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William Flint

Why are you bothering me?

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a character in “Stand By Me”, as played by Colonel_Masters


If you see a kid shouting and bullying other kids around in school its quite possibly William Flint, If you see a kid sitting alone at the corner its quite possibly William Flint.
William is not an easy person to befriend, most who have tried to have ended up becoming his enemies and sometimes for no apparent reason.
To understand why William is so cold and distant is a challenge since William himself does not know why he is so angry.

William is ten years old and is a bit taller then average which is the reason why when he gets involved in fights he normally has the advantage. William's hair and eyes are both black and have been claimed by some teachers in the school to be proof that he is a devil spawned child. normally the teachers mean it humorously but sometimes when William has caused serious problems in the school those same teachers tend to use the phrase however their tones are dry of any humorous intent.

His facial features bare much of his mothers appearance unlike his brothers and show every sign that William will grow up to be a fine young man, William is thus safe in the looks department however to many it seems like Williams mouth is so shaped that any attempt at a smile would cause him pain, this is not in reality the case and the impression is the result of the coldness with which he treats other people.

William's arms are quite sturdy and have won William a few battles in the past but Williams greatest asset are the feet which carry him, William has long since learned the lesson that maneuverability and speed are far more important then brute force... after having to deal with the superior power his older brothers posses in more then one occasion. William has also learned to utilize his entire body when fighting and older boys have found out that even when holding his hands and legs in place Williams head can deliver a surprisingly nasty pounding.

he likes to play with his hair when he is deep in thought and is known to stare at people directly in the eyes as if both examining them and testing their resolve at the same time, other Mannerism include; tapping a table when he is nervous, closing his eyes for extended periods of time when calm in the class room, drawing on the desk when he is frustrated and shaping his right hand as a fist when angry.

William normally wares sport shoes since they are far more useful then sandals or other types of shoes, A black shirt with no pictures, words or logo and brown trousers. William hates jeans trousers and will only ware them if forced to do so, he treats hats, neck ware, sun glasses, watches and other clothing trinkets with nearly as much disdain.


birth day 17th day of the month of April
Father: Jackson Flint (real father; David Flint)
Mother: (I really can't think of a name at the moment lol)
Siblings: Three older brothers (will pop up the names as we go along)


William is clearly an unfriendly individual, most of the time he is ether absorbed with himself or downright aggressive. William is normally ether Frustrated, nervous or angry and for the life of him does not know exactly why he is like this at all. William does not enjoy being mean but he does not know how to be nice ether, he finds it hard to communicate with people when he feels so angry and will often suspect the worse in most kids and adults. William's frustration is largely due to the treatment his family gives him at home; his three older brothers, his father and even his mother treat him differently then they treat the rest of the family and while his parents are rarely nasty to him William who is actually a very emotional individual knows and feels that for some reason he is not loved and is not considered to be a true part of the family. William's frustrations grow as he fails to see any reason why he should be treated as he is treated and they soon grow into anger which William often applies to other people who have nothing to do with his problems.

William however is unlike the average bully since he rarely actually starts fights and normally just vents his anger at people, William does however tend to anger the older boys in which case a fight becomes inevitable. William does not accept defeat and will not back down even if he suffers because of it as he normally involves himself in fights he can't win.
William doesn't like to see other kids being happy and is infuriated by laughter, to him it seems like he is being laughed at and will at times when his frustrations cause him to irrupt make every effort he can to make others stop laughing. His reasons for this behavior are mostly due to jealousy but also because to William such behavior seems alien and unnatural.

William occasionally does attempt to talk to people and befriend them but tends to get lost in words, he normally gets frustrated at this attempts within a few moments and grows angry if asked about his attempted communication later on. William pays little attention in classes and has gotten into trouble with the teachers over his issues with studying, to William the teachers are his enemies and makes sure that the teachers remember how unwelcome they are in his eyes.

Only one person has Williams trust and only one person makes William happy even if only slightly so; his father's brother and Williams uncle. William would visit him more often but his parents do not allow him to do so for some reason, To William it seems that there is some animosity between his father and his uncle but William is not sure.


