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Xavierah Stargo

0 · 426 views · located in Star Wars

a character in “Star Wars: A Tale of Two Families”, as played by trismikael



Softness ruined me. Never again will I be gentle. I will be bloodied knuckles and scuffed elbows. I will remain rough.

Basic Statistics
Name & alias(es): Xavierah Stargo (X-ay-vee-eye-rah)
Age: 15
Origin: Corellia

Familial Ties
Mother: Unknown
Father: Zev Stargo
Siblings: Xander Stargo (twin brother)
Significant other: N/A
Other relationship(s): Jael (family friend)

Physical Characteristics
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 123lbs
Species: Human
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Skin color: Caucasian
Distinguishing feature(s): N/A

Mannerisms: Xavierah is, in many ways, her father’s daughter. She has grown to possess his analytic capabilities even at such a young age, and has learned through trial and error to view things through his eyes just as much as her own. Adulthood has found her quickly when it comes to a majority of her personality, and she often carries herself with far more stoic maturity than her fifteen years. However, she is in fundamental ways still just a child who seeks out the approval of her father, if only to avoid the consequences of his disapproval.

Greatest flaw: Xavierah’s greatest flaw is her perfectionism and need to be seen as correct or valid in her actions. A history of abuse leads her to anticipate the absolute worst when it comes to failure, and so she has grown to expect nothing less from herself than the best, which puts far too much undue stress on the mind of a child.

Best quality: Her overall best quality is her intelligence and the ease it lends to operating within the life she leads, where any failure is punished physically and any success is given little recognition and rarely any reward. The intelligence she possesses ensures a mostly unscathed survival, and it is without a doubt the quality she is most proud of.

Are you Force sensitive? No.

Emotional and Mental Characteristics
Language(s): Basic, Huttese, fragments of Old Corellian
Positive Traits:
+ Highly intelligent: For one so young, Xavierah is undeniably very bright, making connections where most would overlook them, quick to analyze and digest new information.
+ Criminal mind: Xavierah has an innate understanding of how the underworld works, and knows just how much of an impact even the smallest of actions can have on the larger whole. Because of this, she is able to find herself in positions someone her age doesn’t belong, and this makes her a valuable asset to her father’s syndicate as well.
+ Broken home: To put it plainly, her father is abusive. Whenever his children don’t live up to the expectations he has set, he doesn’t hesitate to hit them in order to “correct” this behavior. As such, Xavierah has become a master at reading the emotions of others in order to detect the slightest traces of discontent as a sort of defense mechanism.

Negative Traits:
- Abuse survivor: While her less than pleasant experiences with her father’s abuse have made her far more aware in every regard, they have also made her extremely sensitive to the actions of others. When others raise their voice she becomes timid, and should one reach out too quickly towards her or take any action that could be perceived as physical violence, she instinctively flinches at what she anticipates to be yet another strike.
- Don’t get cocky, kid: While there is no doubt she is the far more observant and proficient of the Stargo siblings – at least, in the way her father appreciates – this also lends to a tendency to be perhaps too straightforward, and most certainly far too arrogant in certain scenarios. With how little her father hits her it’s apparent she is favored in some manner, and this lack of what she has come to view as corrective discipline often leads to making mistakes she otherwise wouldn’t.
- Family matters: No matter how truly dysfunctional her family and home life is, there is nothing Xavierah cares for more than her father and brother. Although her ways of demonstrating any form of affection are either odd or barely existent at all, it’s undeniable that she has a soft spot for what amounts to the only family she’s ever known.

Unlike her father, Xavierah was born on Corellia, and so at the very least escaped from that aspect of his legacy. However, the name Stargo is a heavy one to bear, especially for one so young. Especially so when you are your father’s first heirs, and he wants his name to continue to be a source of pride for generations. Zev was fairly distant in the lives of his children, and so she learned quickly to prize the few hours she got to spend with him each day, enjoying simply being in his presence. The man may not have been the most doting of fathers by any means, but when his was the only parental love a child grew up knowing, his distant attitude quickly became the norm.

Until the age of twelve, her childhood was fairly normal, if not mostly spent in her brother’s company as the two were left to their own devices more often than not. Being left alone afforded a large capacity for getting into mischief, and her brother had more of a penchant for getting caught. One day his slipup was deemed too much, and so was the first time Zev ever hit one of his children. She was called into the room afterwards to bear witness to what would happen should she step out of line, and the incident was promptly dismissed.

As the twins grew older their father’s abuse of Xander only worsened and became more violent, and all it took was a single word from Zev for her to grow more distant in the comfort she offered after every beating, until it was nonexistent. Despite the fractures in their relationship, the two have remained close, as each is the only certainty in the other’s life. In truth, the only real home they have is with each other, as siblings.

So begins...

Xavierah Stargo's Story