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Ian Orville Summers

"I'm Ian! What's your name?"

0 · 168 views · located in Some small town in the US

a character in “Stand By Me”, originally authored by Leon21, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Ian Orville Summers
Age: Ten
Sex: Male
Birthday: July 3rd. "Can I have a pool party for my birthday this year?"

"Hi, I'm Ian! What's your name? I'm a ten year old boy. My Mum says that I'm high-per-act-ive. I don't know what that means, but it's a cool word. And I can say it! None of my friends can say it, so that makes me happy. I know more words than any of my friends. My teacher say that I am really smart. I like being smart, but it also makes me sad, 'cause my friends aren't as smart as me. I wish they would read more books. Maybe then they would be as smart as me. I love reading. I read every book in the class library, even the hard ones! My Mum and Dad and my teacher say they are proud of me for doing that.

I love playing soccer. My parents take me to play it on weekends, and sometimes Dad will play with me after school. My Dad is really good at soccer, but he gets tired so quickly. I wish he would play longer with me, but I 'pose it's good he can't play with me, since I have homework. My parents also have homework, but I can never solve theirs. My homework is easy. I'm learning mul-ti-pli-cae-shun right now. It's so much fun!

My Mum and Dad are so cool. My Mummy cooks food for people. She says she works in a res-ta-rant. She sometimes takes me with her to work. I love when she does! The food is so yummy! I don't know what Dad does. He always wears a suit and leaves before I wake up. I think he's a spy! Maybe that's why he never tells me what he does. After all, spies aren't allowed to tell people about themselves. Everyone knows that! Why else would they be spies?

My teacher told me that I should write about what I like. But that's so boring! I'll tell you, I suppose, if you really want to know. My favourite colour is blue; after all, blue is a boys colour, so I have to like it. I like soccer, food, and video games. Pokemon is so awesome! I also love reading. The Magic Treehouse books are my favourite books. My teacher taught us a new word last week, genre. She said that you say it like 'john-rah'. She said my favourite genre is fantasy. I suppose it is. I like sunny days, since I can play outside, and I love swimming. I have my own pool in the back yard. It's big and pretty."

Appearance: Ian is a fairly small young boy with a skinny build that has not yet begun to fill in with muscles. His hair is dark brown in colour and often very messy. The combination of the fact that it is curly and the fact that Ian absolutely hates hair cuts means that it often has a ruffled, untidy looking appearance. Of course, that doesn't matter to Ian, since he is still young and couldn't care less about his appearance. He has large, dark brown eyes with long eyelashes, and a round face that always has a smile on it. Ian's clothes are generally just jeans or gym shorts with t-shirts; or he'll be wearing his soccer uniform.

Personality: Like most young children, Ian has a friendly, cheerful personality. He loves meeting new people, and loves talking to people. Like many younger boys, he has a love of always being the best, and therefore always trying his hardest at whatever he does. Ian is very intelligent, and is quick to learn new things. He is a very energetic kid - like most children - and loves to run around. His parents enroll him in soccer in hopes of the sport taking a little bit of his energy away, but, so far, that doesn't seem to have been working.

Family: Ian's mother is a cook in a small, family-style restaurant near their house, as well as a part-time volunteer at a soup kitchen. Her name is Irina Summers (maiden name Kozlov). His father is a business man in an large company, and often goes on business trips, which is why Ian thinks he is a spy. He is called Owen Summers, and has a love of aviation, hence why Ian's middle name is actually that of one of the Wright Brothers. Ian and his father look very similar, although he has inherited his mother's dark hair rather than his fathers blond-and-now-gray hair.


So begins...

Ian Orville Summers's Story

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#, as written by Leon21
"Mo-om! We're going to be late!" Ian jumped up and down with impatience. The young boy was dressed as a knight, complete with cloth armor and even a foam sword, which he was currently waving all around him. A plastic helmet hid his head, two inquisitive brown eyes peering out from underneath the visor. "Hurrrry upppppppp!" he complained. Like many younger children, Ian was impatient, incredibly so. He always thought they would be late, even if they were going to show up an hour early for something.

