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y'Shall va'Larr

0 · 170 views · located in The Peacekeeper

a character in “Star Trek: The Peacekeepers”, as played by wallywombat92


stats as follows:
Height: 6'8"(2.03 meters)
Weight: 270lbs(122kg)
Eyes: Tigers Eye
Hair: Platinum White
Figure: Slim/Athletic build with four true ambidextrous limbs
Personality: Very Caretaker like with some trickster/impulsive tendencies

Advanced Engineering Theory
Advanced Engineering Protocols
Advanced Warp Theory/Operation
Advanced Quantum Mechanics
Advanced Temporal Mechanics
Advanced Computer Sciences and Development
Advanced Equipment Research and Development
Advanced Cloaking Systems

Technomancy: The ability to interface, interact, manipulate, and modify technological systems at an accelerated rate of speed and proficiency.

The people she came from is a very Matriarchal society with an emphasis for service and of generosity with a strong need to protect those that the individual considers her family or clan. They are inquisitive in nature with strict guidelines on how to interact with others outside their own race. Her people originate from the Gamma Quadrant. Not much is know, not even by the Dominion, about her race or even their system of origin.

She has been trained by her people in their native martial art form.

So begins...

y'Shall va'Larr's Story


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Character Portrait: Brandon Neuman Character Portrait: Mizore Simza Character Portrait: y'Shall va'Larr
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Setting: Deep Space Nine, Quark's Bar
Stardate: 2413O4.1O O944

"Well, then can I ask for a date?" the stranger said with a gold-winning smile. Mizore only stared back at him with a vacantly unimpressive expression, no response was given, merely turned as she parted ways with the fella. ::Would he even care for such an intimate social engagement if I were of Marayna's race, much less a male of the species?:: The thought flickered, quickening in her surface thoughts before removing them from mind completely, pushing it from her conscious entirely. Pending any further delay, Simza headed directly for the transport pad where the 'Gypsy Girl', a Valkyrie Mk II Retrofit fighter, waited for her return.
Her dual chromatic eyed gaze, piqued with a slight curiosity, fell on to the form of a towering young female with long platinum white hair, a pale face marked with ashen lines, four arms stretching out across the hull of the Gypsy Girl.
The Bajoran, on her approach vector was set up to arrive casually beside the titan of a woman. "I've not seen such beautiful designs outside of my own kind, may I board her." The alien spoke, with a voice that almost seemed sing as the words left her mouth. "Granted." Mizore replied, a slight smile playing on her face, when the fighter doors opened allowing entrance. "Name is Mizore Simza, mostly Mizore, though many simply refer to me as 'Doctor'." Forming with her hand the customary Vulcan somatic greeting. "As my guest on the Gypsy Girl, you may enter first." Extending a hand toward the inside of the ship offering the invitation, allowing the lady step within. "My thanks to you for your gracious hospitality." Offering a sign of her species respect and admiration, the palms of her upper arms pressing together as if praying, her lower ones openly extended wide with the palms of her hands help upward. "I am va'Larr." The two women boarded the ship, with Mizore setting course, as both made their way toward The Peacekeeper.

Setting: Deep Space Nine / USS Peacekeeper, Docking Tether
Stardate: 2413O4.1O 1O11

Simza had set the Gypsy Girl in a holding pattern off the port fore of The Peacekeeper, a snatching grab of her messenger medic pack tossing it over her shoulder, before initiating a site to site transport for the two women. Positioned just outside the door to the starship, announcing her presence and intentions in her typical quieted tone where she stood. "Mizore Simza, requesting permission to come aboard The Peacekeeper." The gateway opened revealing the inside of the independent vessel, the Bajoran woman standing only a moment with va'Larr close behind, proceeded slowly as she moved to enter.
"So, I take it you want that date?" Staring the man in the eye, before turning her attention to the hand clutched close to his frame. "While your relentless persistence and dedication in such pursuits, is admirable, I do not think that course of action is the wisest." Responding logically to the repeated offer, stating the fact very flatly, extending her left hand open palm. "Hand." She insisted, reaching in to her pack as she examined the extent of the damage, retrieving both a hypospray as well as her dermal regenerator. "I am also sure my wife would not approve of such an activity." Placing the hypospray to the fella's neck, delivered a small dose of anesthizine spliced with three cc's of kelotane, before carefully hovering the regenerator over the plasma burned tissue. Mizore continued speaking her mind, working as she went on. "Not to mention the truth of how little you really know about me, or the lack of how familiar you are with me." The Bajoran retorted. "For all you know, you could be asking a for a date with a convicted mass murderer who just shot you with large dose of 'Nogatch Hemlock' derivative, enough to stop a Hirogen instantaneously." She said in jest, mentally fighting the desire to laugh hysterically, a wry smirk appeared pulling at the corner of her lips.


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He extended his hand and let her go over it with the dermal regenerator. "True," he said. "But you aren't. Otherwise, I would never have approached you."

"How do you know?" She asked.

"I just do, doctor," was the reply. "And who is this?"

Introductions were given, finally coming back to him. "My name is Brandon Neuman, and it is my job to fly the ship. Last crew that was on here made me the apparent 'CO' when they left... and I, uh, don't really care if you call me 'sir'.

