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Season of Giving 2020

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Jason Christopher Sinclair

"There comes a time in life when you'll have to leave everything behind and start something new but never forget the ones who stood by your side, especially the ones who never let you let go."

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a character in “Stand By Me”, as played by Aradia


FULL NAME: Jason Christopher Sinclair
Hollis Annabelle Fisher-Sinclair (mother) – Hollis was often described as a lovely young woman. Everyone believed that her family meant the world to her. No one could have predicted her sudden departure from Richard and Jason’s lives. On the eve of her son’s fourth birthday, Hollis left the Sinclair family and never looked back. Despite the constant flow of birthday cards and presents on Jason’s birthdays since then, she has never returned to visit her only child and does not keep in contact with the rest of the family. Her current whereabouts are unknown.
Richard Michael Sinclair (father) – The Sinclair men have longed served their country in the United States Armed Forces and Richard is no exception. As a commissioned officer in the United States Army, he is currently stationed in Germany. No specific date has been made concerning his return home.
Francesca Ann Sinclair (grandmother) – A former school teacher, Francesca currently plays an active role in the community. You will often find her organizing the local town’s festivals and welcoming others into the neighborhood with her homemade baked goods and warm smiles. After the disappearance of Jason’s mother, Francesca and Thomas agreed to take Jason in while Richard devoted himself to his job. She has since taken it upon herself to dote on the growing boy.
Thomas Benjamin Sinclair (grandfather) – A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Thomas – affectionately known as Tom within the neighborhood – is the owner of the town’s movie theater and serves as Jason’s father figure.

SIBLINGS: Jason is an only child.


8 – Children’s personalities are often shaped by the world around them. They are influenced by various individuals that play significant roles in their lives. Yet, that ultimately does not seem to be the case with Jason. The most significant figures in his life are his grandparents and he is almost nothing like them. In fact, he is quite the peculiar child in mannerisms and personality.

Jason often acts impulsively. He has the tendency to do things without as much as a second glance and speak without thinking. His motions are almost robotic in nature and he will sometimes be compared to a wooden puppet, simply being held together by strings. He does not say much – often only speaking when he considers it absolutely necessary to do so and, even then, his responses are usually short and to the point. Jason was never a rambunctious child who reveled in the attention of others. In fact, he shies away from attention altogether. With the circumstances surrounding his family and its dynamic often questioned, he has the tendency to avoid striking up conversations with others. He is aware of the fact that it isn’t normal to be raised by his grandparents and to have both parents out of the picture – he just doesn’t like to be reminded about it. If the topics were to ever come up, Jason would become defensive and see it as a personal attack on himself. He won’t hesitate to make cutting comments toward the perpetrator and will use every taboo word his eight year old mind can conjure up.

Underneath it all, Jason is a sweet boy with good intentions. It’s simply his longstanding fear of abandonment that prevents him from showing it. For so long, he has felt abandoned by both his father and mother. Even at such a young age, his fear consumes him – making him believe that, at one point or another, everyone will leave him and he’ll be all alone. It’s why he has such a hard time making friends. He doesn’t want to get too attached to people because, once someone breaks through his shell, it will become harder and harder for him to let go.


AN EXCERPT FROM HIS LATEST SCHOOL ASSIGNMENT: “My name is Jason Christopher Sinclair. I am eight years old. I am supposed to write about my family. I don’t want to because that’s stupid. Families are stupid. The end.”

Needless to say, the Sinclair household later got a call about Jason’s disobedience and refusal to complete the assignment.


So begins...

Jason Christopher Sinclair's Story


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“I’d run if I were you. Mom has the brush, and she’s looking for a certain little wild cat. ” Turning to where her father stood in the doorway wiggling his fingers and attempting to look frightening, Emmaline giggled.

When their mother had noticed her husband carrying the rumpled Princess Belle through the backdoor of the house, her face turned red in anger.Not saying a word, she had stormed off up the stairs mumbling under her breath, the children's father dragging along behind her. "She's gonna get him good." Aidan had said before pulling Emmaline into the front room to wait for kids to arrive. It was there they still sat,slowly becoming more and more agitated with the wait.

Sighing at her father's words, the small princess shrugged her shoulders“That’s okay....hey look!” Pointing out towards the window, Emmaline gestured to the figure standing at the driveway “Somebody is here!” She squealed, bouncing in excitement.

Gazing out the fogged glass from their place at the window seat, Emmaline and Aidan watched giddily as party guest arrived at the front gate. The girl dressed as a pumpkin wasn’t someone Emmaline recognized, and the girl clearly belonged to the set of invites giving to Aidan’s age group, but Emmaline decided she liked her anyway.

“She’s weird.” Aidan said as he placed his mask to rest on top of his head “She doesn’t talk to anyone, and dresses like she’s your age.” Raising a brow at the pumpkin get up, he laughed “See?”

Glaring to her brother, Emmaline kicked his shin, causing the ten year old to let out a yelp “Dad!”


“There is nothing wrong with the way I dress, Aidan Boyer, and I do not look like a pumpkin!” Looking back to the group outside, she noticed a familiar face “I know her!”

The smaller girl, Kelsy, was in Emmaline’s class, but she never said very much. The only time Emmaline had ever spoken to her was when she was dared to question the girl about her parents. Having two moms wasn’t something Emmaline could grasp, and although she wasn’t sure how, she was pretty sure it took both a mommy and a daddy to make a baby. “She doesn’t talk either, but I don’t think she’s weird.”

“You don’t think who is weird, dear?” A hand placed on her shoulder, Emmaline looked to Aidan who grinned from ear to ear “Moms got you now…” he whispered.