A tall woman with jaw length curly brown hair and the outfit of a sorceress casually walked down the stairs, clearly in no rush. "Yes, Sir Ian," she said, just the hint of a laugh in her voice. Clearly, she was quite accustomed to Ian's impatient behavior; a fact that was probably rather obvious, considering she was Ian's mother. "Don't worry, my little knight. We'll get there on time."

This didn't sate Ian over, though, and he impatiently grabbed his mother's hand, tugging her towards the door. "Hurrry!" he said once again, before dashing to the door, stooping down to pick up a pumpkin shaped bucket, which he would keep any candy he got in.


By the time Irina Summers got to the car, Ian was already sitting in it, buckled in. With a laugh, she climbed into the driver's seat, buckling herself in and starting the car. "So, off we go."


Ian wouldn't have gotten out of the car faster if someone had lit it on fire when they arrived at the party. The thin male tumbled out, grabbing his sword and dashing to the backyard, having seen everyone else already heading there. As he approached the group of kids standing there, he lifted the sword above his head - or, well, attempting to lift it; he wasn't strong enough to completely lift it up, so the point was resting on his shoulder - and shouted, "Have no fear, Sir Ian is here!" Clearly, he was quite the extrovert.

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~Reserved for something later in the role play~

The setting changes from some-small-town-in-the-us to Role play IC


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She’d forgotten who it was she was running from. All she knew was that she couldn’t stop. If she stopped, she’d lose. Her yellow dress shuffled noisily against her small legs as she climbed over a log that lay across the soft grass. Distance, everything in her screamed for it; behind her the squeals and laughter of the others could be heard, and Emmaline pushed herself faster. Who’s ever idea it was to allow the boys to play with them must have been stupid.

The guest had finally arrived; the Boyer children’s mother had escorted the final guest to where the children stood awkwardly around the table, reminding them all to have fun and for Emmaline to "Keep her pretty dress clean".

At the sight of another Power Ranger, Aidan puffed out his chest and pulled his mask over his face. “About time you showed up.”

Looking in confusion to where her brother had spoken, Emmaline too noticed the presence of others “You know them?” She asked, munching on a cookie.

“You’re so stupid, Emma. Every Ranger knows his own comrades. That's the green ranger.”

Making a face towards her brother, she turned to the pumpkin, who called herself Maddie, and Kelsy. “You know pumpkin; you’re not weird at all.” Emmaline said with a grin. Beside her, Aidan turned red under his mask, and rammed his sister’s side with his elbow before she could speak anymore “Ow! What was that for?”

”Shut up!”

"Well, she's not!" Emmaline said placing her half eaten cookie on the table “And that makes you a liar, Aidan Boyer!” As the word left her lips, the sound of shuffling feet approaching from the side of the house could be heard as another gust arrived.

” "Have no fear, Sir Ian is here!"

“Good, you can slay my pest of a sister” Aidan mumbled as he pushed his hands into the waist of his red pants with a soft kick at the ground.

Emmaline, choosing to ignore her pouting brother, paced her mask gently on the table before ripping Aidan’s from his head ”Hey! What do you think you are doing?”

Rocking back on her heels, Emmaline smiled impishly “They wanna play!” she chirped, oblivious to the fact only two of the guest had answered her previous question.

”Men don’t play with little girls, pest” Aidan growled out before looking to where the men had gathered: A fellow ranger, Bat man, a greaser, a knight…and some kid and a mask. I can work with this he thought glancing towards his bedroom window “You guys any good at Super Mario?”

Grabbing onto her brother arm before he could lead the way to his cave, Emmaline giggled “Well, it’s a good thing we don’t have any men here.” Ignoring his struggles and hard glare, she continued on, using two of the boys that had given their names “Besides, Jason and Ian don’t mind playing with little girls, do you guys?” Emmaline asked before placing her hands on her hips with a smirk “You’re not afraid of girls are you, Teddy?”

Pulling his arm from the clutches of his sister, Aidan stared in annoyance before glancing to the other girls with a blush. Straightening his back, Aidan set his eyes on the pumpkin before glancing to his men ”Get them.

“oh no…” Letting out a scream, Emmaline took off towards the center of the yard, glancing back to the others with a loud “RUUUUUN!”

