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Stand United

Stand United


Good and Bad must work together to stop an even greater evil. Genre: Suspense/Action/Romance/Drama/Thriller

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Ember and Storm, they were weapons of mass destruction. They were the perfect weapons, submissive, violent, and fearless, traits of a killing machine. They were created by Dr. Atticus Kaufman in a large lab called Area 11. Located outside of New York’s harshest city, it is shoot on sight if anyone stepped foot on the land. No one gets in. Their goal was to create a perfect killing machine, but what was required was a certian gene in order for the power serum to work.

Atticus Kaufman had used hundreds of babies in order to find the perfect match, but they all rejected the serum, and died. Death was price for this experiment to work, and there was much death.Now, Ember and Storm were orphans, twins, with a special gene that Kaufman needed in order to use his power serum. Ember and Storm were babies when this happened. Dr. Atticus Kaufman was lucky when he found the twins that had the special gene, and decided to use more than the appropriate amount of serum on the two. It proved to be catastrophic. It worked, but monsters were created. Dr. Atticus Kaufman was not a good man. He was one spot lower than the Satan himself, and in turn made demons.


Ember and Storm were named after powers. The terrifying Ember, had eyes of red, and was mistress of fire, and dangerous, blue eyes, Storm, a master of lightning. Ember had the power to shoot flames from her fingertips, igniting anything she wishes by the snap of her fingers. Storm, the power to create lightning, whether from nature or the palm of his hands. These two were truly, a dynamic duo.

They caused panic to the streets of New York. Ember and Storm destroyed anyone who crossed them, killed anyone whom Payne ordered to execute, and in their path they left destruction. The only person they were loyal too were each other, and Payne, everyone else was expendable. They were known as the Demons from the Abyss.


It was only a matter of time before war broke out. It was unofficially named the War of the Abyss. Mortals, lowly humans thought they could stop the Ember and Storm and Area 11’s workers, and they proved futile. Many died, and people signed a death wish if they stepped outside their homes. The streets were dark, and desolate. The people were weak, and worn. Their forces ran out, and the only thing to do was submit. The fighting died down for awhile because there was no one left to fight. However, there was a opposition, it was not the rebellion of the people, but a new force called the Reapers who also wanted power, and they were strong, but no match for Kaufman’s team, and they retreated into the shadows waiting to strike once again. Area 11 came out victorious, yet still malicious as ever.

Now, Julius Payne worked for Dr. Atticus Kaufman in Area 11. He was top in his field, and a powerful, brilliant scientist. If Dr. Atticus Kaufman was a spot lower than the devil, than Julius Payne was the devil himself. Kaufman kept him close because he was useful, and smart. However, he was crooked, manipulative, observant, and obsessed. He was power hungry, obsessed with being on top, but hid in the shadows until his moment. Determined and ready he struck at the heart of the facility, and he, the Reapers and traitors of Area 11 defeated the loyal ones. Payne killed Dr. Kaufman in cold blood, and murdered anyone who stood in his way. It was his reign now. Dr. Atticus Kaufman may have been a demon, but Payne was Satan in the flesh.


Payne was a brilliant scientist, but mad, and determined, both deadly traits to have. He had been working on a serum to suppress the powers of Ember and Storm, and also a new serum to create a new race. The supression serum worked, but he did not count on their powers to come back. Lucky for him, the powers would wear out after a minute’s time, and they had no strength to escape his prison. He did not destroy the twins, but kept them alive in the new Area 11 which he made it home for his Reaper allies, and renamed Area 1. He wasn’t one to throw out useful things. He kept a few of Area’s 11 workers, and many of them turned on his side eventually. His main goal is not to stop at just taking over New York, but to create a creature so powerful that no one whether good or bad is safe and his determination is so strong and so deadly, that it just may happen.