“Kelsy, she has two mommies.”

“Does she now?” Abigail asked, sending a glare to her husband who held his hands up in defense. “That’s nice.” Noticing two more guests arrive, a small boy in a batman custom accompanied by his grandfather, Abigail sighed “You, young lady need to behave tonight, and don’t look at me like that!” Turning to her son, she continued “I want you to go and welcome our guest like a proper gentlemen.” Opening the front door, she led her family onto the pouch before giving Aidan a small push.

Grumbling, Aidan shuffled his feet towards the group before stopping in front of the adults as his mother had told him earlier that day. “Hi, I’m Aidan.” He mumbled, a blush creeping along his cheeks. A loud laugh from the porch followed by a sharp whisper from his mother caused his face to bleed a deeper red, and he sighed in annoyance. “That’s Emma, my sister”

“My name is Lily!”

“Thanks’ for coming,” He continued, kicking a pebble on the ground “my mom made food and stuff, so you can come in the backyard. That's where the party is...”

Pulling away from her mother, Emmaline ran forward and held onto her brother hand with a grin “Come on!” Not waiting for a reply, she tugged him towards the yard, before calling to the others “Wait til you see all the candy!” Not stopping until she reached a black and orange clothed table, Emmaline dropped her brothers hand before picking up a cookie and munched happily on it. "So, do you wanna play?"

The setting changes from role-play-ic to Some small town in the US

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#, as written by Aradia
Brown eyes were fixated on the thick black lines – eight of them to be exact – as the pad of his index finger traced the latest one. He felt the slightly raised bumps in the plaster wall and noted that this line was higher than last year’s. While Jason’s thoughts were swimming with a newfound purpose (to calculate just how tall he’d grown), Thomas Sinclair was crouched down beside him. The older male steadied his hand and began to scrawl the words Jason at 8 onto the golden paint with a much thinner marker and grinned to himself when the task was completed.

“Look at that! You’ve shot up from last year, Jace. Before you know it, you’ll be just as tall as your ol’ granddad,” Thomas boasted with that ever present gleam in his eyes and a huge toothy grin. Jason could only give him a somewhat crooked smile in return. To the little boy’s surprise, Thomas pulled him into a hug. He stiffened at the sudden display of affection but his granddad only laughed.

It felt like eons passed before Thomas let go. At the sight of his granddad’s expression, Jason let out a caveman like grunt and crossed his arms. The retired veteran just shook his head at the unusual sight – barely concealed amusement present on his face – and did his best not to burst out in laughter. It was a rare treat to see his eight year old grandson act his age because, most of the time, Thomas found himself face to face with a child who seemed so beyond his years. He mentally scolded himself for not bringing his camera along to document the moment.

“You messed up my costume,” Jason mumbled disapprovingly and pointed to his now wrinkled Batman suit to somehow emphasize his point. His granddad could only shake his head as the childish moment was shattered. Straightening himself out, Thomas took a hold of his grandson’s hand and pulled him along. “Cheer up, bud. C’mon, let’s go see what your grandma can do about it.” He sighed in response and trailed behind his granddad obediently. The pair bounded down the stairs and toward the kitchen – where Francesca Sinclair was sure to be baking her homemade goodies.

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, happy birthday! Happy birthday to you!” A chorus of cheers erupted from a nearby cassette player as the track continued its loop. Jason turned his head instinctively toward the sound and put on a rare grin. The joyous tune was a sharp contrast to the ghastly ghouls and wicked witches on the television screen but, for those residing in the Sinclair household, it was hardly something to bat an eyelash about. Why? It was because, while everyone was only celebrating one holiday, they were celebrating two! Sure, Halloween was fun and all but what could be better than Halloween and your birthday? Jason couldn’t think of anything better than that, especially when neither grandparent were ever going to let him forget it.

“Oh my, I didn’t know we had Adam West in the house!” Francesca giggled as two of the most important men in her life entered the kitchen. Despite the crazy concoctions and vast amounts of flour littered on the linoleum floor, she looked like the picture of calm and collected – almost as if the mess she made in the kitchen hadn’t fully registered in her mind yet. Jason could only furrow his eyebrows in confusion. “Batman’s name is Bruce Wayne. Not Adam West.”

“Ah! I must have forgotten. How did we get such a bright young grandson?” She gave Jason a smile, flashing her straight row of pearly whites and offering him a chocolate chip cookie. “Don’t mind your grandma, bud. She’s just gotten you confused with the actor,” Thomas said as he bit into his own cookie. The little boy nodded. He didn’t exactly understand what an actor was or why his grandma would call him Adam West – when clearly, he was Batman – but he wasn’t going to ask now. That would mean more talking on his part and talking was exhausting!

Jason nibbled on his cookie and eyed his birthday cake in the corner. It was a large chocolate cake that reinforced the Batman theme that he was going for this year – with bat shaped sprinkles all over and various Batman and Robin figures that his granddad promised he’d get to keep later. Despite having blown out his candles during lunch earlier, he had only been given one slice. It was odd for him to only get one piece of his birthday cake, especially when he’d get at least three or four slices on previous birthdays. When he had questioned the sudden withholding of cake, they both said they didn’t want him to spoil his appetite for later. Jason could only assume they meant that dumb party he was supposed to go to.

He wasn’t really excited about it. Everyone in his class had gotten an invitation and they were all really happy when they got one. Jason? Not so much. In fact, only minutes after receiving it, he stuffed it into his backpack and hoped to never ever see it again. Ever. He had forgotten that his granddad checked his schoolbag every night to make sure he didn’t forget an assignment and that his grandma was always talking to those other old ladies around town. Maybe if he had eaten it and stopped the noisy mothers from coming over for book club…he certainly wouldn’t be in the situation that he was in now.

