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Avaris Gray

A human Force user and Escaped slave, he is currently on the run while trying to get revenge for his family.

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a character in “Star Wars: New Universe”, as played by Mr. Baneling Squishy


Avaris Gray is a human Caucasian sixteen year old boy with brown hair and eyes who has faced more brutality then most. At the age of six, he and his family were kidnapped by slavers and sold into slavery. While in isolated containment during transportation, he discovered he had Force abilities when he lashed out during a tantrum and created a literal wall of Force that he pushed forward. Hearing stories about what happens to Force users, he kept this secret safe and told no one, not even his parents, and the only person who ever knew was his sister.

Eventually, the family was separated when Slavers sold their parents to a Work Camp on an Outer Rim world and he and his sister were sold as servants to the Hut Cartel. He continued to refine his skills in secret, however before he could finish he and his sister were split up again, as he was sold to a Slave Broker. This Slave Broker, having more sophisticated monitoring software, discovered his Force abilities and tried to sell him to the Empire. However, he discovered this as well after sensing something was wrong, and managed to escape and overpower his guards. However, before he left he destroyed the data drives, so no one could identify him

He stole a shuttle, but was later arrested for not having a license for it, and was thrown into a cell, the Empire not knowing who they had. He was about to enact an escape himself, until the ship entered battle against overwhelming Rebel forces that set up an ambush. Now, he, as well as a Droid they captured named R3-D1, are trying to escape in the middle if the battle.

A few things of interest revolve around Avaris. For one, he seems naturally gifted at the Force, given the fact he was instructed by no one but himself. Additionally, this lack of guidance technically means he joined neither the Dark or the Light side of the Force, and doesn't see the world as such either. To him, the universe is gray. He believes it can be worth fighting for, but is infested with those who do not deserve it. He is not afraid to attack and be pro-active like the Jedi Order was before the Purge, and therefore has developed various Force abilities.

One Force ability he developed is a unique one no one has really seen, Force Pyro. He is capable of creating, throwing, and manipulating fire. He also has impressive telekinetic powers, as well as the ability to sense danger as a reflex from all the times he was beaten and tortured as a slave. He is capable of short range telepathy he used to secretly communicate with his sister while they were together, as well as creating empathic links. Additionally, he can create a barrier using Force Energy as well. He also gained the ability to turn himself into Pure Force energy for a few seconds, letting him pass through vents and bars as well as giving him momentary flight. He can only maintain the form for a few seconds though.

His Force abilities are both impressive, and a bit revealing. While Force Pyro could certainly be seen as a Dark side power, his Barrier power would indicate the Light side of the Force. Additionally, while fueled by anger, he is also fueled by love and hope. He still clings to the belief the world can be good. And while he isn't afraid of causing pain, he does wish to avoid it when possible, save for a few certain people.

Avaris also has a degree of technical knowledge, though only a small degree. He seems to be a natural pilot with anything small and maneuverable, but anything around the size of the Falcon or bigger and he finds it much more difficult. He also has no formal weapons training, and until he gets some his only offensive capabilities lie in his Force powers.

So begins...

Avaris Gray's Story

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Avaris quite literally was causing all sorts of havoc. This ship was going down, and he did not plan to die. Apparently, they had been heading towards some sort of secret location. They probably didn't expect a Rebel fleet to attack them, or New Republic rather, and less that one of their prisoners were Force Sensitive. As he ran through the ship, he ripped doors down, tore through guards, all on his way to the escape pods.

To the force, this was probably very disruptive. Untill now, he had been keeping his presence under the radar, even trying to suppress or absorb his force aura or whatever it's called. Now he was using his abilities to the Max trying to escape. It would be like dropping a rock in a still pond. People would sense it.

As he tore through the defenses like wet tissue paper, he thought he sensed something nearby. He disregarded it however, and kept moving towards the escape pods.

(Sorry for the short intro post. Been busy all day. You may begin posting!)

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(Well, I was waiting for more people to post before I post again. Tagging everyone so they know this is still alive and active. I will be making another post later today)

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#, as written by Zetsuna
(Tagging everyone so they can wake up)

It was quiet in Zeida's new quarters as she read through the era of the old republic. She could hear her finger tap against the desk as every moment she took to re-adjust her sitting postion creeked her chair. As she scrolled over through the pages and sections, the sound of her pad felt louder then her thoughts. It was just the atmosphere the Togruta needed to get the information she needed. The girl was still at the beginning, after three hours of study. “The history of the old republic” was what it was called, and to the chapter it was “The Sith Empire”. It only peaked her interest, reading of Malgus's reign. However, despite how into the lore she was it eventually had to end.

