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Taylor Johanson

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a character in “Stand By Me”, as played by Meesha



Date of Birth: 18th of August
Sex: Female
Mother: Molly Johanson
Father: Not in the picture
Siblings: Tommy Johanson (3)
Spoilt: Indefinitely.

Taylor lives with her Mum Molly in the big house on the corner. They came to the US from the UK and haven’t managed to shake their British accents as of yet. Taylor’s mum is a high-paid interior designer in England and has just recently brought her career out to the US in hope of gaining more work and publicity.

In their 3 bed roomed house Taylor has the biggest room with all a child could possibly desire. From a four poster dream bed to all the Barbie dolls in the galaxy Taylor’s mum has done her utmost to give her little diamond everything she could ever need and more in order to fill the void of having just one parent.

Personality wise…one word. DIVA!!

Taylor may only be 10 but she’s already involved in modelling and hopes to be famous one day like the girls on telly. She’s always watching TV and reading magazines to keep up to date with what’s cool and trendy. She’s a miniature molly and likes to do everything her mum does. In the morning they’ll sit together and do their makeup, eat their breakfast and drink their coffee (well chocolate milk but Taylor pretends its coffee)
She looks up to her mum and wants to be cool and stylish too. She loves to dress up and go out with her mum just so she can receive comments from friends and shop assistants about how like her mum she is and that other junk about being pretty.

Taylor loves to have friends over so she can show off all her things to them but…no one is allowed round her house anymore after things went missing in her room. It caused a huge argument between the mum’s at school because Taylor’s friends had stolen things out of her room after sleep overs so now Taylor doesn’t get invited anywhere by the other mums.

Despite this the girls at school always want to come to her birthday parties etc. and tell her she’s really cool it makes her feel popular but deep down she knows the girl’s she hangs about with at school don’t actually like her. She’s scared to tell them to bog off however because she’s new and dreads the idea of being alone.

Personality: Taylor is a very mature girl for her age, made to dress a little older than her time for modelling and falling into the footsteps of her mum in an attempt to be just as cool as her Taylor looks older than she is. She wants to grow up too fast. She still likes to play with her teddies and have pretend tea-parties but there’s always this ‘adult’ edge to everything she does.
Being spoilt by her mum Taylor does have everything she could ever really want, it’s safe to say she has so much stuff she doesn’t know what she actually has! Having everything materialistic that she wants doesn’t mean Taylor has everything. She doesn’t really have any friends since she recently moved to forks and those she did have as friends were quickly discarded when they stole items from her. (Bitches) There are quite a lot of kids in the neighbourhood but Taylor has been hesitant about going out to meet them.

She has always wanted a friend to dress up with so she’s not the only one looking good. Her mum goes out with friends for drinks and they all look glammed up, Taylor wants to do that too. She tried dressing her little brother up once…it didn’t really work. He made a pretty girl, but then he did a poo in his nappy and Taylor didn’t really fancy playing with him after that. Her girl-friends at least had to be potty trained!

Taylor loves to eat and is always eating. She’s a fairly laid back child and doesn’t get too in a twist about things that upset her like general children. She has got a gob however and knows how to use it. When Taylor wants to speak good luck trying to talk over her! She’s at the age where she’s becoming aware of boys in a way different from ‘ewe they’ve got cuties’ and gets her blush on when she spends time with them. She gets embarrassed easily and tries to act like her mother to seem cool.

So begins...

Taylor Johanson's Story

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#, as written by Meesha
“How’s my little witch baby?” Taylor glanced over her shoulder at her mum and smiled. “Okay…I think.”

Taylor loved dressing up and she did love Halloween and trick or treating with her friends but back in England. Being out in Forks she was slightly less enthusiastic about going out for the 31st of October, everything the American’s did always ended up being so flamboyant and big it made her nervous of what to expect at the Boyer’s house.

Molly Johanson stood in the kitchen with a blithe smile stretched across her face. “You look gorgeous. Look at my little girl!”
Taylor cringed and blushed as her mum came forth and hooked her into a tight squeeze before planting a slobbery wet kiss on her forehead. "God! Mum no." Taylor snapped pushing her away with both hands. “You’ll mess up my makeup.”

Wiping at her forehead furiously with a look of mild disgust Taylor watched as her mum went on to call forth her brother from the other room. Taylor had heard a few grunts of disapproval and then a couple of giggles a little later from the front room as her mother had prepared Tommy for the neighbourhood party. Now as he shuffled out she could see what all the fuss was about.

