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Hannam Letant

"One day I shall return home to a free and whole Romulus."

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a character in “Star Trek Cold Front”, as played by Magus1108


Commander Hannam Letant



Character Information

Name: Hannam Letant
Position: First Officer, Chief Science Officer
Rank: Commander
Gender: Female
Species: Romulan
Age: 58
Place of Birth: Romulus, Romulan Star Empire

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'9
Weight: 145
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Physical Description: Hannam is of regular Romulan build, and is very well in shape. She is not the most physically attractive woman around, but Hannam prefers it that way; she does not like to flaunt her looks. If anything, she likes to draw as little attention to her physical features as possible.


Spouse: Mandukar; KIA
Children: Hexce (Male, 30); MIA
Father: Aev; KIA
Mother: Nalah; KIA
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): None
Other Family: An aunt, Isha; MIA


General Overview:

Hannam is much the same off-duty, as she is on duty. She is very strict and serious, taking her work to heart. She has little tolerance for 'goofing off' or other attempts at humor or play when at work. She is like this even when off-duty; she does not like to engage in what she derisively calls 'frivilous' activities, and finds it very hard to relax, in general. She is not the most easy-going of people, and it takes quite a lot of effort to get past her emotional barriers.

Since becoming a Starfleet officer, however, she has tried to be more...fluid, more accepting of the more relaxed nature of the Federation. Though the key word here is 'try'. She is still very much a Romulan at heart, and carries on what she learned during her tenure as a captain in the Romulan military.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Strengths: Hannam is a strong woman, able to withstand a good deal of punishment, both physical and mental. She carries herself proudly and with great confidence, secure in the knowledge that she is good at her job. Hannam also has a knack for discerning truth from lie; unless a person is an expert liar, she can usually break apart any false truth within minutes, and dissect the truth from the informaion given.

Weaknesses: Hannam can also be proud to the point of it being a fault; any suggestion of a flaw in her work or in her demeaner usually is met with great scorn and anger. She is secure about her life and work, but since the fall of Romulus and her defection to the Federation, she has become prone to moments of doubt and guilt. Her ability to discover lies has also made her quite paranoid and suspicious of people in general; she does not trust people easily, nor does she give out trust all that much.


To see her people freed from the tyranny of the Klingon Empire

Hannam is determined to fight for the freedom of her enslaved people, even if she does so from Federation lines. She considers the Klingon subjugation of Romulans to be barbaric and outrageous, and eagerly awaits the day that she can return home to a renewed and restored Romulan Star Empire.

To fight against the Klingons in the inevitable Federation-Klingon War

Hannam is no fool; she clearly sees the writing on the walls, to borrow a human expression. War between the Klingon Empire and the Federation is imminent, despite any protests given by the Federation government. And once that war does become a reality, Hannam will be ready and eager to serve in the frontlines against the Klingon hoard. She has experience battling the devious warrior-race; experience that she believes will come well in hand in the coming months and years.

To prove her worth as a Starfleet officer

To say that becoming a Starfleet officer was an...unexpected career change would be a gross understatement. Hannam never imagined herself taking on the uniform of Starfleet. And yet, here she is. And now that she is an officer in the Federation military, Hannam seeks to prove herself in the eyes of her superiors and comrades-at-arms. Hannam knows that many people in Starfleet are suspicious of her and other Romulan ex-patriots that have joined Starfleet; after all, relations between Romulus and the Federation were never good. But, Hannam wants to work past such suspicions, and prove herself as an able and excellent member of Starfleet.

To get revenge on the Klingons in general

The Klingons have ruined her life. Their are no ands, ifs, or buts about that. The supernova destroyed her home planet, and the Klingons used that to destroy her life entirely. Since the Klingon conquest of Romulan space, Hannam has harbored a seething and festering hate against all things Klingon. She despises them and everything they stand for; in the coming war, she looks forward to killing as many Klingons as she possibly can.

To find her missing son

Her son Hexce is some of the only family she has left. Hexce was not on Romulus when it was destroyed, so Hannam has some high hopes that he is still out there, somewhere, in subjugated Romulan space. He could be dead all the same, of course; many Romulans were slaughtered during the Klingon invasion. But, since she has not received any word of his death, Hannam still clings on to a small amount of hope. It is likely futile, and will no doubt end up with her heart broken, but that does not stop her from hoping all the same.

Hobbies Interests:

She often spends time in the Holodeck, going through various scenarios and situations she has programmed into the computer. When not visiting the Holodeck, she often reads classic Romulan literature in her personal quarters.



Hannam Letant was born on Romulus, in the year 2334, to two loving and doting parents. Hannam lived a quaint and peaceful life with her parents, growing up as a proper Romulan. When she became of age, she decided to join the Romulan military, so she could proudly serve her nation. She rose through the ranks over the decades, and eventually gained her own commission as captain of the IRW Belak; and just in time for the Romulan entry into the Dominion War.