(will edit later)


William was born into a rather conservative family, the age difference he has with his three brothers has always been a bit of a problem and due to the then remote region in which his family lived William had very few friends. Once he had moved into town three years ago the changed proved to be quite traumatic for William, while he did not have many friends in his old house he at least had a few. William could not handle the transition and shut himself out to other people but he is in truth very lonely and seeks friendship even with his lack of trust to other individuals.

ADDITIONAL: Unknown to William he is actually the bastard child of his father's brother. His parents and brothers are aware of this but in order to preserve the family name have made great efforts to keep the affair secret.

So begins...

William Flint's Story


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"Why do I have to go to this party anyway?" Asked William, all he did was mention that there was a party down in the Boyer's house; he did not actually say he wanted to go to it or anything of the sort!

Father did not seem to react to his question and remained in his normal and annoyingly so fast paced walking habit which William always had to struggle to catch up with in moments like this.

But William knew that father was thinking about his question even if he did not show any indication for doing so, If anything William could at least count on father to properly think over words.

"Would you rather stay at home on halloween? And why would you mention the party if you did not have at least some thoughts about attending it?"

William did not meet father's eye, William knew that he was inspecting him now... like he always did and William did not like that one bit.

"i guess i was thinking it over at the time but its only because you insisted that i am even bothering to show up you know" Said William now establishing eye contact with Father, during these moments William himself tried to asses father and guess what was on his mind.

"I did so because it is important for you to establish friendships and you also happen to enjoy such events even if you would never admit it"

William looked to the other side and grunted, he was behaving childishly but he didn't care; Father was wrong, no matter how right he sounded he was still wrong. If William enjoyed these parties he would have at least made the effort to come up with a better costume then wearing a mask.

William saw lights and heard noises and knew that the next house would be the Boyer's, William had never been inside it.... hmm now that he thought about it he hadn't even had a word with any of them since they where fairly new in town.

Not that it made any difference... he hardly talked with people who where born here.

As William and father stood at the gate to the house William made a few steps towards the gate and then stopped... if he went in now he would have to stay until the party was over, did he really want to risk being trapped there for the rest of the evening?
"Go on William, I will return here once the party is over and pick you up" Said father as he gently pushed William towards the house.
William complied and opened the gate still hesitating if he should go in while knowing that by opening the gate he was now committing himself into going in.

"If there are any plans for a slumber party call me and i will bring over a sleeping bag and other things you might need, goodbye for now son" said father... William growled once the old man had gone; he knew damn well that William would never waste his time on some stupid pajama party and just wanted to get the last word.

As William marched into the Boyer's house and towards the party one thought struck William like a waterfall... "Goodbye for now son..."

For some reason those few but simple words made William feel happy.

The setting changes from Role play IC to Some small town in the US

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~Reserved for something later in the role play~

The setting changes from Some small town in the US to Role play IC


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She’d forgotten who it was she was running from. All she knew was that she couldn’t stop. If she stopped, she’d lose. Her yellow dress shuffled noisily against her small legs as she climbed over a log that lay across the soft grass. Distance, everything in her screamed for it; behind her the squeals and laughter of the others could be heard, and Emmaline pushed herself faster. Who’s ever idea it was to allow the boys to play with them must have been stupid.

The guest had finally arrived; the Boyer children’s mother had escorted the final guest to where the children stood awkwardly around the table, reminding them all to have fun and for Emmaline to "Keep her pretty dress clean".

At the sight of another Power Ranger, Aidan puffed out his chest and pulled his mask over his face. “About time you showed up.”

Looking in confusion to where her brother had spoken, Emmaline too noticed the presence of others “You know them?” She asked, munching on a cookie.

“You’re so stupid, Emma. Every Ranger knows his own comrades. That's the green ranger.”

Making a face towards her brother, she turned to the pumpkin, who called herself Maddie, and Kelsy. “You know pumpkin; you’re not weird at all.” Emmaline said with a grin. Beside her, Aidan turned red under his mask, and rammed his sister’s side with his elbow before she could speak anymore “Ow! What was that for?”

