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Dorath Yevel

"I miss the days when we just met new life and new civilizations. At least we didn't have to worry about war all that much, back then."

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a character in “Star Trek Cold Front”, as played by Magus1108


Lieutenant Commander Dorath Yevel



Character Information

Name: Dorath Yevel
Position: Chief Intelligence Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Gender: Male
Species: Cardassian
Age: 43
Place of Birth: Mars, United Federation of Planets

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'5
Weight: 156
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Grey
Physical Description: Dorath is of average Cardassian build and shape, though a little more muscular and physically fit than most Cardassians, due to his past training as a security officer. However, Dorath doesn't use his build to intimidate people; if anything, he tries to undercut any feelings of intimidation. Dorath almost always carries himself in a non-threatening and relaxed manner, and gives off an air of friendliness and civility.


Spouse: Marianne Yevel nee Alabastor (Female; Human, Age 40)
Children: Theodore (Male; Half-Cardassian, Half-Human, Age 15) and Daphne (Female; Half-Cardassian, Half-Human, Age 11)
Father: Kern
Mother: Palandine
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): Nymira (Age 39) and Haelir (Age 39)
Other Family: None


General Overview:

Dorath is much the same on duty as he is off; he is friendly, kind, civil, and overall projects the image of being a nice and kind-hearted man. He makes great efforts to put everyone at ease around him, and always tries to be everyone's friend. Dorath is also a very relaxed person, and always tries to take things in stride. He can be incredibly serious when he wants to be, but more often than not he does his best to avoid falling under such heavy airs, as he likes his more jovial and natural personality more.

Overall, Dorath is a kind and good person, and always likes to make new friends while serving in Starfleet.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Strengths: Dorath is a kind and open man, and that often has its advantages. Unlike most Cardassians, Dorath proved himself to be a very gentle and kind person; this nature has drawn in all sorts of friends as a result. People feel more free to open up around him, to trust him in general. This makes Dorath quite likable to many people. It is also especially helpful in helping many Dominion War veterans see past his Cardassian exterior. Dorath is also very good at his job as the Chief Intelligence Officer. He has created a wide and vast array of contacts all across the Quadrant, and he often uses this and the knowledge it brings him to benefit Starfleet and the Federation.

Weaknesses: Dorath can be a bit too lax at times, a quality that is not always advisable in the conduct of a Starfleet officer. And his friendly nature can strike people as a little...well, too friendly. He might come off as too strong at times, as if he's desperate to make friends. Dorath can wound easily, as well; emotionally speaking. While he tries to hide hurt feelings, it is readily apparent when he feels hurt from being rebuffed or, more importantly, when someone is judging him based on his race. As a side effect of this, his emotions and emotional state can become rather transparent.


Prove himself as a good and able Starfleet officer

Since the Dominion War, undue pressure, both inadvertantly and on purpose, has been placed on Dorath. While the War is almost twenty years over, some wounds still linger, and many Starfleet veterans from the War still have lingering suspicions toward Cardassians in general. Dorath seeks to overcome such stigma, and prove himself as a loyal and able member of both Starfleet and the Federation.

Serve his Captain and the Federation well in the brewing war

Dorath is unsure if war will become a reality with the Klingon Empire, but all the same, he is ready and willing to serve his Captain and the Federation to his best capacity. He will do whatever it takes to track down information he feels is vital to helping the Albion in its mission of guarding the Neutral Zone between the Klingon Empire and the Federation.

Make good friends and company

Dorath always loves to make a good friend, so it's always a goal of his to meet new people and become acquainted with them. Such a disposition is also very valuable in the Intelligence department too.

Be a good father and husband

Early in his Starfleet career Dorath fell in love with a human, civilian engineer named Marianne Alabastor. The two were soon wed and had their first child not long after. Dorath's duty as a Starfleet officer sometimes takes him away from his lovely wife and two children, but all the same, he tries his hardest to be a good father. With the permission of the Captain, Dorath has taken in both of his children temporarily, while he is aboard the Albion. Theodore and Daphne often stay with their mother on Mars, where Dorath returns home to on shore leave and such; but Dorath has wanted to spend some more time with his children while they're still young, so he has worked out an arrangement with his wife to have them live with him on the Albion for the foreseeable future.

Overall, Dorath desperately wishes to be a good father to his children, and a good husband to his wife. He misses them terribly when he's away, and is always glad to be with them when on leave. Had he not an important duty to Starfleet, he would have retired from service a long time ago to be with his family.