As Captain Letant, Hannam proved herself well, and helped score many victories for the Empire during the all too brief war with the Dominion. After the war's conclusion, she continued to serve as the Belak's captain, giving many more years of proud service to the Romulan Star Empire.

And then, everything changed with the destruction of Romulus.

She lost her parents and her civilian husband, who all lived on Romulus. Not long after that, the Klingons invaded, seeking to take advantage of their weakness. Hannam and the rest of the Romulan military fought bravely against the Klingons, but over time the might of the Klingon Empire proved too much for the weakened Romulan Empire; within a year, over eighty percent of the Romulan military was wiped out by the Klingon Defense Force, and the Klingons were making inroads into nearly every system within Romulan space. The Provisional Government, establsihed shortly after the Klingon Invasion, was finally forced to offer the unconditional surrender of the Romulan Star Empire.

Hannam was shocked and outraged by this course of action, but there was little she could do about the matter. Faced with the reality of a subjugated Romulan nation, Hannam saw two choices: she could either join her comrades in the military as rebels to continue the fight against the Klingons, or she could seek sanctuary in the Federation, and save the lives of both herself and her crew. Despite how much she wanted to continue the fight against her people's conquerors...she knew it was futile, if just at that moment. And so she took the wiser and safer course of action, and defected to the Federation.

In exchange for the secrets of the Romulan cloaking technology, as well as other Romulan knowledge, Hannam and her crew, as well as many other fleeing Romulans, were offered asylum in the Federation. From there, Hannam began her new life as a Federation citizen.

She refused to leave the military, however. Even if it meant joining Starfleet, she'd continue to serve as an officer. With the approval of Starfleet Command, she and many other ex-patriot Romulans took a crash-course of Starfleet protocol and procedure, learning over the course of several months what cadets at Starfleet Academy spent years learning. Once she sufficiently proved her knowledge of Starfleet procedure, she was allowed to join. Though she was not given command of her own ship....which, even if it annoyed her, she understood. Starfleet wanted to see how she'd cope, being an officer in their military, after all.

In 2392, the captain of the newly commissioned USS Albion was rounding up his crew, and decided to choose Hannam as his XO. Hannam accepted the offer, eager to go out into the frontlines, and has since begun her service in Starfleet. It remains to be seen if she can truly adjust to being apart of Starfleet, but at the very least, she shall give it a good try.

Service Record:

(2392-) Executive Officer, Commander, USS Albion
(2374-2388) Commanding Officer, Commander, IRW Belak
(2370-2374) Executive Officer, Sub-Commander, IRW Tomal
(2366-2370) Chief Science Officer, Centurion, IRW Genorex
(2356-2364) Junior Science Officer, Lieutenant, IRW Khazara
(2353-2356) Assistant Science Officer, Sub-Lieutenant, IRW T'Met

So begins...

Hannam Letant's Story

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#, as written by S1mon

Captain Anthony Kell

Deck 2 - Captain's Quarters, USS Albion - 08:00

Captain's Log Stardate 68646.76,

As of now, it is 0-8 hundred hours (08:00) on the day that the Albion is due to depart from Starbase 84. I have sent a communique to each of the senior staff to congregate in the lounge at 13 hundred hours (13:00), the purposes of such is to get the member of staff together in a more relaxed environment, whether they agree or not is upto them, however I am confident in the team I have selected and that no matter what comes our way, the Albion will pull through. Not only am I confident in my staff, but also the ship itself which I have personally assessed myself in overseeing the finishing touches to this latest model of the Prometheus-class.

In 18 hundred hours (18:00), the Albion will be leaving Starbase 84 behind for its maiden voyage, but first I must report to Rear Admiral Kell. The Albion is my first command and yet we stand on the precipice where war may break out at any comment. It is my hopes that it will not result in war, but if such is the case then it will be the Albion that will be putting an end to their plans as well as the Task Force under my command. Already I have met with each of the commanders in my Task Force and have confidence in their abilities to aid us in this endeavour, whatever this may be.

Kell out.

Deck 9 - Lounge, USS Albion - 13:00

It was certainly questionable as to why Anthony had requested that all his senior staff meet up in the Officer Lounge. Originally, Anthony was planning for the meeting to take place in the Mess Hall, but with the crew now boarding to prepare for departure five hours from now, he changed his mind for the meeting to take place in the Lounge so that the meeting could be held in a more private setting. The Lounge still remained a questionable location for the staff meeting but Anthony had his reasons. When selecting his senior staff, Anthony took much time in reading each application in detail to make sure he chose the best for each role. However, he was concerned with how each of them would get along, hence his decision to have them all come together. It was less likely to be very accurate with the fact that they were in the presence of their captain but he could at least get a picture.