Her yellow dress shuffled nosily as she clambered over a down log lying on the soft grass. Tumbling over the rotten wood with a small oomph, Emmaline glared angrily at the long fabric covering her legs “I really hate the person who came up with this..” she grumbled folding her arms in a pout, blood now dripping from a small tear on her knee.


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Ricky would never admit it in the future, and would not have admitted it at the time, but he felt an undeniable trepidation in the moments before he stepped over the threshold. It followed him inside even as he left his mother behind at the door with a kiss goodbye and a promise to call later. It loomed over him as he made his way through the house to meet these mysterious new people. As he approached the others, another Power Ranger greeted him. One part of what he said stuck out to Ricky. "Every Ranger knows his own comrades." At that moment, the trepidation left, and Ricky felt like he could relax.

Feeling more confident, like usual, he grabbed a cookie and chewed on it as he tried to figure out the names of the other kids. The princess's name was...Emma? The other Power Ranger was Aidan? They really didn't get along; that much was obvious. Aidan reminded Ricky a bit of Tommy, from Brooklyn. The pumpkin girl was...Maddie, and-

"Have no fear, Sir Ian is here!"

Ricky looked over in surprise at the knight. Only a moment later he decided to walk over. He lifted the mask up onto the top of his hair as he said, "Hi Ian! I'm Ricky!"

Before much else could be said, Aidan had joined them. "You guys any good at Super Mario?"

...Wha? Ricky had to admit he wasn't "any good" at this Super Mario. After all, he didn't really know what it was. It seemed familiar, from a commercial maybe.

Aidan and Emma began arguing again, and the next thing he knew a chase had begun. So...tag? He could do tag! He discarded the mask and took off after the others, not knowing who was "it" and not really caring. Just running was fun!


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#, as written by Leon21
Ian glanced at the boy who greeted him, a wide grin breaking out on his face. He pushed the visor of his fake helmet up so that he could see clearly, his entire face exposed. "Oh my god you have such an awesome costume!!!" he shouted, jumping up and down in excitement. "I love the Power Rangers! They are so awesome!" Clearly, this was a TV show that Ian absolutely adored, judging by his current reaction. "Want to be friends?" Like many younger children, Ian didn't see relationships as something very difficult to form, and he was always willing to befriend anyone, even a complete stranger.

His attention was suddenly drawn away from Ricky by Aiden's mention of playing Super Mario. "Yesyesyesyesyes!" he said cheerfully. The true fact was that he didn't have any clue what the game was, but, still. The game sounded like it involved running around, and Iason was always willing to do something that involved running around. He pulled off his helmet, dropping it on the table. It would only get in the way if he ran around, and he didn't want his visor to fall down and hit him in the face. That would certainly not feel very nice.

As soon as the girls started running, Ian began to sprint. The only thing he could understand about the game was that it seemed that the boys had to catch the girls, but, hey, that was more than enough information for him to have fun. He made his way after the girl in the yellow dress, trying his best to catch up to her.


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Sweat poured from his brow as Aidan panted against the side of the house. He had just caught Taylor, the girl dressed as a witch, when her mother arrived announcing she would be taking her, along with the girl that arrived with them, to the block party after all. With a small wave the girls were gone, and Aidan was left looking for his next target. He’d be lying if he said it wasn’t actually fun. What boy didn’t like chasing after girls?
Pushing away from the wall of the house, he began scanning the yard. Ian could be seen sprinting across the yard, quickly gaining on Emma who was huddled behind a fallen tree trunk. He debated momentarily if he should go to her before the pumpkin scurrying into a decretive tomb caught his attention. The girl was a joke, and honestly he couldn’t fathom why his parents even invited her. He was sure it had been his mother’s work, with the girl’s father being a dentist and all, but did she really have to know where he lived?

Noticing something scamper by his feet, Aidan grinned as an idea played in his mind. Reaching down, he caught the mouse in his hands and glared to the hiding place of the chubby girl. He wasn’t sure what he hated her so much, he just did, and her being around just made him agitated in ways he couldn’t explain.

