them.

Have some understanding of what you are roleplaying. I don't want ' And I ran around the corner guns blazing, killing the enemy as if they were nothing' style post.
The combat can be fast paced but understand if you do something like that your character will probably die.

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