"And this is Sammy," he finished. "She is our resident Jack-of-all-Trades."

"Greetings," SAM welcomed.

"I suppose you want to be shown your stations?"

"Preferably, commander," she said.

"Eh, that's gonna be new for a while," he muttered, beginning to lead them through the ship. "Deck 7 and 14 have no replicators and no lighting. Other than that, ya can choose where you want to live."

They arrived at the turbolift. "So, what is it you do va'Larr? Deck 8," he asked as they entered the turbolift. The decks began to whirl past.

She explained her natural curiosity of machines to him.

"Sounds like you are going to be our resident engineer," stated Neuman. "Just dont, in your curiosity, take apart the warp core. Took me all night to diagnose it and fix it."

They arrived at Sick bay by this time. The doors opened to show the sterile, clean environment that always seemed to be the case in Sick Bay.

"Well, doc, you won't have any problems with supplies... we used to keep it well stocked, back when there were more than me," Neuman explained. "So we should have everything you need for a bit."

"As for you," he said, turning to the four-armed alien. "I need your help with an EPS conduit..."


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Setting: U.S.S. Peacekeeper, Deck One, Main Bridge
Stardate: 2413O4.1O 1147

Quietly standing there, positioned at ease on the bridge, was Simza in worn black suede leather square toed mary jane style heeled ankle boots. Loosely fitted rugged blue pants, with matching straps hanging low off the sides and back. Her modified Bajoran phaser pistol openly displayed on her left, as well as a vintage twentythird century communicator attached to her cobalt nanofiber belt. A faded obsidian and sapphire midriff jacket featuring detailed embroidery, with sleeves pushed up around her elbows, over a solid white, sleeveless, short aketon fashioned Andorian silk half top with corset lacing, Dark padded gloves on her hands, along with a jett colored wrist band communicator on her left arm, her Starfleet Lieutenant Commander rank visible on the collar her jacket, and a silver Bajoran earring passed through her bloodline adorned her right ear. Her auburn hair tightly braided, that fell over her shoulder, spanning past her waist.

"Commander." The Bajoran stated matter of factly.

The minutes passed by, as they seemed to flow, stretching ever on before her to some unfathomable endless unknown, where Mizore waited patiently for Neuman, who appeared to be preoccupied with some matter that was demanding his attention at the time. When no response had been given, or there was none to be had, Simza started making her way, wandering over to the captain's chair where she collapsed, falling into it. ::A girl could really get used to this.:: She smiled, as the thought slipped through her mind. Her dual colored eyes looking over the command console's status display before settling her sights on the AI.

"Samantha, take position at Operations, if you would, please." SAM hesitated a moment as she looked at Neuman, eventually nodding ever so slightly, before taking the controls at the station. "My valkyrie class ship is still off the fore port, have her tractored into Main Shuttle Bay One on Deck Four. Thank you," The Bajoran sat, interpreting the information displayed on screen. "Aye, Captain." The AI called back. "Just Mizore, please." She said, almost eliciting a little laugh, slowly shaking her head to being called captain. "Command protocol states that the one who takes that seat, is the captain in command of the ship." SAM replied. "Maybe, one day, if and when the rank and or title is earned through meritorious service, if you must refer to me by rank, 'El Tee' is applicably sufficient or will suffice."

With a tip of her head to the AI, her expression giving way to a playful wink in Samantha's general direction, just as va'Larr visually stepped on to the bridge into her periphery and announced her presence. "Once the Gypsy Girl is located inside the hangar, you may proceed with the undocking procedure." Simza paused prior to turning her attention to the woman. "As for you. . ." She motioned for the alien to approach. "I thought you might like to have this, as I am sure you will be needing one sooner or later." She said, extending her hand toward her. "It is, well, more specifically was, my Starfleet communicator badge. It is your own now, to do with as you wish. If I may suggest, though, I recommend you integrate and sync it with the ship's communication system. Also, feel free to make it your own, as we are not Starfleet officers on 'this' ship." She said with a kind of short smile, bringing her facing toward the view screen. "Samantha, once we are clear of the docking tether, and ready to make way."

Sliding her vision toward the empty pilot seat at helm control, then over to Neuman. "If you would assume your post, Commander, set engines to one quarter impulse. When we are clear, outside the range of Deep Space Nine, lay in a course along the vector, two two seven mark three five nine, at warp eight." As sort of a joke, to bring a little levity to the situation on the bridge, Simza started pulling a characteristically Picard style impression, aligning herself to sit upright, pointing in front of her toward the view screen with a serious look. "Kelay eka von." Simza, keeping a straight face, while resisting the urge to start laughing, she would have lost it had it not been for her mastery of Vulcan mental and emotional control.

Setting: U.S.S. Peacekeeper, Deck One, Observation Lounge
Stardate: 2413O4.1O 12OO

Mizore stood silently still in the darkness, her left hand pressed against the window as her homeworld became a nothing more than a spec among the stars, watching as Bajor, and the wormhole faded from view. "Once more into the fray. . ." Simza recited the line, thoughts of her world adrift in her mind. ::Until the next time, when I see you again. Farewell. . .::