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Tanake Trang

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a character in “Star Wars: New Universe”, as played by Shaodow


Image Name: Tanake Trang
Age: 25
Sex: Female
species: Human
Height: 5'8"

Bio: Tanake is, was, a singularly destructive, ambitious, and prideful individual who's only concern in the world was power, nothing less. Those who did not have power she looked down upon and dismissed them as insignificant, no more than blips on her radar. She coveted knowledge and power, and those with power she saw as obstacles to be conquered , seeking to keep them close in order to learn all their ways and secrets so that she may rise above them, and eliminate them. That was her past however. She abandoned the Sith and the Empire, for she saw how the flaws of the Sith would inevitably be theris and the Empires undoing, so she went out on her own, a lone Sith seeking greater knowledge and power. In her years training to be a Sith she heard many whispers of a group of powerful Sith Lords that existed and operated outside of the Empire. It was these Sith Lords that operated as the puppet masters of the Emperor himself, and any other powerful Sith with the greatest potential that caught their eye. She was young and arrogant enough that to think that she would be the next Sith they revealed themselves to.

Unfortunately her search was cut abruptly short after an encounter with old hermit armed only with a walking stick....and the Force. She assumed he was a Jedi, or a former at least, so she brazenly engaged the old hermit before any negotiation could be done, and was trounced with astounding quickness. Her defeat, so utter and final, brought her great shame, unbearable shame. Like any other Sith she asked for death in battle, the final glory rather than go on living with the knowledge she could not topple an enfeebled old hermit. Instead she was offered redemption, an offer no Sith would accept save for a few notable former Sith lords. One being Revan, a powerful sith lord who went on to become an even more powerful Jedi before he fell. At the time power is all she knew, the only thing she truly respected, and her defeat made it plain to her that the Sith could not afford her the power to defeat the true wielders of the Light Side of the force.

So, she submit and renounced her ties to Sith, the crumbling Empire, and eventually her hunger for the Dark Side all together. The old hermit was aware of her weaknesses, that she hadn't and probably never master the telekinetic powers the Force could grant. So he instead focused her training her defense against the Force instead, for it Force that made his triumph over her so effortless. Had it been a lightsaber duel the old Hermit knew he would've died the night they met. And so for six hard years she was retaught the ways of the Force by this enfeebled Hermit who mastered the Force.

Near the end of her fifth year the Hermit had fallen fatally ill. His body had reached a point of degradation that even the Force could not continue to sustain for much longer. But before he finally became one with the Force, as she sat beside him on his death bed prepared for her old, old master to draw his last breath he reached out with the Force and touched her mind, imparting on her a vision. It was a vision of a figure cloaked in a mighty flame, yet she did not fear him or the flame. She felt as though she had stared at the flaming figure so long her own eyes should have been reduced to dust, but in reality the vision only lasted a brief moment. When it was over the old hermit had vanished. In that moment she knew two things, one; the old hermit had finally became one with the Force, and 2; That she was meant to find this man cloaked in flame. She knew the whole reason he did spare and train her was all for this task, that this was her destiny.

Light Saber Forms:
  • Form VII: Vaapad
    A form first conceived by Master Mace Windu as variation on the traditional Form VII fighting style, Juyo. Its premise was turning the Jedi into a conduit, channeling an opponent's negative emotions back at him. This was the most obvious choice of forms beginning her training as a Jedi, as a former Sith who worked her whole life to master the channeling of her emotions into combat, she has an understanding of how easily those emotions can be turned against the user
  • Form IV: Ataru
    an aggressive, acrobatic style. A practitioner of this form channels the Force to achieve high-speed movements, impossible leaps, and deadly strikes. To an outsider, it appears as a wild rush of movement. She is proficient in adjusting the length of her duel-phase lightsaber during a flurry of attacks, when her opponents are to focused on evading or countering to notice the sudden change in length of the blade. An often deadly surprise.

    Force Abilities
    • Force Augmented
      -As a young woman she is already at a disadvantage when compared to the natural superior strength of men. To make up for this in battle she often focused most of her Force into her self, bolstering her strength, speed, dexterity, and senses to make herself a surprisingly overwhelming opponent in light saber combat.
    • Force Shield
      -one of the most basic abilities of a force user she mastered above all else. Sacrificing her time to train the potency of her force augmentation left her arsenal without force lightning or kinetics. Knowing this is a weakness any force user would exploit, especially fellow Sith with their lightning and sorcery, she trained up the resistance against force based attacks to the point where she can create a near impenetrable wall with the Force. If she concentrates she can even deflect a blast of Force power once, maybe twice, weather it be a push or lightning.
    • She is also adept at cloaking her presence in the Force, as to not be detected by other Force users near and far.

