Thomas Sear

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a character in “Star Wars: A New Beginning”, as played by wolfoftheage


Name-Thomas Sear
Background-Thomas was rescued from kashyyyk at the age of six whear he had resided in the wild. He had survived only by help of the wookies and his natural affinity to the force. by the time the temple got hold of him, he was already skilled in mele combat and had a decent set of survival skills. because of his first six years of life Thomas has a very wild attitude that is very animalistic. which has made him harder to train. although those who deal with him do say he is a quick learner and fast to adapt to his situation.
Personaliy- Thomas is wild and untamed but extremely loyal. he is a quick learner and a skilled survivalist. in combat Thomas is aggressive fighter and fights generaly with saber down letting it flow into odd angled attacks and force heavy assaults,
Appearence-Thomas has Brown hair that is kept well maintained whenever he is near the council otherwise he tends to let it take on a mind of his own. he has hazel eyes, and has tanned skin. he stands at 6' and weighs in at 175lbs his body is marred with scars of all sizes from his survival in kashyyyk

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