Ahh look! You’re my little black pussy cat!” Taylor leapt away from the breakfast table and fell upon her brother in a mass of squeals and snuggles. Tommy was dressed in a head to toe cat suit and he looked the bomb. Taylor stood up with a crazy smile her confidence suddenly boosted. “We match” she exclaimed happily whilst dragging Tommy over to the black reflective fridge.
Tommy giggled at his reflection whilst looking back at Molly with an infectious smile. “Dook Mummy I dook funny”

With a kitchen full of laughter the family of three prepared for the night out. Taylor couldn’t help bossing her brother about telling him how he had to stand, how he had to purr and meow like a cat and how rubbish he’d look if he kept barking. Tommy tried to retort in his own way with a muddle of words that probably meant something around the lines of ‘shut up’.

With Molly herding them out of the door and into the car Taylor scrambled into the front seat whilst her mum strapped Tommy into his car-seat. Watching her mum with wide eyes Taylor touched her face consciously. Molly was dressed in a baggy red shirt, tight high-waist jeans and a pair of shades. Despite the fact it was getting dark and she was wearing sun glasses didn’t matter because some how she still looked amazing, you couldn’t pluck a more perfect person from the shelf of society to show you how it’s done in fashion. Taylor twisted a strand of her hair around a finger as she studied her mum thoughtfully.

Getting in the front seat Molly smiled at her two kids. “You both look great" she confirmed knowing both children were anxious of their costumes, well mainly Taylor, Tommy was more focus on picking his nose now then what he was wearing.
“Seat belts on” She added whilst strapping herself in. Taylor pulled her seat belt across and clicked it into place beginning to feel the butterflies. She was excited but nervous. She’d never really spoken to the other children in the neighbourhood.

"Mummy why are we driving?"
The Boyer's lived literally round the corner it seemed silly to go there in the car.

Molly smiled and gestured to the house across from them. "I offered to give Stella and Marcus Huntington a lift down there"

Costumes: Tommy Taylor Molly Johanson

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#, as written by Meesha

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#, as written by Mousie
If there ever was a Pirate more Piratey than the rest it would be Maisy Cotton. Stella Huntington leant up against the bedroom door of the youngest girl and suppressed a smile. Whilst her two older sisters were sporting Power-puff girl outfits Maisy had refused to complete the threesome and had vowed it was essential that she go as a Pirate. She’d been so fixated on being one that even after a weeks worth of bullying from Holly and Jane hadn’t changed her mind.

“Come on you scurvy water rat” Stella called as Maisy adjusted her eye patch in the mirror. “Ms Johanson’s waiting outside.”

With a contagious beam Maisy run past her with an “ARHHG” and hurried down stairs to join the mismatch posse of power-puff girls, Dracula (Uncle Marcus) Dracula’s bride (Auntie Stella) and herself. Gathering up some pies and treats they had baked to say thanks to the Boyer’s for the invite the rowdy bunch piled out of their house and towards the car waiting for them across the road.
Ms Johanson got out of the car to give them a wave.

“Marcus put your tongue away” Stella hissed whilst shooting her husband a mindful eye. Marcus gawped at the implication but closed his mouth all the same with a pout.

“Hello Molly you look lovely. Not dressing up? No I'm starting to wish I hadnt. So nice of you to offer us a lift I don’t think you’ve met my husband Marcus, and these are the children Holly, Jane and Maisy. Are we sitting on laps? Yes, yes I see alright me and Marcus in the back with Jane and Holly. Is it alright for Maisy to sit on your daughters lap? Taylor? Taylor is that alright?”

The pretty girl in black seemed reluctant but gave a slight nod anyway. Maisy looked up at the girl in the front seat with a grin. She didn’t look like a witch, witches were ugly that’s why she told Holly and Jane to go as one.

“Hey I’m Maisy! S’cuse me” Maisy jumped up onto the girls lap and brought the door shut behind her with an almighty bang.

“Maisy!” Aunt Stella snapped. “Not so hard.”

Maisy looked over her shoulder at the girl and grinned. “You smell nice.”

The girl stared back with made up eyes and smirked. “And you smell…like a pirate.” Whether that was good or bad Maisy smiled all the same. Smelling like a pirate was a thing good.