”Shut up!”

"Well, she's not!" Emmaline said placing her half eaten cookie on the table “And that makes you a liar, Aidan Boyer!” As the word left her lips, the sound of shuffling feet approaching from the side of the house could be heard as another gust arrived.

” "Have no fear, Sir Ian is here!"

“Good, you can slay my pest of a sister” Aidan mumbled as he pushed his hands into the waist of his red pants with a soft kick at the ground.

Emmaline, choosing to ignore her pouting brother, paced her mask gently on the table before ripping Aidan’s from his head ”Hey! What do you think you are doing?”

Rocking back on her heels, Emmaline smiled impishly “They wanna play!” she chirped, oblivious to the fact only two of the guest had answered her previous question.

”Men don’t play with little girls, pest” Aidan growled out before looking to where the men had gathered: A fellow ranger, Bat man, a greaser, a knight…and some kid and a mask. I can work with this he thought glancing towards his bedroom window “You guys any good at Super Mario?”

Grabbing onto her brother arm before he could lead the way to his cave, Emmaline giggled “Well, it’s a good thing we don’t have any men here.” Ignoring his struggles and hard glare, she continued on, using two of the boys that had given their names “Besides, Jason and Ian don’t mind playing with little girls, do you guys?” Emmaline asked before placing her hands on her hips with a smirk “You’re not afraid of girls are you, Teddy?”

Pulling his arm from the clutches of his sister, Aidan stared in annoyance before glancing to the other girls with a blush. Straightening his back, Aidan set his eyes on the pumpkin before glancing to his men ”Get them.

“oh no…” Letting out a scream, Emmaline took off towards the center of the yard, glancing back to the others with a loud “RUUUUUN!”

Her yellow dress shuffled nosily as she clambered over a down log lying on the soft grass. Tumbling over the rotten wood with a small oomph, Emmaline glared angrily at the long fabric covering her legs “I really hate the person who came up with this..” she grumbled folding her arms in a pout, blood now dripping from a small tear on her knee.


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Sweat poured from his brow as Aidan panted against the side of the house. He had just caught Taylor, the girl dressed as a witch, when her mother arrived announcing she would be taking her, along with the girl that arrived with them, to the block party after all. With a small wave the girls were gone, and Aidan was left looking for his next target. He’d be lying if he said it wasn’t actually fun. What boy didn’t like chasing after girls?
Pushing away from the wall of the house, he began scanning the yard. Ian could be seen sprinting across the yard, quickly gaining on Emma who was huddled behind a fallen tree trunk. He debated momentarily if he should go to her before the pumpkin scurrying into a decretive tomb caught his attention. The girl was a joke, and honestly he couldn’t fathom why his parents even invited her. He was sure it had been his mother’s work, with the girl’s father being a dentist and all, but did she really have to know where he lived?

Noticing something scamper by his feet, Aidan grinned as an idea played in his mind. Reaching down, he caught the mouse in his hands and glared to the hiding place of the chubby girl. He wasn’t sure what he hated her so much, he just did, and her being around just made him agitated in ways he couldn’t explain.

Covering his palm over a large crack in the edge of the tomb, he felt the mouse squirm from his hands. Rubbing them against the fabric of his pants after releasing his small “friend”, Aidan turned away to flee the scene. Guilt poked at his stomach, but he pushed it aside. “It’s only a little mouse.” He said glancing back to the tomb ”Emma plays with them all the time..” No sooner than the words left his lips, a high pitched sound came from the box and Aidan spun around in shock.

Looking around frantically he desperately tried to see if anyone had heard her. Seeing no one even glance in their direction, Aidan sighed. Again he tried to turn away, but as the cries reached his ears he knew he couldn’t leave. Finally he ripped the cover off of the tomb panting as he stared at the screaming girl. He wasn’t sure how long he stood there, or even how long she cried out, but suddenly he was reaching down and pressing his lips firm over her mouth. It wasn’t romantic, and it wasn’t like his dad use to kiss his mom, but it shut her up.