Jason was so absorbed in his thoughts that he failed to notice that his grandma smoothed out the wrinkles in his costume and that his grandpa was already rummaging through his pockets for his car keys. Quickly finishing off his cookie, he wiped the crumbs off of his hands with a nearby dish towel and frowned. Did he really have to go?

“You two have fun, ok? I want to hear all about your new friends when you get back,” Francesca stated cheerfully and kissed them both on the cheek.

He plopped into the backseat as Thomas started the car engine and they were off – headed to the Boyer’s Victorian home for an extravagant Halloween bash. Jason’s eyes watched the passing scenery and counted just how many kids (and even a few teens) were trick or treating. He had counted up to twenty kids when his granddad slowed to a halt and parked the car. Thomas twisted in his seat to face the eight year old boy – who looked anything but excited to be here – and said, “This’ll be fun. I promise. And if you want to go home early, then we’ll go and eat all the birthday cake your tummy can handle.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

Removing his seat belt and sliding out of the seat, Jason instinctively took his granddad’s hand. He gulped when he looked at the decorations. They were really scary – though he’s never say so out loud. Thomas, sensing his grandson’s anxiety, squeezed his hand in reassurance and they walked past the gate and toward the entrance. Focusing on anywhere except the décor, Jason noted the families arriving and felt a pang of jealously gnaw at him. Everyone was arriving with their mom or dad and here he was, arriving with his granddad. Even if he had wanted to come with his mom and dad, he couldn’t have. His dad was all the way in Germany and his mom…no one really knew where she was; or they did, they just didn’t want to tell him. He could keep a secret!

He tugged on his granddad’s hand and was about to suggest turning around when the Boyer kids came into view. Jason wasn’t too familiar with either of them – they weren’t in his grade at school – but he’d heard about them. They were supposed to be new to the neighborhood. He stared blankly when the two introduced themselves to the newly formed group of kids who had arrived, that group including Jason and his granddad.

Thomas gave his grandson a nudge after the boy in the red Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers suit – apparently named Aidan – stopped speaking. “Jason Sinclair,” he mumbled feebly. Jason was going to add a nice to meet you of some sort but decided against it. Batman didn’t talk a lot either, so why did he have to? He felt his granddad pat him encouragingly on the back and he grimaced. They were really making sure he saw through with this. Jason dragged his feet across the front yard and followed after Aidan and Lily.

Despite the tantalizing thoughts of candy and treats waiting for him in the back, Jason still had every intention of heading for the hills. He knew that he couldn’t though. His grandparents would be very unhappy with him if he even tried. He was right behind the brother and sister duo when the girl in the Disney princess costume – Lily – stopped right in front of a very Halloween inspired table. He shook his head when she asked if he wanted to play. All Jason wanted to do was find a quiet spot and eat a bunch of treats before he had to go home.

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#, as written by Meesha

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#, as written by Mousie
If there ever was a Pirate more Piratey than the rest it would be Maisy Cotton. Stella Huntington leant up against the bedroom door of the youngest girl and suppressed a smile. Whilst her two older sisters were sporting Power-puff girl outfits Maisy had refused to complete the threesome and had vowed it was essential that she go as a Pirate. She’d been so fixated on being one that even after a weeks worth of bullying from Holly and Jane hadn’t changed her mind.

“Come on you scurvy water rat” Stella called as Maisy adjusted her eye patch in the mirror. “Ms Johanson’s waiting outside.”

With a contagious beam Maisy run past her with an “ARHHG” and hurried down stairs to join the mismatch posse of power-puff girls, Dracula (Uncle Marcus) Dracula’s bride (Auntie Stella) and herself. Gathering up some pies and treats they had baked to say thanks to the Boyer’s for the invite the rowdy bunch piled out of their house and towards the car waiting for them across the road.
Ms Johanson got out of the car to give them a wave.

“Marcus put your tongue away” Stella hissed whilst shooting her husband a mindful eye. Marcus gawped at the implication but closed his mouth all the same with a pout.

“Hello Molly you look lovely. Not dressing up? No I'm starting to wish I hadnt. So nice of you to offer us a lift I don’t think you’ve met my husband Marcus, and these are the children Holly, Jane and Maisy. Are we sitting on laps? Yes, yes I see alright me and Marcus in the back with Jane and Holly. Is it alright for Maisy to sit on your daughters lap? Taylor? Taylor is that alright?”

The pretty girl in black seemed reluctant but gave a slight nod anyway. Maisy looked up at the girl in the front seat with a grin. She didn’t look like a witch, witches were ugly that’s why she told Holly and Jane to go as one.

“Hey I’m Maisy! S’cuse me” Maisy jumped up onto the girls lap and brought the door shut behind her with an almighty bang.

“Maisy!” Aunt Stella snapped. “Not so hard.”

Maisy looked over her shoulder at the girl and grinned. “You smell nice.”

The girl stared back with made up eyes and smirked. “And you smell…like a pirate.” Whether that was good or bad Maisy smiled all the same. Smelling like a pirate was a thing good.

They pulled up outside the Boyers to an assemblance of other vehicles parked outside the front. Maisy’s eyes widened at the sight of the Halloween mansion. She’d been dreaming about this party all week, getting to dress up as a Pirate and eat lots of candy and cake. She hoped they had sausage rolls…Pirates liked those. Barely able to contain her excitement Maisy tumbled out of the car when she spotted Kelsy and a few others from school making their way down the drive.