Zeida looked up sighing as she felt a weak pressence approach her room only a second from entering. Immediately, she sat the pad down and looked forward. This time it was a robed man. An elder, who had a long beard and was bald over the top. His skin, black and wasn't very muscular. He looked straight at the Sith before looking up and to the side. It was only a few seconds before he spoke in formal approach.

“My lady, the dark council wishes to see you.”

Zeida nodded but said nothing in thought as she lifted herself up. For over three thousand years there wasn't a council for the Siths and now, in a time of need they finally bring it back. After reading through, she wasn't sure how powerful this new council was and furthermore believed from what was shown already, it was more then likely weak. The woman had only been summoned to this new dark council a couple of times and that was when Darth Vekrodis was still alive. To this point it only came to be of interest in what they had to say this time. With a grin immediately she immediately headed to reach the halls of the council.

Zeida slowly made her way towards the council as she looked forward. As her hand moved in motion, she felt her saber on her side and that was mainly to be cautious. Her eyes laid forward, she had no time to admire the dark scenery of the halls. She could see and hear many of Imperial intelligence and could feel the sith that resided inside. The building, shortly after, she had reached her destination and as she opened the door she could hear chatter.

“She's not ready... Killing her own Master in a time we need to be together is out of the question. We sith need to be here to preserve order and make sure the galaxy knows our strength and with this war defying us, one sith gone is less strength” A female's voice spoke a little loud.

“You're sounding like a Jedi... although in a different matter. Wasn't it you who said Vekrodis would become a threat to our ways? Isn't it good the apprentice noticed this and took ac-” The male stopped interrupted.

“Action and ended his miserable life? Yes... I believe so. However...” Zeida said coming in and silencing the council. Her eyes looked around looking upon a rattaki female, a male Zabrak, a human male, a twilek female and many others robed. They all turned to look towards her.

“Ah- Zei-” Interrupted was the male again.

“Let me explain my actions so you can get the truth behind it. No one defies and manipulates me, this is my sith way and I keep it as such. My master, although through death had opened my eyes and taught me what was needed to win this war and stop the new republic from becoming too powerful. We're already losing many planets and shortly Couscant will become invaded as well. I believe it's best to open your eyes. Do you know how our ancestors kept order?” Zeida said walking around the room.

The woman waited for an answer before the Rattaki woman rose her hand and spoke.

“Surely you know much that we do not, sit down and let us discuss this .. . after we our initial meeting..”

Zeida shook her head and sat down at an empty chair.

“Listen, you're now a Dark Lady Of The Sith. We've come to realize, especially with this display you've shown right now that you are a powerful asset. You're going to have a seat among us eight, However, do not take it lightly...”

Zeida nodded in truth she didn't trust the situation. Perhaps her tampering was found out but if that were the case, she had to act quickly to bring the Sith on the right path and destroy the council from the inside out. The woman stood up and spoke.

“Right... I will not continue my lecture here but I will-”

“You will head out to another planet now. A recent ambush has occurred and we need everyone to fear the power of the sith. Rebels only if they follow imperial law will live others must die”

Zeida's eyes glowed with dark corruption as she grinned.

“They will know, no mercy” she said before walking out.

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(Sorry for the delay. I have finals to prep for and cousins to visit)

Avaris broke through the ship, using Force as a brute force weapon. He was practically flaring "Oh, here I am" through this eruption to anyone nearby who was Force Sensitive. He finally broke onto the Bridge, getting to the captain of the ship and smashing his body so badly he was in critical pain. He took an Access Key off of him, and made his way towards the escape pods.

The ship began to vent oxygen into space. That was the attacking fleet, not Avaris. The damage had been severe on the outer hull, and Avaris was rushing towards the escape pods. The escape pods were his only way off this damn ship. Any shuttles the fleet would shoot down. But escape pods, as a common curtesy, were not shot on sight.

Avaris made it to the deck, and saw some troops getting into the last pods. He pulled them out, jumped into the pod, and launched towards the nearest planet.

What he didn't know is that the planet held dark secrets.