Hobbies Interests:

Dorath fancies himself as an amateur writer, of sorts, and often spends his free time writing and submitting holonovels. He also likes to practice various Human martial arts forms, when given the time. He also loves to read up on ancient human philosophies.



Dorath was born in 2349, on the Sol System plant of Mars. Dorath is a Cardassian, as are his parents, but neither he nor his parents hold any loyalty to the Union. Dorath's parents were members of a dissident group in their youth, and eventually came under the scrutiny of the Obsidian Order. Kern and Paladine, Dorath's parents, decided to flee the Union and sought sanctuary in the Federation. Their request of asylum was granted, obviously, and the rebel couple soon settled onto the Human colony of Mars. Eventually Kern and his wife started a family, with Dorath as their first-born child, and the twins of Nymira and Haelir their second-born.

And thus Dorath and his sisters were raised away from any possible influence of the Cardassian Union; instead, they were raised with the principles and values of the United Federation of Planets. And such an upbringing made the trio of siblings quite different from a good majority of the Cardassians in the Alpha Quadrant.

Dorath lived a peaceful and studious life on Mars with his family, living a full and quaint life as a Federation citizen. When he became of age, he decided to go to Earth and joined Starfleet Academy, intent on becoming an officer of the Federation so he could protect and serve the interstellar republic that had taken in his family. Dorath graduated from the academy with full honors, and started his career as a Starfleet Officer in Security. Over the years he rose through the ranks, and made many good friends and allies along the way.

Then, the Dominion War erupted.

That brief war forever changed Dorath's life. While he had no real connection with his people in the Union, nor did he wish to create such a connection, the fact that the Cardassians were one of the main enemies of the war still profoundly affected his life as a Starfleet officer. For the first time Dorath was faced with real contact with his own people, outside of his own family. And it was meeting his fellow species members in battle. Even with his sincere wish to have nothing to do with the Cardassian Union, facing his own people in war still affected him.

For a time Dorath became more withdrawn, not helped at all by the many feelings of suspicion and ire from his non-Cardassian fellows in Starfleet. This continued to the end of the Dominion War, which Dorath barely survived himself; the Majestic took severe and heavy damage during the final assault on Cardassia Prime, killing many of his fellow crewmembers. The Majestic was eventually decommissioned as a result, and Dorath took a two year leave from Starfleet. He went home to Mars and stayed with both of his families, the one he had been born into and the one he had created, for a time. He soon left there as well, and went to parts unknown. After this two year leave, however, Dorath came back as a changed man. He had become his old jovial self again, apparently having found peace with all that had transpired during the Dominion War.

Dorath soon re-enlisted into Starfleet, though he took a new career path: Intelligence. He soon proved himself to be a stellar Intelligence officer, and his Starfleet career took off anew in that department. Once again Dorath started surging through the ranks, until he earned himself the rank of Lieutenant-Commander, and the position of Chief Intelligence Officer. When the posting for the CIO of the newly commissioned USS Albion was made available, Dorath eagerly leapt at the chance and applied. He was soon accepted by the Captain, and now Dorath has begun his service aboard the Albion, eager to begin a new phase in his life.

Service Record:

(2392-) Chief Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant Commander, USS Albion
(2388-2392) Senior Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant Commander, USS Beowulf
(2381-2388) Junior Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant, USS Endeavor
(2377-2381) Assistant Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant, USS Franklin
(2373-2375) Assistant Security Officer, Lieutenant, USS Majestic
(2371-2373) Security Officer, Ensign, USS Surak
(2370-2371) Security Officer, Cadet, USS Surak

So begins...

Dorath Yevel's Story

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#, as written by S1mon

Captain Anthony Kell

Deck 2 - Captain's Quarters, USS Albion - 08:00

Captain's Log Stardate 68646.76,

As of now, it is 0-8 hundred hours (08:00) on the day that the Albion is due to depart from Starbase 84. I have sent a communique to each of the senior staff to congregate in the lounge at 13 hundred hours (13:00), the purposes of such is to get the member of staff together in a more relaxed environment, whether they agree or not is upto them, however I am confident in the team I have selected and that no matter what comes our way, the Albion will pull through. Not only am I confident in my staff, but also the ship itself which I have personally assessed myself in overseeing the finishing touches to this latest model of the Prometheus-class.

