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Lavinia O'Connell

"What'll ya have luv"

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a character in “Stand and Deliver”, originally authored by Irish Eyes, as played by RolePlayGateway


Lavinia O'Connell
Age: 19
Height: 163 Cm (5'4)
Weight: 57 Kg (125 lbs)
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Green

Lavinia is a lovely lass that could have many a mans affection, with long flowing strawberry blonde hair that only invites a man to brush his hand over her soft locks. Eyes as bright and green as the finest emeralds, that are alluring and she can draw someone in just with a glance. Many a man have fallen for young Lavinia's beauty but failed at catching her hand. Because she is the daughter of Seamus O'Connell the owner of The Dog the north of the capital on the Taunton Road, she has to wear clothes that can be worked in. Sturdy dresses that she has mended many a time, just so her father doesn't have to buy her a new one. Though there is only so much she can do with stains, and stains happen when your serving food and ale in a tavern. Despite her look of patch work clothes, and hard working nature. Lavinia has a grace about her that gives her a glow that seems ethereal at times. Some men have said that maybe old Seamus found himself a Fae and had her, or that a Fae had placed Lavinia in the cradle and took Seamus's true daughter. Either way she is sight to behold.


Lavinia is generally helpful and kind, she does her best to make sure her fathers customers are happy and well fed. She has a great respect for her father, and thinks the world of him even though he can be a bit of a drunkard at times. She was very young when her mother passed away so Lavinia had to learn quickly how to keep house and the tavern. She doesn't resent her father for putting her to work at a young age in fact she thinks the hard work has made her a strong young woman. She does not tolerate disrespect from anyone, especially from a male patron and will not hesitate to boot them out on their arse if they get to fresh with her. These instances are when Lavinia shows her slight temper, she is the type to have to have a "slow burn fuse". She'll tell you once, tell you twice, and if she has to repeat herself the third time look out. A mouth that could put many a seasoned sailor to shame comes out, her father has been on the receiving end of this maelstrom before and does his best to stay on her good side. All around Lavinia is a good sturdy lass that does good by her father and customers.


pewter tankards
cooking utensils
Basic needs for household care.

Flintlock pistol - Kept under the counter of the bar.
Dagger - Kept in her right boot for protection.

Fearghus - Lavinia's father's horse. Used to pull the cart to head to town and pick up supplies. Gentle but strong horse, Lavinia thinks of him as her friend.
Horse cart - Used to take trips to town for supplies.


Lavinia is the daughter of Seamus O'Connell the owner of The Dog, she was born on a stormy night much too early. Most feared the little baby wouldn't live through the night. When Seamus voiced his concern to the old midwife the elderly woman poke him in the chest with a bony finger "That child will live despite bein early, her heart beats strong and her cries were heard all over the land. She'll live, and be hard worker she'll be important to you one day. Do your best by her Seamus cause your wife wont survive avin another babe". Six years later the old midwife's prediction came true Lavinia's mother died in child birth along with her newborn baby brother. Lavinia didn't know what to do at first her father was so distraught with death of his wife and son that he buried himself in ale at the tavern. She had had her mother long enough to learn the basics of a woman's job in the house, so Lavinia did her best.

When Lavinia turned twelve she started waiting tables in the tavern cause her father couldn't keep up or didn't want to. Determined to not let the inn and tavern go under Lavinia worked day and night to make sure everything was to the customer and her father's liking. Soon Lavinia was practically running everything herself, her father had never been one to manage it well so he was surprised when business picked up. Now no one travels without a stop at The Dog.

So begins...

Lavinia O'Connell's Story

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It had been the stupidest idea that she ever had done but somehow it freed her from the place she considered as prison. Having exchange a good petticoat for a dirty pair of trousers, starched white shirt and moth ball smelling vest that was done so poorly that it looked like it was sewn by a blind tailor.

That was all she could afford as of the moment- or rather that's all that she wanted to wear. It was the best identity she could claim, an orphan lad who had no where else to go. She had to thank the gods for giving her a taller than the usual physique despite being a lady, it helped her avoid being dragged into welfare. The government would want nothing to do with orphans too old for the orphanage as it would require too much to spend at and honestly they would rather keep the extra shillings than spend it to on a no good wallygagger.