“Hey Kelsy!” Maisy liked Kelsy, she had squinty eyes and that made her cute. She also made a great first mate when she felt like it.

“Maisy wait” Stella and Marcus squeezed out of the car with Holly and Jane whilst Ms Johanson pulled a big cat out of a car seat. It looked funny seeing them all get out of the car with their pies and costumes on.

"Come on I can already smell the sausage rolls!" Maisy cried jumping up and down with her sword bumping at her side.

Stella and Marcus straightened themselves out and hussled them all together at the front of the gate. "No pictures first. Come on everyone. Your two aswell Molly"
The kids all shuffled close together and plastered their cheesy smiles on for the camera. Maisy glanced over her shoulder to see Holly and Jane looking ugly, the Taylor girl looking pretty and the little fat cat looking cheeky as she realised it was actually a little boy. She turned back and smiled brightly knowing she looked like the coolest Pirate in the world.

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~Reserved for something later in the role play~

The setting changes from some-small-town-in-the-us to Role play IC


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She’d forgotten who it was she was running from. All she knew was that she couldn’t stop. If she stopped, she’d lose. Her yellow dress shuffled noisily against her small legs as she climbed over a log that lay across the soft grass. Distance, everything in her screamed for it; behind her the squeals and laughter of the others could be heard, and Emmaline pushed herself faster. Who’s ever idea it was to allow the boys to play with them must have been stupid.

The guest had finally arrived; the Boyer children’s mother had escorted the final guest to where the children stood awkwardly around the table, reminding them all to have fun and for Emmaline to "Keep her pretty dress clean".

At the sight of another Power Ranger, Aidan puffed out his chest and pulled his mask over his face. “About time you showed up.”

Looking in confusion to where her brother had spoken, Emmaline too noticed the presence of others “You know them?” She asked, munching on a cookie.

“You’re so stupid, Emma. Every Ranger knows his own comrades. That's the green ranger.”

Making a face towards her brother, she turned to the pumpkin, who called herself Maddie, and Kelsy. “You know pumpkin; you’re not weird at all.” Emmaline said with a grin. Beside her, Aidan turned red under his mask, and rammed his sister’s side with his elbow before she could speak anymore “Ow! What was that for?”

”Shut up!”

"Well, she's not!" Emmaline said placing her half eaten cookie on the table “And that makes you a liar, Aidan Boyer!” As the word left her lips, the sound of shuffling feet approaching from the side of the house could be heard as another gust arrived.

” "Have no fear, Sir Ian is here!"

“Good, you can slay my pest of a sister” Aidan mumbled as he pushed his hands into the waist of his red pants with a soft kick at the ground.

Emmaline, choosing to ignore her pouting brother, paced her mask gently on the table before ripping Aidan’s from his head ”Hey! What do you think you are doing?”

Rocking back on her heels, Emmaline smiled impishly “They wanna play!” she chirped, oblivious to the fact only two of the guest had answered her previous question.

”Men don’t play with little girls, pest” Aidan growled out before looking to where the men had gathered: A fellow ranger, Bat man, a greaser, a knight…and some kid and a mask. I can work with this he thought glancing towards his bedroom window “You guys any good at Super Mario?”

Grabbing onto her brother arm before he could lead the way to his cave, Emmaline giggled “Well, it’s a good thing we don’t have any men here.” Ignoring his struggles and hard glare, she continued on, using two of the boys that had given their names “Besides, Jason and Ian don’t mind playing with little girls, do you guys?” Emmaline asked before placing her hands on her hips with a smirk “You’re not afraid of girls are you, Teddy?”

Pulling his arm from the clutches of his sister, Aidan stared in annoyance before glancing to the other girls with a blush. Straightening his back, Aidan set his eyes on the pumpkin before glancing to his men ”Get them.

“oh no…” Letting out a scream, Emmaline took off towards the center of the yard, glancing back to the others with a loud “RUUUUUN!”

Her yellow dress shuffled nosily as she clambered over a down log lying on the soft grass. Tumbling over the rotten wood with a small oomph, Emmaline glared angrily at the long fabric covering her legs “I really hate the person who came up with this..” she grumbled folding her arms in a pout, blood now dripping from a small tear on her knee.


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Sweat poured from his brow as Aidan panted against the side of the house. He had just caught Taylor, the girl dressed as a witch, when her mother arrived announcing she would be taking her, along with the girl that arrived with them, to the block party after all. With a small wave the girls were gone, and Aidan was left looking for his next target. He’d be lying if he said it wasn’t actually fun. What boy didn’t like chasing after girls?
Pushing away from the wall of the house, he began scanning the yard. Ian could be seen sprinting across the yard, quickly gaining on Emma who was huddled behind a fallen tree trunk. He debated momentarily if he should go to her before the pumpkin scurrying into a decretive tomb caught his attention. The girl was a joke, and honestly he couldn’t fathom why his parents even invited her. He was sure it had been his mother’s work, with the girl’s father being a dentist and all, but did she really have to know where he lived?

Noticing something scamper by his feet, Aidan grinned as an idea played in his mind. Reaching down, he caught the mouse in his hands and glared to the hiding place of the chubby girl. He wasn’t sure what he hated her so much, he just did, and her being around just made him agitated in ways he couldn’t explain.

Covering his palm over a large crack in the edge of the tomb, he felt the mouse squirm from his hands. Rubbing them against the fabric of his pants after releasing his small “friend”, Aidan turned away to flee the scene. Guilt poked at his stomach, but he pushed it aside. “It’s only a little mouse.” He said glancing back to the tomb ”Emma plays with them all the time..” No sooner than the words left his lips, a high pitched sound came from the box and Aidan spun around in shock.

