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Relic Xars

"You see that pike over there? Well, your head is going to be on it when I'm done with you, Jedi."

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a character in “Star Wars: A New Threat”, as played by R.T.M.X.


Name: Relic Xars (pronounced Zay-ares)

Age: 25

Species: Zabrak

Birth Planet: Iridonia

When not in combat, he wears a set of black robes that completely covers his face, his yellow eyes peering through from the shadow of his hood. Standing at 5'10, his white-as-bone skin is covered with various black tattoos, his body at peak physical condition, perfectly balanced between strength and agility. A single row of five one-inch horns are seen on the top of his bald scalp with two single horns located directly above his ears, as well as not having any hairgrowth on his humanoid body.

Profession: Sith Apprentice, publicly disguised as a Jedi Hunter/Bounty Hunter

Force Sensitive: Moderately powerful and sensitive

Allegiance: Dark

Personality: He is often viewed as being single-minded, and those who view Xars as such are not terribly incorrect. Having a strong willpower and sense of self-assuredness, he has built up a high confidence in that he can complete whatever was set out in front of him. He also wears an air of superiority over his enemies, knowing that there is a high difficulty to match his combat skills. This strong sense of pride and independence has made him mostly immune to mind control and to a smaller extent, resistant to those who are stronger in their abilities.

During combat, he is level-headed and thinks in a tactical manner. This gives him a stronger sense of control over the other force-wielders as well as the various lightsaber duelists that he had cut down before him. He is deceptive in combat, tricking and manipulating his enemies into revealing their weaknesses during combat.

Bio: Born and raised on his racial homeworld, Xar has become one of the best combatants in close-quarters combat, second to those in history's past. At an early age, he was extensively trained in martial arts, as well as being secretly trained by Darth Tyran due to his strong connection with the dark side of the Force. After his rite of passage, under the guise as a Jedi Hunter, he was often employed to hunt down Jedi and other force-sensitive beings for years, while secretly serving the Sith Lord as his apprentice. In essence, he was living two lives that were completely separated from each other, no evidence pointing towards both as being one and the same.

Ultimate Goal in Life: To build a legacy of his own under the tutulage of Darth Tyran.

Dual custom single-bladed blue-hued lightsabers
The dual set of single-bladed lightsabers that Xars utilizes in combat are customized in the fact that the two lightsabers are technically paired lightsabers, rare in the sense that they can be joined together into a single weapon. The hilts are curved, giving Xars the benefit of attacking from unexpected angles, though it makes it slightly difficult for him to use them to deflect blaster-fire.

Xars has his two lightsabers in this fashion in order to gain a greater advantage against melee combatants, disguised as a saber-staff or double-bladed lightsaber, before disconnecting the paired function into two separate weapons. Xars has the blades emit a bluish hue instead of the iconic red that the Sith had used, in order to maintain his disguise.

•(Enhanced Combat Prowess) Being a Zabrak, he has been extensively trained from a young age as a highly combative individual. He has a naturally higher form of agility and speed than most, due to the requirement for living on his homeworld. He is also a young master of close quarters combat, specialized with both a saber-staff, carried over from his race's natural penchant for use of the zhaboka, and both the Niman/Jar'Kai and Tràkata styles of lightsaber combat. this style is based around activating and deactivating one's lightsaber blade in combat to bypass enemy defenses. It is based on the philosophies of practical combat and deception, giving Xars an advantage over other duelists, who often refrain from using the style for various reasons.

•Shadow Vision
Through the Force, Xars gains low-light vision, allowing him to ignore the concealment of others, specifically those rendered invisible, for a limited time.

•Force Cloak
For a limited time, he can use this Force technique to make himself virtually invisible by manipulating the light and sound waves around him. Similar to Force Stealth, it taxes his mind, so he can only use it for so long before he collapses. While he can't be seen, he can still be felt by Force-sensitives.

•Force Stealth
Masks Xars' alignment, his ability to use the force, and even his presence from his targets. However, it heavily taxes his mind, draining his energy, so he can only use it for limited amounts of time or else he collapses from the intense drain of mental energy. He can still be seen, as the technique only masks his connection to the Force.

Technique of using the Force to move things. 'Nuff said.

These are the only force powers that Xars knows, but is currently training under Darth Tyran to harness the Force to gain more strength.