Now the good and the bad have a common goal. To defeat this mad man is their purpose. The city is already in ruins, and Payne is making it worse. His men stationed at every corner. His were people going into houses and raiding them for loot, and children to use as experiments. No one was safe. Even though people hated Area 11, Payne’s Area 1 was way worse. Broadcasted everywhere was that Julius Payne had captured Ember and Storm, the strongest weapons in the world, and trapped them in a cell. Fear came into the heart of the people, β€œThe Reapers have imprisoned the Demons of the Abyss?” What strength did Julius Payne possess? It was terrifying that even with the Demons of the Abyss restrained; an even more evil power was bent on destroying them all. The people may have had little hope before for freedom, but now there hope had vanished all completely. All hope was gone, except for a small team. A team bent on accomplishing their mission.

The Alliance team is a team run by an ex-area 11 member. Their mission was complete freedom from Area 11 and reclaiming their city, but now that the Reapers have taken over, they had to rethink their plan. They want freedom, but they needed a plan. They weren't strong enough to do it themselves. They had many sleepless nights and long discussions about their next move was, and then the Rogue leader came up with an idea, get the imprisoned Area 11 members to join the Alliance, and together they will stop Payne. Now that Ember and Storm are for the most part powerless, how will they be of help, and how can they get their power back. They succeeded in breaking them out, but what is stopping the Area 11 team from killing the Alliance or the Alliance members from finally taking out the hated Area 11.

Can good and evil work together?

Are the good really good, and the evil really evil?


β–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ Terms & People to Know β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆ

Setting: The RP takes place in a future New York City. The city is run down, poverty stricken, and has been left in a panic. People have abandoned the streets, and have taken to being prisoners inside their homes, or underground. Some do venture out, but only the shady, dangerous people come out at night. Stationed in various places around the city are Reapers. If you come across a Reaper in the street turn the other way. If you come across a Reaper at night, pray.

Dr. Atticus Kaufman: Deceased. He was the main man that created the power, and strenght serums as well as the founder of Area 11. He created what are know known as the Demons of the Abyss, and main goal was submission. He wasn't interested in conquering the world, and just wanted to rule the city, and have the people suppressed under his rule, however, he was so involved in his work, he didn't realize he was soon going to be over thrown by his own members. He was a cruel, evil man, yet when it came to Ember and Storm he seemed to be less cruel, and almost kind. He was killed by Julius Payne.

Julius Payne: He is a man that is so evil even the devil fears him. He isn't just about domination, but he wants the bloodshed, and he wants complete and utter fear to be coming from everyone that looks at him. He is manipulative, and deceiving. He had convinced members of Area 11 to overthrow Atticus Kaufman and rule with him. His main alliance is with the Reapers. He uses them to suppress the people on the streets. He is a brilliant scientist, and has many experiments he is just waiting to try. He has used some of the Reaper and mutated them into almost demon like creatures. He won't stop until the world is kneeling at his feet. He is currently working on a new serum that will create a new race of super weapons.

The Reapers: The Reapers are followers of Julius Payne.They are heartless, and most are completely stupid, but they make up for it with their strength, and fearlessness. Some are just lowly humans while others are mutated experiments created by Payne. They are even more inhuman at nighttime and should not be provoked.

Demons of the Abyss: Ember and Storm are known as the Demons of the Abyss. They are not truly demons, but because of the way they act, and kill they were nicknamed this. They relish the title, yet they only kill because they were given orders, they just have fun with their assignments. All they know is their killing instincts, and all they were taught is that thier killing is for the good of the world. They are devoted to each other, and do not have any trust for anyone else.


β€’ Power Serum: This serum was created by Dr. Atticus Kaufman. There was only one test tube, and he used a drop on each child he experimented on, and it was strong enough to kill all the subjects he used it on, except two. The serum required a special gene, which the two were born with and the serum accepted them. Atticus Kaufman, when he discovered the gene, decided to use half the serum on Ember and half on Storm, leaving none left, and he hid his work on the serum so that he was the only one with knowledge on how to create it.

β€’Suppression Serum: This was the serum Payne used to lock away Ember and Storm’s powers. It does glitch up sometimes, and the twins are allowed to use their powers, but it only lasts approximately one minute.

β€’Strength Serum: This serum was created by Dr. Atticus Kaufman. He used it on some of his selected people to become powerful members. It allowed his people to become extremely strong, yet it does require being focused, and mental strength.

