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Malachai James Harper

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Picasso

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a character in “Stand By Me”, as played by fauxreality



Name - Malachai James Harper

Current Age - 10

Birthday - May 10th

Mother - Anna Renee Harper

Father - Klaus Richard Harper

Brother - Michael Oliver Harper


"My name is Malachai Harper and I am ten years old.

My favorite subject in school is definitely art with Mrs. Donovan, even though her face is really stretched out.

Mom says it's because of all the botox she uses...I asked Mrs. D about it once and she gave me detention.

I didn't like her much after that, but I still like her class and she's a lot better at art than I am.

One day I really hope I'm as good as her, I just hope I don't get her stretchy face.

My friends say I'm really good at drawing and my little brother, Michael, was always asking me to draw him.

He died last year because he was sick and the doctor's couldn't do anything; he had cancer.

That's okay though because he's an angel now, and how cool is it to have an angel for a brother?

My parents are still pretty sad about it, but they're getting better."


Michael Harper was diagnosed with cancer when he was only five years old. Their parents didn't have any insurance and had to start fundraising for his treatment, but by the time they were able to afford it, the disease had already spread. His kidney's began to fail and then his lungs. Malachai had been at school when this happened and had been pulled out in the middle of a test - something that normally was never allowed to happen. He didn't fully understand what was going on, and probably still doesn't. What is death to a ten year old boy? His parents often drive him to Michael's grave, where he lives drawings of his little brother as an angel, dancing around in the clouds.

Moving on to a less depressing topic, Michael very rarely goes out on the playground during recess to play. He prefers to go to the art room and create to his heart's content. His favorite medium is a simple pencil and paper, though he'll occasionally start painting. His favorite thing in the world is to show in art off and will often ask his friends if they like it. If he gets enough people to say they think it's good, he'll put it in his little drawing book, almost like a scrapbook or portfolio. He never throws any of his work away, most of it clutters his dressers and floor at home.

Looking at him, you would notice he is extremely tall for his age, though he is a bit on the slim side. He dresses like any normal ten year old boy would, with t-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes. He really doesn't have his own style yet, seeing as his mother buys all of his clothes for him. Shopping is not something he enjoys and probably never will. He does, however, care a great deal about his hair and prefers to keep it long. He doesn't cut it unless absolutely necessary. This is probably because his father also has long hair that is usually kept in a pony tail. He has a great admiration for his father and yearns to be just like him when he grows up.

Him and his mother, though, are a completely different story. She feels like they run on a different wavelength and they often fight with each other, something that only got worse after the death of Malachai's brother. They argue constantly and he is always fighting her on every decision she makes. She often threatens to take his art supplies away, especially when report cards come out, and that only increases the tension between them. His father, unsure of why there is such friction between the two, tries to act as a mediator most of the time, attempting to make them both happy. This only works for a short time, and soon enough they're back at each others throats. It's not that they don't love each other, because they do, they just don't get along very well.

So begins...

Malachai James Harper's Story

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The setting changes from some-small-town-in-the-us to Role play IC


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She’d forgotten who it was she was running from. All she knew was that she couldn’t stop. If she stopped, she’d lose. Her yellow dress shuffled noisily against her small legs as she climbed over a log that lay across the soft grass. Distance, everything in her screamed for it; behind her the squeals and laughter of the others could be heard, and Emmaline pushed herself faster. Who’s ever idea it was to allow the boys to play with them must have been stupid.

The guest had finally arrived; the Boyer children’s mother had escorted the final guest to where the children stood awkwardly around the table, reminding them all to have fun and for Emmaline to "Keep her pretty dress clean".

At the sight of another Power Ranger, Aidan puffed out his chest and pulled his mask over his face. “About time you showed up.”

Looking in confusion to where her brother had spoken, Emmaline too noticed the presence of others “You know them?” She asked, munching on a cookie.

“You’re so stupid, Emma. Every Ranger knows his own comrades. That's the green ranger.”

Making a face towards her brother, she turned to the pumpkin, who called herself Maddie, and Kelsy. “You know pumpkin; you’re not weird at all.” Emmaline said with a grin. Beside her, Aidan turned red under his mask, and rammed his sister’s side with his elbow before she could speak anymore “Ow! What was that for?”

”Shut up!”

"Well, she's not!" Emmaline said placing her half eaten cookie on the table “And that makes you a liar, Aidan Boyer!” As the word left her lips, the sound of shuffling feet approaching from the side of the house could be heard as another gust arrived.

” "Have no fear, Sir Ian is here!"

“Good, you can slay my pest of a sister” Aidan mumbled as he pushed his hands into the waist of his red pants with a soft kick at the ground.

Emmaline, choosing to ignore her pouting brother, paced her mask gently on the table before ripping Aidan’s from his head ”Hey! What do you think you are doing?”

Rocking back on her heels, Emmaline smiled impishly “They wanna play!” she chirped, oblivious to the fact only two of the guest had answered her previous question.

”Men don’t play with little girls, pest” Aidan growled out before looking to where the men had gathered: A fellow ranger, Bat man, a greaser, a knight…and some kid and a mask. I can work with this he thought glancing towards his bedroom window “You guys any good at Super Mario?”

Grabbing onto her brother arm before he could lead the way to his cave, Emmaline giggled “Well, it’s a good thing we don’t have any men here.” Ignoring his struggles and hard glare, she continued on, using two of the boys that had given their names “Besides, Jason and Ian don’t mind playing with little girls, do you guys?” Emmaline asked before placing her hands on her hips with a smirk “You’re not afraid of girls are you, Teddy?”

Pulling his arm from the clutches of his sister, Aidan stared in annoyance before glancing to the other girls with a blush. Straightening his back, Aidan set his eyes on the pumpkin before glancing to his men ”Get them.

“oh no…” Letting out a scream, Emmaline took off towards the center of the yard, glancing back to the others with a loud “RUUUUUN!”

Her yellow dress shuffled nosily as she clambered over a down log lying on the soft grass. Tumbling over the rotten wood with a small oomph, Emmaline glared angrily at the long fabric covering her legs “I really hate the person who came up with this..” she grumbled folding her arms in a pout, blood now dripping from a small tear on her knee.