Pulling back, Aidan reached over her and picked up the terrified shaking mouse and placed it on the ground. Turning to leave he spoke over his shoulder ”It was me.” He said in a mumble, although he wasn’t sure why"The mouse....sorry."

Walking away, he met eyes with Emma, who was glancing between Maddie and himself with growing anger on her face. He knew nobody saw what had happened, but he was sure one glance to the pumpkin’s tear stained face and his own guilty one would lead to the conclusion he had done something bad.

Lowering his head in shame, Aidan wandered back towards the table where his mask still laid. There, stood the kid in the mask. A new guilt filled Aidan as he realized the boy had been left behind in the fun. ”Hey man,” Aidan said pushing lightly on the boys shoulders with a grin ”How about that video game?"

It wasn’t long after she huddled against the log that Ian had found her. Glancing up with a huff, Emmaline took in the boy’s rumpled appearance. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t shocked to see anyone but her brother hovering over her. Aidan never missed a chance to chase after his sister, especially when she annoyed him into doing so. Despite it not being Aidan, Emmaline grinned as all children do, and held up her hand to be tugged off the ground. She was sure her dress was grass stained, and glancing down to her muddy feet Emmaline let out a laugh. She wasn’t sure where her shoes had wandered off too, but they were most likely gone for good.

The sound of feet hitting the grass caught her attention, and she turned to see Ricky “That’s not fair!” she cried out when both boys circled her. Crossing her arms, Emmaline tried to find a way between them, but knew there was no hope. It was during this process she first noticed a puffy faced Maddie standing in the tomb her father had built with tears streaming down her face. Following her gaze, Emmaline’s eyes locked with Aidan’s and another look between the two told her that her brute big brother was the cause of the tears. She would never understand boys, and if she grew to never see one again she would be a happy girl!

A gasp behind her made Emmaline stiffen as thoughts of stupid boys fled her mind, and she quickly stepped behind the two boys who moments before were her sworn enemies "Hide me. She whispered frantically.

There stood her mother, arms crossed and a frown wrinkling her usual flawless face.“Emmaline Amelia Boyer, what is on your dress!” she screeched , obviously unimpressed with the sight before her.

Peeking out over the shoulder of one of the two boy, Emmaline grinned “Hey mommy!” she giggled before looking down ”I’m not really sure.” she said, narrowing her eyes in confusion ”I told it you said to stay clean, but it didn’t listen. It’s very naughty”

After a long scolding for Emmaline, and a long bath for each of the children, they were all sent to their sleeping areas. It had been decided that since the children seemed to be enjoying themselves, the remaining guest would stay the night. With mumbles of goodnight, the group separated: Girls to Emmaline’s room, boys to Aidan’s. It was a process that would be repeated from many more nights to come, and despite previous judgment on one another…friendships had been formed.

The setting changes from Role play IC to Some small town in the US

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The short lived joy William had experienced was gone by the time he had entered the house, everyone was smiling laughing and generally bring happy but William was getting increasingly irritated with the noise they where making.

William didn't answer the Boyer kid... what did he want with him anyway and what was this super Mario? William didn't like this at all; confusion was one thing that could make him quite angry and this seemed to be no exception. As if adding insult to William's growing confusion the Boyer kid then started to make orders as if he was the king on the hill, enraged William walked away towards the table upon which stood a few bottles of soft drinks.

William saw that most of the bottles where already open however only a few of them had their lids on.

"Idiots... all the gas was going out and the coke would taste like medicine before long" thought William now choosing an unopened bottle.

William made sure to return the lid once he had served himself however he soon found himself opening the bottle again for another glass, this was what happened when William was nervous; he drank more then he would normally do.

Suddenly William felt someone touch him, William turned abruptly and stared at he person who was responsible.
It was the Boyer kid again... what the hell did he want? William sighed, whatever he wanted the Boyer was certainly persistent.

William's anger however was soon replaced by cautious curiosity as the Boyer mentioned a term William had no understanding of.

