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Star Wars: A Galaxy In Flames

The Galaxy


a part of Star Wars: A Galaxy In Flames, by Tylerjohnny1.

The Galaxy...

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The Galaxy

The Galaxy...


The Galaxy is a part of Star Wars: A Galaxy In Flames.


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Character Portrait: IG-136/59
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#, as written by Raidose
(Just as a note, IG-136 is not on the transport)

The winds carried many things throughout the desert. To some, sand, to others, a cooling breeze in a harsh world, and to those near the speeder-port, it brought noise. Noise in a great deal of varieties, from swears in a multitude of languages, to blaster fire, to the interesting sound of a Gamorian being trebuchet-tossed into a row of neatly lined speeder bikes. The cause of this commotion? A fairly regular occurrence on Tatooine, a Bounty Hunter trailing a source. This one in particular was intriguing to say the least, a droid, who was now in the process of evading a hail of blaster bolts whizzing through the air. The various barks and screech of each weapon marked one more projectile IG-136 would have to evade. The rapid series of inhumanly fast back flips it's evasion programming had set in motion, however, made it nearly impossible for a blaster to taste anything but sand, air, or if it's shooter was lucky, the bolt may burn another hole in the droids ragged robes. One after another, more flips than any living being could perform without vomiting, the droid expended their ammo, forcing the fools to reload. Then, it was time to act. Brandishing a single vibrosword, the droid jettisoned itself towards it's nearest target, a dark skinned Zabrak, promptly slicing off his right arm before donkey-kicking the human assailant that stood directly behind it.

The display, while impressive, had given enough time for the Gamorian and it's Bothan ally to recover. Both armed, both loaded, and both highly irritated with their mechanical opponent, they prepared to open fire. The droid, however, was carefully calculating it's own conundrum.

Targets acquired.
Discharge Weapon?
Estimating Target Threat Value To Ammunition Cost Ratio.
Weapon Usage: Approved.
Proceed To Terminate Hostile Meatbags.

The advantages of computerized thought process being displayed in a nanosecond, the droid magnetized it's left hand as it reached for it's blaster, causing the mighty T-6 Heavy Blaster Pistol to practically leap into it's waiting metal hand. Before they could even pull their triggers, two powerful bolts flew from the T-6's barrel, decapitating the pig-like alien and sending the Bothan flying backwards nearly 6 feet. With three of four targets either crippled or eliminated, all that remained was the human, who was attempting his escape. He failed to avoid both the droids outwards photo and audio receptors, as, with the flick of the wrist, it fired a bolas from it's left arm. The spinning detainment weapon hit it's marked, wrapping around the man's legs and neutralizing his escape efforts. Before the human even had time to comprehend what had happened, the droids grappling hook latched onto the cord of the bolas. He was yanked into the air, flying only briefly over the droids head, before being slammed into the sand at it's feet. He looked, in sniveling terror, into the red photo receptors of the droid, as it appeared to..... "Smile". It was thinking....

Objective: Extract Vital Intel From Captive Target.
Violent Measures: Approved.
Searching Medical Data Cache For Methods Of Gaining Total Compliance....
Top Result: Genitals.

And with that twisted and remorseless calculation, the droids hand proceeded to grab and left him off of the ground...... by his family gems. Hoisting the poor human exactly four feet from the sand, IG-136 calculated that the captive would be at his most cooperative.

"Request: Please allow me to try this again. Statement: I am looking for the Zabrak speeder racer known as Zannin Korrik. Query: Have you seen him?"

The human could do little more than cry in pain, so the droid thought it'd be best to share a certain piece of information with him, to better aid in his ability to communicate details in a rush.

"Observation: Minute changes in density and structure suggest that your reproductive organs can only withstand approximately 27.3 galactic standard seconds of continued pressure before rupturing. Advice: If you ever wish to procreate again, I'd start talking...... swiftly."

"Yes! YES!!! I've Seen Him! By The Hutts, I Have Seen Him! He Took His Speeder Out Into The Dunes To Practice For Tomorrow's Race! For The Love Of Carkoon, Please Let Go Of My Krayt Pearls!!!!"

IG's grip on the man released, as landed on the sand, nursing his sore nether region. The droid loomed over the man like a shadow, eclipsing the two suns.

"Statement: I require transportation. Query: Would you kindly loan me the uses of your speeder bike?"

"Sure.... just..... just go away! ....... ...... ....... Why are you still staring at me?"

"Reply: I am currently calculating the best ways to retrieve my bolas, as they are quite difficult to remove manually. Conclusion: I think I know a much easier way....."

Drawing one of it's vibroswords, IG-136 amputated both of the man's legs. Straddling the speeder of the now handicapped human and carefully untying the bolas from the two severed limbs before reloading it into it's arm, IG-136 flew off into the dunes in pursuit of it's bounty. The smile still showing proudly on it's face.


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Character Portrait: IG-136/59 Character Portrait: Davern Korosnos Character Portrait: Zekk Character Portrait: Ati Jendrassi Character Portrait: Edar Xann Character Portrait: Rift Kilbaine Character Portrait: Shikle Sevii Character Portrait: Koda'Rai
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After he'd popped Ati's arm back in place, Koda'Rai went back to helping with the scavenging to get everyone as prepared as possible, everyone else made it sound like a rather long journey. It was getting dark and he still hadn't managed to find much more of use, so he went back to the group rather empty handed and disappointed for it.

"Ati Jendrassi, Human Rift, Droid Smiley, how far are we from the towns earlier mentioned. From the lack of useful items remaining, this one was perhaps wondering if setting out was feasible." The heat was starting to get to him, particularly around the cracks in his tail, but he'd never been to a desert world before and as such didn't know how to handle the situation. He still wasn't exactly comfortable with the addressed status Smiley had assigned to him but figured it'd simply be easier to roll with it than attempt making corrections.

"If there is nothing left of the ship to be of use, this one finds no reason for the group to stick around."