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The force is a fascinating thing, I wonder how far I can push it?

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a character in “Star Wars: New Universe”, as played by laxnchill20


Character Name: Talia
Character Sex: Female
Character Species: Mostly Human, like all Nightsisters there is Zabrak and other DNA in her lineage
Character Age: 25 standard years
Character Affiliation: None, Formerly the Nightsisters
Character Height: 5'9
Character Weight: 108
Character appearance: Talia was a human female of standard height and a slender build, although her skin was a bit paler than most humans. She typically wore skin tight black pants and shirt, with a matching hood. She had red hair that was barely visible underneath her hood. She wears a black and silver utility belt that holds her lightwhip and other supplies and carries her Electrostaff on her back. She had yellow eyes that almost glowed, as well as traditional Nightsiter Tattoos on her face. Prior to leaving the Nightsisters she wore the traditional red robes of her people.


Without her hood, as she looked before leaving Nightsisters

Character's starship: Sorusuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000


Character equipment:
Lightwhip - She carried a lightwhip, she was trained in it's use by her Clanmother before leaving the Nightsisters. It is not her weapon of choice, but it is deadly in her hands. Unlike some other lightwhip's of the time, hers has only one tendril on it, making it not nearly as terrifying as the one carried by Lumia. It contains a small red color crystal giving it a faint pink glow.
Electrostaff - She carries a custom made electrostaff as her primary melee weapon. As with all electrostaffs, the handle is made of a cortosis weave to resist being severed by a lightsaber, and the electromagnetic aura surrounding the blades allows it to go blade to blade with lightsabers.

Her electrostaff mounted on her back.

Character's Affinity with the Force: She was stronger than the average Nightsister, which was why she left, she felt there was no more the Clan Mother could teach her. Despite being more attuned to the force than most Nightsisters she would have paled in comparison to the Jedi and Sith of the Republic Era.

Character's Force Powers:
Telekinesis - Like almost all Force Sensitives, she has the ability to use the force to move objects. Applications include Force Pull, Push and their variations.
Force Lightning - Like some other Nightsisters, she can call upon the dark side of the force to create lightning. Her lightning is not strong enough to kill other's immediately, rather it causes immense pain in her targets.
Force Phantom - Through the use of an elaborate ritual she is capable of utilizing the life energy from a creature to create corporeal manifestations of the force. The ability is incredibly taxing and the harvested life energy does not replenish her energies but only maintains the phantom. She is capable of creating a maximum of 3 phantoms at one time, but the anchor for all three must be in close proximity to each other, and she can't be more than a few miles from them. She prefers to create on phantom at a time. With only one phantom created, Talia is able to maintain it at distances of a few parsecs, with very little drain to her abilities, although the longer the phantom is active the more it drains her force reserves. (More information on the creation and utilization of the phantoms at the bottom of the CS.)

Character Personality:
Talia does not care for others, rather to her the only important thing is increasing her knowledge of the force. She can be rater cold towards others, often coming off as hostile when in truth, she just doesn't care. She will go to any length to finish a job, if others get in her way she will kill them if need be. She does little to hide her usage of the force, she understands that force users are rare and will often use the second of shock others experience as a way to surprise them in combat.

Character History:
Talia was born on Dathomir, and raised to be a Nightsister. From a young age the other Nightsisters were amazed by her strength in the force. She was trained by the best that the Nightsister's had to offer, becoming a skilled wielder of the lightwhip, although she never much cared for the weapon. She instead preferred to study the force. She would spend days meditating on the Twin Spirits. She became incredibly skilled at the Dathomiri magics, although her meditations eventually allowed her to realize that the Nighsisters' understanding of the Force was flawed. She came to this realization around the age of thirteen, and at that point she decided that one she had learned all she could from the Nighsisters she would leave the clan and pursue her knowledge of the force on her own.

Despite her new realizations she continued to train hard with the Nightsisters, learning their most advanced techniques, like force lightning, which she later learned was a rather common technique among dark side users, and the Force Phantom. A technique now exclusive to the Night Sisters, although the Sisters were not strong enough to project anything for long or from a great distance, Talia believed that it was possible and spent four or five years studying the limits of the technique and the furthest distances she could project phatoms from their anchor. By the time she was twenty, she was able to project believable Phantoms of sentient beings, she found that over small distances from the anchor, anywhere on the same planet, seemed to have no effect on the Phantom. She was determined to study longer distances once she left Dathomir.

