Daiyu Zhen

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a character in “Star Wars: Jedi Academy”, as played by Kenzi



Name: Daiyu Zhen (First name means "Black Jade" and last name means "Treasure").

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Daiyu is one of a kind and she knows it. Arrogant, boastful, and cocky she is not one to back down during a fight or an argument and always needs to be number one. She is intelligent, quick witted, and stubborn as a mule with a slightly cruel streak that she combines with sarcasm. She despises authority and lacks respect for others, having come to the conclusion that she should not be taught by those with lesser powers than her. Despite her young age she has learned to be very manipulative and can actually appear kind and caring, though it is just an act to get what she wants. On the other side, she is also very sexual and flirtatious and will use her stunning good looks to get what she wants no matter who it's from. She has no one she would consider a friend and no family, having learned from a young age to trust only herself.

Skills: Extremely force sensitive, able to control the mind of others with ease, control massive objects with the force.

History: Daiyu grew up on a small planet that was full of violence and poverty with her parents and younger sister. When she was quite young, a pack of thieves came into their town and went house to house killing people and stealing their belongings. It was the dead of night when they came to her house, leaving no time to escape. Her parents locked her and her sister in a room but they were quickly over powered and killed, next they murdered her sister right before her eyes. Seeing their corpses on the ground finally made Daiyu snap, unleashing a fearsome power that had been dwelling inside of her. She used the force to control the thieves' minds and made them slit each others throats before she went after the other thieves, dispatching them all. Since then she has been known as a violent young jedi in training, though not without reason. Her extreme violence comes from trying to protect people, though she would never admit it.

Appearance: Daiyu stands at a strong and confident 5'10" with long lean legs, strong shoulders, and a trim waist. Her body has already taken on the curves of a woman with curved hips, a perky bottom, and full breasts that she shows off in her outfit. She is neither pale nor tanned, her skin taking on a healthy peach glow as though she has just stepped out from the sun, color lighting up her cheeks. Her hair is raven black and thick, falling her her waist in long straight layers that float around her body like dark smoke. Her face is heart shaped and disarmingly beautiful with high cheek bones, a small curved nose, full pouty pink lips, dark arched brows, and stunning eyes. Her eyes are wide and the color of ice with flecks of silver throughout, the same color as her light saber, surrounded by thick and curled dark lashes that fan from her eyes in a feline like way.

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