Looking around frantically he desperately tried to see if anyone had heard her. Seeing no one even glance in their direction, Aidan sighed. Again he tried to turn away, but as the cries reached his ears he knew he couldn’t leave. Finally he ripped the cover off of the tomb panting as he stared at the screaming girl. He wasn’t sure how long he stood there, or even how long she cried out, but suddenly he was reaching down and pressing his lips firm over her mouth. It wasn’t romantic, and it wasn’t like his dad use to kiss his mom, but it shut her up.

Pulling back, Aidan reached over her and picked up the terrified shaking mouse and placed it on the ground. Turning to leave he spoke over his shoulder ”It was me.” He said in a mumble, although he wasn’t sure why"The mouse....sorry."

Walking away, he met eyes with Emma, who was glancing between Maddie and himself with growing anger on her face. He knew nobody saw what had happened, but he was sure one glance to the pumpkin’s tear stained face and his own guilty one would lead to the conclusion he had done something bad.

Lowering his head in shame, Aidan wandered back towards the table where his mask still laid. There, stood the kid in the mask. A new guilt filled Aidan as he realized the boy had been left behind in the fun. ”Hey man,” Aidan said pushing lightly on the boys shoulders with a grin ”How about that video game?"

It wasn’t long after she huddled against the log that Ian had found her. Glancing up with a huff, Emmaline took in the boy’s rumpled appearance. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t shocked to see anyone but her brother hovering over her. Aidan never missed a chance to chase after his sister, especially when she annoyed him into doing so. Despite it not being Aidan, Emmaline grinned as all children do, and held up her hand to be tugged off the ground. She was sure her dress was grass stained, and glancing down to her muddy feet Emmaline let out a laugh. She wasn’t sure where her shoes had wandered off too, but they were most likely gone for good.

The sound of feet hitting the grass caught her attention, and she turned to see Ricky “That’s not fair!” she cried out when both boys circled her. Crossing her arms, Emmaline tried to find a way between them, but knew there was no hope. It was during this process she first noticed a puffy faced Maddie standing in the tomb her father had built with tears streaming down her face. Following her gaze, Emmaline’s eyes locked with Aidan’s and another look between the two told her that her brute big brother was the cause of the tears. She would never understand boys, and if she grew to never see one again she would be a happy girl!

A gasp behind her made Emmaline stiffen as thoughts of stupid boys fled her mind, and she quickly stepped behind the two boys who moments before were her sworn enemies "Hide me. She whispered frantically.

There stood her mother, arms crossed and a frown wrinkling her usual flawless face.“Emmaline Amelia Boyer, what is on your dress!” she screeched , obviously unimpressed with the sight before her.

Peeking out over the shoulder of one of the two boy, Emmaline grinned “Hey mommy!” she giggled before looking down ”I’m not really sure.” she said, narrowing her eyes in confusion ”I told it you said to stay clean, but it didn’t listen. It’s very naughty”

After a long scolding for Emmaline, and a long bath for each of the children, they were all sent to their sleeping areas. It had been decided that since the children seemed to be enjoying themselves, the remaining guest would stay the night. With mumbles of goodnight, the group separated: Girls to Emmaline’s room, boys to Aidan’s. It was a process that would be repeated from many more nights to come, and despite previous judgment on one another…friendships had been formed.


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#, as written by Aradia
Jason worked steadily to peel off the sticky adhesive that clung to the palms of his hands. His gaze was cast downward as he studied each and every thin coating of dried glue — not wanting to meet the pair of questioning green eyes. Using the index finger and thumb of his right hand, he started to remove a large portion that covered his left hand. Jason would continue this process as long as he needed to. He would do any mediocre task in order to avoid seeing the disappointment etched onto Miss Morrell's features. The eight year old boy genuinely liked her. Despite the grief that he dished out to the young teacher on occasion, she would never resort to screaming or harsh remarks. She wasn't like grumpy old Mrs. Hudson across the hall — who seemed to be reduce little boys and girls to tears with her nasty glare and ugly witch-like nose. Miss Morrell didn't seem like the type of lady who would give up on others either. Unlike his mom, who had given up on both Jason and his dad before she ever really got to know him. The dirty blonde ground his teeth in frustration; not liking the direction his thoughts were headed one bit. 

Jason guessed he was lucky because, just as soon as they had come, they vanished. His train of thought quickly came to a standsill when the sound of creaking doors reached his ears and he almost breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't want to think too hard about her. Hoping and wishing were useless any way. It wasn't as if anything he did was going to make her come back.

"I've already talked to Adrian and he told me his point of view. Now I want to hear yours. What happened back in the classroom, Jason?" Miss Morrell asked. As a school teacher, she was hoping to convey to the stubborn boy that she wouldn't be taking sides on this matter. She wanted him to know that there was always two sides to every story; yet, it was proving to be very difficult for him to open up. Miss Morrell often found Jason's inability to voice his insecurities to be the most problematic. In fact, the young male barely spoke at all. She would be lying if she said it didn't worry her. Children his age were notorious for being loud and rambunctious — two personality traits that he seemed to lack altogether. Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, she crouched down to his eye level and gave him a reassuring smile. "Look at me, Jason. It's not good to keep things bottled up all the time. I'd really like to hear what you have to say."

"Not my fault that Adrian is a dunderhead," he mumbled. 

"That's not very nice."

"Adrian's not very nice," he countered. Jason wasn't going to let that terrible guy get out of this situation unscathed. 

