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Darth Valice

"No amount of discipline will turn sheep into wolves."

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a character in “Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force”, as played by Tash


Name: Darth Valice
Alias: Cato Vrynn, a moderately wealthy businesswoman and CEO of Vrynn Interstellar Shipping, a company she uses to hide any illegal activities.
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Faction: Sith Order
Rank: Sith Master
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Icy Blue
Hair: Jet Black
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130lbs
Distinguishing Marks: Lightning burn scars along the left side of her body, stretching from her neck down to her knee and along her right arm. Lightsaber scar from a stab wound in the stomach and a slash across the back.
Force Sensitive: Yes

Lightsaber Forms: Although a master of several forms of lightsaber combat, Darth Valice prefers a victory without the need of her saber. That said, she both willing and able to engage anyone who might threaten her or her plans, and can hold her own in a fight against jedi.
Known Forms:
Form VII - Juyo
Form IV - Ataru
Form II - Makashi

Force Powers: To compensate for both her small stature and the physical limitations that come with it, Darth Valice relies heavily on her considerable skill with the force and with the dark side in particular. She is known to use the force to bolster her strength and agility in combat.
Basic Force Powers
Force Sense
Force Leap
Force Fear

Advanced Force Powers
Force Lightning
Force Affliction
Influence Shatterpoints
Force Absorb

Master Force Powers
Force Destruction
Manipulator: Instructed in part by her former master, Valice had a knack for manipulation and deception well before she became a sith. She's utilized these skills to elevate herself to a position of great power among the sith, despite her relatively young age. In addition, her knowledge of deception gives her an uncanny skill in uncovering lies.

Agile: Finesse and skill make up for a lack of physical strength, and Valice is naturally quick on her feet even without the aid of the force. She uses her natural speed and dexterity to great effect in combat.

Intellect: Plotting the downfall of her master was no easy feat, and it took her years of planning and considerable intelligence to pull it off. She often takes pride in her intelligence, showing it off whenever possible.

Control: Valice exerts an unusually high level of control, both over herself as well as her subordinates and schemes. This enables her to give her attention to multiple things at once, as well as helps her resist mental force effects.

Ruthless: Valice identifies her goal, and then pursues it with such conviction that it frightened her late master, for good reason. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, even if it means sacrificing her apprentices.

Lightsaber - Darth Valice's lightsaber has a deep, blood red hue. The hilt is mandalorian iron tinted black and a black durasteel frame.
Clothing - Valice wears a fine silk jacket over an armormesh shirt. On her legs she wears light combat armor over armormesh leggings. Combat boots and gloves finish her practical attire, along with a light gauntlet on her right hand that assists in it's functionality, as her right arm has some nerve damage.
Rebreather - Valice's former master always had her keep a rebreather handy, and she still carries one around out of habit.

Beautiful, if one didn't notice the chilling gaze or the imposing demeanor, Darth Valice is shorter than most at 5'6", and weighing in at only 130lbs makes her not much larger than a child. That said, what she lacks in physical stature she makes up for with frightening countenance and a cool disposition. Her icy blues eyes complement her skin, pale from dark side use, which contrasts with her jet black hair. Although the dark side has begun to affect her appearance slightly, she still retains her beauty, even if it is a little cold. Her body is lean and athletic, a product of years of intense cardio and aerobic training to make up for her small size, and though she by no means has small breasts, she is also not particularly well endowed, a fact she still finds herself irritated by. Although her face is nearly flawless, the rest of her body bears serious scars. The first and foremost among them is the lightning burn that covers much of the right side of her body. Inflicted by her master as a child, she dresses specifically in clothes that completely cover it up. In addition to that, she has a stab wound scar on her lower stomach and a slash scar across her back, both inflicted by her master in practice duels.

Darth Valice is calm, collected, deceptively cunning, intelligent, and wickedly Machiavellian. Treachery is second nature to her, as is manipulation and scheming. She uses her quick wit, good looks, and charm to form alliances with everyone and weaving them together like a web, with her at the center, a spider that can feel every vibration and micro-manage every situation. She is willing to stoop to any low to get what she wants, including murder, torture, and blackmail. Not only that, but her master kept her face unmarred for good reason; she has a knack for seduction, and she employs it often. Behind her facades, though, she is simple. Her own insecurities, coupled with the hate she held for her master, has driven her to self loathing and an unwillingness to truly trust anyone, especially her apprentices.
Born on a transport ship making it's way to Nar Shaddaa, the girl who would become Darth Valice was left at an "orphanage". She had no name, so the orphanage assigned her a number; 56. During her early years, she had to survive mostly on the streets, as the orphanage did little to feed and clothe them. During that time, the other children started calling her Mop, because of the messy way she kept her hair. Initially frustrated by the nickname, she eventually embraced it so it no longer hurt her feelings. When she turned 13, she learned the truth of the orphanage; it raised children until they were old enough to be sold into slavery. She was sold to a weequay pirate named Cato, who kept her as his personal slave. She lived with Cato until she was 17, when she had grown tired of his repeated advances, she tapped into her anger and unleashed a barrage of force energy, disabling the ship. Frightened by her power, but also excited by it, she killed Cato's crew before choking him to death.