In 18 hundred hours (18:00), the Albion will be leaving Starbase 84 behind for its maiden voyage, but first I must report to Rear Admiral Kell. The Albion is my first command and yet we stand on the precipice where war may break out at any comment. It is my hopes that it will not result in war, but if such is the case then it will be the Albion that will be putting an end to their plans as well as the Task Force under my command. Already I have met with each of the commanders in my Task Force and have confidence in their abilities to aid us in this endeavour, whatever this may be.

Kell out.

Deck 9 - Lounge, USS Albion - 13:00

It was certainly questionable as to why Anthony had requested that all his senior staff meet up in the Officer Lounge. Originally, Anthony was planning for the meeting to take place in the Mess Hall, but with the crew now boarding to prepare for departure five hours from now, he changed his mind for the meeting to take place in the Lounge so that the meeting could be held in a more private setting. The Lounge still remained a questionable location for the staff meeting but Anthony had his reasons. When selecting his senior staff, Anthony took much time in reading each application in detail to make sure he chose the best for each role. However, he was concerned with how each of them would get along, hence his decision to have them all come together. It was less likely to be very accurate with the fact that they were in the presence of their captain but he could at least get a picture.

Anthony certainly ran things much more differently than other Starfleet Captains which also included his father. However, Anthony always had this more laid back approach, such that he had maintained throughout his career which had made him the man that he was today. Some would question his methods but there was as the idiom says, a method in his madness. Not that he thought his random decisions were mad, more unique and spontaneous, yet despite such from happening, he was a smart individual as he conveyed himself in one way, before acting in another which had proved to work well when he served as Acting Captain on the USS Galileo when he had to take command on occasion, such that had proved to show how tactical he was and why he was recommended to be in the position he was in now. There is always a reason.

Now all that remained was awaiting his crew as he sat in the lounge, relaxing in his chair. His first officer was a Romulan so he was certainly curious what she would perceive of this move, but it was intentional. It was the perfect atmosphere for them all to relax and get to know each other and may trigger what they may of hidden in a more formal setting, which was much more representative of how they would act when off-duty. Despite his precautions, Anthony hoped that they'd all be able to work well, but they were the best of the best out of all applications, so he only hoped that they'd put aside any issues they have or be mature about it and approach him with any concerns once this meeting was over. His yeoman was on stand-by so that the officers could book appointments with him, seeing as being Captain was a heavy responsibility that he would have to live up to....

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Dorath Yevel strode through the corridors of the ship with ease, navigating his way to the lounge the Captain had specified for their meeting place. After a minute of this he arrived at his destination. He promptly walked into the room and went over to the Captain, granting the human a grand smile. Dorath gave a salute and uttered,

"Lieutenant Commander Dorath Yevel, Chief Intelligence Officer, reporting for duty, sir!"

With that formality out of the way the Cardassian smiled again at his captain, and wandered off to the side. So far he was adjusting well to the ship, and he had helped Theodore and Daphne move their things into their shared quarters, which was the reason behind his slight tardiness. His service aboard the Albion had hardly begun, but already Dorath had a good feeling about it. He wasn't sure why, but he had an innate feeling that these next few years here would do him well.

As Dorath mused to himself, he decided to glance over the senior staff present, taking them all in. A diverse bunch, if he ever saw one. A Klingon and a Romulan serving on the same ship together? That was quite a feat. He hoped that the two officers wouldn't have too many conflicts, though. No doubt Commander Letant held more than a sore spot about the Klingon conquest of Romulan Space, which she might see fit to take out on Lieutenant Katogh. Though the Klingon female could probably take on whatever punishment the First Officer tried to settle upon her. Still, a conflict between those members of the staff would be concerning.

Other than that, though, he didn't see any problems that could generate among the senior staff. He recalled vaguely that a Bajoran also served in the senior staff, though he hadn't spotted him yet. Hopefully they wouldn't have any problems, either; even if he had been born in the Federation, it didn't take away the ire some of the Bajoran Starfleet officers felt to their former oppressors.

And, well, hopefully no one on the ship in general would have any problems with him. The Dominion War was twenty years over, but many still held a grudge over the Union's alliance with the Dominion. Not that Dorath blamed them; still, such conflict would be troubling and hurtful, no doubt. Hopefully he would be able to avoid such problems.

When his observations and musings couldn't keep him busy any longer, Dorath decided to strike a conversation. He maneuvered his way to the ship's doctor.

"Hello, Doctor Calhoun." Dorath greeted eagerly, smiling warmly at the Half-Vulcan. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Lieutenant Commander Yevel."