William wanted to know what the Boyer was talking about... he didn't know why however something within William decided that the Boyer kid was an ok person and not the idiot William had first thought.

"Ok... i guess but whats a video game? is it a kind of film series or something?"

William was cut short as some kid in mock up Armour rushed after the Boyer girl, the kid pushed William slightly sending William's coke flying sky high.

William chose to ignore it, normally he would be chasing the kid with the intent of beating an apology out of him if necessary however this video game thing sounded like fun and William wanted to learn more about it.

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deleted due to wrong placing

The setting changes from Some small town in the US to Role play IC


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William Flint! shouted someone, William opened his eyes and wondered where he was. William gazed down and recognized his desk, William grew white; he had again been caught sleeping in Mr Hoff's class.

Just as William stood up the bell sounded and the rest of the class began leaving in droves, William also began to make his way out of the class when Mr Hoff stopped him.

"William, how many times has it been? four in one week? you are missing important material! just look at your last test! hardly above the passing line!"

William remained silent and Mr Hoff sighed clearly frustrated with him but also somewhat saddened.

"William, until a few weeks ago you where doing exceptionally well in your studies. What is it that makes you so exhausted? you come to school so tired as if you do not sleep at home at all... is something wrong?

William remained silent, it was not Mr Hoff's business. William would not let him ruin everything after going so far... he had to prove his strength and crying to the teachers about it would only make things worse anyway.

"I am sorry William i can't let this go unnoticed, you will have to see the principle. If i can't get some answers from you then i am left with no choice but to grant that task to a person of greater authority"

William just nodded, Mr Hoff had been more then fair with him; for the past few days Mr Hoff did not report him to the principle because he liked William however even that patience was bound to end at some point.

"I am unable to take you there at the moment since i have all this homework to go through but I trust you William to go on your own initiative to the Principle's office, please do not make me reconsider my trust in you. I have already sent word about the situation so all you have to do is wait until your turn

William remained in thought for a moment, father had taught him that what made a promise where not the words but the heart of the person who said them. A promise was An oath, it was a sacred bond between the soul and the truth but more importantly a promise was no mere understanding between mortals; it was the battlefield between light and darkness, of the forces of heaven and the hoards of hell.

Lord God was witness, Lord God was judge and To Lord God each promise was made. The true of heart where the forces light while the deceivers, oath breakers, liars an betrayers where the forces of darkness. A single promise was the difference between heaven and hell.

William sometimes wondered if God truly noted each promise he and every other human made on planet earth but one fact he could not deny; a promise was honor and honor was life. A promise was his word of honor and William was proud that he in the face of so much struggle and opposition was still seen as an honorable man.

William considered Mr Hoff's words before nodding and stating clearly his words so there could be no doubt to what he had said.

"I will go to the Principles office and wait there until i am granted an audience" said William, he was now bound to do the task just as his soul was now bound to the truth.

Mr Hoff nodded to William but he was already busy with the piles of papers he needed to examine... and decipher; some kids made a hard job nearly impossible and William sometimes wondered how Mr Hoff was able to keep on schedule with so much on his plate.

Before leaving the room William knew that he had to say something; Mr Hoff had defended William and William knew that Mr Hoff did not have to do so.

"Mr Hoff... i would like to... emm what i wanted to say was... Thank you sir"

William now rushed ahead towards the Principle's office, he did not want to see Mr Hoff's reaction; that would be way too embarrassing.

It did not take long for William to make his way to the offices; the school was not very large since Forks did not have the population to justify a large school. William entered the waiting room and saw that there was quite a crowd in the room, this was going to be a long wait indeed.

William walked and stopped once he noticed the secretary; she was a new one and fairly young also but that was not William's concern.

"Excuse me, Mr Hoff sent me here for a talk with the principle. can you please add me to the waiting list?"

The secretary nodded and looked down at the list

"you are William Flint right? please take your seat; the principle will not be with you for some time yet i am afraid"

William nodded and took a seat as far away from the others as possible, he was most certainly in no mood for conversation.


