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Zeida Ki

"Peace is a lie"

0 · 368 views · located in The Star Wars Galaxy

a character in “Star Wars: New Universe”, as played by Zetsuna



Theme: Vertigo ♦ Epic North Music



Species: Togruta
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): N/A
Father (Ex-Jedi)
The Empire / Remnants Of The Sith
Alias(es): Lord Zeida
Age: 25
Sexuality: Straight

Romantic Interest(s): N/A


Height: 5'5
Weight: 130
Build: Average
Eye Color: Blue (Without Dark side corruption)
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Her tribal markings.


Give a three paragraph description of how your character looks, stands, gestures, basically what the characters shows of him/herself.

Preferred Clothing:
Describe your characters favored type of clothing or what is usually worn.


Oddities: explain quirks that your character may be seen doing. For an example it may be twiddling their thumbs as they wait or so. We all have them one way or another.


Zeida has a rather serious personality with a light sense of humor as well although dark. She constantly takes everything into account and thought. Especially when she has a task to be done and with her curiosity she always goes as deep as her task will let her, Strongly does she act on her emotions and does not allow anyone to tamper with them. With this, she has become impatient over the years and quick to draw her weapon at any moment she feels necessary. Granted though, she does believe in duty before letting her personal emotions get in the way.

To go further when on duty, she tends to speak with formalities unlessed asked not to and can be shown to be very polite regardless of whom it may be and although she heavily disagrees with one of the Jedi lines of respect. She tends to show very light respect to those she does not know but thats only to learn the mentality of whom she faces. Zeida's curiosity often gets the better of her at times she is unknowledgable of a topic and when it comes to scheming she will often meditate. With great observation, a clear stated mind and wise/keen sense, the Togruta is able to strategise near unbreakable plans.

As a Sith and when it comes to others, she shows no fear and no mercy. As she often claims “He showed me no mercy, so why should I show you mercy?”. This theory and ideal sits with her when it comes to any execution. To her superiors she often shows respect (Until recently with her Lord whom is now dead). She dedicated herself to the Siths. Although recently and with much observation and knowledge she has come to be weary on trusting them and slowly begins to doubt them.

Her thoughts and knowledge of the “Jedi” are vague if personally none. She has only read and listened about them. Many times from her father, then the sides of the Sith Library and stories from her Lord. Truth be told, she believes much of what the Jedi Order believed was a contradiction. Especially when reading about “The Old Republic Era”. Despite all of this though, she has peace when it came to remembering her father”.



Togruti (Language) -

Form V: Shien / Djem So -

Acrobatic -

Brawling -



The Force -

(Birth) Force Disturbance (Vague)
(Birth) Force Strength Sense (Vague)
(Birth) Force Life Sense

(Father) Physical Control -
(Father) Force Sense
(Father) Blind Sense
(Father) Danger Sense
(Father) Telekinesis / Push

(Darth) Channel Rage
(Darth) Force Lightning (Includes Chain Lightning)
(Darth) Force Concealment
(Darth) Force Blast
(Darth) Force Wound (Crush, Choke/grip)

(Herself) Kinetic Combat
(Herself) Force Resist
(Herself) Dim Other's Senses
(Herself) Affect Emotions

Weapon of Choice/Discipline: A Reversed grip Sith Lightsaber

Fighting Style

Form V: Shien / Djem So -

Give a good summary of how your character battles with everything you've given me above. Remember, your character may have never fought in there history which means they have 0 if not hardly any experience. The best thing to describe is how they may act if they were to actually have a clear stated mind.


Family/Significant Individuals:
List your family/significant individuals here.


Personal History
“These codes... All a contradiction... My father taught me my first code”

“We are the guardians of peace in the galaxy, we use our power to defend and protect, never to attack. We respect all life in all forms, we serve than rule and we seek to improve ourselves”

or.. some crap like that... My father only told me such a thing as a child with no explanation and to this day I still do not understand it. What was I living to protect? What did I have to respect other then he who raised me? And whom was to rule over me while on a planet that has no bounds and the way of improving was to train wasn't it? Thats only natural. I hadn't thought upon these things until recently but the thoughts all go away once I recite a new code that had been given to me.”

