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Amida Starrunner

A rebel who works with her mother. She developed afew force powers from her father's side of the family, and is in training to work at a higher position in the rebel forces

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a character in “Star Wars: New Universe”, as played by Leda



Full name: Amida Rose Starrunner
Age: 17
Mother's History: Allina Starrunner was about 26 when she went to go work with the rebels as her husband had. After having their only child, working was difficult. She had littler money to raise and support her and Amida, She had barely any training and no abilities like her husband had. Once discovering her daughter had force powers, she tried to ignore it, hoping that perhaps Amida would aswell, leaving her daughter to know nothing about what she could do.

Father's History: Before he could see his daughter, he met with a terrible fate at the hands of the Sith. He was executed, Later found dead by a fellow rebel. He grew up a Jedi, trained in the arts of the force and wielding a light saber, talents and abilities he later passed on to his child. His death burdened his family and he was not easily forgotten. Photos of him have been seen around base, but no one speaks his name any more, so it has gone unknown to Amida her entire life, since her mother refuses to talk about him with her, and many of the rebels have sworn an oath to honor him as a face, not a name.

Force powers: Force cloak, Art of movement
Lightsaber colour: Navy blue
Weapon of choice: Pistol
Appearance: Refer to the picture above
Position in the rebel forces: In training

Hand to hand combat
learning about the history of Jedis

being called "Kiddo"

Durring her training she met with an accident, As she was trying to complete one of her tests she got caught under water, causing a fear of drowning. Though her mother had insisted that it wouldn't happen again, they all agreed to let her move past that test to the others. but this was not her only fear, From stories of great heros, told to her by the other people that she grew up with, she became horribly afraid of heights and closed spaces. But at the time, these fears seemed quite minor, she still hates the thought of being caught in a closet, or on the roof of a building, and this has caused afew issues with other tests.

Personality: Her personality is quiet outgoing. She is pretty confident and loud, and has been known to become rather aggressive when needed. Despite all this though, she is still a kind person when it comes to people she trusts, and she is rather heroic in the end of it all. She is artist and intelligent on top of all this; And she is quite independent and knows how to hold herself.

History: As a child she lived with her mother. Her father had been killed by the sith before she really got to know him, though she swears he was probably a pretty good guy. When her mother went to go work with the rebels she had no where else to send Amida, and thus, took her with her. But growing up with all the rebels had never been to bad, aside from the whole "Risking your life" thing. Everyone treated her like family until she reached the age to go into fighting along side her mother and many others. She had developed powers from her father's side, but generally never liked using them as she wasn't very good with them. Her mother often refused to acknowledge these abilities, almost as though she was insisting that the force itself did not exist. But Amida truly felt that if she was going to live with these abilities, she might aswell try to know abit more about jedis.
She soon became rather obsessed with these studies, spending much time outside of training to learn about these great heros, but never actually working to become one herself.
She continued to train with others her age, Mastering shooting with a pistol and Hand-hand combat, until the day that she finally went out on her first training mission, where she got lost. She survived on her own for afew weeks, Trying as best she could to ration her food, and track down the base. She fought against afew enemies on her own, but despite her courage, she ran from afew.
It took afew days until she was finally found. She had nightmares of those days in her mind for years, and still continues to have them. But this never made her any weaker. She took on new challenges within the next week, offering to help her mother transport things to other rebel bases. She begged for a spot on another search and rescue mission aswell. But it was seen as too dangerous due to the training she still needed. Seeing this as one of her greatest challenges she snuck on board the ship; following along. Unfortunatly sneaking is not a strong point and she got caught.
To this day she is still not aloud to leave her home base. Others fear she will get lost, but most fear she'll do something stupid and get herself killed just like her father...

Other facts:
When learning about Jedis she tried her best to work with the Art of movement powers. She was abled to move smaller objects mainly, due to lack of actual Jedi training.
She calls one of the head rebels "Pa", her reasoning for this is that; after her father died, Pa was really the only fatherly figure in her life. He doesn't mind the nickname, infact it's quite flattering that she loved him enough to give him one at all.
Amida does not know her father's name. She spent many years trying to learn from people, but all refused to talk about it. She never understood the big deal, but Pa always said "It was who he was, he never liked his name. he would have hated to be remembered by it. Simply know his last name, it's just as good as a first name, if not better."
She was mainly self trained when it came to force powers. Though she did find a Jedi at the base, willing to help her with afew lessons. but since neither really knew what she was capable of, she simply stuck with the Art of movements.
Her fear of heights was developed from a story she heard while training, about how easy it was to die if you fell from to high. Though she won't admit to it, this thought gave her nightmares that often ended with her in tears, begging her mother to sit in her room with her.

So begins...

Amida Starrunner's Story