She did a final look at her reflection, she did her best not to puke as the strong pungent smell of the men's room enveloped. It wasn't the greatest place to be but Georgina Laverence had to make sure she hid all the signs of being a woman and set her game face as a thief. Of course she's a rookie when it comes to being one but she spent most of her life hiding, snatching and keeping some things she considered as her personal treasures. No one really bothered whether the young Georgina would spend her day smelling like a boy or getting messed with mud- all that mattered to her family and the world was Elizabeth, her twin. The prettier, better dancer, more graceful, more lady like and the pride of her parents while the family's helps made sure she stayed out of their way. Sometimes she wondered if her mother even breast fed her or assigned that task to her nanny while she nursed Liz.

There's no room for regret or jealousy now, she had to step up her game and prove herself. She let her hands run on her now short brown hair, poorly slashed with her dueling sword in order to make her look more manly. She missed her long and soft hair. She held back the tears. She's a man now and a man never cries.

George hid her hair under the bonnet she had stolen, it wasn't much but it was perfect. She gave her hidden bossom one final check and made sure it wasn't visible under the band wrapped around her torso and a final check to her knives and most especially at the dagger that she guards with her life.

Soon after, George was more than happy to be breathing second hand smoke from the Dog's customers and their tobaccos rather than the musky smell of urine inside the room she was in earlier. She tucked in her stomach and acted like a strong man as she went on the look out for the two men she had intended to talk to. The very reason why she came to this place even if there was a risk that she her identity would be known.

Looks like one man had already approached them so George decided to let the man approach the brothers first. It would attract attention if she would do the same and George can't really afford that.

Instead, she slipped into the bar and faced the maiden. She seem to be really pretty- how she envied that the maid freely moves with her skirt while she feels stuffy and uncomfortable with her get up. She raised a finger, a signal for ordering a mug of their best without having to talk while her other hand held a pair of precious gem stone earrings. A loot she saved in case she needed to bribe the brothers, actually it was more of a loot- it was a gift from her grandmother- the only person who showed her compassion while the others preferred Liz.

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Jack couldn't help the appreciative grin, spreading across his lips, as the graceful serving girl slipped out from behind the bar and walked towards their table. She was more then very pretty, even in her patched and slightly stained cloths. Unlike his brother, he didn't know her name but you didn't need that to enjoy her beauty, it might be helpful if you wanted to woo her though. He lifted his empty tankard, his hand wrapped around the body o the drinking vessel, so the handle was free to grab, as she asked what she could do for them.

"I seemed ta have run dry" said the elder brother, as his younger looked away from their business partner at the sound of her voice, "Could ye get me another, my bonnie lass?"

"And some supper" added William, giving the girl his most charming smile, as his brother went back to watching the inn's common room, "If ye could, Miss Lavinia."

Black Jack smiled slightly, as his pretty (as more then a few lasses have told him) blue eyes caught a man at the bar, looking at his hat before giving him a nod. Cloaked as the fellow was, he could blend into a night forest better then a shadow. Of course just because he looked like the kind of man they were looking for, didn't make one and it could just been a friendly gesture, one traveler to another. But the fellow came walking over, sitting down before claimed his name was Reed and knowing their last names. So this was the first of their brethren to answer their call for comrades, not a bad start, he looked like a professional.

"Aye" said the elder brother, smiling in a knowing fashion, "That be us. Ye a gentleman out on the road Reed?"

As Reed affirmed that he was a Gentlemen of the road, a highwayman, a mounted robber, another man appeared in the doorway and after scanning the room, made a beeline for the table, with a cocky smile. Apparently not a fan of introductions, the newcomer professed to being a fan of their work and claimed a seat at the table, before naming the brothers and expressing a desire to work with them. William, who had returned to his bartering as the lovely Miss O'Connell went to fetch drinks, looked away from Braith again, before he almost agreed to a ridiculously low price for the pocket watch.

"Well you know us lad" said the younger Hunt brother, his tone light, "But who be you?"

Before their new friend could say his name, more people arrived. A duo, an older rogue with a young boy, maybe his apprentice in tow. While the older of the pair seemed to let out an energy, which made the brothers take a liking to him at once, the boy (who it seems was called Fox, or at least he was by the older man) didn't seem to want to be there. It also appeared the older man wasn't interested in the job, something about the boy having company while he was away.

"Aye" said Jack, as his brother hurriedly closed the deal with Braith, "That was..."