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Celeste looked at Dorath. "Lieutenant Commander Yevel, it is a pleasure." She said and smiled a little. While she was friendly and accepting of people of all races and species, she was also somewhat tentative. Her logic told her to understand that everyone capable of sentience was also capable of doing things that were considered deplorable by others. One of her favored quotes was from William Shakespeare. 'Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.'

"It's not too often you find Cardassians serving aboard Federation starships. Even though the conflict has long since passed, I have come to notice most Cardassians tend to stay with other Cardassians. It's always a pleasure to see a Federation starship have such a diversity as this." Celeste said. She didn't mean any offense, and she hoped that this was properly conveyed over to Dorath and that he wouldn't be upset. While she was half-Vulcan, she was by no means a diplomat. She smiled at him warmly to show good intent by her words.

She had been sitting mostly quietly while everyone was introducing themselves and took it all in. She was a good doctor, just not the most social. At least she had a good bedside manner. She glanced around the room, and then back at Dorath. "So," She started, trying very hard not to shy away from conversation, "how did you come to serve on this vessel?" She leaned back in her chair slightly and watched him for his reaction. She crossed her legs and smiled a little.

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"I came here much the same as everyone else, I imagine." Dorath replied, a smile on his face. "I rose through the ranks. You see, I've never actually been apart of the Cardassian Union, Doctor. I was born in the Federation, and have always been a Federation citizen. I felt a calling to join Starfleet in my youth, and, well, here I am now."

It wasn't the first time he had explained this to someone, nor would it be the last. But Dorath didn't mind in the least; after all, it was a common mistake. After the end of the Dominion War and the rise of a more democratic Cardassian Union, many of his people had decided to join Starfleet in favor of Cardassia's own military.

So it didn't surprise the Federation-born Cardassian that many of his Federation cohorts simply assumed he was one of those types of Cardassians. And it wasn't something he minded explaining, either; it truly didn't bother him, and he was always happy to tell his coworkers more about himself.

"Do not worry Doctor, you haven't offended me. It's a common misconception people have when they meet me." Dorath added, waving his hand dismissively.

"After all, Federation-born Cardassians are a very slim minority, and are hardly represented at all in Starfleet. Truth be told, I've never actually been to Cardassia, or seen much of my people in general. Aside from the invasion of Cardassian Prime during the Dominion War, I've never really had the chance, nor desire, to visit my home system."

There had been a point in time during his youth where he'd been curious about his heritage and culture, of course. But Dorath was long past such childish fascinations. He was Federation through and through; it mattered not to him what sort of culture and values his people in the Union held dear, for he could not relate to them whatsoever. Still, it did please him that the Union had made great overtures toward democratization, since the end of hostilities with the Dominion. It was a nice thought, that one day in the future all Cardassians would share the values and freedoms enjoyed by citizens of the Federation.

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Celeste had listened intently on Dorath's words. "That's rather interesting, as well as curious that you've never even been to your home world. I would love to spend more time getting to know you while we are here." She smiled at him.

Then she decided to tell him a little about herself. "I love studying the behavior of people...of all races. I mean, is that not part of the point of traveling in space and being part of a starship? Where most would explore the galaxy, others would explore the behavioral patterns of races foreign to them. I'm something of a paradox myself. I am, perhaps one of the least logical of my race, and yet one of the more logical of my race, considering I am the half of two separate races. So my own attitude and thoughts confound me, and yet I find myself sometimes incapable of choosing the attitude and thoughts that wouldn't confound me." Celeste gently lifted her hair off one side of her head, exposing her Vulcan ears to him so he'd understand. "I'm somewhere in between my parents, just a little more like my human mother, my brother's more like father, and my sister's the spitting image of mother. My brother went to take my father's place in the Vulcan High Council. My sister's staying on earth, and I'm trying to find my place as a happy medium."

Celeste looked at him, and smiled again. "I'll admit though, I'm a little out of my depth on this ship. This is the first time that I'll be on a starship that isn't strictly a medical ship. I had many other doctors and medical assistants. So it's a huge change for me. Are you looking forward to our coming voyage?"

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"Oh, very much so!" Dorath replied, a beaming smile slipping across his face. "I've been looking forward to my appointment on the Albion for quite some time. I am eager to be out in the frontlines, to help out the Federation against the growing Klingon threat. And, of course, I am happy to spend some more time with my children. The Captain graciously allowed me to bring aboard my son and daughter, so it will be good to spend some time with them."

