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"All it takes is a spark..."

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a character in “Stand United”, as played by lunamist



"All it takes is a spark and I am ignited."

Name: Ember
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Role: Demon of the Abyss


Strengths: Her greatest strength is her ability to go into a battle fearless. It excites her, and makes her confident, yet cocky. She is usually detached in a battle which is to her advantage because she gets the job done, and does not worry about her life.
Weaknesses: She has a weakness with animals & children. She will not harm a child, and she is fond of them. Perphaps it is because she is a child at heart, a crazy, killer child, but a child nonetheless. She is also weak when it comes to her brother, she will do what he asks, and is protective of him. You hurt her brother, and you will probably not see the Light of day. Anyone she is loyal to, if you hurt them she tends to launch into a blind rage which causes her to become unfocused, and she is usually caught off guard. She also gets headaches which basically incapactiates her, and can come at any moment. They are the only thing that causes her immense pain that she does not enjoy. The headaches are the only thing that will bring her into tears.
Fear: Ember is not afraid of most things, but one thing she is afraid of is the future. She relied upon Atticus Kaufman to determine her future. Killing, and war is alll she has known without it she is at a lost. A part of her does not want Julius Payne to be defeated because then she has lost her purpose.
.Her brother.
.Getting her way.
.Her power.
.Animals/Kids (same thing to her).
.The Area 11 member who stayed loyal.
.Sharp things.

.Being made fun off.
.Cold Water [She doesn't even like to drink it].
.Julius Payne and the Reapers.
.Not having food.
.Being Powerless.
.A lot more random things.

Goal: Her goal is to avenge Atticus Kaufman. She has no plans after that because she has always relied upon his direction, and now that he is gone she is unsure of what to do with her future.
Weapon of choice: She never really had a need for a weapon because of her power, but now that her power is unreliable she tends to perfer sharp weapons.
Ember has a habit of humming at random, and ususally inappropriate times
She has a habit of pinching herself if she is not around sharp objects.
She has many bruises and scars, mostly caused by herself. Many of the scars are on her thigh, and the bruises are on her arms.

She adores her older twin brother, and is very loyal to him. She is protective of him, and it can be a weakness because she does not like to see him her. Ember and Storm can communicate with each other with just the eyes, I suppose it is a twin thing, and they are very close.
[Area 11 Members: Assassin and Tech Genius]
She also likes the only two who stayed loyal to AtticusKaufman in Area 11 even though she can be mean to them she is loyal to them as well. She appreciates loyality, and is happy that she and her brother were not completely abandoned.
She strongly dislikes him, and wishes he would just die. She will tell that to his face. She hates traitors, and while she liked him while he was a member of Area 11 once he left she despised him. It is one of the reasons she does not want to be working on the same team with him.


[Bipolar & Immature]
ShowSpoilerIf she does not get her way she will blow up. Give her one reason or in fact, she doesn't need a reason, she will go off on you. She can be childish, and one moment can be completely happy, and excited, and the next moment go on a massacre. She is loose cannon ready to explode at any moment, and she will ignite. She hates being teased or provoked and she will let you know by the pain she will inflict upon your soul. If she does not what to do something coaxing her will not work. Your best bet is to get her big brother to convince her because she always listens to her brother. Give her what she wants when she wants, and she is normally peaceful, do not succomb to her commands, and I suggest you run, and never look back.

[Tease & Curious]
ShowSpoilerEmber is almost like a cat teasing her prey before she kills. She tends to do that with people tease them until they blow and she finds there anger funny. You shouldn't let her see your emotions rise because she will not stop until she is satisfied. She will push your buttons, and make you squirm just because she can. She likes to tease people whether in the process of killing them or just for fun; I am not sure she can distinguish what is playful and what is cruel. She also has the curiousity of a cat, and ask question after question. She always has questions going through her mind, and if you cannot answer her question she is likely to go off and find the answer on her own. She is curious about surroundings, and people's lives. Whether it is appropriate or not she will ask the question because she wants to know everything, and she is curious. You tell her not to touch something she will touch it to find out why she shouldn't touch it. There is just not getting through her thick skull.

ShowSpoilerEmber is a fireball of emotion, and can be scarily crazy. Coco for cocoa puffs is a good way to describe her. She is normally lucid, but does have moments when she is completely out of touch with reality. This is normally triggered when she killing or in a dangerous situation. She distants herself so much that she is off in her own little world barely aware of her killing. Her eyes are freakishly scary because of her blank stare when she is in her own world. She will stare at you, and watch you until you are uncomfortable, and will smile at you for no apparent reason, and it is not the kind smile, it is more like the when should I kill you smile. She tends to whisper to herself a lot. She will start laughing for no reason at times when laughter is not called for, and she will bring herself to the point of tears.

ShowSpoilerHowever rude, and crazy she may come across, she is extremely loyal. She is still rude, and crazy, but once she is on your side she will be dedicated until her job is done. She never harmed any of the Area 11 people because to her they were her family. If she is betrayed by someone she takes it to heart, and lack any forgiveness towards that person. She was extremely loyal to Atticus Kaufman, and he was like a father to her. She took his death personal, and while she did not cry she killed anyone that was in her way in order to get to Payne, however her blind anger to him is what gave him the upper hand to inject the suppression serum into her, and capture her. She is also very loyal to her brother, and will do whatever he asks of her. She may not do it with a smile on her face, but with a pout in her mouth and a cuss on her lips, but she will do it.

[Sarcastic & Rude]
ShowSpoilerShe has no sense of boundaries or appropriateness. She lacks manners, and is completely absorbed in her own world. She does not use the words 'please' and 'thank you' unless she is being sarcastic. She will tell you off, cuss you out, and make sure you know you are boring her to death. She is deathly honest, and will tell you how it is. She will not care how you will take her words because frankly, she does not care about your feelings. She gets bored easily, and is very impatient so she may cuss you out if you do not hurry with your business. She is blunt, and can be very cynical in her immature way. Her rudeness, and bluntness is a way to show she cares, just kidding she doesn't care. She just likes doing things the Ember way meaning whatever what she pleases. So I will say this now, please excuse it. She is just my willing puppet.




[Self Harm]
Ember is fixated on pain. She needs pain to easy her stress whether it be someone elses or her own. If she does not kill and get her fix on that she must transfer the pain to herself. Most times she doesn't realize she is doing it until she feels the warm blood.

Ember loves to eat, and it usually keeps her content. Offer her some food, and she will become a happy person. Deny her the right to have her stomach filled, and she may knife you in her self. Just kidding or am I.

So begins...

Ember's Story