Anthony certainly ran things much more differently than other Starfleet Captains which also included his father. However, Anthony always had this more laid back approach, such that he had maintained throughout his career which had made him the man that he was today. Some would question his methods but there was as the idiom says, a method in his madness. Not that he thought his random decisions were mad, more unique and spontaneous, yet despite such from happening, he was a smart individual as he conveyed himself in one way, before acting in another which had proved to work well when he served as Acting Captain on the USS Galileo when he had to take command on occasion, such that had proved to show how tactical he was and why he was recommended to be in the position he was in now. There is always a reason.

Now all that remained was awaiting his crew as he sat in the lounge, relaxing in his chair. His first officer was a Romulan so he was certainly curious what she would perceive of this move, but it was intentional. It was the perfect atmosphere for them all to relax and get to know each other and may trigger what they may of hidden in a more formal setting, which was much more representative of how they would act when off-duty. Despite his precautions, Anthony hoped that they'd all be able to work well, but they were the best of the best out of all applications, so he only hoped that they'd put aside any issues they have or be mature about it and approach him with any concerns once this meeting was over. His yeoman was on stand-by so that the officers could book appointments with him, seeing as being Captain was a heavy responsibility that he would have to live up to....

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First Officer Hannam Letant, formerly of the Romulan Star Empire, walked into the lounge and strode over to the Captain. She gave him a terse nod and saluted him. "Commander Hannam Letant, reporting for duty."

With that formality out of the way, she stepped to the side and drifted over to a corner, content to stay on her feet. So far, her first impressions of Captain Kell were...less than stellar. To be blunt, Hannam considered him a fool and a disgrace to all Federation captains. A harsh assessment, perhaps, and it might change in the future. But for now, that was what Hannam thought of her new commanding officer.

He was deigning to meet with his senior staff in a simple lounge, of all places? That decision stunk of human passivity, and perhaps even an implication that he did not take his appointment seriously. A strong captain, more importantly, a Romulan captain would meet his or her senior staff in the briefing room, or a location of similar status and importance. Hannam had done so herself, when taking command of her Bird of Prey. But her, this felt demeaning and disgraceful. While he might not have intended it to come off this way, the First Officer felt this was almost an insult to his staff. To meet in such a public and lowly place....

Were she Captain, she would not have taken such an action. But, much to her misfortune, she was not the Captain of the U.S.S. Albion; only its First Officer.

Granted, she would no doubt be placed in command of the ship from time to time, due to various reasons, but it wasn't the same as truly commanding your own ship. In all honesty, Hannam loathed being a First Officer again; for well over a decade, she had commanded the Belak, and the feeling of commanding your own starship did not go away so easily, especially when you were taken away from that ship, demoted, and sent to another.

That hadn't quite happened with her, of course; not in so many words. She had surrendered her ship willingly to the Federation, which by now had no doubt been reduced to its basic components and studied by Starfleet scientists. It had been part of her deal to have her crew granted asylum in the Federation. The fact that Starfleet had even allowed her to join was a mere...bonus, one could say. The Federation could easily have sent her to some obscure colony world on the edge of space for the rest of her life, and grounded her, forbidding any chance at rejoining the stars. Yet they had not done that, and thus Hannam had some gratitude toward the UFP. Still...

She would rather be in command of her own ship again, rather than serving as a glorified seat-warmer for Captain Kell. But despite her distaste for both Kell and her current rank in Starfleet, she would persevere. Nothing would stand in the way of her regaining the status of Captain. No matter how long it took her, she would command her own starship again. Even if it was under the Federation banner, she would succeed in that endeavor.

And more importantly, she would one day see a free Romulan nation again, too. With any luck, the oncoming war between the Federation and the Klingons might led to the salvation of her people.

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#, as written by Legate
Marine Captain Erik Gunnarson stepped through the hatchway and into the USS Albion for the first time. Looking around the docking bay he could see everyone in a rush to get all the final preparations for the ships launch finished. Spotting a crew member he went over to see if he can find out where his quarters are.

"Crewman, where would I find the officers quarters?" he asked

Without looking up the loader shot off a reply "Deck 5"

He collected his bags and went off to find his way to a turbo lift. He made his way to deck 5 and after a brief stroll he finally found his quarters. He entered and set his bags down and took his first look around his home for the next several years. Wellll shit he sighed I guess maybe I could get used to this. The cabin was about 4 times larger than any previous military quarters he'd ever had. As he looked around though he realized that this was just his sitting room, and that in fact there were several other rooms including a bedroom and his own bathroom. No more open concept showers for me, hell but if this isn't the life I don't know what is. Now that he thought about it his two duffel bags of possessions looked woefully inadequate to fill such a space. Oh well he thought. He set down his bags and opened them up, then he remembered he had a senior staff meeting in 5 minutes. Looking down at his civvies he figured he should change. Rummaging through his bag he finally found his Number 2's. They were still the SFOD-D issue, he hadn't had enough time to get his new uniform before they'd bundled him out as quickly as they possibly could. Bastards just didn't like being reminded of their mistakes he thought. Oh well he was just going to have to show up in this and be late to boot. Not that he was going to rush. He was a Captain with 10 years combat experience and be damned to showing up red faced and out of breath like a fucking rookie.