“Peace is a lie, there is only passion, through passion I gain strength, through strength I gain power, through power I gain victory and through victory my chains are broken and the force shall free me”

It was a light that made sense. I could only believe after that day especially. No one has peace forever, I had enough passion upon that day to rush with the strength to fight against him and through the victory I gained power. With this I became free of him in the end. My revenge. No one has stood against me and won but.. why is it that suddenly, I feel as though even the Sith and the empire now show to be so wrong. After seeing my father alive... I – No, he was there to stop what I had done to keep our legacy going. Even to draw his saber to me, a sick trick yet... a sad expression... I – I will not be swayed. The Jedi are my enemy as the Empire become it slowly. As I learned – No Sith can be trusted... no... No one can be trusted”

As Zeida thinks to herself, she now and constantly struggles with mental stability with recent events but first let us start with the beginning....

Birth (1-3)

It was during the purge that Zeida's parents fought to escape the execution of the Jedi. The youngling was just born held by her father at the time of her mother's death who sacrifced herself to save her husband and child. The young baby Zeida alright flying from the planet could feel her mother die and immediately did she cry in her dad's arms almost as if she was enraged. Interesting choice, did her father make was to land upon the Planet Of Naboo but not at the spaceport. In fact, he did a grand job to make sure their trace was far in the mountains away from civilization but not too far for him to walk and get the resources he needed when he needed them. At this stage in life, the father hid away his lightsaber and any remenances of his Jedi past to in a secret storage. However, intentionally did he carry a green “Crystal” around his neck as a necklace.

Early Life (3 - 9)

Growing up, Zeida never learned too much of civilization excluding knowing there was a political power (People to her at the time) living there but the life she knew was with her father and the wilds. Her father began with the basics in life and raising her as any father would their child. As she was a young girl, she had to go everywhere with her father even to towns although, it was always straight forward and quick. Mainly for food and natural resources to survive when need be. The girl only became friends with shopkeepers they went to and even then that eventually died out after her father made the right arrangements and only small shipments would come ever so often. Secruity quickly became tight as the galatic empire came into order. The continuation of the purge began to make going into the cities harder and to Zeida's father, it was only getting worse which meant they had less time.

Life as a child seemed to be quite rough for the youngling, not having many friends other then her father. He constantly tried to make the best of their lives with what they had although in his mind he was consistently worried of their timing and seemed every six months to a year seemed be moving further away from civilization. As a hobby, the girl embraced the wildlife and allowed her senses to enhnace even without the force. (Not like she knew she was force sensative). She would climb, run and learn of the life around their “area”, even to the point of even sniffing and learning of the fuana lore of the planet. The girl embraced this life as it was the only one she knew, however suddenly, she could hear the roar of ships and as she looked up into the sky she could see a couple of large starships heading towards the city. Immediately the father grabbed her and went towards shelter. He wasn't sure, if they were survelance but he couldn't afford to risk it he felt.

A day later, he felt it was once again time to move further and beyond into the mountains but he knew they were close to a limit and the time was coming. After reaching the other side upon the mountain borders. Her father finally stopped struggling with the decision for five days. During these five days Zeida was lost and once again had to adjust to a slightly new environment but none the less suddenly felt a small disturbance but she didn't know what it was. The girl turned towards the direction of the city slightly worried but slowly shook it off. After the fifth day her father finally told approached her and said

“In week's time, I have something to explain...”

Trained in the force (9-15)

The week has come for the girl and Zeida was excited only to beome heavily disappointed. With the excuse that she wasn't ready. Quickly did she come to suspect her father's action, carefully watching him and letting curiosity get the better of her. The young Togruta couldn't let it off her mind that he was hiding something but suddenly did her father approach her. He gave a explanation to the fact that they were going to do a bit of physical and mental training. The girl didn't understand at first, in fact at all. Even being so young she wondered why so suddenly. It showed it in her eyes and the only thing the father could say was.

“Because I did not believe your body being so young could handle it...”

She took that answer and for the last two unknowingly, meditated on the force building a strong bond with it, while in addition, physically training her body with her father whom didn't train on the force but mainly just watched her. The girl consistently ran through forest, mountains and plains. Eventually, doing work outs and stretches as well but this began to become less and less from years to come. Especially once her father taught her to use “Physical Control”. Explaining to use the force to aid her in certain situations. Although he never called it force but “will”.

As time went on, her father with help had a “training saber” made (Mainly a vibrosword without the use of force. These were not the actual Jedi training weapons). The girl became a huntress and later was trialed with dangerous situations which activated her “Danger sense”. The togruta never understood why she felt these senses even from her father when he would come from no where. Even when she was focused on her targets when hunting, it was as though she could feel the life leave them although she never let it get to her.

Eventually she finally asked her father about this “will” and it was finally explained that it was “The Force”. Confused Zeida was, yet it was explained immediately after especially once her father finally sat her down and explained from the beginning of what he could of course. It was revealed why she never met her mother, why she could feel these unusual things, why they were out here and where they were. The father eventually even got to explain the Jedi and told the story of what he knew about the “purge”.

