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Star Wars: New Universe

The Star Wars Galaxy


a part of Star Wars: New Universe, by Mr. Baneling Squishy.


Mr. Baneling Squishy holds sovereignty over The Star Wars Galaxy, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Star Wars Galaxy is a part of Star Wars: New Universe.

6 Characters Here

Avaris Gray [4] A human Force user and Escaped slave, he is currently on the run while trying to get revenge for his family.
Zeida Ki [3] "Peace is a lie"
Kilo Squad [3] Out of time, out of place. Not out of ammo
Talia [2] The force is a fascinating thing, I wonder how far I can push it?
Danton Caar [2] A Bounty Hunter who often works fir the Empire due to his specialization in bringing in Jedi and other Force users.

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#, as written by Legate
With a snap-hiss the cryo pod doors jerked open. RC-29436, known to his brothers as A'den, pitched forward, falling out of the pod and on to his knees struggling to draw breath. After about a minute of struggling to breathe he managed to lift his head and look around. The image that greeted him was nightmarish at best, the ship was dark, the lights flickered and sparked and paneling hung at odd angles. Many of the cryo pods were dark, their occupants lifeless having died without enough power for an emergency revival. He ran over to one with its lights still dimly on. "Tor, I'm going to get you out of there, hold on, just hold on. A'den fumbled with the emergency revival controls rushing to get his brother out of there.

He then moved on to the next pod, Taler hung lifeless in suspension. "Fier'feck!" He slammed his fist against the door. He ran to the next pod. The light was flickering but he was able to make out Fives suspended in the tank. He slammed the emergency thaw button and the process started. Tor was out coughing his lungs out now but at least he was out and alive. A'den went back to check on Fives. The pod had run out of power and the cycle hadn't completed. "Tor! Tor, help me get Fives out!" They went over and between the two of them managed to pry the door of the cryo pod open.

A'den started checking his vitals. "Not breathing, start compressions." They worked desperately to revive him but ultimately it was no use. Fives was dead. A'den slammed his fist on Fives chest. "Shab! Shab, Shab Shab SHAB! What the hell happened here. Why is there no power everyone is dead!" Tor stood him up. "First things first, we need to get kitted up, it looks like we should be abandoning ship so we need to get to the armoury and stock up. Armour, weapons explosives and ammo, extra air cannisters."

They'd packed the LAAT full of enough ammunition and ordnance to fight a small war and put in air. This was the part Tor hated, the work was done and there was nothing left to do but sit and think. All he could think about was his brothers that hadn't made it. Fives and Taler, they'd been together since they were two years old. They'd made it through the Killing House and all the live fire exercises. To have them die like this, in cryo was just brutally unfair. "Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la." he mused. "Not gone, just marching far away." A'den echoed him with a quiet "Oya. What was that thing Sergeant Kal taught his clones?" "Ni su'cuyi, gar kyr'adyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum(1) Fives, Taler" "You know you have to say that everyday for the rest of your life now." "Do you think you could forget to?" "Never"

Tor set a course to see how close to Coruscant this bucket could take them.

(1)I'm still alive, but you are dead. I remember you, so you are eternal

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Character Portrait: Avaris Gray
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Avaris quite literally was causing all sorts of havoc. This ship was going down, and he did not plan to die. Apparently, they had been heading towards some sort of secret location. They probably didn't expect a Rebel fleet to attack them, or New Republic rather, and less that one of their prisoners were Force Sensitive. As he ran through the ship, he ripped doors down, tore through guards, all on his way to the escape pods.

To the force, this was probably very disruptive. Untill now, he had been keeping his presence under the radar, even trying to suppress or absorb his force aura or whatever it's called. Now he was using his abilities to the Max trying to escape. It would be like dropping a rock in a still pond. People would sense it.

As he tore through the defenses like wet tissue paper, he thought he sensed something nearby. He disregarded it however, and kept moving towards the escape pods.

(Sorry for the short intro post. Been busy all day. You may begin posting!)

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Character Portrait: Zeida Ki
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#, as written by Zetsuna
Zeida was among the recently made halls of the Sith at the time as she meditated on the dark side of the force. Every other second her memories stirred in her head only to feel slightly enraged by faults and flaws. Her black robed clothing flowed against the ground as the Togruta stayed still upon her knees with her hands cupped together. Her fingers laced with one another without moving as the woman was in deep concentration. It was extremely quiet for but a moment as the woman breathed slowly before stating the Sith code.