Changing into his Number 2's he remembered to affix his decorations and campaign ribbons as well as citations. All in all he thought they made quite a tidy number just under his left shoulder. Putting his cap under his shoulder tab he began making his way to the meeting. As he strode he was conscious of the looks he received. Well, he thought since I'm going to be changing uniforms soon might as well let them see what Special Forces look like. And he began to march, through the halls, looking neither left nor right, he strode as though there were no one else in the hallway.

When Finally he reached the meeting room he donned his cap complete with his previous units emblem. He buzzed the door then without waiting for a reply he sauntered into the room. As he entered he let his gaze roam around the room noticing who was in the room. He was almost the last person to arrive. When finally they came to rest on the Captain of the ship and his commanding officer his saunter was replaced by a crisp purely military salute as his hand came up and his feet crashed together.

"Marine Executive Officer Captain Erik Gunnarson, Reporting as ordered ... Sir" The almost-too-late "sir" was accompanied by a smirk so fleeting you might have missed it if you hadn't been watching for it.

He stood at Attention and waited for the Captain or Marine CO to speak

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The lounge was filling up quickly. Small conversations were starting up, here and there, but it was slow going at first. She would need to make a point of speaking to Commander West, as their jobs occasionally overlapped. First, however, she needed to follow protocol in greeting the First Officer, Commander Letant. Walking around those at the food table and the chairs, she found the First Officer in a corner of the Lounge.

"Lietenant Commander Tyvya Idrani reporting for duty, sir," she said, saluting. Perhaps a bit too officious to salute both of her commanding officers, but regulations were regulations. There were warmer greetings, but there was no telling who would welcome an Andorian handshake and who wouldn't, and the First Officer didn't look particularly welcoming. So after her salute, she left the First Officer to her own business. It was always so difficult to decide when formality should make way for informality, as the former was her natural state, but morale was not served by strict formality at all times. That was the issue with a meeting in the Lounge of this sort, made the lines a little blurry. But it was the Captain's way, and she would learn to adapt, as always.

She began to wonder how the Captain would deal with so many different people, especially some of those who were not strictly Starfleet regular issue. For some time it might be worthwhile to keep a sharp eye on the crew, a mite sharper than she usually did, to make sure that everyone was... settling in comfortably. Tyvya wanted to speak to her Assistant Chief next, to begin the working relationship on a good note, because she had to trust her to be at her back aboard. Perhaps the Lieutenant would be open to some combat practice? Tyvya had always found that fighting against someone was one good way to determine their character, that and it was both her favorite form of exercise and a necessity for her job. She stood taller than the rest of the crew currently in the Lounge, so it was an easy thing to find her Assistant Chief of Security when she came in. Although the crew did vary in species, she was the only Klingon, as well, and those features were impossible to mistake. Tyvya went back around chairs to greet her.

"Lieutenant Katogh, welcome to the Albion. I'm Lieutenant Commander Tyvya Idrani, Chief of Security."

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Dorath Yevel strode through the corridors of the ship with ease, navigating his way to the lounge the Captain had specified for their meeting place. After a minute of this he arrived at his destination. He promptly walked into the room and went over to the Captain, granting the human a grand smile. Dorath gave a salute and uttered,

"Lieutenant Commander Dorath Yevel, Chief Intelligence Officer, reporting for duty, sir!"

With that formality out of the way the Cardassian smiled again at his captain, and wandered off to the side. So far he was adjusting well to the ship, and he had helped Theodore and Daphne move their things into their shared quarters, which was the reason behind his slight tardiness. His service aboard the Albion had hardly begun, but already Dorath had a good feeling about it. He wasn't sure why, but he had an innate feeling that these next few years here would do him well.

As Dorath mused to himself, he decided to glance over the senior staff present, taking them all in. A diverse bunch, if he ever saw one. A Klingon and a Romulan serving on the same ship together? That was quite a feat. He hoped that the two officers wouldn't have too many conflicts, though. No doubt Commander Letant held more than a sore spot about the Klingon conquest of Romulan Space, which she might see fit to take out on Lieutenant Katogh. Though the Klingon female could probably take on whatever punishment the First Officer tried to settle upon her. Still, a conflict between those members of the staff would be concerning.

Other than that, though, he didn't see any problems that could generate among the senior staff. He recalled vaguely that a Bajoran also served in the senior staff, though he hadn't spotted him yet. Hopefully they wouldn't have any problems, either; even if he had been born in the Federation, it didn't take away the ire some of the Bajoran Starfleet officers felt to their former oppressors.