It was a eye opener for the girl as she listened to the explanation and slowly at the end, Zeida felt that her father had a plan of revenge as she began to think of it but never mentioned her fear to him. She only trained as was intended for their survival going further within her force powers.

Invaded by the Sith (17)

Feared although unknown to the father, a Sith known as “Vekrodis” was sensing the girl from an establishment that was recently made. Signs of force activity made the decisions of expansions more prominent although civil actions tried to fight against it. The sith was alone only a hand full of men whom he killed in his favor for his own reasons. The operation wasn't his alone of course but he was going to make it very personal as she felt the girl train. It only became natural that he acted now.

It came quickly that the girl was more experienced then ever than two years ago. Finally able to use telekinesis and use the force to a physical advantage. Zeida sat in a cave as her father one day came up with a box in his hand as his training weapon. He sat the box down and readied his weapon before charging towards his daughter. Quickly did she send the rock his way which he quickly dodged before she stood up charging with her own training sword. The two clashed, evading attacks, quite a few blocks until suddenly as Zeida fought, she spun her “saber” in reverse. Her father frowned to it but didn't worry too much as he suddenly found himself in her flurry of attacks only caught off guard when she reversed it mid attack and disarmed him.

The father sighed and claimed she fought with some rage but none the less felt she was ready. Especially when he felt a presence near by “dark”. Quickly did he take his green crystal off and handed her the box revealing parts for the lightsaber. Her eyes went big as her father told her to meditate and let the force guide her through. In the mean time as the girl did this, her father quickly rushed back to camp and got his old lightsaber before staying on the outside of the cave.

For some reason, during her craft of the saber she suddenly began to think back upon the reason behind all of this as well as the unknown force she seemed to sense. Her concentration stopped the conbination and it as a whole broke into the pieces it had began upon the ground. She was angered by this but kept going after calming herself down as she recited a “unbelievable” code.

Meanwhile outside, finally Vekrodis showed himself and Zeida's father readied his saber. After an exchange of words the two finally began fighting and eventually the father was pushed down against the ground. Only on time for Zeida to finished. The man waited and as soon as Zeida was in sight, his lightsaber sliced over his chest causing him to “die”.

Angered and in shock, Zeida activated her new saber and rushed into battle which to the sith's surprise was not easy. Although he was surprised, he was excited by this. He tried to watch her movements, and style and suddenly was taken by surprise of her reverse style which he noticed she was far more fearsome in this act. Finally having enough and finding an opening, he shocked her and sent her into a tree. The girl dropped her lightsaber and quickly became unconcious.

Vekrodis succeeded, the force users were found, however the galatic mission was not fulfilled. Intentionally, Vekrodis called a medic crew to revive him and leave him there but the girl was taken to Dromund Kaas by his demand and was taken before the “Dark Order” where she was to be treated as a “Prisoner”.

Turned (18)

For a year Zeida was kept in Dromund kaas. Her lightsaber, destroyed, fed at the very minimal. She didn't give up though, as she meditated she chanted the Jedi code taught by her father although it was forbidden. Suddenly Vekrodis approached her cell in investigation as she was meditating and overheard her and then interrupted her by shocking her. Zeida looked at the man angered but he only grinned. Suddenly the conversation began as followed.

"You want to kill me don't you? It's interesting, you're time in the cell has strengthened your hatred. Far beyond what you were a year ago. I'm sure you miss your father but It was necessary"

"Don't you speak of my Father that way, you are nothing against him"

"Which is why I killed him but that aside. You're probably curious of why I kept you alive. You're strong, I built up hate, I can feel you coming closer to the Dark Side. I see you raising your hand to put an end to me and I would definitely allow it... However,I sense much potential in you. What if I were to tell you that and Yes I know I said the opposing not long ago but what If I told you I left him alive?"

Zeida became cold and stunned as she heard him speak.

"If you were in the right mind, I'm sure you could've sensed his life. I simply needed you to get enough hatred... You're not a "Jedi", and I want to tell you that the Jedi ways are false." Vekrodis pushed Zeida against the wall with the force where she was unable to move.

"Let me tell you of tales of the Old Republic...."

After being forced to listen to the tales of Jedi and Sith, Zeida was calm but lost. Never did she hear of such things, The Jedi and the sith at war yet, they threw away that what made them human and killed those who opposed for "protection" but with what the sith say it was the opposite. Their code never changed. The girl was confused but then suddenly a proposal was made.