Miss Morrell's smile curved slightly downward at his retorts. It didn't falter completely but she was disheartened — especially since she knew that Adrian had provoked him. "Does this have anything to do with your missing history homework?"

Jason could only shake his head. He had already fibbed twice today. It would be bad to do it a third time; though, by the looks of where this conversation were heading, it didn't seem like he had a choice. Pulling out a crumpled piece of paper, Miss Morrell quickly smoothed it out and presented it to him. "Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what you have. Does this sound familiar?" His eyes widened in surprise for a moment before he realized his folly and looked away. "I found this on Adrian's desk while I was cleaning up the glue. I thought you didn't do the assignment?"

"I didn't. I told you. Homework is a waste of trees. It kills the planet," he argued. There goes another fib. Ignoring his protests, Miss Morrell continued on — all while pointing to the evidence right in front of them. "This has your name on it, Jason. Even your handwriting is the same one. If you look closely, there's your grandfather's signature on the bottom."

A minute passed.

"I have to take you to principal if you don't tell me what happened. Jason, I know you're a good kid. I don't want to do this but you aren't giving me any other option."

Two minutes passed.

Jason shifted uncomfortably in place. He had no intention of cooperating today. Even though Adrian was the biggest jerk in the world and deserved to have all that glue shoved down his pants, he wasn't a tattle tale. Not now. Not ever. Hearing Miss Morrell sigh sent a small amount of relief washed over his body. It looked like the interrogation was over; for now any way. All he had left to deal with was the principal. Jason could do that. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Even at eight years old, he had already been sent to the office on numerous occasions. This time would be no different.

The pair walked down the emptied hallways in silence. Mindless chatter and the pounding of rubber against concrete could be heard from outside but neither made an effort to contribute to the noises. Clutching onto the handle of his backpack, Jason caught glimpses of the courtyard. He was missing out lunchtime for this. He could only that the office secretary would let him munch of the snacks his grandma tucked away into his bag earlier. Francesca Sinclair had packed an awful lot this morning. Enough for two lunch boxes! Jason guessed that he was meant to share it with friends. It looked like anyone that he even vaguely considered a friend was out of luck.

"This is it," Miss Morrell said when they finally reached their destination. Signalling to the secretary their arrival and requesting a meeting with the principal, her eyes travelled to Jason — already making himself at home. She couldn't help but chuckle at the sight. He had plopped himself onto the wooden bench situated in the office's waiting area and eagerly began to dig into a resealable plastic bag filled to the brim with goldfish crackers. Giving all of Jason's necessary information and explaining what had taken place, Miss Morrell left the task of phoning guardians to her fellow staff member.

"Looks like I'll be going now. I hope to see you back in class later, Jason."

He mumbled an ok through a mouth full of cheesy crackers and watched her disappear down the hallway. Kicking at the air with his sneaker clad feet, Jason continued to devour the fish shaped snacks. He wondered how long it would take for his grandparents to get here — if the principal thought that what he did was bad enough to warrant that any way — and glanced at the hanging analog clock. Maybe he would get off with a stern talking to and a warning again. After all, that's what happened last time.


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"Now you just take a seat right there, young man," came a deep, old voice.

Following the voice was Mrs. Bordeaux, the hag-like fourth(?) grade teacher notorious for being extra stern and not as forgiving as her fellow instructors. Right beside the lady was Noah, whose glare was so unwavering and resentful you could almost see his seams on the verge of bursting. He was clearly disheveled; there were twigs and leaves caught in his wild brown hair, various grass stains on his pants, and a splotch of mud on his face. He plopped down on the bench beside Jason without another word, his angry gaze now focused on the linoleum floor.

"You take that look off your face, mister. The principal isn't going to be very happy with you."

With a look just as grave as Noah's, the teacher disappeared into the office, leaving the boy to seethe in silence. His swampy eyes even became a little glossy, but with one sniffle and wipe with his sleeve to his nose, they were clear again. He wouldn't allow anyone to see him shed a tear, especially for being so mad. His fists were clenched so tightly than his knuckles were becoming pale, and once he realized this, he crossed his arms instead. A few moments later, Mrs. Bordeaux reappeared.

"And to think, your grades showed that you could be one of our star pupils. It's such a shame that you would resort to-"

"Todd had it coming," Noah grumbled bitterly, his accent lilting his words.

"Mr. Salt! I will not tolerate such disrespect! You'd best change your attitude if you wish to succeed in my class, mister. The principal will have a word with you once she's finished with Mr. Sinclaire here."

She sneered at the blond boy from behind her glasses for added effect, then began to walk away. Once her back faced the two, Noah stick his tongue out at her as far as he could, screwing up his face in exaggeration. She disappeared, and once he was satisfied with his rebuttal, he sank back into the bench and looked over at Jason.

"So, what are you in for?"


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#, as written by Aradia
Jason cast a sideways glance at Forks school's secretary. "She's new," he mused to himself. He hadn't expected for the perky blonde behind the reception desk to overhear; however, nothing ever seemed to go the way Jason expected it to. Her vivid hazel eyes met his for a fraction of a second, her pearly white teeth gleaming as she smiled at him. He blinked in confusion. He didn't feel guilty for being caught redhanded — he hadn't badmouthed her, after all — but surprise colored his features at her adept hearing. Jason had tried to speak as low as possible! 

Angling his body as to avoid conversing with her, he continued to kick at the air. Jason's mind had conjured up dozens of villainous baddies for him to battle — his dangling legs moving to the office's natural rhythm. His hands instinctively reached for the cheese flavored crackers, fishing out two and popping them into his mouth with ease. 