And, well, hopefully no one on the ship in general would have any problems with him. The Dominion War was twenty years over, but many still held a grudge over the Union's alliance with the Dominion. Not that Dorath blamed them; still, such conflict would be troubling and hurtful, no doubt. Hopefully he would be able to avoid such problems.

When his observations and musings couldn't keep him busy any longer, Dorath decided to strike a conversation. He maneuvered his way to the ship's doctor.

"Hello, Doctor Calhoun." Dorath greeted eagerly, smiling warmly at the Half-Vulcan. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Lieutenant Commander Yevel."

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#, as written by Jill

First Officer Hannam Letant entered the lounge only shortly after Dezhe, and the Klingon woman was relieved that their meeting had not been in the hallway. At least with this many witnesses there was little chance of a brawl should the two interact. The admiral who had given Dezhe her orders to report to the Albion had mentioned in passing that she might have some difficulty, but hadn’t explained this particular snag. Across all of Federation space there were reports of conflicts between Romulans and the few Klingons who had not retreated to the Empire.

Dezhe had been prepared for hostility, for people to fear her. She assumed that she would have the ability to work past that, to earn the trust of her fellow officers and the crew. Now, she wasn’t sure. Her instincts were telling her to attack first, while she had the element of surprise. Only her training kept her body from reacting at all. Absently she grabbed a glass from the bar and took a sip. The first officer was a Romulan. This would be a Gre'Thor of a duty. Though, she seemed to have not yet noticed Dezhe's presence - either the Romulan woman was ignoring her, or perhaps had not been briefed. Dezhe hoped that it was the former. Her bat'leth was still stored in her locker which had been shipped to the Albion, and her unseen quarters, yesterday.

baQa'. At least I’m not under her direct command. Dezhe thought to herself, taking another gulp of the “wine”. Human beverages were always so bland - even after imbibing some of the so-called potent blends Dezhe would barely get a headache.

A pale blue figure approached Dezhe and she put down her glass. I can only hope that Andorians don’t have a hatred of Klingons. Hu'tegh, I don’t think my people have done anything to them lately.

"Lieutenant Katogh, welcome to the Albion. I'm Lieutenant Commander Tyvya Idrani, Chief of Security."

“nuqneH, Lieutenant Commander.” Dezhe gulped at her misstep. It was so rare that she faltered these days, but seeing the First Officer had assuredly affected her. No one liked a Klingon speaking Klingonese - not even in the days of peace, not even a simple hello. She followed it with a more proper, Federation, reply, “Greetings, Lieutenant Commander. I was going to report to you immediately upon my arrival but received orders to come here first.”

Dezhe had found that deference had been key when addressing human superiors. They often felt intimidated by her size - even the few that had been taller than her often weighed less. Her size had made sparring difficult as she usually had to take it easy on fragile human bones. Just a small mistake could lead to broken bones in human physiology.

The Andorian woman was taller than her however, and well built. Dezhe could tell by her stance that Idrani had not earned her rank behind a desk. True warriors did not need false obeisance, and she had hated to act as such under her previous superiors. But they had been men, human men, with fragile egos. Women were made of stronger stuff, and it was apparently true in Andorians as well. Dezhe only hoped that she had not lost her chance at a good impression with her poorly timed Klingonese.

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Commander Letant watched with vague interest as the members of the senior staff chatted among each other, no doubt exchanging various pleasantries and getting to know each other better. An understandable goal, she mused. Romulans did much the same, when serving aboard a newly commissioned vessel. It seemed almost universal of all species; the drive to better know your comrades at arms, the urge to understand those around you. And it was especially apparent on this Federation vessel.

Deciding she may as well engage in such frivolous, but ultimately useful, exercises--after all, these were her people too, and she may as well make an effort to get to know them--Hannam walked over to where the Chief Engineer of the Albion sat. She inclined her head to the reptilian man, and curtly stated,

"Greetings, Chief Ex'Ian. I am Commander Letant. It is a...pleasure to serve aboard this vessel with you."

It wasn't much, true, but it was a start. Dialogue had been initiated; hopefully the Chief would respond in kind.

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Ex'Ian looked over to Commander Letant when she spoke and he let a small smile vaguely appear on his face. He always associated smiles to the act of friendliness. And the last thing Ex'Ian wanted to do was appear as a threat. He bobbed his head forward slightly in a nodding way, though he only did it once, in a way to acknowledge and greet the Commander and make it as clear as he possibly could that he considered the greeting as a form of friendliness.

"It's a pleasure to serve with you as well. It is, as well, a pleasure to meet you." Ex'Ian said in a clear voice, the same voice he always talks in. One must speak in a clear voice before one expects to be taken clearly. Ex'Ian was taught this himself and told his children the same thing. It was a tradition - as some would say - in his family. His very large family that always seems to have someone pregnant.