Talia left Dathomir around the age of 23 she decided she had learned all she could from the Nightsisters. She left the planet late at night in the cover of darkness stealing a ship from the Nightsisters. She then made her way to Hutta, determined to make a name for herself among the Hutts as a bounty hunter, a job she assumed would allow her to live comfortably as she continued her studies of the force. On her first bounty she realized her lightwhip, while a deadly weapon, was not suitable to the life of a bounty hunter, it made her a target, she decided that she needed to take up a new weapon. She scoured the illegal arms markets on Hutta for days, overlooking blaster after blaster, until she found an odd stand selling bladed weapons. The merchant sold all manor of viborblades and the like but she didn't feel compelled to purchase any of them. The merchant mentioned he had something a little strange that he didn't display with his other wares, Talia was intrigued and she followed him to into his shop where he showed her a custom made electrostaff once wielded against the Jedi during the clone wars. Talia felt drawn to this weapon, and she purchased it almost immediately. She began to train with it, making phatoms of herself to train against until she could reliably combat two phantoms at once. After which she felt ready. She spent the next two years working as a bounty hunter for the Hutts and making a decent name for herself as a capable bounty hunter, she was often trusted to take down difficult targets, but she was no where near as recognizable as Dantan Caar. She has no opinion on the war between the former Empire or the new Republic, and she could care less who maintains power and order in the galaxy as long as she can continue her studies. After obtaining a reputation as a dependable bounty hunter, she felt she needed a nicer ship to better fit her occupation the rundown freighter she had stolen from Nightsisters had few creature comforts and was rather slow. She traveled to the Sullust System in her pursuit of a new vehicle, and quickly learned that even with the considerable amount of credits she had earned, a new starship from the Sorusuub corporation was out of the question. She did however find an old Personal Luxury Yacht Model 3000 that she liked, it took almost every credit she had saved but she purchased the decades old vehicle, believing that it's luxury was something she deserved. After picking up her new ship she made her way back to Hutta and met with her handler, hoping to find a new bounty to replace some of the credits she just spent.

Information about the force phantoms:
Ritual for Creation:
Force phantoms were the result of a complex ritual that was dependent on the availability of a subject, sentient or otherwise, with sufficient mental facility and vitality to sustain the influence of the creator. Through the Force, the darksider searched for the mentality of an unsuspecting target to serve as an anchor in reality; foreknowledge of the prey's whereabouts served to expedite the process, but was not required. The target aura was perceived in color and distinct from that of the originator's, whose own influence surrounded the victim in bright sparks of Force energy. Once securely affixed to the initial subject, the creator withdrew his or her influence and sought out another pliant mentality capable of also withstanding their prolonged assertion. The range of possibilities manifested in a variety of hues, and only through close scrutiny of each was an optimal host discovered. Species, gender, physical health, and current cognitive state were all ascertainable through the inspection, and each lent weight toward the eventual selection. The creator ultimately attached himself or herself to this mind and began to drain life energy in a manner akin to that of a spectral parasite. The extracted essence was then given corporeal form and shaped into whatever likeness the creator desired, to travel wherever in the galaxy the conjurer chose.

Drawbacks of the Phantoms:
While an effective and convenient ability, the mere ritualistic preparation of Force phantoms was an extremely exhausting process. The harvested life essence could do nothing to replenish the reserves of the darksider, and, without sufficient rest, the conjurer was beset with fatigue. Greater distance made the procedure additionally taxing, and prolonged long-range projection riddled the body with tremors as the creator struggled to maintain concentration. Because of the depleting nature of the technique, copious reserves of Force energy were required, usually those found in reservoirs of dark side power. The inexperienced were compelled to sleep for days at a time as they built up the necessary tolerance to its effects. If interrupted, the projection wavered as would a piece of fabric in a breeze; if focus was totally broken, or the creator was overextended, the illusion disappeared. Phantoms were restricted to the gravitational standards of the world where the host was located and were unable to fight with ranged weapons, instead forced to make do with the limits of their physical extensions.