The ship drifted for months before it was finally discovered by a man named Urza. When he realized what she had done, he revealed himself as Darth Urza, a sith lord, and asked for her name. Proud of her kill, she took on the name Cato, and agreed to become apprentice to Urza. Urza taught her many things; how to tap into her emotions efficiently, how to wield a lightsaber, how to use the force as a weapon. She was excited by this new world, and loved Urza like a father she never had. It was cut short on her 19th birthday, however, when another sith, Yssarian, killed Urza and forced her to become his apprentice. She hated Yssarian, as he was violent, cruel, and cared only for using her as a tool. Still, he taught her things Urza couldn't, and she was grateful for that, as well as the lessons she learned about power and how the sith must use it. She excelled under his teachings, even if she hated it, and as a reward, Yssarian would torture her. Pain was her life, but she became stronger for it. At 22 she was ready, and Yssarian granted her the title Darth, and the sith name Valice.

Although the moment filled her with pride, very little actually changed. For the next five years, she endured some of the worst physical and psychological torture imaginable. Yssarian would electrocute her for doing wrong, and burn her with his lightsaber for doing right. She hated him, and she used her hate to form a plan. Yssarian was was powerful, but his weakness was arrogance. He thought he had long ago broken Valice's spirit and that he had complete control over him, but when he least expected it, she attacked him and bested him in a duel. Defeated, he begged for a quick death, but Valice had no interest in letting him off that easy, and she submitted him to all of the horrors he forced her to endure, and more, before finally killing him and taking his place as a dark lord of the sith.

Now a year later, Darth Valice is piecing together a power base of sith lords and apprentices, hoping restore the sith to their former glory.

So begins...

Darth Valice's Story


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The small transport ship was now silent as the robed being inside it sat motionless in the chair. He wore a pair of robes that his mother had given him a year ago on her death bed, with a mask he made himself covering his face. Strapped to his back was a freshly assembled vibroblade.

Sulin was deep in meditation. It was nearly a year ago that he had reach 'known' space. Since then he had formed a small, near invisible, group of force wielders called the Observers. They all had gone through great lengths to stay invisible while keeping track of the galaxy around them. Sulin couldn't truly tell whether the organization was doing well or not. At its size, the slightest change could kill it off.

Then, about a month ago, all those of sufficient skill in the force felt it. A pull that they couldn't understand. So, after several days of meditation, the members decided that Sulin, being the founder, only seer, and most skilled, would be sent to investigate. So now, here he was, preparing to take his small vessel into orbit around the city planet of Coruscant. By now, he knew that the origin of the pull was here on planet, which made him even more curious.

Activating a full systems cloak, Sulin woke from his meditation and began to guide the nearly undetectable ship to the surface of the planet. When he was finally confident on his landing zone not far off the port, Sulin made as quiet a landing as he could. Upon exiting the ship, he quickly commanded the force to make him invisible, which force users on the planet likely felt, with no follow up. Like it was only a pulse.

The setting changes from The Galaxy to Coruscant


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#, as written by Tash
Coruscant. The center of civilization and politics in the galaxy. With concentration, one could still feel the ripples of a thousand Jedi deaths echoing through the force even now, over two hundred years after the great Jedi purge. The thought brought a smile to the lips of Darth Valice, known to the rest of the galaxy as Cato Vrynn, CEO of Vrynn Interstellar Shipping, as she stared at the sprawling city through the view port in her personal transport. Today was the day that representatives from thousands of star systems would come together and elect a supreme chancellor, reforming the republic and likely restoring the Jedi to their ancient position as guardians and peacekeepers. In the public eye, a wealthy businesswomen and likely political contributor had come to Coruscant for the election, but in truth, Valice intended scope out the Jedi, gain their trust, and weaken them from within.

"Ma'am, we are getting ready to land now." Valice turned to see Threx, one of two Mandalorian mercenaries that served as her bodyguards, speaking to her.