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Hannam looked over the Chief Engineer curiously, and finally gave voice to her thoughts. "If you do not consider my question offensive, might I inquire as to what species you are? I do not believe I have encountered your kind before."

Which wasn't too surprising. The Romulan Star Empire hadn't been that much of a diverse place. There had been the Remans, of course, and a few other subject species within the Empire, but very few, if any, ever got the chance to serve in the military. Especially after that debacle with Shinzin some years past.

At any rate, she had never encountered a species like that of Ex'Ian was apart of, and due to her nature as a scientist, she was always curious about new life and cultures. If there was one good quality about Starfleet and the Federation that the Romulan Empire had lacked, it was the fact that Starfleet encouraged exploration of every kind, especially in regards to seeking out new kinds of life.

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#, as written by S1mon

Captain Anthony Kell

His decision to congregate in the officer lounge was his and his alone. It was not that he disrespected authority and formalities as he understood the need for such, but he also wholeheartfully believed in the formal informalities where everyone can simply be themselves. Sure the Albion was at the fore-front of the approaching Klingon-Federation war by being the Task Force's Flagship, but with such importance to the success of their missions, it was as critically important for each other to work together and knowing each other's strengths and weaknesses to make the best decisions at a moment's notice.

One-by-one, each of his senior staff begun entering their unexpected meeting place, but of course Anthony's intentions did not rest in giving orders but give each one a chance to meet him in a less than formal surrounding, as well as meeting their fellow comrades in less than formal surroundings. His father of course was much more stricter on protocol, having the belief that all crew should respect, acknowledge and be fully aware of the chain of command, as well as the reinforcement of discipline. Sure Anthony believed in all that too but there were more important items on his agenda.

The crew of the Albion will be at the eye of the storm, thrown into the abyss with such trying and difficult times ahead. In comparison with the earlier days of the Federation, there was not at the forefront of exploration but at the forefront of war, war which brought destruction and death in its wake. If anything, Anthony hoped that the war would not occur but there was not a chance that Klingons would pull back from former Romulan space and give back to what remains of the Romulan Star Empire, so the war was inevitable.

Of all people that understood to an extent what Anthony was like, was his former comrade, now Chief of Security, Tyvya Idrani who was first to enter with the formality even if it was obvious that he was aiming for the meeting to be informal, "Lieutenant Commander Tyvya Idrani, reporting for duty, sir". Anthony could still remember the times that he and Tyvya had each others' back on the Chesapeake since she was part of his security team. She knew sometimes that Anthony had his own ways which seemed to succeed, he was certainly confident of her abilities and that she would make a great security chief which was why he was quick to accept her application. Even more interesting was for her assistant chief which would be bound to raise some controversy, but if anything was learnt in earlier human history, mistakes are made and not all are responsible for the actions of some so he hoped things would work out for Dezhe.

This whole meeting is in itself a test as he reviews his senior staff, but not everyone would agree with his ways and those who are confused as Celeste asked after her introduction, "May I inquire as to why we are meeting here?", only for his answer to be spoken by Virana Kalre who seemed to be pleased with his choice, "If I may say Captain, its a pleasant change to meet somewhere less...formal", which caused Anthony to lift his free hand towards her to give the notion that she had essentially spoken what he was to say to respond to Celeste's question as he continued, "Some may disagree, but I feel the best start would be somewhere more relaxed. We have plenty of time to be all serious afterall", smiling and giving a sharp nod to Virana, already pleased since it meant she understood his reasoning or at least some of it.

Following Virana was another comrade of his from the Chesapeake, Harper West who served as his Marine Commander who congratulated him on his position informally, which was just what he wanted. On many vessels, the strict type were usually the type officers did not get along with and was someone those lower in the chain could not get along with or approach with complaints, but Anthony wished to be approachable and understandable, being respectful and open to all regardless of rank though such didn't mean he didn't regard rank.

Of course one in particular who he believed would be on strict on rank and discipline, perhaps even moreso than his father was "Commander Hannam Letant, reporting for duty" as she nodded to him sternly before moving aside almost immediately. Following her was Captain Erik Gunnarson, Marine Executive Officer and Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander Ex'Ian, giving each of them a friendly nod and smile to welcome them, before one by one, each of the senior staff begun to divide up as each got to speak with each other; Dorath and Celeste, Virana and Harper, Tyvya with Dezhe and Erik and a conversation even brewing with his first officer with Ex'Ian, so he was glad that she was opening up in that sense and trying his approach more than rejecting it. It was all positive and seemed his test was working out as he had hoped.