Covering his palm over a large crack in the edge of the tomb, he felt the mouse squirm from his hands. Rubbing them against the fabric of his pants after releasing his small “friend”, Aidan turned away to flee the scene. Guilt poked at his stomach, but he pushed it aside. “It’s only a little mouse.” He said glancing back to the tomb ”Emma plays with them all the time..” No sooner than the words left his lips, a high pitched sound came from the box and Aidan spun around in shock.

Looking around frantically he desperately tried to see if anyone had heard her. Seeing no one even glance in their direction, Aidan sighed. Again he tried to turn away, but as the cries reached his ears he knew he couldn’t leave. Finally he ripped the cover off of the tomb panting as he stared at the screaming girl. He wasn’t sure how long he stood there, or even how long she cried out, but suddenly he was reaching down and pressing his lips firm over her mouth. It wasn’t romantic, and it wasn’t like his dad use to kiss his mom, but it shut her up.

Pulling back, Aidan reached over her and picked up the terrified shaking mouse and placed it on the ground. Turning to leave he spoke over his shoulder ”It was me.” He said in a mumble, although he wasn’t sure why"The mouse....sorry."

Walking away, he met eyes with Emma, who was glancing between Maddie and himself with growing anger on her face. He knew nobody saw what had happened, but he was sure one glance to the pumpkin’s tear stained face and his own guilty one would lead to the conclusion he had done something bad.

Lowering his head in shame, Aidan wandered back towards the table where his mask still laid. There, stood the kid in the mask. A new guilt filled Aidan as he realized the boy had been left behind in the fun. ”Hey man,” Aidan said pushing lightly on the boys shoulders with a grin ”How about that video game?"

It wasn’t long after she huddled against the log that Ian had found her. Glancing up with a huff, Emmaline took in the boy’s rumpled appearance. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t shocked to see anyone but her brother hovering over her. Aidan never missed a chance to chase after his sister, especially when she annoyed him into doing so. Despite it not being Aidan, Emmaline grinned as all children do, and held up her hand to be tugged off the ground. She was sure her dress was grass stained, and glancing down to her muddy feet Emmaline let out a laugh. She wasn’t sure where her shoes had wandered off too, but they were most likely gone for good.

The sound of feet hitting the grass caught her attention, and she turned to see Ricky “That’s not fair!” she cried out when both boys circled her. Crossing her arms, Emmaline tried to find a way between them, but knew there was no hope. It was during this process she first noticed a puffy faced Maddie standing in the tomb her father had built with tears streaming down her face. Following her gaze, Emmaline’s eyes locked with Aidan’s and another look between the two told her that her brute big brother was the cause of the tears. She would never understand boys, and if she grew to never see one again she would be a happy girl!

A gasp behind her made Emmaline stiffen as thoughts of stupid boys fled her mind, and she quickly stepped behind the two boys who moments before were her sworn enemies "Hide me. She whispered frantically.

There stood her mother, arms crossed and a frown wrinkling her usual flawless face.“Emmaline Amelia Boyer, what is on your dress!” she screeched , obviously unimpressed with the sight before her.

Peeking out over the shoulder of one of the two boy, Emmaline grinned “Hey mommy!” she giggled before looking down ”I’m not really sure.” she said, narrowing her eyes in confusion ”I told it you said to stay clean, but it didn’t listen. It’s very naughty”

After a long scolding for Emmaline, and a long bath for each of the children, they were all sent to their sleeping areas. It had been decided that since the children seemed to be enjoying themselves, the remaining guest would stay the night. With mumbles of goodnight, the group separated: Girls to Emmaline’s room, boys to Aidan’s. It was a process that would be repeated from many more nights to come, and despite previous judgment on one another…friendships had been formed.


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Ricky took off after Emma with a whoop, noticing Ian had joined him. He lost track of Maddie almost immediately, not really interested in searching, but more in running. After a short chase, she dropped behind a log. Ricky glanced to Ian, hoping they wouldn't lose her now, and began to circle around the log. He watched as Ian peered over the log and helped Emma up. Does she not want to be chased? Ricky wondered. He jumped atop the log and down the other side to the grass, ready and close by in case Emma bolted.