There was some danger bring his children aboard this vessel, of course. But it was a risk he and their mother had been willing to take. It had been year since Dorath had spent a good amount of time with his children, and he was happy that he was given the chance to reconnect with them aboard the Albion. And perhaps he would be able to teach his kids a few things, while they were here.

"Heritage is a funny thing, isn't it Doctor?" Dorath suddenly mused, gripped by the thought. "So many things you are expected to be because of what race or species you are born to. According to the few Cardassians I've met outside of my own family, I'm nothing like what's expected of a proud and normal member of the Union. Though I'm glad to be who I am; I care not of the opinions of other members of my species."

The Chief Intelligence officer shook his head a moment letting, giving Doctor Calhoun an apologetic smile. "Ah, forgive me, Doctor. Just musing aloud, I suppose Do forgive me."

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"Musing aloud can assist in showing others the types of thought that you think, basically showing others a part of yourself that you reserve for only yourself. It can show a measure of...depth in the person musing aloud." Celeste said. "So you have a son and daughter? May I ask their age? And have they a mother back home missing her family?" She was very curious about Dorath, and wanted to know so much more about the Cardassian. "And I don't mean to pry, so if you do not desire to discuss it, simply tell me to buzz off." Celeste smirked after the last bit. She folded her hands on her lap, and looked at him.

Celeste had always desired children, but she had a lot she wanted to do first, and a lot of time in which to do it. After all, she was half Vulcan. Her lifespan would be far longer than so many others, including her friends and family. It was something she would have to prepare for. "Children can be both a blessing and a curse, so my mother often said. I have two siblings, and between the three of us we could be quite a handful for her. I'm sure it wasn't easy, we were all quite headstrong. Perhaps someday I'll experience first hand, and perhaps I should be hoping that my firstborn child is not like myself." She laughed slightly.

Then Celeste looked at him, as she wanted to let him know something. "Part of the agenda I'll discuss tonight is giving everyone aboard a minor exam once the voyage starts so that I can pick up from where their doctors left off, if that makes sense. I've already gotten the crew's doctors' files, and will be going over them from tonight until next week. I would assume your file would contain files of your son and daughter. So when I review yours, I'll call you three in...individually of course. I suspect there will be no problems, but I just want to do my job thoroughly. I also would need your consent to see to examining them, as they are your guests aboard the Albion, rather than crewmates." Celeste was a very good doctor and she always liked taking a final step in her getting to know her patients by having a face to face discussion along with a brief examination. It helped her identify them to their files, and get to know them on a more personal level, rather than just information on a sheet of paper. This way she could both keep in touch with her bedside manner, and show a much more compassionate touch if any of them had to come into her care.

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"Yes, of course! My son is Theodore, and my daughter is Daphne. They're fifteen and eleven, respectively. And as for their wife Marianne is a civilian engineer on Mars." Dorath answered, a small smile on his face.

"Marianne does miss having our children staying with her, but we came to this arrangement some time ago. Due to my duties with Starfleet, and due to Marianne's own job on the shipping yard on Mars, I have been unable to have my wife and children live with me during my various ship assignments. My children have comfortably lived with their mother on Mars for most of their lives. I regularly contacted them via subspace when I was on duty, and when I've been on shore leave, I've done my best to spend as much time with them as possible back home. Unfortunately, it just hasn't been quite enough for me and my children. Marianne and I are both loathe to leave our respective fields of work so that we can be a full family together, so we came up with this little arrangement. Assuming all goes well, my children will be living with me on the Albion for the next two to three years."

Almost as an afterthought, he added, "Theodore and Daphne miss their mother terribly, already, but at the same time they're happy and excited to spend time with me, and live aboard a starship. Little Daphne wants to be a Starfleet officer just like her father, and she's especially eager to see what it's like to live aboard one. I must say, it is...good to have my children with me, here. Considering I've been able to visit them for two months, at the most, for each time I go on shore leave...well, it will be great to have my kids here with me, for once. I hate the fact that Marianne can't be here with me, but I've long accepted that she has her own career that she is vested in on Mars."

Their separate career paths had put a strain on their marriage more than once, of course. It was to be expected. But Dorath had always been able to work out such issues with his loving and supportive wife. He and Marianne truly loved each other, and they both also loved their own respective jobs and careers. It pained Dorath that their vocations meant he was not able to spend as much time with Marianne and their children as he would have liked, but he'd long come to terms with it. And it meant a great deal to him that Marianne was willing to put up with a great deal of worry and loneliness just so he could spend some quality time with Theodore and Daphne.