=A= "Lieutenant Ral to Captain" =A=

As soon as his commbadge chirped, his initial thoughts was what this could be about and secondly, why Lieutenant Ral wasn't where he was supposed to report to. Nevertheless, it must be for something important to contact him in these circumstances. Anthony gave a smile to the assistant chief of operations who he was conversing with as he had begun to mingle, only to pull to the side to respond so that this call wasn't disturbing what had been achieved so far, but at the back of his mind he felt this union was about to be over. Oh well, there was always another time.

=A= Kell here =A=

=A= Sorry to disturb you Captain but there is a romulan vessel on approach =A=

=A= Lifesigns? =A=

=A= Seems to be a very undermanned crew as only reading few lifesigns......using the sensor readings from what was given to us by the Romulans, am reading.....1, only 1 sir, and from what I can tell, the ship is on an intercept course to the starbase" =A=

Anthony closed his eyes since unfortunately things were starting already, what made it even more difficult to understand was the fact it was a romulan vessel when the remnants like Hannam's crew had joint with the Federation. =A= Contact Starbase to release docking clamps and start up the engines immediately, and contact transport chief to operate in two minutes. Kell out =A= now being left with no other choice, he then returned to the crowds until he was somewhat in the middle, clapped his hands together to cease the conversation that had now erupted around the room to get everyone's attention, "If I can have everyone's attention.....thank you! First of all I'd like to thank you all for coming, not that you had a choice but still, but going to have to cut this really short which is not what I wanted at the least but least you managed to put a face to a name", giving a smile before continuing, "In about thirty seconds you will all be transported to your stations as seems we got ourselves a bit of trouble, I am positively sure that we can put a stop to it, 100% sure we can so let's work together on this", ending with a clap before Anthony disappeared from the room, as one-by-one disappeared from the room also.

Re-appearing in the bridge, Anthony looked down to where Lieutenant Ral was, and then around the room as his senior bridge personnel appeared one by one, as he tapped his commbadge, =A= Kell to Ex'Ian, be advised we shall be leaving dock earlier than planned with a possible fire fight so be ready down there.....Kell to Medical, though I do not anticipate casualties, please be at the ready just incase.....Kell out =A=. With the relevant departments informed, he then turned to everyone else, "For our situation, we have a one-manned romulan vessel on an intercept course to the starbase, our task is to intervene and apprehend the lone ranger", using terminology intentionally associated with Earth's past, but 'lone' was enough to suggest that they were after the culprit behind the attack, "Lieutenant Ral, activate thrusters and let's get away from these shackles.....any suggestions?", the latter part of his statement directing at the rest of his senior staff to hear their input while Dion was tasked with getting the ship out of the dock.......

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Hannam felt herself being beamed up to the bridge, interrupting her conversation with the Chief Engineer. She immediately went over to her station, assuming her duty. She perked up with interest once the Captain mentioned what the problem was.

"Can the ship's sensors determine what type of vessel it is? I find it hard to believe that a regular warbird could be run by just one person." Hannam inquired, her mind already running through the possibilities. The warbirds of the Romulan Fleet had an artificial intelligence, of course, and the capacity for auto-pilot, but neither could keep a ship running by themselves, especially for critical systems like engineering. It led her to believe that the Romulan vessel approaching the Starbase might be a smaller model of ship, with a greater capacity for self-running; perhaps one of those new line of interceptors that the Fleet had just put into action before the destruction of the Star Empire.

Alternatively, someone who was savvy and desperate enough could have jury-rigged a warbird to run virtually by itself. That seemed likely too. At the end of the Klingon-Romulan War, Hannam had to make quite a few unorthodox repairs and modifications for the Belak, due to the fact that she hadn't had a starbase to report into for repairs. Still, that would take a lot of technical skill to accomplish...

Whatever was going on, they would find out soon enough. Commander Letant just hoped that the Romulan vessel didn't have any Klingon pursuers on its tracks.

"Captain." Hannam called Kell aside, and gave the human a curious stare. "If the vessel is piloted by a Romulan, and if he or she requests asylum...will you grant it?"

She knew enough about the Starfleeters to know that almost all of them would say yes to such a question....but the reality of their current situation would interfere with such noble notions. After the formal surrender of the Romulan Star Empire, the Klingons harshly cracked down on anyone in Romulan space seeking asylum in the Federation. A few incidents since the fall of Romulus had sparked a great deal of anger and ire from the Klingons, and Hannam knew that Starfleet Command would be reluctant to tick off the Klingons any more than they were. Especially if it ended up being the spark to a Klingon-Federation War.

How Captain Kell handled this situation would no doubt affect the things to come for the Albion and her crew. Hannam just hoped that whatever the outcome, it would be...satisfactory.

She herself was in favor of granting asylum to any Romulans seeking refuge in the Federation. But, Hannam had enough political savvy to recognize that it wouldn't be as easy as that. She saw a war between the Klingons and Federation as inevitable, of course, but sparking a war here and now would not be the best move for the Federation to take.

