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Darth Nethis

Shi'ido user of Dark Force energy, Nethis is a master infiltrator and assassin.

0 · 208 views · located in The Star Wars Universe

a character in “Star Wars: Old Republic: A Genetic Crisis”, as played by Gumpy Swordrest



Name: Darth Nethis (Shaalren Tasz)
Race/Gender: Shi'ido male
Appearance: Seemingly mis-shapen with an asymmetrical physique, Darth Morpheus is able to mask his appearance to match that of any humanoid of approximate size and weight. He prefers to stay in his natural state unless he needs to infiltrate or escape.
Personality: Cool and calculating, Nethis is a scheming operative who is no stranger to combat. Highly progressed in his mastery of the dark side of the Force, Darth Nethis bends the will of others to suit his own secretive and nefarious purposes.
Skills/equipment(no unbeatable powers that's hardly fair): Darth Nethis is a master of Dark Side Force, mis-using the energy to mask his physical, psychological, and spiritual essence. He is quite capable with hand-to-hand combat, as well as lightsaber dueling. His racial abilities allow him to change his appearance and the sound of his voice to sneak into and out of almost any location.
Force sensitive/alignment of the Force: Yes, Dark
Other Information you feel is relevant: Orphaned at a young age on Nar Shadaa, Shaalren Tasz had to survive in the seamy underbelly of the corrupt city. At the age of fourteen, a Jedi took him in, sensing his sensitivity to the Force. However, Shaalren had already turned too far from the path of the Light Side, a fact his Jei mentor learned at the cost of his life. Fearing reprisals from the Jedi council, Shaalren fell in with a Sith who sensed his presence on Nar Shadaa. After several years of training, Shaalren took the title Darth Nethis and was sent forth to do his master's bidding throughout the many systems of the universe.

So begins...

Darth Nethis's Story

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Samirr walked along the metal hallways of The Lotus his domestic cruiser that served as his transport and his place of residence. As his droid beeped from the cockpit Samirr swore under his breath. "Yeah SixDee?" Samirr called from the main hull as he slumped down into a chair to watch the holofeed while 6D4X whirred into the main hull with a message.
"Whaddaya want SixDee?" Samirr grumbled as the rickety old astromech droid beeped and sputtered before a glitchy message popped onto the holofeed. A large notice in big red lettering read.
A small grouping of horrendously mutated beings was discovered on the planet of Onderon in the lowest sector within a basement, all of the beings were mutated beyond identification however one of them was still sentient enough to give us information. The others unfortunately weren't stable and most had died. The being that could speak, spoke in a garbled but thick Twilek dialect from the middle-rim colonies. It said "Watch out for the red demon . . . *gasp* He destroys. . . He destroys. . . " That was all the soldiers at the scene could recover before that being too died. Be alert for more of these mutations . . . We have found other pockets on outer-rim worlds. Just know this threat exists. . .
Samirr scratched his head and shrugged.
"Karkin' publicity stunts. . ." Samirr kicked SixDee causing the warning to dissipate. SixDee scuttled back into the cockpit to pilot The Lotus into the atmosphere of Coruscant. Bringing it down for a landing Samirr sighed and grabbed his cloak from a footlocker close by entering the code to reseal it. Muttering bitterly about the temperate climates and such as he stepped out of the airlock and onto Coruscant...


Lord Ulvore walked with strong purpose into the penthouse sweet he had acquired for himself and his apprentice Nethis. Nethis however was out on an errand in the slums of Coruscants back-roads. Ulvore tossed his cloak to the protocol droid called AXIS, Axis caught it and shuffled back into the closet hanging the cloak and walking back to great his master.
"Greetings Master Ulvore. How was your business venture?" Axis asked in a feminine voice. Ulvore nodded and spoke in his deep bass voice.
"It was very . . . Successful. Hah, yes. . ." Ulvore ran his fingers across his head as he reclined on the sofa in the center of the Penthouse overlooking the center of Coruscants skyline. All he needed now was the specimen he had sent Nethis to fetch for him in the slums.