They pulled up outside the Boyers to an assemblance of other vehicles parked outside the front. Maisy’s eyes widened at the sight of the Halloween mansion. She’d been dreaming about this party all week, getting to dress up as a Pirate and eat lots of candy and cake. She hoped they had sausage rolls…Pirates liked those. Barely able to contain her excitement Maisy tumbled out of the car when she spotted Kelsy and a few others from school making their way down the drive.

“Hey Kelsy!” Maisy liked Kelsy, she had squinty eyes and that made her cute. She also made a great first mate when she felt like it.

“Maisy wait” Stella and Marcus squeezed out of the car with Holly and Jane whilst Ms Johanson pulled a big cat out of a car seat. It looked funny seeing them all get out of the car with their pies and costumes on.

"Come on I can already smell the sausage rolls!" Maisy cried jumping up and down with her sword bumping at her side.

Stella and Marcus straightened themselves out and hussled them all together at the front of the gate. "No pictures first. Come on everyone. Your two aswell Molly"
The kids all shuffled close together and plastered their cheesy smiles on for the camera. Maisy glanced over her shoulder to see Holly and Jane looking ugly, the Taylor girl looking pretty and the little fat cat looking cheeky as she realised it was actually a little boy. She turned back and smiled brightly knowing she looked like the coolest Pirate in the world.

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~Reserved for something later in the role play~

The setting changes from some-small-town-in-the-us to Role play IC


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She’d forgotten who it was she was running from. All she knew was that she couldn’t stop. If she stopped, she’d lose. Her yellow dress shuffled noisily against her small legs as she climbed over a log that lay across the soft grass. Distance, everything in her screamed for it; behind her the squeals and laughter of the others could be heard, and Emmaline pushed herself faster. Who’s ever idea it was to allow the boys to play with them must have been stupid.

The guest had finally arrived; the Boyer children’s mother had escorted the final guest to where the children stood awkwardly around the table, reminding them all to have fun and for Emmaline to "Keep her pretty dress clean".

At the sight of another Power Ranger, Aidan puffed out his chest and pulled his mask over his face. “About time you showed up.”

Looking in confusion to where her brother had spoken, Emmaline too noticed the presence of others “You know them?” She asked, munching on a cookie.

“You’re so stupid, Emma. Every Ranger knows his own comrades. That's the green ranger.”

Making a face towards her brother, she turned to the pumpkin, who called herself Maddie, and Kelsy. “You know pumpkin; you’re not weird at all.” Emmaline said with a grin. Beside her, Aidan turned red under his mask, and rammed his sister’s side with his elbow before she could speak anymore “Ow! What was that for?”

”Shut up!”

"Well, she's not!" Emmaline said placing her half eaten cookie on the table “And that makes you a liar, Aidan Boyer!” As the word left her lips, the sound of shuffling feet approaching from the side of the house could be heard as another gust arrived.

” "Have no fear, Sir Ian is here!"

“Good, you can slay my pest of a sister” Aidan mumbled as he pushed his hands into the waist of his red pants with a soft kick at the ground.

Emmaline, choosing to ignore her pouting brother, paced her mask gently on the table before ripping Aidan’s from his head ”Hey! What do you think you are doing?”

Rocking back on her heels, Emmaline smiled impishly “They wanna play!” she chirped, oblivious to the fact only two of the guest had answered her previous question.

”Men don’t play with little girls, pest” Aidan growled out before looking to where the men had gathered: A fellow ranger, Bat man, a greaser, a knight…and some kid and a mask. I can work with this he thought glancing towards his bedroom window “You guys any good at Super Mario?”

Grabbing onto her brother arm before he could lead the way to his cave, Emmaline giggled “Well, it’s a good thing we don’t have any men here.” Ignoring his struggles and hard glare, she continued on, using two of the boys that had given their names “Besides, Jason and Ian don’t mind playing with little girls, do you guys?” Emmaline asked before placing her hands on her hips with a smirk “You’re not afraid of girls are you, Teddy?”

Pulling his arm from the clutches of his sister, Aidan stared in annoyance before glancing to the other girls with a blush. Straightening his back, Aidan set his eyes on the pumpkin before glancing to his men ”Get them.

“oh no…” Letting out a scream, Emmaline took off towards the center of the yard, glancing back to the others with a loud “RUUUUUN!”

Her yellow dress shuffled nosily as she clambered over a down log lying on the soft grass. Tumbling over the rotten wood with a small oomph, Emmaline glared angrily at the long fabric covering her legs “I really hate the person who came up with this..” she grumbled folding her arms in a pout, blood now dripping from a small tear on her knee.