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Brandon Neuman

0 · 369 views · located in U.S.S. Peacekeeper

a character in “Star Trek: Peacekeeper”, as played by chris_alloy1


Description: 92 years old (22 years apparent), lean, wiry build. Light brown hair, green eyes with a silver band common in Yassengoro.

Personality: Genuinely good natured, has an from-the-seat-of-the-pants attitude when it comes to flying.

Equipment / Abilities: Has a Type-1 phaser, standard Starfleet issue, wrist communicator, and a Yassengoro shri'tan dagger. Does possess a Type-2 disruptor (general design). Possesses full telepathic awareness and abilities. Has Confederate basic telepathic training.

Background: Brandon is the descendant of a Federation officer from the U.S.S. Vagrant, a vessel lost on the frontier a century before. He grew up knowing only the fear of the Borg and the Confederacy way of life. But after First Contact with the Federation, he decided to move out of the colony he had called home for over a hundred years and make his way in new space. Has signed on to the Peacekeeper as a helmsman and has become one of the "senior" officers of the independent vessel, acting as a First Officer.

So begins...

Brandon Neuman's Story

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Setting: U.S.S. Peacekeeper, Deck Four, Main Shuttle Bay One / Stardate: 24O1O5.1O 1821

The Bajoran, former Starfleet officer lay on the flat of her back on the floor of her Valkyrie Mk II Fighter, named 'Gypsy Girl'. "Gigi" she called out with a rough growl, being in a precarious and awkward position, listening for the two tone signal as it chimed. "Run a level three diagnostic of the on board weapon systems." Simza requested, trying to isolate and fix the three degree variance in the tetryon cannon's targeting sensors. "Acknowledged." Echoed, as the response came back over the ship communications.

^Bridge to Mizore.^ The avatar called from the tactical station, temporarily merged with the operations controls console. "Mizore, go ahead." She grunted ever so slightly, elevating her wrist communicator positioned up toward her face. . ^We are on approach to the Vulcan Starbase Han'shir, they are hailing us.^ The AI relayed. "Understood. I am on my way, heading for the bridge, thanks Samantha." Simza responded, sliding off the floor, pushing herself to stand upright on her feet, making her way to the nearest turbolift. "Samantha, deck one, main bridge, please." Simza quietly voiced in hushed timbre, stating her desired destination, stepping slowly on to the lift.

Setting: U.S.S. Peacekeeper, Deck One, Main Bridge / Stardate: 24O1O5.1O 1825

Arriving on the bridge, as the boatswain's whistle played, announcing her presence. Mizore, just shook her head, a short smile appearing on her lips, seeing the humor in the little practical joke the crew staged. "We are at three hundred kilometers, they have scanned us, and are awaiting a response to their hails." Samantha stated. "Very well, onscreen." Simza instructed, taking her place, sitting posed at attention in the captain's seat.

#Unidentified vessel, this is Fleet Commander T'Ano of the Vulcan Starbase Han'shir, name, rank, and designation.# The Vulcan officer demanded, thoroughly explicit, insistent on an explanation. "Mizore Simza, former Starfleet Lieutenant Commander, of the Unaligned Starship Peacekeeper." She declared. The Vulcan woman reacted with a barely noticeable sense of shock and surprise, when her left brow twitched, rising a single millimeter higher than the other. #What is the nature, purpose, or intention of your presence in our space?# T'Ano interrogated. "Personal, mostly, Fleet Commander. I am here to see my wife T'Alyx, and twin daughters J'Aylah and J'Sykah. I am also looking in to the possibility of obtaining some omicron particles to increase the potential and expand the function of our replicators." She explained, keeping it short and to the point, without getting too specific, sparing with the details.

#I find that to be acceptable, I will make the necessary preparations. The Peacekeeper is cleared for docking, however, I can't grant you more than four days to conduct and complete your business at this time.# T'Ano revealed, coming off sounding quite similar to a formal briefing. "Thank you Fleet Commander T'Ano. live long and prosper." Mizore offered, slipping her left hand up in displaying the customary Vulcan gesture, concluding the entire interaction to its inevitable, logical end.

^Mizore to va'Larr." Referring to the alien in the 'Afterlife' lounge on deck nine over communications, using the device on her wrist. ^va'Larr here, Mizore. Is there a particular matter you require me to look in to?^ The engineer inquired. "Not exactly at this precise instant, for the the time being, we will be docking at Starbase Han'shir within moments." She conveyed, prior to continuing on. "See what you can do over a little down time, on acquiring some omicron particles, approximately two thousand kilograms should be sufficient toward our preferred objective." Simza phrased, politely suggesting the plan of action. ^I would be glad to ensure that we have sufficient energy source, should we have to be away from any resupply facility for any prolonged period of time.^ va'Larr, verbally executing an implicated answer.

Leaning back in her chair while her vision shifted, coming to rest her dual colored eyes on SAM, before turning to look over at the pilot helm control console. "Ready for a little R and R on shore leave?" Simza inquired, with a turn of a smile. "Take us in. . ."