So begins...

Talia's Story

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(Well, I was waiting for more people to post before I post again. Tagging everyone so they know this is still alive and active. I will be making another post later today)

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Tanake Trang Character Portrait: Talia Character Portrait: Zeida Ki Character Portrait: Avaris Gray Character Portrait: Danton Caar Character Portrait: Kilo Squad
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#, as written by Zetsuna
(Tagging everyone so they can wake up)

It was quiet in Zeida's new quarters as she read through the era of the old republic. She could hear her finger tap against the desk as every moment she took to re-adjust her sitting postion creeked her chair. As she scrolled over through the pages and sections, the sound of her pad felt louder then her thoughts. It was just the atmosphere the Togruta needed to get the information she needed. The girl was still at the beginning, after three hours of study. “The history of the old republic” was what it was called, and to the chapter it was “The Sith Empire”. It only peaked her interest, reading of Malgus's reign. However, despite how into the lore she was it eventually had to end.

Zeida looked up sighing as she felt a weak pressence approach her room only a second from entering. Immediately, she sat the pad down and looked forward. This time it was a robed man. An elder, who had a long beard and was bald over the top. His skin, black and wasn't very muscular. He looked straight at the Sith before looking up and to the side. It was only a few seconds before he spoke in formal approach.

“My lady, the dark council wishes to see you.”

Zeida nodded but said nothing in thought as she lifted herself up. For over three thousand years there wasn't a council for the Siths and now, in a time of need they finally bring it back. After reading through, she wasn't sure how powerful this new council was and furthermore believed from what was shown already, it was more then likely weak. The woman had only been summoned to this new dark council a couple of times and that was when Darth Vekrodis was still alive. To this point it only came to be of interest in what they had to say this time. With a grin immediately she immediately headed to reach the halls of the council.

Zeida slowly made her way towards the council as she looked forward. As her hand moved in motion, she felt her saber on her side and that was mainly to be cautious. Her eyes laid forward, she had no time to admire the dark scenery of the halls. She could see and hear many of Imperial intelligence and could feel the sith that resided inside. The building, shortly after, she had reached her destination and as she opened the door she could hear chatter.

“She's not ready... Killing her own Master in a time we need to be together is out of the question. We sith need to be here to preserve order and make sure the galaxy knows our strength and with this war defying us, one sith gone is less strength” A female's voice spoke a little loud.

“You're sounding like a Jedi... although in a different matter. Wasn't it you who said Vekrodis would become a threat to our ways? Isn't it good the apprentice noticed this and took ac-” The male stopped interrupted.

“Action and ended his miserable life? Yes... I believe so. However...” Zeida said coming in and silencing the council. Her eyes looked around looking upon a rattaki female, a male Zabrak, a human male, a twilek female and many others robed. They all turned to look towards her.

“Ah- Zei-” Interrupted was the male again.

“Let me explain my actions so you can get the truth behind it. No one defies and manipulates me, this is my sith way and I keep it as such. My master, although through death had opened my eyes and taught me what was needed to win this war and stop the new republic from becoming too powerful. We're already losing many planets and shortly Couscant will become invaded as well. I believe it's best to open your eyes. Do you know how our ancestors kept order?” Zeida said walking around the room.

The woman waited for an answer before the Rattaki woman rose her hand and spoke.

“Surely you know much that we do not, sit down and let us discuss this .. . after we our initial meeting..”

Zeida shook her head and sat down at an empty chair.

“Listen, you're now a Dark Lady Of The Sith. We've come to realize, especially with this display you've shown right now that you are a powerful asset. You're going to have a seat among us eight, However, do not take it lightly...”

Zeida nodded in truth she didn't trust the situation. Perhaps her tampering was found out but if that were the case, she had to act quickly to bring the Sith on the right path and destroy the council from the inside out. The woman stood up and spoke.

“Right... I will not continue my lecture here but I will-”

“You will head out to another planet now. A recent ambush has occurred and we need everyone to fear the power of the sith. Rebels only if they follow imperial law will live others must die”

Zeida's eyes glowed with dark corruption as she grinned.

“They will know, no mercy” she said before walking out.