So begins...

Tanake Trang's Story

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(Well, I was waiting for more people to post before I post again. Tagging everyone so they know this is still alive and active. I will be making another post later today)

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Tanake Trang Character Portrait: Talia Character Portrait: Zeida Ki Character Portrait: Avaris Gray Character Portrait: Danton Caar Character Portrait: Kilo Squad
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#, as written by Zetsuna
(Tagging everyone so they can wake up)

It was quiet in Zeida's new quarters as she read through the era of the old republic. She could hear her finger tap against the desk as every moment she took to re-adjust her sitting postion creeked her chair. As she scrolled over through the pages and sections, the sound of her pad felt louder then her thoughts. It was just the atmosphere the Togruta needed to get the information she needed. The girl was still at the beginning, after three hours of study. “The history of the old republic” was what it was called, and to the chapter it was “The Sith Empire”. It only peaked her interest, reading of Malgus's reign. However, despite how into the lore she was it eventually had to end.

Zeida looked up sighing as she felt a weak pressence approach her room only a second from entering. Immediately, she sat the pad down and looked forward. This time it was a robed man. An elder, who had a long beard and was bald over the top. His skin, black and wasn't very muscular. He looked straight at the Sith before looking up and to the side. It was only a few seconds before he spoke in formal approach.

“My lady, the dark council wishes to see you.”

Zeida nodded but said nothing in thought as she lifted herself up. For over three thousand years there wasn't a council for the Siths and now, in a time of need they finally bring it back. After reading through, she wasn't sure how powerful this new council was and furthermore believed from what was shown already, it was more then likely weak. The woman had only been summoned to this new dark council a couple of times and that was when Darth Vekrodis was still alive. To this point it only came to be of interest in what they had to say this time. With a grin immediately she immediately headed to reach the halls of the council.

Zeida slowly made her way towards the council as she looked forward. As her hand moved in motion, she felt her saber on her side and that was mainly to be cautious. Her eyes laid forward, she had no time to admire the dark scenery of the halls. She could see and hear many of Imperial intelligence and could feel the sith that resided inside. The building, shortly after, she had reached her destination and as she opened the door she could hear chatter.

“She's not ready... Killing her own Master in a time we need to be together is out of the question. We sith need to be here to preserve order and make sure the galaxy knows our strength and with this war defying us, one sith gone is less strength” A female's voice spoke a little loud.

“You're sounding like a Jedi... although in a different matter. Wasn't it you who said Vekrodis would become a threat to our ways? Isn't it good the apprentice noticed this and took ac-” The male stopped interrupted.

“Action and ended his miserable life? Yes... I believe so. However...” Zeida said coming in and silencing the council. Her eyes looked around looking upon a rattaki female, a male Zabrak, a human male, a twilek female and many others robed. They all turned to look towards her.

“Ah- Zei-” Interrupted was the male again.

“Let me explain my actions so you can get the truth behind it. No one defies and manipulates me, this is my sith way and I keep it as such. My master, although through death had opened my eyes and taught me what was needed to win this war and stop the new republic from becoming too powerful. We're already losing many planets and shortly Couscant will become invaded as well. I believe it's best to open your eyes. Do you know how our ancestors kept order?” Zeida said walking around the room.

The woman waited for an answer before the Rattaki woman rose her hand and spoke.

“Surely you know much that we do not, sit down and let us discuss this .. . after we our initial meeting..”

Zeida shook her head and sat down at an empty chair.

“Listen, you're now a Dark Lady Of The Sith. We've come to realize, especially with this display you've shown right now that you are a powerful asset. You're going to have a seat among us eight, However, do not take it lightly...”

Zeida nodded in truth she didn't trust the situation. Perhaps her tampering was found out but if that were the case, she had to act quickly to bring the Sith on the right path and destroy the council from the inside out. The woman stood up and spoke.

“Right... I will not continue my lecture here but I will-”

“You will head out to another planet now. A recent ambush has occurred and we need everyone to fear the power of the sith. Rebels only if they follow imperial law will live others must die”

Zeida's eyes glowed with dark corruption as she grinned.

“They will know, no mercy” she said before walking out.