Before he could finish, an almost sickly thin man pushed between the duo, his shabby and ill fitting cloths fluttering around his person, as his hands danced and he bobbed his head. A mouth full of terrible, broken and misplaced teeth was displayed, as he hinted at being a lockpick and not introducing himself either, the forth to do so this evening.

"Locks we might not have the key to" said Jack, "Might be in our future. Why doesn't everyone sit and we'll talk about business?"

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Just then George thought of a better plan than introducing herself the old fashion way. After downing her drink and slamming a few coins on the bar, she stood up and fixed her clothes. She eyed the whole bar and planned her "attack" quietly. After a minute or so, she did her best not to be seen or noticed.

As quiet and as quick as she can, she went around the Hunt Brother's table when everyone has settled on a chair- which was now a bit crowded- and like a mischievous monkey she "accidentally" bumped into younger Hunt's chair and apologized, "Pardon me," she said with the deepest manly voice she could do.

She returned back to her seat at the bar and looked down at her loot, George had managed to steal the younger Hunt's golden watch. It looked cheap compared to what her father had brought when he was at his peak as a Treasure hunter and collector but nonetheless it was her key towards the Brothers.

George placed it back inside her coat and looked at the busy table of the Hunt's with her peripheral vision, ordered another drink from the bar maid they called Lavinia and waited until the party would exit the bar.

She hopes for the best that Bill still has no idea that she now has his golden watch, she needed to keep it until they got their full attention. It's the only way she can become a part of them and there's no way she can out bid the others and hopefully her plans would work. Looks like she won't be needing to risk her grandmother's heirloom earrings anymore. She continued to down her drink as a small sly smile appeared on her face as she continued to watch the round of men with the Hunt Brothers.

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Elsbeth stood in the shadows near the inn. “Why am I doing this again?”

Brennan did not work in a group. She knew that was exactly why she was even considering doing this. Well, that and the substantial payoff that the job promised. Dowry for a Duke’s daughter and there was a need for more hands to deal with the guards. Elsbeth would have scoffed if word of this job had come from any other source. Thing was, it was Braith Alwyn who had put out the call and for the Hunt brothers. Both parties had good reputations, at least as far as those who moved in this circle could be considered good.

Elsbeth adjusted the coat, ensuring the collar and scarf came up to cover the majority of her face. Blue-grey eyes looked out from under her hat. Brennan of the Grange had a reputation of his own as well and she hoped it would be enough to convince the brothers and Braith that her guns would be a good asset to their little scheme.

“Off we go now...” Standing tall Elsbeth entered the inn.

The Dog had a good reputation for its ale and for being the better of the three establishments that served the area. It was reasonably busy as expected. Groups huddled around tables drinking, talking and gambling. The innkeeper seemed already well into his cups and a pretty barmaid was serving tables and the bar. Elsbeth watched her as she moved towards one of the tables. A voice had called for another drink and some dinner.

Around the table sat an odd collection of people. Scanning each, Elsbeth’s eyes spotted the red and black cockades in the hats. The Hunt Brothers. Both men were broad shouldered and had the look of hard working men. There beside them, blending easily must be Braith. She had heard of his reputation for being very unassuming at first glance but charming once his mouth opened.

Moving to a side table, Elsbeth sat and looked over the rest of the group. Two men were sitting, one sharply featured but shadowed and the other square jawed and tall. Two others were standing at the table, their backs to her and yet another pushed his way through them to the table. Elsbeth huffed a little. For highwaymen that should be keeping things quiet they seemed an obvious group of sorts. They were all men it seemed. No. Elsbeth focused on one of the standing figures. Female, shapely too. Even though this woman wore a coat that was too big, Elsbeth could tell. Elsbeth straightened a little. It was easy to pass herself off as Brennan, Elsbeth did not feature any soft womanly curves that so many others of her sex had.

The group seemed to be settling in to discuss business. Elsbeth stood, if she wanted in on the job she had to get over there. Movement from the bar caught her attention. A dirty looking young man moved quickly and bumping into one of the brother’s chair offered an apology then moved away again. Elsbeth cocked her head. Something was odd about him. Shaking her head slightly, Elsbeth drew her focus back to the table. Moving to the far left, she approached from the shadows.

Stopping beside the table, Brennan sat in one of the few empty chairs. The hat dipped as Brennan nodded to the table. Cold eyes stared out at the group. Gloved hands opened the fasteners of the coat, allowing Brennan to sit comfortably. Elsbeth had learned to sit like a man, not that she did it often as Brennan was a man on a horse not one of leisure. Two pistols sat just inside the coat, Brennan’s trademark.