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In the Cantina of the slums of Coruscant Samirr sat sighing deeply,nothing good ever happened to him it seemed. He reached up and adjusted his hood to cover his Zabrak horns, honestly why did his buyer have to be so deep into this filthy city? Samirr just wanted to get back into The Lotus and fly all the way back to his most favorite planet to just relax on, Manaan. However he doubted he would be off the hook, especially since his buyer, a Twilek named Don Shem, was kind of a swindler of sorts. Many people wanted Don Shem dead. Samirr just wanted Don Shem to live long enough to give him his ten thousand credit chip so he could get the hell off this planet.

Don Shem walked, well more like hobbled in fear up to the counter where he saw a Zabrak in a cloak. The hood of the cloak pushed back so it rested nicely on his shoulders. This Zabrak seemed to be the one he had talked over the Holo on but, he couldn't be sure. He timidly walked over to the Zabrak and spoke in a whisper.
"I have our agreed amount. . . D-do you h-have the..." He looked about frantically "The . . . Spice?" Don Shem's lekku twitched with unease.

Across the bar at a back table sat Samirr watching as Don Shem slid the credit chip to a DIFFERENT Zabrak. That karking cheater! He was giving his hard-earned creds to some lowlife! He remained seated however, actually wishing this other Zabrak would crush Don Shem's skull.


Lord Ulvore sat in his chair as Axis brought him a crystal goblet half-filled with his favorite delicacy, Hutt blood. Now it was odd yes, but when he could he adored the aroma and flavor that Hutt blood possessed. Mixed with some Tarisian ale he had acquired before the destruction of Taris, it was his favorite thing to drink to calm his nerves. He could sense Nethis approaching their target. A supposedly force resistant weasel of a Twilek called Don Shem. However Ulvore pondered if perhaps this meeting would end up going an entirely different way altogether. . .

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Samirr rose to his feet upon seeing Don Shem walking out of the cantina with the other Zabrak, he couldn't very well get the spice he wanted from this guy, Samirr knew this because the spice was on The Lotus! Sure Don Shem was an imbecile but was he this stupid?
Samirr yelled to the Zabrak and Don Shem. "There is a drug deal going on! Illegal spice trading!" Samirr pointed to Don Shem and it looked as though Don Shem may drop dead right there. The other Zabrak just looked slightly irritated. Samirr stride quickly over to Don Shem, grabbing his lapels and dragging him out, Samirr looked back momentarily to see the Zabrak following calmly, emotionless.
"Don! How long have you known me?" Samirr threw his hood back revealing the very identifiable scarring on his right cheek and jaw. "I have worked with you for years, at least recognize my voice. Are you that looped Don? Kriffing spicer. . . I shoulda spaced you back on Nal Hutta!" Samirr shouted angrily at his moronic employer. His sharpened teeth appearing as fangs as he loomed over Don Shem. Then he glanced over to the Zabrak.
"Look pal, I'll be needin' those credits you got from this pansy. Thanks in advance. Then you can crush this guy into atoms if you want but I want my pay." Samirr extended his hand for the credits and Don Shem spoke.
'S-Samirr! Don't hand me over to this scoundrel!" Don cried out distraught. Samirr shrugged.
"What'll it be there pal?" . . .

________________________________________________________________________________________________________As Ulvore rose and walked to the large windows of the penthouse Axis poured another glass of the Huttese blood beverage. Ulvore reached out with the force and felt friction on Nethis' mission. Nothing his apprentice couldn't handle. After all, he had been trained by the best. "Perhaps I will be seeing some more excitement today than I had originally anticipated. . . " Ulvore mused to himself as he reached out through the force to watch what was happening with Nethis, a way of scrying.