Jason had busied himself with this menial routine for about thirty minutes. He had long predicted an average wait time of an hour — the principal sure was busy around the holiday time — but he didn't think anyone would be joining him soon. The thought of having the wooden bench all to himself vanished when he spied two others approaching the office. Jason slumped against the hard seat in disappoinment and looked toward the pair with veiled curiousity. He immediately recognized Mrs. Bordeaux and scowled. She was such a nasty old lady — always chastising Jason for his actions and making sour faces at him when no one else was around. He hadn't meant to douse her in that bucket of sewer water. She hadn't been his target at all but, like they said, the damage was done. Jason couldn't do anything about her rotten attitude toward him. Quite frankly, he didn't care one bit. 

He peered around the angry teacher to come face to face with a livid boy. Jason tried his best to identify the newcomer but couldn't place a name to the face. His curiousity soon became unabashed as he noticed the other boy's appearance. He looked like he had spent all morning in a forest — with various debris clinging to messy dark hair and mossy greens and muddy browns stained his body. Jason could feel fury rolling off him in waves; the tension in the air escalating when he took the empty seat beside him. The eight year old student fought the urge to roll his eyes as Mrs. Bordeaux spoke. She could be really annoying. He watched her disappear into the off limits area — unless you were called in — of the room and huffed lowly.

Taking the opportunity that had presented itself at this moment, Jason examined his fellow prison buddy. The expression that the other boy wore was one he'd seen before. It mirrored all those times that he'd wanted to cry but wouldn't let himself. Jason opened his mouth to speak but promptly snapped it shut when he noticed the brunette reverting back to being furious. The transition was so quick that he thought he might have imagined it. Either way, Jason was bright enough not to question it. Those suspicions of his would go unconfirmed and he was perfectly content with that. He wasn't a brown noser like all those snooty girls in his class.

Grabbing his backpack and rummaging through its contents, Jason barely acknowledged Mrs. Bordeaux's return. "You'd best change your attitude if you wish to succeed in my class," Jason reiterated mockingly — his voice rising a pitch or two to match the woman's screech. At the mention of his last name, he paused in his search and glared daggers at the old crone. "What a hag," he voiced bitterly once she was a good distance away from the duo. There was a ghost of a smile playing on Jason's lips — only now noticing the exaggerated face of the boy beside him. 

He has an accent. It was the thought that raced in Jason's mind when his seat mate addressed him. Other than the German accents he sometimes caught when his dad phoned the Sinclair household, he'd never heard another. Especially not in Forks. Maybe he wasn't from around here? Tucking away that little theory away for later, Jason shrugged. "I borrowed all the glue in the supply closet and put it in a bucket." He paused. That part never sounded bad. It was what he had done after with the bucket — filled to the brim with sticky glue — that had gotten him into serious trouble. "And then I shoved half of it into Adrian's pants and the other half all over his stuff." Another pause. "He's a dimwit." Satisfied with his explanation, Jason reached into his Batman themed school bag and pulled out four plastic containers. Two for him and two for the other boy.

The clear rectangles were chock full of lunch meals worthy of a cookbook — Francesca Sinclair always making sure that her grandson had the best — and it was more than he could ever eat by himself. Each container had its own unique content: the first one loaded with thick macaroni and cheese, the second one holding a BLT sandwich with Italian bread, the third one filled with Chinese inspired fried rice, and the fourth one carrying a chicken drumstick and buttered mashed potatoes. "We're missing lunch so take your pick. You get two. I get two. I've got some brownies and gingerbread cookies for later too." Pulling out some plastic cutlery, Jason handed a fork and spoon pair to the other boy. "The principal's gotta be on lunch break by now so we have time."

He blinked. "I'm Jason," he added as an afterthought. Jason felt a little strange after having spoken so much. It was really unusual.

The setting changes from role-play-ic to Some small town in the US

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William Flint! shouted someone, William opened his eyes and wondered where he was. William gazed down and recognized his desk, William grew white; he had again been caught sleeping in Mr Hoff's class.

Just as William stood up the bell sounded and the rest of the class began leaving in droves, William also began to make his way out of the class when Mr Hoff stopped him.

"William, how many times has it been? four in one week? you are missing important material! just look at your last test! hardly above the passing line!"

William remained silent and Mr Hoff sighed clearly frustrated with him but also somewhat saddened.

"William, until a few weeks ago you where doing exceptionally well in your studies. What is it that makes you so exhausted? you come to school so tired as if you do not sleep at home at all... is something wrong?

William remained silent, it was not Mr Hoff's business. William would not let him ruin everything after going so far... he had to prove his strength and crying to the teachers about it would only make things worse anyway.

"I am sorry William i can't let this go unnoticed, you will have to see the principle. If i can't get some answers from you then i am left with no choice but to grant that task to a person of greater authority"

William just nodded, Mr Hoff had been more then fair with him; for the past few days Mr Hoff did not report him to the principle because he liked William however even that patience was bound to end at some point.

"I am unable to take you there at the moment since i have all this homework to go through but I trust you William to go on your own initiative to the Principle's office, please do not make me reconsider my trust in you. I have already sent word about the situation so all you have to do is wait until your turn

William remained in thought for a moment, father had taught him that what made a promise where not the words but the heart of the person who said them. A promise was An oath, it was a sacred bond between the soul and the truth but more importantly a promise was no mere understanding between mortals; it was the battlefield between light and darkness, of the forces of heaven and the hoards of hell.

Lord God was witness, Lord God was judge and To Lord God each promise was made. The true of heart where the forces light while the deceivers, oath breakers, liars an betrayers where the forces of darkness. A single promise was the difference between heaven and hell.