From this angle Elsbeth could take in the faces of those that were standing. The pushy one, skinny to the point of corpselike, had the look of one who crawled out of the gutter. There was no stopping the ill feeling that crept up her spine as she happened to catch his eyes.

Her gaze went to the other two. One, the man seemed overly outgoing and friendly. From this angle she confirmed her suspicion that the other figure was in fact a woman. Hair was tucked into her hat but there was no hiding the soft face.

All attention was on the brothers. Like Elsbeth, they all seemed to be waiting to hear what the scheme was and of course, what the cut would be for each. “It had better be a good haul...” She wondered now, with so many involved if this had in fact been a good idea. The advantage was she hadn’t signed onto anything yet, if the deal wasn’t good then Brennan would walk away and that was the end of it.

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#, as written by varxint
Braith chatted with the younger Hunt brother. Having worked so long with the brothers Braith knew the price that he would be paying for this watch. However, Bill was always very earnest with his haggling and Braith did not want to take that away from him. Truth be told, Braith enjoyed the game as well. He always loved talking to people. It was also a nice way to be able to appear occupied while watching the strangers pile into his bar. The Dog was one of Braith's main haunts. He knew all the regulars by name. Each and every stranger who walked into the bar this evening was carefully noted and catalogued. Braith knew they were coming. He had been keeping his eye on the group of strange drunks in the corner. Nothing too odd about that, yet.

Braith kept the haggling up while he watched the tall, blonde man step in and order his drink. He sat quietly, pretending to inspect the watch as Reed introduced himself. Still holding the watch up, Braith looked Reed over and inwardly nodded. A good start.

The next tall stranger took a seat near by and overpaid for his drink. Braith grinned slightly at the boldness of this one's announcement as he turned and addressed the brothers.

As the couple walked to the table Braith smiled with satisfaction. There will be no shortage of recruits it appeared. Though it appeared only the one called Fox might be staying. He looked him, no, wait. Braith looked more carefully as he placed the watch on the table, yes, a her. Braith nodded, diversification was never a bad thing.

Ah, the drunks, here came one now, but not nearly as drunk as he played. As he pushed through the others and offered his skills Braith shuddered. This one looked capable of acts that matched his countenance. Though, this job will take all kinds, so it's better to have him on our side.

Another stranger, a boy by the looks of it, entered the bar and ordered a drink after taking a hesitant look toward the table. Another interested party.

As Jack ordered another round and the pretty barmaid distracted Bill, Braith chuckled quietly. He decided to have a bit of fun with Bill and made a firm sounding offer that was severely under priced. Bill almost agreed to the price and Braith smiled at him before shaking his head. He was not about to take advantage of some of his best partners. Still, he liked to keep them on their toes.

Another stranger entered the bar and looked the place over. Paying a bit more attention to this table. Though this one looked vaguely familiar to Braith. He racked his brains for the memory but couldn't quite place it. The stranger sat at a table beside the wall and watched the group.

He listened as Jack set about trying to gather the diverse group to order and set a final price with Bill. As Braith reached out to hand Bill the coins for the watch and Bill reached to hand the watch to Braith, they were bumped by the recently arrived boy. Braith nearly laughed out loud as Bill no longer had the watch to conclude the deal. As he was about to address the missing watch the newest stranger began to make his way over. He boldly sat down without making any type of introduction. Braith watched as he sat and raised his eyebrows at the exposed guns. He nodded, that seals that.

At the mention of business Braith perked up, "So, it appears I will have to look up to this crowd." He grinned. "And now that we have a wonderfully large group I think Jack has said the key phrase, and business is at hand. Welcome all to my offices. We have even brought the famous out to play." He nodded in the direction of the newest arrival.

"The interested parties have all made themselves known and we should begin with the most interesting details. It might be best, though, if we all sat close." With that he waved the boy at the bar over, "Please, my boy, come over, join us. And don't worry, I'll adjust the amount of your cut for that watch. I would prefer that you and I talk though." He grinned and winked.

He smoothly turned back to the table and smiled warmly, "I am Braith Alwyn. I'll find you what you need and take care of what you find. The Hunt's run this show and I provide the information. Jack, my lad, why not take the show from here and tell our new friends what kind of excitement you have in store for them. I'll start calculating the division of the shares so you'll all know what you stand to gain, roughly."