"Of course Doctor, that sounds great." the Chief Intelligence Officer nodded gladly at her.

"In fact, I had our family doctor on Mars transfer over Theodore and Daphne's medical history and records onto the Albion medical database. Since my children are half Cardassian and Half Human, their...physiology is a unique case. Until my children were born, there were no documented cases of Half-Cardassian, Half Human hybrids in the Federation, so our doctor back on Mars has had to come up with different variations of treatments and such things so that they were compatible with my children's dual bloodlines, so to speak. However, I'm sure you'll have no trouble following his notes, Doctor Calhoun." he announced with a gentile smile.

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"It sounds like a wonderful family you've got." Celeste said. "Theodore and Daphne are lovely names for your children, and I greatly look forward to getting to know them. It's just a shame that your work and your wife's work takes you so far apart from each other. I cannot imagine the strain that could put on any relationship. Perhaps someday I'll be in a similar situation."

Celeste smiled at him. "I'll do my best to make sure that your children's unique physiologies are well looked after. I'll make sure to look over the files thoroughly and prepare for the examinations. No doubt their files will be rather large, so I may require a little extra time to be thorough. So depending on my time and with everything going on, along with the crew manifest, it might be on a Monday sometime in the next two weeks. I have a lot of work to do, so vague is the only kind of detail I can provide at this time. But I'll have more time to look over files on weekends, so that's why I say Monday at least...providing we haven't any medical emergencies pop up within that time."

Celeste did have quite a lot of work to do. There was everyone aboard the ship she had to schedule meetings with, and she had a lot to do just to settle in to her medical bay. She was very thankful to have an assistant working with her. She'd have to meet her assistant that next morning to go over details of how she would be running her medical bay. She needed to discuss the plan she just told Dorath. Celeste hoped that her assistant would be agreeable to it, and amiable. She looked at Dorath, and knew that it was obvious she'd been swept away in thought. "My apologies if I trailed off. I was thinking about my pending future here and I realized I haven't even met my assistant yet. I do hope it will be an amiable working relationship and that we won't be at odds with each other often. As I said before, I'm rather new to the idea of being the chief medical officer on a ship that isn't a medical ship. So everything here is new to me."

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#, as written by S1mon

Captain Anthony Kell

His decision to congregate in the officer lounge was his and his alone. It was not that he disrespected authority and formalities as he understood the need for such, but he also wholeheartfully believed in the formal informalities where everyone can simply be themselves. Sure the Albion was at the fore-front of the approaching Klingon-Federation war by being the Task Force's Flagship, but with such importance to the success of their missions, it was as critically important for each other to work together and knowing each other's strengths and weaknesses to make the best decisions at a moment's notice.

One-by-one, each of his senior staff begun entering their unexpected meeting place, but of course Anthony's intentions did not rest in giving orders but give each one a chance to meet him in a less than formal surrounding, as well as meeting their fellow comrades in less than formal surroundings. His father of course was much more stricter on protocol, having the belief that all crew should respect, acknowledge and be fully aware of the chain of command, as well as the reinforcement of discipline. Sure Anthony believed in all that too but there were more important items on his agenda.

The crew of the Albion will be at the eye of the storm, thrown into the abyss with such trying and difficult times ahead. In comparison with the earlier days of the Federation, there was not at the forefront of exploration but at the forefront of war, war which brought destruction and death in its wake. If anything, Anthony hoped that the war would not occur but there was not a chance that Klingons would pull back from former Romulan space and give back to what remains of the Romulan Star Empire, so the war was inevitable.

Of all people that understood to an extent what Anthony was like, was his former comrade, now Chief of Security, Tyvya Idrani who was first to enter with the formality even if it was obvious that he was aiming for the meeting to be informal, "Lieutenant Commander Tyvya Idrani, reporting for duty, sir". Anthony could still remember the times that he and Tyvya had each others' back on the Chesapeake since she was part of his security team. She knew sometimes that Anthony had his own ways which seemed to succeed, he was certainly confident of her abilities and that she would make a great security chief which was why he was quick to accept her application. Even more interesting was for her assistant chief which would be bound to raise some controversy, but if anything was learnt in earlier human history, mistakes are made and not all are responsible for the actions of some so he hoped things would work out for Dezhe.