"Through Power we gain--" Suddenly Zeida's meditation was interrupted and she quickly turned her head without saying a word. Her eyes opened slowly revealing her deep blue (now reddish/orange through corruption) eyes and examined what appeared to be a human imperial soldier. She looked to be a officer a decent level in ranks, she stood in a military position as she addressed her.

"Lady Zeida, I come with historical documentation . It is of the Old Republic, one that was requested by you a few days ago. We recently finished encrypting the files that you deemed important." The woman swallowed in fear only hearing about the struggles with the impatience of Darth Vader and other siths. Although Zeida was a sith her personality had a little more patience and what also could've been helpful was the fact that she brought the reports needed. The Togruta walked up before reaching out to get the Datacon before looking at the poor human officer. The sith grinned before looking to her door that was open only to move her fingers down. Only a second later the door closed shut and Zeida sighed before walking to a desk that was in the room.

"Alright, so lets take a look..." She said out loud.

"um... My lord... may I L-" The woman stuttered before getting interrupted. She knew she was out of line and was in no position to ask such a question but fear lead her to such a thing. Zeida's eyes looked up from the Datacron and towards the woman. In her mind, she couldn't believe how afraid she was. No hostile or aggressive tones were given and the lady was shaking in her boots.

"How many Sith have you encountered?" Zeida asked.

"N-none, My L-a-Lord sir ma'am.. I recently c-came to the job. I've only h-heard stories"

Zeida nodded to this. "I can tell, You're lucky I'm not like the one's I'm reading about but still... These sith were more admirable to what we have today. The power of a true sith have grown far weak and I've noticed this... My master knew this. Although Palpatine made a step towards our goal. It was not met and I believe knowing a little more about both sides in the matter is our only option."

The soldier didn't understand much of what Zeida was talking about but at the same time she didn't care. The Togruta could kill her at any moment in her mind and containing herself in the room was a feared sign.

"My lord, with all due respect, I should be returning to my studies but I something did click with me. This is far long ago that any of these events happened. Why pry into them? Shouldn't we be focusing on how to maintain order and rule the Galatic Empire then look upon the old text?"

Zeida shook her head.

"No - Sometimes It's better to look at our Pros and Flaws of the past then go on with what the future has. You are dismissed, there is much I need to read into before I act. If anyone comes for me, send them my way." The Sith said moving her fingers up and allowing the door to open. Quickly the woman went out in a hurry and Zeida went back to studying.

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(Well, I was waiting for more people to post before I post again. Tagging everyone so they know this is still alive and active. I will be making another post later today)

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Character Portrait: Tanake Trang Character Portrait: Talia Character Portrait: Zeida Ki Character Portrait: Avaris Gray Character Portrait: Danton Caar Character Portrait: Kilo Squad
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#, as written by Zetsuna
(Tagging everyone so they can wake up)

It was quiet in Zeida's new quarters as she read through the era of the old republic. She could hear her finger tap against the desk as every moment she took to re-adjust her sitting postion creeked her chair. As she scrolled over through the pages and sections, the sound of her pad felt louder then her thoughts. It was just the atmosphere the Togruta needed to get the information she needed. The girl was still at the beginning, after three hours of study. “The history of the old republic” was what it was called, and to the chapter it was “The Sith Empire”. It only peaked her interest, reading of Malgus's reign. However, despite how into the lore she was it eventually had to end.

Zeida looked up sighing as she felt a weak pressence approach her room only a second from entering. Immediately, she sat the pad down and looked forward. This time it was a robed man. An elder, who had a long beard and was bald over the top. His skin, black and wasn't very muscular. He looked straight at the Sith before looking up and to the side. It was only a few seconds before he spoke in formal approach.

“My lady, the dark council wishes to see you.”

Zeida nodded but said nothing in thought as she lifted herself up. For over three thousand years there wasn't a council for the Siths and now, in a time of need they finally bring it back. After reading through, she wasn't sure how powerful this new council was and furthermore believed from what was shown already, it was more then likely weak. The woman had only been summoned to this new dark council a couple of times and that was when Darth Vekrodis was still alive. To this point it only came to be of interest in what they had to say this time. With a grin immediately she immediately headed to reach the halls of the council.