Still, perhaps this would be easier than she thought. Maybe the vessel was not being pursued by a Klingon task force, and they could grant its pilot asylum quietly and without incident, with the Klingons ignorant of all that transpired.

Of course, things were never that easy...

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#, as written by S1mon
Captain Anthony Kell

As the saying goes, all's fair in love and war so far so good, as each of the senior staff materialised as he intended onto the Bridge and immediately adjusted themselves according to the situation they now faced, both internally and externally. Despite the lack of preparation due to the sudden appearance of the romulan vessel, the crew were responding quickly which was always a good sign, especially on the Flagship that was leading the way. It was one thing to serve on a Flagship, even more so to command a Flagship, but the most important is whether it was a functional Flagship, such that certainly proved to be the case as he heard each of the senior staff communicating with their staff via the comms, followed by the marines and fighters reporting him from Captain Gunnarson and Commander Kalre respectively. No doubt Harper was busy yet it was concerning that he hadn't made a report for his department.

Nevertheless, such matters would be addressed at a later date as Lieutenant Ral activated the ship's thrusters with the ship lunging forwards slowly out of space dock, being cautious not to scratch the paintwork. Usually the first assignment started so smoothly with his piloting being the center of attention as the ship got underway on its maiden voyage, but it seemed that the Albion would not get such a chance and nor would the crew, such that was an implied condition in serving a Flagship no doubt. Nevertheless, things in Starfleet were never what they seem, nor were things ever easy, though there was no harm in putting such ideology across, even in the most serious situations.

"Captain, I suggest we hail them, and if they do not respond, fire a warning shot across their bow and prepare to destroy the ship. Or, if you prefer, we could board the ship ourselves and apprehend the Romulan", Tyvya suggested, followed by Nathan who seemed to have a similar idea, "Hail them sir maybe they are in some kind of distress? Alternatively we could head out towards the ship and try and lock on with our tractor beam sir". Anthony of course had his own plan in mind, but like with the previous meeting in the lounge, he sought to find out what was on the mind of his crew, because at some point he would be part of an away mission and leaving others to continue in his position as he certainly could not be at more than one place at once.

Hannam brought up a significant point that a "regular warbird could be run by just one person", so perhaps this was no regular warbird, or perhaps the sensors were misleading, Afterall, each year advances with developments or introductions of new technology and it was no secret upon the surrender of the Belak that Romulans were being resourceful. There was certainly an element of irony that the Klingons were also being resourceful by the timing of their attack, no matter how wrong the attack was, but clearly the Romulan-Klingon war had certainly put the Federation in a difficult position, such that Hannam highlighted on a more personal level that affected him as she asked, "Captain...If the vessel is piloted by a Romulan, and if he or she requests asylum...will you grant it?". Despite the clear concerns of Hannam's position as a Romulan and Anthony's position as a Starfleet Captain, sitting on the precipace of a potential war, he replied, "Regardless of our circumstances, we cannot change who we are, so by all means asylum would be granted without a doubt", wishing to assure his first officer. Captain Janeway was also put into a similar situation in the Delta Quadrant where she held onto Federation principles regardless of their fight for survival with potential enemies around them and little allies. If Voyager can hold onto principles solo in such conditions, then there was no reason why the Federation or the Albion should not hold onto them also, regardless of relations with the Klingons.

"Well, sir? What are your orders?", Tyvya asked as he pulled away from Hannam and clapped his hands to get attention, "Yes! Lieutenant Ral, move to an intercept course for the romulan warbird. If that doesn't rock their boat, I don't know what will.....", giving his orders and adding a little humour to lighten the mood before proceeding with his remaining orders as he cracked his knuckles and then turning to Nathan, "I would like you to work with the Engineering staff and get to work on preparing a repulsion beam. If the pilot is a desperado, we do not wish to give him or her the means of destablising us"[/b], then turning to Tyvya, "I would like you to work with the marines to prepare to board, though be cautious if the pilot is a desperado or if the scans prove false. Work with Intelligence in that regard and advise medical of possible casualties to prepare for, should the worst-case scenario occur", letting Tyvya take the lead on this one.

There was a greater concern however on Anthony's mind as he tapped his commbadge, =A= Commander Kalre this is Captain Kell. Incase the scan proves false, I would like a squad sent out to scout the area of any possible reinforcements this vessel has, in particular any Klingon activity, just incase this is a ploy which I am not a fan of falling for..... =A= before turning to Hannam incase she had anything to add. Scans certainly proved to be helpful but sometimes they were misleading and the best way to find out was the old fashioned way......

(OOC: I have tagged everyone and divided orders for departmental collaboration which I liked to see between the marines and the fighters. Anyone have any questions, contact me via pm or via ooc. This will also be a good way of seeing who remains and what spots we need to fill)