This whole meeting is in itself a test as he reviews his senior staff, but not everyone would agree with his ways and those who are confused as Celeste asked after her introduction, "May I inquire as to why we are meeting here?", only for his answer to be spoken by Virana Kalre who seemed to be pleased with his choice, "If I may say Captain, its a pleasant change to meet somewhere less...formal", which caused Anthony to lift his free hand towards her to give the notion that she had essentially spoken what he was to say to respond to Celeste's question as he continued, "Some may disagree, but I feel the best start would be somewhere more relaxed. We have plenty of time to be all serious afterall", smiling and giving a sharp nod to Virana, already pleased since it meant she understood his reasoning or at least some of it.

Following Virana was another comrade of his from the Chesapeake, Harper West who served as his Marine Commander who congratulated him on his position informally, which was just what he wanted. On many vessels, the strict type were usually the type officers did not get along with and was someone those lower in the chain could not get along with or approach with complaints, but Anthony wished to be approachable and understandable, being respectful and open to all regardless of rank though such didn't mean he didn't regard rank.

Of course one in particular who he believed would be on strict on rank and discipline, perhaps even moreso than his father was "Commander Hannam Letant, reporting for duty" as she nodded to him sternly before moving aside almost immediately. Following her was Captain Erik Gunnarson, Marine Executive Officer and Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander Ex'Ian, giving each of them a friendly nod and smile to welcome them, before one by one, each of the senior staff begun to divide up as each got to speak with each other; Dorath and Celeste, Virana and Harper, Tyvya with Dezhe and Erik and a conversation even brewing with his first officer with Ex'Ian, so he was glad that she was opening up in that sense and trying his approach more than rejecting it. It was all positive and seemed his test was working out as he had hoped.

=A= "Lieutenant Ral to Captain" =A=

As soon as his commbadge chirped, his initial thoughts was what this could be about and secondly, why Lieutenant Ral wasn't where he was supposed to report to. Nevertheless, it must be for something important to contact him in these circumstances. Anthony gave a smile to the assistant chief of operations who he was conversing with as he had begun to mingle, only to pull to the side to respond so that this call wasn't disturbing what had been achieved so far, but at the back of his mind he felt this union was about to be over. Oh well, there was always another time.

=A= Kell here =A=

=A= Sorry to disturb you Captain but there is a romulan vessel on approach =A=

=A= Lifesigns? =A=

=A= Seems to be a very undermanned crew as only reading few lifesigns......using the sensor readings from what was given to us by the Romulans, am reading.....1, only 1 sir, and from what I can tell, the ship is on an intercept course to the starbase" =A=

Anthony closed his eyes since unfortunately things were starting already, what made it even more difficult to understand was the fact it was a romulan vessel when the remnants like Hannam's crew had joint with the Federation. =A= Contact Starbase to release docking clamps and start up the engines immediately, and contact transport chief to operate in two minutes. Kell out =A= now being left with no other choice, he then returned to the crowds until he was somewhat in the middle, clapped his hands together to cease the conversation that had now erupted around the room to get everyone's attention, "If I can have everyone's attention.....thank you! First of all I'd like to thank you all for coming, not that you had a choice but still, but going to have to cut this really short which is not what I wanted at the least but least you managed to put a face to a name", giving a smile before continuing, "In about thirty seconds you will all be transported to your stations as seems we got ourselves a bit of trouble, I am positively sure that we can put a stop to it, 100% sure we can so let's work together on this", ending with a clap before Anthony disappeared from the room, as one-by-one disappeared from the room also.

Re-appearing in the bridge, Anthony looked down to where Lieutenant Ral was, and then around the room as his senior bridge personnel appeared one by one, as he tapped his commbadge, =A= Kell to Ex'Ian, be advised we shall be leaving dock earlier than planned with a possible fire fight so be ready down there.....Kell to Medical, though I do not anticipate casualties, please be at the ready just incase.....Kell out =A=. With the relevant departments informed, he then turned to everyone else, "For our situation, we have a one-manned romulan vessel on an intercept course to the starbase, our task is to intervene and apprehend the lone ranger", using terminology intentionally associated with Earth's past, but 'lone' was enough to suggest that they were after the culprit behind the attack, "Lieutenant Ral, activate thrusters and let's get away from these shackles.....any suggestions?", the latter part of his statement directing at the rest of his senior staff to hear their input while Dion was tasked with getting the ship out of the dock.......