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Samirr looked to the older Zabrak, studying him, before sighing and placing his hands up behind his head in a casual manner before speaking.
"Whatever pal. . . " Samirr took the credit chip with a rough grab. He had felt this chump trying to probe his mind, must have thrown that guy cause it won't affect me at all. As Samirr made it back to The Lotus he marched up the ramp and came out moments later with a small box. As he quickly typed in the code, making sure not to allow the shady Zabrak to get a glimpse he then showed the contents to his employer, the foolish Don Shem. The Twi'lek was impressed and happily paid Samirr a light bonus for the mix up in the cantina. With a laugh he tossed the extra five thousand into his back pocket before turning to the Zabrak.
"He's all yours buddy, one more thing. . .I didn't catch your name. . .?" Samirr asked holding Don Shem by the shoulders, Don Shem was shaking and his lekku were flipping around agitatedly.
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lord Ulvore turned quickly, the cloak of his fancy diplomats suit flourished behind him as he strode with purpose over the Axis. Axis looked to him, the blue lights she used for eyes blinking slightly from the energies Ulvore was emitting.
"Heading out Master Darius?" Axis asked using his "Politician" name.
"Why . . . Yes. Axis call for Ora to pull the private cruiser by, I shall be using it to take to a small docking zone in the slums for a. . .Package I have been expecting." With that Ulvore grabbed the black cap he wore over his bare skin on his head and popped the collar on his diplomat suit before exiting the Penthouse.

Ora had the cruiser waiting at the door, Ulvore bowed his head to her with a cold smile.
"Ready to go my Lord?" Ora asked offering her hand to assist him into the cruiser. Taking her hand he spoke back calmly.
"Yes, please make this trip fast." As he sat in the back of the cruiser watching buildings soar by, he hoped Nethis would have his specimen by the time he arrived. He dug into his Force-scry and touched Nethis' mind from afar.
'I approve of your venture. . .Report in with whatever you may find. . .' With that Ulvore allowed himself to drift into a sleep-like state.

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Samirr watched as the strange Zabrak, Ordo, walked Don Shem away. Did Samirr feel bad? Well . . . Yeah but he got his pay, he was done here.

He pulled his hood down over his eyes and walked around to the main street, approaching the docking zone he was literally run into by a small female Cathar, a child of about twelve. She was scrawny with promine facial structuring and harsh angles that looked odd on such a young face. Her small angled gold eyes were full of anger and pain, her long brown hair was matted and hung limply around her shoulders. Her small boney form was covered by tattered rag-like clothing, her pointed ears were pierced with bone spikes. She was gaunt and twitching, struggling to stand. When she spoke her small snout-like nose crinkled in anger and hate.

"I can't be stopped here bonehead! I have to get away, I can't. . . They can't take me back there! I refuse. That filthy. . . No, he won't have me any longer! Not now that he's dead. . ."

The small girl was shivering, her clawed hands were blood-stained.

"Whoa, whoa, did you murder someone there kiddo? Hah, I could shoot you right now and claim I was doing a public service. Or you could be my 'partner' in my business, and I'd protect ya."

Samirr grinned, his fanged teeth glaring in the artificial lighting of the main street. Before the small Cathar could reply Samirr had scooped her up, slung her over his shoulder and begun marching towards the Docking Bay where The Lotus was held. The airlock of the ship opened with creaking and a small whooshing noise. He carried her into the spare domestic hold and threw her onto the cot within before locking the door. She was far too upset to talk to now. Samirr was pretty sure what he just did was illegal. He was also fairly certain he didn't care.

Ulvore stepped out of the cruiser that Ora was piloting, Ora's faint purple skin glowed in the lighting of the dimly lit passageway that Ulvore and Nethis were meeting in.

"Nethis. . . I see you have brought our friend here. . . Why hello there Mr. Shem, allow me and my associate to escort you to my penthouse sweet to. . . Discuss our ventures. . ."
As Ulvore spoke he linked arms with Don Shem and walked him into the cruiser.
Ora looked to Nethis and walked out of the Cruiser allowing it auto-pilot back to the Penthouse. Ora stepped close to Nethis, her purple skin and large brown eyes glittering in the lighting.

"Nethis. . . Or shall I call you Ordo?"
Ora snickered, her chipped K-9 tooth showing.

"You are always so . . . Distant. You know, Ulvore has told me about the ways of the Dark Side, and I know about you and your powers. . . He wants to train me. But, I want you to train me. . . I want to learn from you. Ulvore is yesterdays news, you Nethis are the future and we both know that."
Ora's small hand rested on Nethis' shoulder as she grinned and her claw-like nails slightly dug into his arm.