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When Aidan came by to harass the girls, Eryka couldn't help but keep her eyes on her sandwich. She could feel the heat flooding to her face and knew she was turning colors. She cursed her Russian heritage, for her porcelain skin was so fair that any slight emotion would, quite literally, paint itself along the canvas. She nibbled on her food once more, nodding at Emma when she acknowledged Eryka's suggestion about the piano. And then Aidan neared them both to tease his sister's hair with his fingers and further manage to annoy her.

Eryka dared to look up at Aidan as he stole some of Maddie's food and popped it in his mouth, then look at gorgeous Everleigh with an expression that was slightly amorous. Unbeknownst to Eryka, the Russian watched him a little longingly, until he shot her a quick wink and her composure began to crumble. Her heart sped up significantly, which in turn made her breathing a little difficult, but not notably so; the heat in her face intensified, flushing her pink cheeks to a deeper shade of scarlet, and her dark green eyes quickly shot back down to her hands, now beginning to tremble. The butterflies in her stomach were morphing into some larger creature - perhaps something akin to a pterodactyl - and Eryka remained in that lovestruck stupor even after Aidan walked away.

She sighed, but kept her eyes on her food, which no longer seemed appealing. She took a sip of the hot tea in her thermos, gulped laboriously, and focused on pulling herself together. After all, she was sitting next to his sister and by personal experience, she knew it would upset her dear friend if she found out Eryka was nearly in love with Aidan. After a few moments of battling the flush in her face and monsters in her belly, Eryka put down her sandwich and addressed Emmaline.

"Maybe we can play and sing together," Eryka suggested. "I will play whatever you like to sing. No?"


Noah couldn't help but laugh when Jason described the level of vengeance he had unleashed on his classmate Adrian. Though Noah was not familiar with the boy, just by watching Jason and already being able to see the extent of his sweet demeanor and kind heart, he knew Adrian probably deserved it. Jason didn't look like the kind of boy to be a reckless bully without a cause, and because that was so similar to Noah's situation, he could already sense a closeness forming.

"Very nice," he snickered, wiping the mud from his face with his sleeve.

He looked back over at his cell mate and immediately his swampy eyes widened. The boy was pulling what looked like five course meals from his lunch bag; little boxes filled to near bursting with delicious looking food, and he was offering to share! Noah couldn't help the happy fluttering in his stomach at the sight of the food, and instantly he decided that Jason was someone he absolutely had to get to know. He couldn't believe the boy was actually offering him not one, but two meals; everyone that Noah came across would write him off as a weirdo or a bad apple. He couldn't help but think that Jason probably suffered the same type of judgment.

"Really?" he asked in curious disbelief, his eyes still wide and joyful. "Thank you, Jason! ...I'm Noah, by the way."

At that same moment, William walked past them and seated himself on a lone bench far from the boys. Noah watched him expectantly, reading his stand-offish aura and recognizing it all too well. Then his gaze returned to the rich looking macaroni - Noah's self proclaimed weakness - and, with his eyes, asked if he could take it. He accepted the utensils gratefully, his brash countenance totally disappearing now with the help of his new friend. A warmth returned to his eyes that had once been ablaze with fury, and his frown softened into a happy grin. It was almost comical to witness such drastic changes of emotion so quickly.

"My family is new here," he continued, then paused at the mention of sweet pastries. "Did you say gingerbread cookies?"

Then he turned and observed William, overcome with a little feeling of guilt. So, excusing himself for a moment, he stood up from his perch on the bench beside his new friend and walked over to the lonely boy with the macaroni in his hands. He knew the boy probably wouldn't want to be bothered, but his mother drilled compassion into him at such an early age that it was almost an instinct now. By nature, Noah felt obliged to share what he had with others who didn't; after all, Jason was kind enough to share with him, and he was a complete stranger.

"Hi," he began softly. "I'm Noah, and that's my new friend Jason. I was just wondering if you are hungry-" He offered the box of macaroni to the boy. "You can have this if you like. Jason won't mind, and it looks very good."