"I know It's hard to believe but I am trying to create a galaxy, that overthrows both the Sith and the Jedi and leaves it to be what it should. I believe, we can save and find your father as well where ever he may be but it will take time"

Unknowingly due to her unstable mind, he was using the force to sway her thoughts and suddenly she agreed with the idea to find her father.

Path Of Destruction (18-25)

Zeida learned the code of the sith and began training with Vekrodis immediately and eventually learned more about the galaxy. Her skills became undeniably strong and eventually the will of the dark side in her took over. She and her master were known as Remnants of the Old Empire. They did what they had to do to stay alive and help the Galatic Empire not fall although it could not be helped at the end. Truth be told though, after awhile Zeida came to question her master believing even he did not deserve to be among her. This was only due to violating some of the rules of the studied old empire but she didn't act upon it. As planets fought to keep the galatic empire. She was assigned there to aid them yet uinfortunately an unexpected sight approached her.

A male togruta with a saber approached her and and attacked she defended every blow only managing to get a clear look at the end which was her father. Her eyes went wide and before she could say anything. All she heard was the word "Disappointment". Angered of course, she allowed her rage to take over and attack her father easily defeating him in the end with a series of force abilities. After her rage, she finally realized that it was him in the end. With his last breath, he did mention that he was disappointed in her which his words in a way did stick in her mind. Especially when she arrived back at Kaas.

Lord Zeida (25)

Vekrodis could feel her angered and he knew exactly why. He revealed his betrayal the moment she step into the door. It only natural that he believed she was weaker then him and pulled his saber out. Claiming she was a good apprentice to the end but before then she activated her saber and charged immediately with a blind rage and eventually disarmed her old master. A light snicker released from the sith before he died but unbound and now in an empty room. Zeida has become lost in her beliefs but at the same time convincing herself that she did what her father told her.

"Peace is a lie. Father, you came to me and attacked me and I did nothing but kill you for disrupting that peace which the empire fought to gain. There is only passion. I had passion and love for you father and possibly for my master as well but because of that it lead me to gain strength, your false death lead me to strength and your current death gave me power to destroy the very man the ruined it for both of us.... Victory was made and I became unchained... Father, I - don't know if I'm right or wrong but the dark side.... is the logical answer. Sacrifices are made no matter what and I will restore peace"

So begins...

Zeida Ki's Story

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#, as written by Zetsuna
Zeida was among the recently made halls of the Sith at the time as she meditated on the dark side of the force. Every other second her memories stirred in her head only to feel slightly enraged by faults and flaws. Her black robed clothing flowed against the ground as the Togruta stayed still upon her knees with her hands cupped together. Her fingers laced with one another without moving as the woman was in deep concentration. It was extremely quiet for but a moment as the woman breathed slowly before stating the Sith code.

"Through Power we gain--" Suddenly Zeida's meditation was interrupted and she quickly turned her head without saying a word. Her eyes opened slowly revealing her deep blue (now reddish/orange through corruption) eyes and examined what appeared to be a human imperial soldier. She looked to be a officer a decent level in ranks, she stood in a military position as she addressed her.

"Lady Zeida, I come with historical documentation . It is of the Old Republic, one that was requested by you a few days ago. We recently finished encrypting the files that you deemed important." The woman swallowed in fear only hearing about the struggles with the impatience of Darth Vader and other siths. Although Zeida was a sith her personality had a little more patience and what also could've been helpful was the fact that she brought the reports needed. The Togruta walked up before reaching out to get the Datacon before looking at the poor human officer. The sith grinned before looking to her door that was open only to move her fingers down. Only a second later the door closed shut and Zeida sighed before walking to a desk that was in the room.

"Alright, so lets take a look..." She said out loud.

"um... My lord... may I L-" The woman stuttered before getting interrupted. She knew she was out of line and was in no position to ask such a question but fear lead her to such a thing. Zeida's eyes looked up from the Datacron and towards the woman. In her mind, she couldn't believe how afraid she was. No hostile or aggressive tones were given and the lady was shaking in her boots.

"How many Sith have you encountered?" Zeida asked.

"N-none, My L-a-Lord sir ma'am.. I recently c-came to the job. I've only h-heard stories"

Zeida nodded to this. "I can tell, You're lucky I'm not like the one's I'm reading about but still... These sith were more admirable to what we have today. The power of a true sith have grown far weak and I've noticed this... My master knew this. Although Palpatine made a step towards our goal. It was not met and I believe knowing a little more about both sides in the matter is our only option."