Ship: Insurgence, customized to have a black paintjob and to have a total of two laser cannons. Xars doesn't pilot the ship himself, but rather has a OOM Pilot Battle Droid to do it.

Theme Song: Headstrong - Trapt

So begins...

Relic Xars's Story


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Down one of the alleyways of Mos Eisley, a man was running for his life.

Looking back almost every couple of seconds, one could almost taste the fear that the man was drenched with. Fear for his life, fear to die, fear from a certain bounty hunter. Robes flowing against the wind as he ran, he went down one alley, swiftly turning down another, and then another, hopefully trying to lose whoever was following him. But it was all in vain.

Xars was tracking this particular man for almost 2 hours straight, and he was fairly certain that his quarry would tire out soon enough. He had been traveling via rooftop, efficiently negating the need to navigate such narrow walkways. The Zabrak watches him take a sharp right down another alley, but he didn't have to do much, for the alley he ran down was a dead-end. As the robed man approached the end, with no way out, the hunter glided down from the rooftops, gently landing on top of a knee. Recovering, Xars looked up, his pray terrified of what was going to happen next.

"You know, you shouldn't have ran. You could have made it much easier on yourself if you decided to come with me in the beginning." the Zabrak announced, walking towards the man.


The other man, now cornered and is certain to die, had withdrew a blaster pistol and fired it at his assailant, but it was to no avail. He was a mere 15 feet away, and he had missed Xars by inches. Withdrawing both of his lightsabers, Xars was walking closer to the man, whom Xars had identified as a Force-sensitive.

"Please, why are you doing thi-"

Xars thrusted his right hand towards the man, activating the blade at the last second, piercing through the man's heart. As the lifeless corpse slumped towards the ground, the Zabrak deactivated the blade, hiding both hilts along his belt under his robes. Grabbing the body, he slumped it over his shoulder, then began his trek back towards the cantina for his payment.


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Walking up towards the cantina, Xars noticed a mandalorian exiting and disappearing off. The armor is unmistakable. The old tales of Boba Fett, supposedly the best bounty hunter that existed during his time told of him wearing similar armor. That it saved his life from a sarlacc not once, but twice...

A corpse of a dead Force user on his shoulders, he entered through the doors of the cantina, noticing the decapitated body of a certain echani being cleaned up from the floor on his right. Well, this is the place. I don't know why master doesn't use the damn communicators that we have, he thought to himself, tossing the corpse onto the counter.

"Tell the officials that the job's done, and I want my 400 thousand credits in my account in two days. Or else they'll end up like this poor man."

The bartender took a quick glance at the corpse, and didn't know if he was joking about the latter part of that sentence. But he didn't want to take any chances.

"Yes sir. I'll get a messenger to deliver the body as soon as possible."

Tossing his hood over his head, shadowing his face, he noticed the Sith Lord, sitting in a vacant corner, subtly waiting for him. A few minutes later, crossing between the other patrons in his way, he had reached the table, and proceeded to sit.

"You know, master, that it wouldn't hurt to contact me on my communicator. The telepathic connection is going to ruin my disguise." He softly spoke, making sure that he was speaking in a hushed tone.


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#, as written by Zentose
Kalas left the cantina as a Zabrak wandered in holding a dead body. Less intimidating than the usual Zabrak, Kalas thought to herself, ignoring him after that. She walked over to her speeder bike and used the communication system in it to contact the Hutt base. A Twi'lek voice asked her in huttese:

"Is the target taken care of?"

Kalas didn't like it when species used a language other than galactic basic when they actually knew it. What's the point in pride of your planet when you aren't even a citizen there anymore? Replying in Mando'a as a show of annoyance, Kalas said, "The bastard's dead, the union's been crushed."

"Good, we've sent the credits to your account."

"What's next?"

"We simply need you to return to base, we'll have more work for you in the coming days."

"Kalas out," she said, turning off the comm. system. She was ready to get on her bike and leave, when dozens of people ran out of the cantina screaming. What in the hell? Kalas thought, drawing one of her pistols and keeping it at her side. She moved slowly towards the door, think, Why the hell am I doing this? Why do I care what happened? She ignored the voice inside her, being egged on by pure curiosity as she took a few steps into the cantina, the Zabrak and another, robed, fellow were there.

She lifted her pistol at them and asked, "What the hell happened here!?"