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An Adventurer.


Aliyes Avnairis


Two pink .04 meters antennapalps stand a top of solid black hair that is silk and flows like an endless waterfall. Glowing green eyes with waves of blue that are glossy and intense. Pale skin that is pure and flawless. Her height stands at 1.7 meters, though with her boots she stands at 1.8 meters.
She covers herself with a black cloak the cloak hides her brown and blue dress.
Under the cloak and attached to the belt on the dress, is an old light saber, and a hidden blaster.

Aliyes has both characteristics of a Balsor and a Hapan. She is mostly sarcastic, cynical, a klepto, as well as vain. But with those, she is also extremely enthusiastic, curious, excitable, and optimistic.

Money. Aliyes gets royalties from her mother's scientific discoveries.
Because of an investment she made into a company that mined tibanna, eleton, and prothium gases for blaster gas production she has become one of the richest aliens in the Galaxy.
Aliyes has an old lightsaber she won in a game of Sabacc.
Her hold-out blaster hides under her dress tied to her inner thigh.

Force sensitive/alignment of the Force:
She is Force sensitive but her abilities haven't yet manifested. However,thanks to her Balosar heritage, her antennapalps give her a heightened sense of awareness that borders on Force sensitivity.

So begins...

Aliyes's Story

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Samirr walked along the metal hallways of The Lotus his domestic cruiser that served as his transport and his place of residence. As his droid beeped from the cockpit Samirr swore under his breath. "Yeah SixDee?" Samirr called from the main hull as he slumped down into a chair to watch the holofeed while 6D4X whirred into the main hull with a message.
"Whaddaya want SixDee?" Samirr grumbled as the rickety old astromech droid beeped and sputtered before a glitchy message popped onto the holofeed. A large notice in big red lettering read.
A small grouping of horrendously mutated beings was discovered on the planet of Onderon in the lowest sector within a basement, all of the beings were mutated beyond identification however one of them was still sentient enough to give us information. The others unfortunately weren't stable and most had died. The being that could speak, spoke in a garbled but thick Twilek dialect from the middle-rim colonies. It said "Watch out for the red demon . . . *gasp* He destroys. . . He destroys. . . " That was all the soldiers at the scene could recover before that being too died. Be alert for more of these mutations . . . We have found other pockets on outer-rim worlds. Just know this threat exists. . .
Samirr scratched his head and shrugged.
"Karkin' publicity stunts. . ." Samirr kicked SixDee causing the warning to dissipate. SixDee scuttled back into the cockpit to pilot The Lotus into the atmosphere of Coruscant. Bringing it down for a landing Samirr sighed and grabbed his cloak from a footlocker close by entering the code to reseal it. Muttering bitterly about the temperate climates and such as he stepped out of the airlock and onto Coruscant...


Lord Ulvore walked with strong purpose into the penthouse sweet he had acquired for himself and his apprentice Nethis. Nethis however was out on an errand in the slums of Coruscants back-roads. Ulvore tossed his cloak to the protocol droid called AXIS, Axis caught it and shuffled back into the closet hanging the cloak and walking back to great his master.
"Greetings Master Ulvore. How was your business venture?" Axis asked in a feminine voice. Ulvore nodded and spoke in his deep bass voice.
"It was very . . . Successful. Hah, yes. . ." Ulvore ran his fingers across his head as he reclined on the sofa in the center of the Penthouse overlooking the center of Coruscants skyline. All he needed now was the specimen he had sent Nethis to fetch for him in the slums.