β€’ Payne’s Serum: Payne is in the process of creating a serum that will allow its injector to become invinsible. If he succeeds there will be no telling what powers the user will have. There may be no hope at all.

Area 11: Founded by Atticus Kaufman. It has since been taken over by Payne and the Reaper, and the name has been changed to Area 1. The facility has 5 levels, and top of the line security. Somehow, the Reapers were able to break in and take over, and even the Alliance got inside, and helped the Area 11 members escape.

Warehouse: The warehouse is the secret hideout for the Alliance members. Here is where they live, conduct their meetings, and take in anyone who is need of a home. There are 2 levels, and numerous rooms.

Toggle Rules

β–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ Rules β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆ

1. Being Literate is a must
2. At least a paragraph a post
3. Post at least 2 times a week
4. Notify me if you are to be absent
5. If you are gone for more than a week (without notifying) I will kill your character and bring a new one in :D
6. Reserves are okay, but if another wants your spot they may compete for it.
7. This RP will have bloodshed,& cursing, so if you can't take it don't join
8. Romance is okay, but don't try and make it the main focus.
9. If you have any twists or subplots you want to add pm me.
10. You may compete for a spot, and make your characters different and unique.
11. No god-modding or power playing. If you kill another person without their permission I will boot you. xD
12. Accepting a Co-Mod to help me run this RP if I am absent. (Pm if interested)

β–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ Characters β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆ

Area 11: To defeat Payne, and avenge their fallen leader

Ember: Cold, and immature, she loves a quick kill. It is almost like her fix. She gets high off it. Ember prefers the quick and painless killings, but she doesn’t mind prolonging the agony if needed. She doesn’t think what she does is wrong, and in her mind she justifies her actions. She is easily provoked yet likes provoking, and she is somewhat psychotic. She hates not getting her way, and being powerless. Payne still want Ember, and Storm to be on his side, he claims he will give them their powers back, but she is loyal to Kaufman, and wants revenge on Payne for killing the only father she has known. [Taken]

Storm: He is also cold, and his outgoing, loud personality makes him all the scarier. He is slightly more mature than his younger sister. He enjoys bargaining with people’s lives, and watching people squirm. He is opinionated, and tells it as it is. He is sadistic, and finds others people’s pain funny. He enjoys playing with his opposition before killing them. His goal at the moment is killing Payne for killing Kaufman, and taking away his power. He is loyal, and once his has his mind set on something he will stop at nothing to achieve his desire which is why he has no problem working with the Alliance who are the people who hate the old Area 11 and the New Area 1. He enjoys the game very much.

Assassin: Dr. Atticus Kaufman top hit man. He is sent to take out anyone who got in the way of the Abyss. He was once injected with a strength serum that made his have incredible strength. He is extremely loyal, and very professional. He is skilled, and never fails a mission. He always gets his kill. He was captured with the Abyss Demons and the tech and locked up by Julius Payne. Payne knows he is powerful, and wants him to lead his strength team, but his loyalty is strong.

Tech Genius: She is skilled with anything that has to do with computers and hacking and even designed the security program for Area 11. She is a perfectionist, which is why she is confused at how Payne broke into her system to let the Reapers in. She was kept because she one of the smartest person at the facility, and Payne wanted to use her for his plan, but she refused. He is keeping her because he always gets what he wants.

The Alliance: Alliance of powers to promote a mutual interest: Freedom

Vigilante: He was once at top Area 11 assassin, infused with the strength serum. He went rogue, and became a fighter of the peace to redeem what he had done. He leads the small team that is bent on stopping Julius Payne. He recruits Ember and Storm’s team to help, but he knows not to trust them completely, but Payne is a threat, and he needs their teams to work together to stop them. He is cool headed, and a loyal leader. He is held as a traitor among the remaining Area 11 team, but he remains cool reminding them that they all have the same goal now.

Weapons Master: He specializes in weaponry and armory, but he has a particular fondness of guns. He has a motive behind working with the Area 11’s team, and as soon as the Reapers are annihilated, he will destroy Area 11 for all they had done starting with Ember and Storm. He angers easily, and does not control his emotions well. This means he does not like to be provoked. He likes to create new weapons, and can change a low risk weapon into a killing machine. He likes his weapons big, and guns bigger.