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#, as written by S1mon
Captain Anthony Kell

As the saying goes, all's fair in love and war so far so good, as each of the senior staff materialised as he intended onto the Bridge and immediately adjusted themselves according to the situation they now faced, both internally and externally. Despite the lack of preparation due to the sudden appearance of the romulan vessel, the crew were responding quickly which was always a good sign, especially on the Flagship that was leading the way. It was one thing to serve on a Flagship, even more so to command a Flagship, but the most important is whether it was a functional Flagship, such that certainly proved to be the case as he heard each of the senior staff communicating with their staff via the comms, followed by the marines and fighters reporting him from Captain Gunnarson and Commander Kalre respectively. No doubt Harper was busy yet it was concerning that he hadn't made a report for his department.

Nevertheless, such matters would be addressed at a later date as Lieutenant Ral activated the ship's thrusters with the ship lunging forwards slowly out of space dock, being cautious not to scratch the paintwork. Usually the first assignment started so smoothly with his piloting being the center of attention as the ship got underway on its maiden voyage, but it seemed that the Albion would not get such a chance and nor would the crew, such that was an implied condition in serving a Flagship no doubt. Nevertheless, things in Starfleet were never what they seem, nor were things ever easy, though there was no harm in putting such ideology across, even in the most serious situations.

"Captain, I suggest we hail them, and if they do not respond, fire a warning shot across their bow and prepare to destroy the ship. Or, if you prefer, we could board the ship ourselves and apprehend the Romulan", Tyvya suggested, followed by Nathan who seemed to have a similar idea, "Hail them sir maybe they are in some kind of distress? Alternatively we could head out towards the ship and try and lock on with our tractor beam sir". Anthony of course had his own plan in mind, but like with the previous meeting in the lounge, he sought to find out what was on the mind of his crew, because at some point he would be part of an away mission and leaving others to continue in his position as he certainly could not be at more than one place at once.

Hannam brought up a significant point that a "regular warbird could be run by just one person", so perhaps this was no regular warbird, or perhaps the sensors were misleading, Afterall, each year advances with developments or introductions of new technology and it was no secret upon the surrender of the Belak that Romulans were being resourceful. There was certainly an element of irony that the Klingons were also being resourceful by the timing of their attack, no matter how wrong the attack was, but clearly the Romulan-Klingon war had certainly put the Federation in a difficult position, such that Hannam highlighted on a more personal level that affected him as she asked, "Captain...If the vessel is piloted by a Romulan, and if he or she requests asylum...will you grant it?". Despite the clear concerns of Hannam's position as a Romulan and Anthony's position as a Starfleet Captain, sitting on the precipace of a potential war, he replied, "Regardless of our circumstances, we cannot change who we are, so by all means asylum would be granted without a doubt", wishing to assure his first officer. Captain Janeway was also put into a similar situation in the Delta Quadrant where she held onto Federation principles regardless of their fight for survival with potential enemies around them and little allies. If Voyager can hold onto principles solo in such conditions, then there was no reason why the Federation or the Albion should not hold onto them also, regardless of relations with the Klingons.

"Well, sir? What are your orders?", Tyvya asked as he pulled away from Hannam and clapped his hands to get attention, "Yes! Lieutenant Ral, move to an intercept course for the romulan warbird. If that doesn't rock their boat, I don't know what will.....", giving his orders and adding a little humour to lighten the mood before proceeding with his remaining orders as he cracked his knuckles and then turning to Nathan, "I would like you to work with the Engineering staff and get to work on preparing a repulsion beam. If the pilot is a desperado, we do not wish to give him or her the means of destablising us"[/b], then turning to Tyvya, "I would like you to work with the marines to prepare to board, though be cautious if the pilot is a desperado or if the scans prove false. Work with Intelligence in that regard and advise medical of possible casualties to prepare for, should the worst-case scenario occur", letting Tyvya take the lead on this one.

There was a greater concern however on Anthony's mind as he tapped his commbadge, =A= Commander Kalre this is Captain Kell. Incase the scan proves false, I would like a squad sent out to scout the area of any possible reinforcements this vessel has, in particular any Klingon activity, just incase this is a ploy which I am not a fan of falling for..... =A= before turning to Hannam incase she had anything to add. Scans certainly proved to be helpful but sometimes they were misleading and the best way to find out was the old fashioned way......

(OOC: I have tagged everyone and divided orders for departmental collaboration which I liked to see between the marines and the fighters. Anyone have any questions, contact me via pm or via ooc. This will also be a good way of seeing who remains and what spots we need to fill)