William sometimes wondered if God truly noted each promise he and every other human made on planet earth but one fact he could not deny; a promise was honor and honor was life. A promise was his word of honor and William was proud that he in the face of so much struggle and opposition was still seen as an honorable man.

William considered Mr Hoff's words before nodding and stating clearly his words so there could be no doubt to what he had said.

"I will go to the Principles office and wait there until i am granted an audience" said William, he was now bound to do the task just as his soul was now bound to the truth.

Mr Hoff nodded to William but he was already busy with the piles of papers he needed to examine... and decipher; some kids made a hard job nearly impossible and William sometimes wondered how Mr Hoff was able to keep on schedule with so much on his plate.

Before leaving the room William knew that he had to say something; Mr Hoff had defended William and William knew that Mr Hoff did not have to do so.

"Mr Hoff... i would like to... emm what i wanted to say was... Thank you sir"

William now rushed ahead towards the Principle's office, he did not want to see Mr Hoff's reaction; that would be way too embarrassing.

It did not take long for William to make his way to the offices; the school was not very large since Forks did not have the population to justify a large school. William entered the waiting room and saw that there was quite a crowd in the room, this was going to be a long wait indeed.

William walked and stopped once he noticed the secretary; she was a new one and fairly young also but that was not William's concern.

"Excuse me, Mr Hoff sent me here for a talk with the principle. can you please add me to the waiting list?"

The secretary nodded and looked down at the list

"you are William Flint right? please take your seat; the principle will not be with you for some time yet i am afraid"

William nodded and took a seat as far away from the others as possible, he was most certainly in no mood for conversation.


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When Aidan came by to harass the girls, Eryka couldn't help but keep her eyes on her sandwich. She could feel the heat flooding to her face and knew she was turning colors. She cursed her Russian heritage, for her porcelain skin was so fair that any slight emotion would, quite literally, paint itself along the canvas. She nibbled on her food once more, nodding at Emma when she acknowledged Eryka's suggestion about the piano. And then Aidan neared them both to tease his sister's hair with his fingers and further manage to annoy her.

Eryka dared to look up at Aidan as he stole some of Maddie's food and popped it in his mouth, then look at gorgeous Everleigh with an expression that was slightly amorous. Unbeknownst to Eryka, the Russian watched him a little longingly, until he shot her a quick wink and her composure began to crumble. Her heart sped up significantly, which in turn made her breathing a little difficult, but not notably so; the heat in her face intensified, flushing her pink cheeks to a deeper shade of scarlet, and her dark green eyes quickly shot back down to her hands, now beginning to tremble. The butterflies in her stomach were morphing into some larger creature - perhaps something akin to a pterodactyl - and Eryka remained in that lovestruck stupor even after Aidan walked away.

She sighed, but kept her eyes on her food, which no longer seemed appealing. She took a sip of the hot tea in her thermos, gulped laboriously, and focused on pulling herself together. After all, she was sitting next to his sister and by personal experience, she knew it would upset her dear friend if she found out Eryka was nearly in love with Aidan. After a few moments of battling the flush in her face and monsters in her belly, Eryka put down her sandwich and addressed Emmaline.

"Maybe we can play and sing together," Eryka suggested. "I will play whatever you like to sing. No?"


Noah couldn't help but laugh when Jason described the level of vengeance he had unleashed on his classmate Adrian. Though Noah was not familiar with the boy, just by watching Jason and already being able to see the extent of his sweet demeanor and kind heart, he knew Adrian probably deserved it. Jason didn't look like the kind of boy to be a reckless bully without a cause, and because that was so similar to Noah's situation, he could already sense a closeness forming.

"Very nice," he snickered, wiping the mud from his face with his sleeve.

He looked back over at his cell mate and immediately his swampy eyes widened. The boy was pulling what looked like five course meals from his lunch bag; little boxes filled to near bursting with delicious looking food, and he was offering to share! Noah couldn't help the happy fluttering in his stomach at the sight of the food, and instantly he decided that Jason was someone he absolutely had to get to know. He couldn't believe the boy was actually offering him not one, but two meals; everyone that Noah came across would write him off as a weirdo or a bad apple. He couldn't help but think that Jason probably suffered the same type of judgment.

"Really?" he asked in curious disbelief, his eyes still wide and joyful. "Thank you, Jason! ...I'm Noah, by the way."

At that same moment, William walked past them and seated himself on a lone bench far from the boys. Noah watched him expectantly, reading his stand-offish aura and recognizing it all too well. Then his gaze returned to the rich looking macaroni - Noah's self proclaimed weakness - and, with his eyes, asked if he could take it. He accepted the utensils gratefully, his brash countenance totally disappearing now with the help of his new friend. A warmth returned to his eyes that had once been ablaze with fury, and his frown softened into a happy grin. It was almost comical to witness such drastic changes of emotion so quickly.

"My family is new here," he continued, then paused at the mention of sweet pastries. "Did you say gingerbread cookies?"

Then he turned and observed William, overcome with a little feeling of guilt. So, excusing himself for a moment, he stood up from his perch on the bench beside his new friend and walked over to the lonely boy with the macaroni in his hands. He knew the boy probably wouldn't want to be bothered, but his mother drilled compassion into him at such an early age that it was almost an instinct now. By nature, Noah felt obliged to share what he had with others who didn't; after all, Jason was kind enough to share with him, and he was a complete stranger.

"Hi," he began softly. "I'm Noah, and that's my new friend Jason. I was just wondering if you are hungry-" He offered the box of macaroni to the boy. "You can have this if you like. Jason won't mind, and it looks very good."