She didn't seem too keen on it, though, crying "That's not fair!" in a tone of mildly-serious outrage. She looked for a way to run, but seemed distracted by something. Ricky turned for a moment to look, forgetting that he was supposed to be keeping her from bolting. He snapped back as he heard a gasp, not from Emma but from a woman. "Hide me," came Emma's sudden whisper as she darted behind Ricky and Ian. Again Ricky found himself confused. What was going on now?!

This time, he had no time to be confused, as the woman who had gasped shrieked to Emma, "Emmaline Amelia Boyer, what is that on your dress!" Ricky found himself too stunned to think as Emmaline timidly responded. He didn't even catch her response, or the long scolding that followed. He followed them inside with only the vague notion that he ought to, that the game was over now.

Eventually, he learned that he was going to stay the night, along with Ian, Maddie, and others who hadn't already left. Mom had dropped off a set of pajamas and clothes for the next day. Ricky went inside, and slowly changed out of his Power Ranger outfit, folding the green cloth armor and setting the mask on top of it in the foyer before following Aidan to his room with a mumbled good-night to the girls. Maddie seemed to be in a poor state, though Ricky didn't have the slightest idea what caused it.

As they sat in Aidan's room, Ricky felt the need to introduce himself. "In case you forgot, uhm, my name's Ricky!"

The setting changes from role-play-ic to Some small town in the US

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#, as written by Leon21
By the time Ian had caught up with Emma, he was panting heavily, a wide grin on his face. "Caught..... You...." he gasped, trying to regain his breath as he spoke, a task which was never a simple one. His grin widened as he spotted Ricky. "I caught... her first..." he said quickly, his competitive nature taking over. Of course, he had absolutely no clue whether it was he or Ricky who caught her first, having been caught up in the adrenaline rush of chasing after Emma, but, claiming that he caught her first was just as good as actually being the one to catch her first.

The boy cringed as the woman approached, scolding Emma. He wasn't the one in trouble, that was clear, but one of his friends was, and that was perhaps even worse. Ian hated it when his friends were in trouble and he was just standing there. Sure, he would push the blame onto his friends if he did something bad every now and then, but at least he wouldn't have to watch them being scolded.

Thankfully, the scolding finished fairly quickly, even if it was a rather long one, and Ian found himself heading inside with all of the other children. His mother had dropped off his pajamas, and, soon he was in the bathroom, struggling out of his costume. The foam armor was rather difficult to get off, but, eventually, Ian managed to pull it off and climb into his PJs.

Once he was all ready for bed, Ian sat on the floor of Aidan's room, waiting for all of the others to come in as well. "And I'm Ian!" he added, after Ricky introduced himself. It wasn't like he didn't know the other kids, he just didn't want Ricky to be the only one to introduce himself.

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The short lived joy William had experienced was gone by the time he had entered the house, everyone was smiling laughing and generally bring happy but William was getting increasingly irritated with the noise they where making.

William didn't answer the Boyer kid... what did he want with him anyway and what was this super Mario? William didn't like this at all; confusion was one thing that could make him quite angry and this seemed to be no exception. As if adding insult to William's growing confusion the Boyer kid then started to make orders as if he was the king on the hill, enraged William walked away towards the table upon which stood a few bottles of soft drinks.

William saw that most of the bottles where already open however only a few of them had their lids on.

"Idiots... all the gas was going out and the coke would taste like medicine before long" thought William now choosing an unopened bottle.

William made sure to return the lid once he had served himself however he soon found himself opening the bottle again for another glass, this was what happened when William was nervous; he drank more then he would normally do.

Suddenly William felt someone touch him, William turned abruptly and stared at he person who was responsible.
It was the Boyer kid again... what the hell did he want? William sighed, whatever he wanted the Boyer was certainly persistent.

William's anger however was soon replaced by cautious curiosity as the Boyer mentioned a term William had no understanding of.

William wanted to know what the Boyer was talking about... he didn't know why however something within William decided that the Boyer kid was an ok person and not the idiot William had first thought.

"Ok... i guess but whats a video game? is it a kind of film series or something?"

William was cut short as some kid in mock up Armour rushed after the Boyer girl, the kid pushed William slightly sending William's coke flying sky high.

William chose to ignore it, normally he would be chasing the kid with the intent of beating an apology out of him if necessary however this video game thing sounded like fun and William wanted to learn more about it.