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a character in “Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force”, as played by Polka





Sith Order

Sith Apprentice




Distinguishing Marks:
Black facial and body marks and a small scar under her right eye

Force Sensitive:

Lightsaber Forms:
Though holding preference to the force, Nalek is very capable with her lightsaber even though she only an apprentice.
X Form I: Shii-Cho
X Form II: Makashi

Force Powers:
X Force sense
X Telepathy
X Force Jump
X Telekinesis, still undergoing training

X Force Lightning, still under training

Beauty Manipulation-
Being a Twi'lek comes with certain privileges. Most notably the females are rather beautiful often being traded as slaves for very rich and powerful men. Nalek uses this to her own advantage and though using her sexuality and beauty may no be orthodox is works just as well as the force on incredibly stupid men.

When Nalek was a slave she began learning how to communicate with different species. This has made her fluent in english and almost fluent in several other languages.

Nalek has the traditional red Lightsaber that is associated with the dark side of the force. It hangs delicately from her leather belt but is hidden under a long coat.

She is not an open book.
Nalek is a very inward person, only putting trust into a select few member of the Sith council. Her trust issues have led her to become distanced and slightly awkward. However, when it comes to her duty she is seemingly outgoing. Her talents lie with her seduction, which usually means throwing herself at men but this is not the real Nalek.

Unless she is with those she trusts, Nalek rarely speaks. She mainly responds with the odd head nod or a gesture with her hands. There is little need for her to waste her breathe with those not worthy. Plus part of her still feels like a slave and captive. Why would anyone want to hear what she has to say?

Nalek had a difficult upbringing as she was bred in 'captivity'. Both her parents were selected by their masters to produce offspring that would be sold into slavery. The kind of slavery was unknown but it wasn't for her parents to question.
At the age of two, after she was weaned off her mother, she was sent off into the slave trade. Her captor was a human man, he owned many slaves of many species, all of which he did not care about.

Until the age of 16, Nalek was used by her captor, though she had been systematically educating herself whilst in his care. She managed to escape using the beginnings of force manipulation ( though she was not aware of this at the time). She was no longer an object that was possessed by a man, she was now a free woman.

It was in her freedom that she landed in the Sith empire, even though it was not something that interested her at the time. She was told she had a knack for the
force and would be an 'asset'. Since Nalek had never been accredited for her talents rather than her looks she decided to dive deep into the sith empire.

So begins...

Nalek's Story


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#, as written by Polka
Nalek couldn't say it was one of her favourite places to be. There were far too many people, who were more interested in themselves than anybody else. The selfishness in this Capital was by far the worst in her opinion.

Her Master and fellow apprentice would be meeting about now. However, Nalek had decided to skip this meeting and head straight into the bustling crowds.
The air was thick with noise. Everyone was getting on with the preparation for this important day but it was still easy to distinguish the Jedi's from the regular people.
She assumed, correctly, that they would be making their way to the Senate. Clearly the order had assumed trouble, other wise they wouldn't have needed the 'Forces Peace Keepers'.

Rather than follow the Jedi, Nalek decided it would probably be most wise to get in contact with her comrades. It wasn't everyday you got to meet with 'Darth Valice'.

The Twi'lek changed her direction. Heading to the meeting point.
Most likely Ndawe would already be with his Master. It was well known among all the Sith Lords that Valice held him as a particular favourite.