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Sulin Worus

With the control of the light side, and the emotional power of the dark side, I cannot be stopped.

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a character in “Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force”, as played by unseenshadow2


Name: Seer Sulin Worus
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Faction: Dark Jedi (Neutral)
Rank: Seer (Between Knight and Master. He tries to avoid conflict as to observe and will train those who come to him.)
Skin: White
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Blonde
Distinguishing Marks: Several scars from wounds past on the chest and back.
Force Sensitive: Yes

Lightsaber Forms: One handed vibroblade

Force Powers: Force Push, Force Heal, Force Lightning, Force Invisibility

Skills: Stalking, vibroblade crafting, driving, flying solo

Equipment: Orange bladed vibroblade, Sith Stalker Mask, Jedi Adventure Robes

Appearance: Removing his mask only to clean his head, Sulin stays behind his mask, often in combination with the hood of his robes. He stands in at 6 feet tall, with a slim build.

Personality: Sulin is one who will more often than not try to avoid direct conflict in anything that can't be solved without violence, taking pleasure in watching how it unfolds. Sulin is not one to believe that any process of thought is better than the next, but is more than willing to share his. He is also loyal to those who can get through his non-friendly exterior.

Biography: Sulin was the birth of a relationship between a jedi mother and a sith father. After having met on the field of battle, they came to a tie that led to them both passing out. Both having been taken to a village by the locals to recover, they were forced to put aside their order's hate of the other. After a level of communication, they began to fall for each other, and ran from their orders, finding a remote world to live on.

After three years, the jedi became pregnant. The argument between the parents was simply how will they raise the child that is almost 100% likely to be force sensitive. They decided on a mix of the two, teaching the control of the jedi with the powers of the sith.

And so, Sulin lived 16 years in training from his parents, his father having died at 12. At 17, Sulin's mom died, giving him the robes he now wears as a reminder of her and his father. Now on his own, Sulin made a blind jump into hyperspace on the only vessel worthy on the planet. During the trip, he assembled a mask that he would use as his new identity.

After having some time to finalize his thoughts, Sulin formed a group known as the Observers. Their main focus is to obtain the largest bank of information in the galaxy while remaining undetected and unknown. For this reason, the only members of the organization that leave the safety of their cloaked ships are force sensitive and are trained in jedi control and sith power. The Observers have mastered the art of mechanical invisibility on nearly all fields, but still has an occasional pulse of detectability on one or two forms.

One day, about a month before he reached Coruscant, the force wielders of the Observers felt something in the force that pulled them towards the Coruscant. After a few long days of meditation, the force wielders decided on sending him to seeks to find out why the force called them there.

So begins...

Sulin Worus's Story


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The small transport ship was now silent as the robed being inside it sat motionless in the chair. He wore a pair of robes that his mother had given him a year ago on her death bed, with a mask he made himself covering his face. Strapped to his back was a freshly assembled vibroblade.

Sulin was deep in meditation. It was nearly a year ago that he had reach 'known' space. Since then he had formed a small, near invisible, group of force wielders called the Observers. They all had gone through great lengths to stay invisible while keeping track of the galaxy around them. Sulin couldn't truly tell whether the organization was doing well or not. At its size, the slightest change could kill it off.

Then, about a month ago, all those of sufficient skill in the force felt it. A pull that they couldn't understand. So, after several days of meditation, the members decided that Sulin, being the founder, only seer, and most skilled, would be sent to investigate. So now, here he was, preparing to take his small vessel into orbit around the city planet of Coruscant. By now, he knew that the origin of the pull was here on planet, which made him even more curious.

Activating a full systems cloak, Sulin woke from his meditation and began to guide the nearly undetectable ship to the surface of the planet. When he was finally confident on his landing zone not far off the port, Sulin made as quiet a landing as he could. Upon exiting the ship, he quickly commanded the force to make him invisible, which force users on the planet likely felt, with no follow up. Like it was only a pulse.


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Moving carefully about the buildings, Sulin remained as undetectable as he could be. He knew that should he get too close to a jedi, maybe around 10 to 20 feet, they would know he was there. He knew well that he had to avoid that, so as such, he stuck to taking the roof tops, doing his best to avoid using the force. His position might be a little more than dangerous, as he did not know how the jedi might react to knowledge of him.

His first stop was the old jedi temple. They had a library there that, assuming minimal damage, could give vast quantities of unknown knowledge. Sulin could not pass up this opportunity at such easy knowledge.

It had taken Sulin a grueling three hours to get to the old temple. It was in complete ruins. However, Sulin still had hope about it and began by walking in the one archway that was still intact. Upon entering the temple, Sulin fell to the ground pain rippling through him until he had lost enough focus to become visible, both by eyes and by force, once again. He stood up quickly now, without pain, noting that the force was a dangerous thing in the temple.

Following the broken down hallway, occasionally using the force to move objects out of the way, Sulin moved at a hastened pace. He could be seen and he could be felt, two things he found horridly dangerous.

Finally reaching the library, Sulin found what he was looking for. The lost knowledge of the jedi, their archives. It was plain to see that the archives had been damaged, but Sulin pulled all the recoverable data, putting it on a data spike to be brought back to the rest of the Observers. Sulin only hoped that no one had come to investigate the temple.


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The loading of data to the spike was finally completed. However, Sulin's fears were not helped when he could feel another presence enter the temple. He didn't mind the jedi who stayed back, this presence was getting close. Something about this being didn't feel one sided to Sulin, he had to investigate.

Drawing his vibroblade, Sulin exited the library, the dataspike securely attached to his hip. He moved in ways he hoped would keep him from being detected as he neared the other. He had spotted her in one of the rooms, though he could not tell what she was doing from the angle he saw. Coming around to the door, he stood in a defensive stance asking "Friend or foe?"

The setting changes from The Galaxy to Coruscant


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"Who and why are you? What purpose do you serve?" Sulin asked in a serious, and slightly gravely voice.