Toxic Medic: This girl specializes in healing. She knows her medical jargon, and knows that right mixtures that can heal a wound or cause excruciation pain. While she is good at healing she is good at making toxic potions that can kill a person in seconds. She is a kind girl, however, and hates fighting, but she hates being enslaved and the cruel war even more. She wants to end this war, and this means fighting in the war so be it. She is willing to do what she must do for peace.

Tactical Mole: She seems to know information way before it is going to happen. She is good at strategizing, reconnaissance and mapping out routes that will get in you in and out of places quickly, and unnoticed. She is like a mole gathering up information from shady people, but she herself can be quite shady. She is good with communication with people, and at the same time can be frighteningly observant of others. She knows how to twist people’s words, and use them for her advantage.

β–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ Sketch β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆ

Banner: [must have//anime please]
Age: [20-24]


Weapon of choice:



[Story form, and end at the time after you broke out the Area 11 members]

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Character Portrait: Ember

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Character Portrait: Ember

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Re: Stand United

I'm the friend who would like to play the Weapons Master xD I'll have him done sometime this week... I'm a little busy but this looks like fun~! As for why he hates Area 11, is that up to me more or less...? ^^"

Re: Stand United

Yay! More characters! :)

Yeah, I'm practically done with Lux, I just need to do her history thingy, I've been waiting to see Ember's before doing so. Other than that, is there something wrong with her that you haven't accepted her yet, or are you just waiting for the history?

Re: Stand United

I'm still here by the way~ ^^" I've been working on Storm. I have all the images and the CS coded and a few of the things finished, but not much yet. Dx Sorry. I've been really busy lately. But! It's all (mostly) over with now so I can get to finishing him. ^^ Sorry! As for you needing new people.. Well, I know a few I can ask if you'd like?

I have a friend who would like to play the Weapons Master. ^^

Re: Stand United

Thank you! I sort of have the characters set up so that it is gender balanced :P
If it is a matter of playing a female, the tactical mole is still available, and she is totally kicka** :D

Re: Stand United

Could I play the assassin as female instead of male? This rp looks really awesome and well thought out!

Re: Stand United

I have! Sigh.

Re: Stand United

Have you thought of putting something in the Roleplayers Wanted forum? :/

Re: Stand United

Ahh, I am excited, but we need more people! Bleeh.

Re: Stand United

Haha, thanks!
I started on her, but I'm not done yet, I'll try to finish it soon, I think Lux is going to be a really fun character to play. :)

Re: Stand United

Haha, Alrighty. It shall be reserved. :D

Re: Stand United

Ack! You're going to make me choose?

Hmm.... okay, I think I'll pick the tech genius. :)

Re: Stand United

@Spectrum, that sounds fine as long as what is required is included. ^_^ I want to pretty mine up as well. x3 And you guys can have a full picture and a banner or just a banner or just a picture. ^_^ I am not crazy as long as I know what they look like.
I will have my biography finshed soon so you all will have an idea on how they escaped. xD I am sort of multi tasking.

Re: Stand United

Oh, quick question though. Um, I don't know how to make banners, but would it be okay if I just used a regular picture for my character? And, um, can I set up the profile as I like? I'll include everything you specified! And I won't add anything extra ^^" I just wanted to add extra images and color code it and stuff. Like my usual profiles. Is that okay? If not, I can do what you did though! With no problem. ^^"

Re: Stand United

Haha, you may all reserve your spots. I am just happy people signed up. I thought it was going to be a fail. xD

Which character would you like specifically, I do mind reserving but which one do you want to reserve.

Re: Stand United

Okay, wooh. I ready it all through and through and totally understand the plot and storyline now. Phew. But what I'm here for is... Of course... May I reserve Storm please? You are looking quite lovely today luna. And I'm definitely not saying that to butter you up!

Re: Stand United

I wouldn't mind playing either the Tech Genius or the Tactical Mole, if I may? :3

Re: Stand United

Can I have the toxic medic? Thanx!

Stand United



Storm by Spectrum
Toxic Medic by Horseygirl
Tech Genius by MirrorMirror1498