Zeida slowly made her way towards the council as she looked forward. As her hand moved in motion, she felt her saber on her side and that was mainly to be cautious. Her eyes laid forward, she had no time to admire the dark scenery of the halls. She could see and hear many of Imperial intelligence and could feel the sith that resided inside. The building, shortly after, she had reached her destination and as she opened the door she could hear chatter.

“She's not ready... Killing her own Master in a time we need to be together is out of the question. We sith need to be here to preserve order and make sure the galaxy knows our strength and with this war defying us, one sith gone is less strength” A female's voice spoke a little loud.

“You're sounding like a Jedi... although in a different matter. Wasn't it you who said Vekrodis would become a threat to our ways? Isn't it good the apprentice noticed this and took ac-” The male stopped interrupted.

“Action and ended his miserable life? Yes... I believe so. However...” Zeida said coming in and silencing the council. Her eyes looked around looking upon a rattaki female, a male Zabrak, a human male, a twilek female and many others robed. They all turned to look towards her.

“Ah- Zei-” Interrupted was the male again.

“Let me explain my actions so you can get the truth behind it. No one defies and manipulates me, this is my sith way and I keep it as such. My master, although through death had opened my eyes and taught me what was needed to win this war and stop the new republic from becoming too powerful. We're already losing many planets and shortly Couscant will become invaded as well. I believe it's best to open your eyes. Do you know how our ancestors kept order?” Zeida said walking around the room.

The woman waited for an answer before the Rattaki woman rose her hand and spoke.

“Surely you know much that we do not, sit down and let us discuss this .. . after we our initial meeting..”

Zeida shook her head and sat down at an empty chair.

“Listen, you're now a Dark Lady Of The Sith. We've come to realize, especially with this display you've shown right now that you are a powerful asset. You're going to have a seat among us eight, However, do not take it lightly...”

Zeida nodded in truth she didn't trust the situation. Perhaps her tampering was found out but if that were the case, she had to act quickly to bring the Sith on the right path and destroy the council from the inside out. The woman stood up and spoke.

“Right... I will not continue my lecture here but I will-”

“You will head out to another planet now. A recent ambush has occurred and we need everyone to fear the power of the sith. Rebels only if they follow imperial law will live others must die”

Zeida's eyes glowed with dark corruption as she grinned.

“They will know, no mercy” she said before walking out.

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(Sorry for the delay. I have finals to prep for and cousins to visit)

Avaris broke through the ship, using Force as a brute force weapon. He was practically flaring "Oh, here I am" through this eruption to anyone nearby who was Force Sensitive. He finally broke onto the Bridge, getting to the captain of the ship and smashing his body so badly he was in critical pain. He took an Access Key off of him, and made his way towards the escape pods.

The ship began to vent oxygen into space. That was the attacking fleet, not Avaris. The damage had been severe on the outer hull, and Avaris was rushing towards the escape pods. The escape pods were his only way off this damn ship. Any shuttles the fleet would shoot down. But escape pods, as a common curtesy, were not shot on sight.

Avaris made it to the deck, and saw some troops getting into the last pods. He pulled them out, jumped into the pod, and launched towards the nearest planet.

What he didn't know is that the planet held dark secrets.

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#, as written by Legate
They'd been in the LAAT for 2 days when they were finally pinged.

"This is Coruscant Port Authority. Unidentified vessel please identify yourself." It roused Tor from his tired stupor instantly. "Good to hear you Coruscant PA. This is RC-11258 in a Larty from RAS Majestic. Majestic is heavily damaged with an unknown number of casualties. Stand by for coordinates, request immediate rescue mission. Also if you could clear us to land back at Arca Company Special Operations Brigade HQ we'd appreciate that greatly. We need to get in touch with General Jusik."

It took a little while for Control to get back to them. "I'm sorry there is no such places as Arca Company and we have no record of any General Jusik." Tor muttered angrily to A'den "Mongrel officers, you see what we have to deal with?" He got back on Comms. "Just find one of the Jedi, we'll talk to them directly, Kilo Squad out." Well that was no di'kutla use at all.