The soldier didn't understand much of what Zeida was talking about but at the same time she didn't care. The Togruta could kill her at any moment in her mind and containing herself in the room was a feared sign.

"My lord, with all due respect, I should be returning to my studies but I something did click with me. This is far long ago that any of these events happened. Why pry into them? Shouldn't we be focusing on how to maintain order and rule the Galatic Empire then look upon the old text?"

Zeida shook her head.

"No - Sometimes It's better to look at our Pros and Flaws of the past then go on with what the future has. You are dismissed, there is much I need to read into before I act. If anyone comes for me, send them my way." The Sith said moving her fingers up and allowing the door to open. Quickly the woman went out in a hurry and Zeida went back to studying.

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(Well, I was waiting for more people to post before I post again. Tagging everyone so they know this is still alive and active. I will be making another post later today)

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#, as written by Zetsuna
(Tagging everyone so they can wake up)

It was quiet in Zeida's new quarters as she read through the era of the old republic. She could hear her finger tap against the desk as every moment she took to re-adjust her sitting postion creeked her chair. As she scrolled over through the pages and sections, the sound of her pad felt louder then her thoughts. It was just the atmosphere the Togruta needed to get the information she needed. The girl was still at the beginning, after three hours of study. “The history of the old republic” was what it was called, and to the chapter it was “The Sith Empire”. It only peaked her interest, reading of Malgus's reign. However, despite how into the lore she was it eventually had to end.

Zeida looked up sighing as she felt a weak pressence approach her room only a second from entering. Immediately, she sat the pad down and looked forward. This time it was a robed man. An elder, who had a long beard and was bald over the top. His skin, black and wasn't very muscular. He looked straight at the Sith before looking up and to the side. It was only a few seconds before he spoke in formal approach.

“My lady, the dark council wishes to see you.”

Zeida nodded but said nothing in thought as she lifted herself up. For over three thousand years there wasn't a council for the Siths and now, in a time of need they finally bring it back. After reading through, she wasn't sure how powerful this new council was and furthermore believed from what was shown already, it was more then likely weak. The woman had only been summoned to this new dark council a couple of times and that was when Darth Vekrodis was still alive. To this point it only came to be of interest in what they had to say this time. With a grin immediately she immediately headed to reach the halls of the council.

Zeida slowly made her way towards the council as she looked forward. As her hand moved in motion, she felt her saber on her side and that was mainly to be cautious. Her eyes laid forward, she had no time to admire the dark scenery of the halls. She could see and hear many of Imperial intelligence and could feel the sith that resided inside. The building, shortly after, she had reached her destination and as she opened the door she could hear chatter.

“She's not ready... Killing her own Master in a time we need to be together is out of the question. We sith need to be here to preserve order and make sure the galaxy knows our strength and with this war defying us, one sith gone is less strength” A female's voice spoke a little loud.

“You're sounding like a Jedi... although in a different matter. Wasn't it you who said Vekrodis would become a threat to our ways? Isn't it good the apprentice noticed this and took ac-” The male stopped interrupted.

“Action and ended his miserable life? Yes... I believe so. However...” Zeida said coming in and silencing the council. Her eyes looked around looking upon a rattaki female, a male Zabrak, a human male, a twilek female and many others robed. They all turned to look towards her.

“Ah- Zei-” Interrupted was the male again.

“Let me explain my actions so you can get the truth behind it. No one defies and manipulates me, this is my sith way and I keep it as such. My master, although through death had opened my eyes and taught me what was needed to win this war and stop the new republic from becoming too powerful. We're already losing many planets and shortly Couscant will become invaded as well. I believe it's best to open your eyes. Do you know how our ancestors kept order?” Zeida said walking around the room.

The woman waited for an answer before the Rattaki woman rose her hand and spoke.

“Surely you know much that we do not, sit down and let us discuss this .. . after we our initial meeting..”

Zeida shook her head and sat down at an empty chair.

“Listen, you're now a Dark Lady Of The Sith. We've come to realize, especially with this display you've shown right now that you are a powerful asset. You're going to have a seat among us eight, However, do not take it lightly...”

Zeida nodded in truth she didn't trust the situation. Perhaps her tampering was found out but if that were the case, she had to act quickly to bring the Sith on the right path and destroy the council from the inside out. The woman stood up and spoke.

“Right... I will not continue my lecture here but I will-”

“You will head out to another planet now. A recent ambush has occurred and we need everyone to fear the power of the sith. Rebels only if they follow imperial law will live others must die”

Zeida's eyes glowed with dark corruption as she grinned.

“They will know, no mercy” she said before walking out.