"Very well. Land on platform three in sector sixteen. Ndawe should be waiting for us there with his report." Valice spoke, her tone even. She had sent Ndawe, her apprentice and personal favorite among the Sith that served her, ahead give her a preliminary report on the state of things. Threx nodded and returned to the cockpit with the instructions, leaving Valice to her thoughts. The ship had begun it's descent when she felt it, like a wave in the force emanating from a single point on the planet. Whomever it came from was neither Sith nor Jedi, and their presence prompted Valice to take extra precautions to hide her presence in the force.

The setting changes from Coruscant to The Galaxy


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The ship descended upon the platform, kicking up a wind that fluttered at Ndawe's robes. It was timed too perfectly, and felt as though the wave he felt rippling through the force had caused it. Pushing it from his mind, he clutched the robes closer to himself, and stepped forth to meet his Master. She would have better sensed it anyway. He towered over her, even when bowing his head. Nevertheless, there was an air around Cato Vrynn of unmistakable authority. Ndawe merely nodded towards Threx.

"Good morning Ms. Vrynn. This way, if you will?" he gestured, falling in step as they walked away from the landing pad. "You will be pleased to hear that your accommodations have been set up per your specifications. Your personal air-speeder is available whenever you wish to depart to the Senate. A modified Gaba-18 speeder, you will find it most comfortable. I trust your flight was not too stressful?"

Although they were on a personal landing bay, as was expected of the more sumptuous suites, Nthando knew it would not do to discuss matters more... personal. After all, one never knew who was listening. That had been part of the reason he'd been sent ahead, with a variety of droids. They cleaned, arranged, and more importantly, carefully inspected the suite which his master had requested for any security compromises. They found none, and had quickly accessed the security mainframes. Clever pieces of machinery, these droids. Valice would have more control of her suite than the Hutt real-estate tycoon they had gotten it from.

Only once the security doors closed behind them did he speak more freely, getting straight to business. "The council is highly divided. How to react to the Jedi is only one such issue. Choosing a Grand Chancellor may prove a long, tedious business. The Jedi themselves have arrived already, and I suspect they will be on their way to the Senate. The temple will remain a ruin until they can secure sponsorship. The Imperials will, of course, heavily oppose this, as will all those with resentment towards force users. But the Jedi may have enough support to succeed."


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Moving carefully about the buildings, Sulin remained as undetectable as he could be. He knew that should he get too close to a jedi, maybe around 10 to 20 feet, they would know he was there. He knew well that he had to avoid that, so as such, he stuck to taking the roof tops, doing his best to avoid using the force. His position might be a little more than dangerous, as he did not know how the jedi might react to knowledge of him.

His first stop was the old jedi temple. They had a library there that, assuming minimal damage, could give vast quantities of unknown knowledge. Sulin could not pass up this opportunity at such easy knowledge.

It had taken Sulin a grueling three hours to get to the old temple. It was in complete ruins. However, Sulin still had hope about it and began by walking in the one archway that was still intact. Upon entering the temple, Sulin fell to the ground pain rippling through him until he had lost enough focus to become visible, both by eyes and by force, once again. He stood up quickly now, without pain, noting that the force was a dangerous thing in the temple.

Following the broken down hallway, occasionally using the force to move objects out of the way, Sulin moved at a hastened pace. He could be seen and he could be felt, two things he found horridly dangerous.

Finally reaching the library, Sulin found what he was looking for. The lost knowledge of the jedi, their archives. It was plain to see that the archives had been damaged, but Sulin pulled all the recoverable data, putting it on a data spike to be brought back to the rest of the Observers. Sulin only hoped that no one had come to investigate the temple.

The setting changes from The Galaxy to Coruscant


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#, as written by Polka
Nalek couldn't say it was one of her favourite places to be. There were far too many people, who were more interested in themselves than anybody else. The selfishness in this Capital was by far the worst in her opinion.

Her Master and fellow apprentice would be meeting about now. However, Nalek had decided to skip this meeting and head straight into the bustling crowds.
The air was thick with noise. Everyone was getting on with the preparation for this important day but it was still easy to distinguish the Jedi's from the regular people.
She assumed, correctly, that they would be making their way to the Senate. Clearly the order had assumed trouble, other wise they wouldn't have needed the 'Forces Peace Keepers'.

Rather than follow the Jedi, Nalek decided it would probably be most wise to get in contact with her comrades. It wasn't everyday you got to meet with 'Darth Valice'.

The Twi'lek changed her direction. Heading to the meeting point.
Most likely Ndawe would already be with his Master. It was well known among all the Sith Lords that Valice held him as a particular favourite.