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Darth Vilarous

"Through the Force, I am power."

0 · 266 views · located in The Star Wars Universe

a character in “Star Wars: Old Republic: A Genetic Crisis”, as played by claw


Name:Darth Vilarous

Race/Gender: Human/Mandalorian Male

Appearance: Image

Personality: A highly over-confident Sith, Vilarous lives to sow discord and chaos, taking a perverse pleasure from the pain he inflicts, even to the extent where he will deliberately keep an opponent alive or allow his enemies to continue to fight against him as if they were winning simply to get enjoyment out them. A sarcastic and sadistic killer, never holding back, he is the self-styled jewel in the dark crown of the Sith.

Skills/equipment: A highly skilled duelist, he is able to use his single lightsaber in either hand and with incredible ease, his power over the force is less direct but equally chilling, firstly he is a master of mind manipulation, which he often uses to cause others to betray their friends or harm themselves, secondly he is able to drain the life-force of a non Force sensitive person and revitalise his own.

Force sensitive/alignment of the Force: Strongly tied to the Dark Side.

Other Information you feel is relevant: A loner, even by the standards of the Sith, Vilarous roams the galaxy gathering knowledge of the Dark Side, to what end cannot be truly said, perhaps he intends to store it away or perhaps he wishes to set up his own New Empire, or maybe even he does not know. Sightings of Vilarous have been increasing rapidly since the end of the Mandalorian Wars, which he fought in during the early days on the side of Mandalore before vanishing, the reason for his spike in activity is simple: he has felt more and more tremors in the Force, the future is clouded, but through the haze he see's darkness and he desires it greatly.

So begins...

Darth Vilarous's Story

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Samirr walked along the metal hallways of The Lotus his domestic cruiser that served as his transport and his place of residence. As his droid beeped from the cockpit Samirr swore under his breath. "Yeah SixDee?" Samirr called from the main hull as he slumped down into a chair to watch the holofeed while 6D4X whirred into the main hull with a message.
"Whaddaya want SixDee?" Samirr grumbled as the rickety old astromech droid beeped and sputtered before a glitchy message popped onto the holofeed. A large notice in big red lettering read.
A small grouping of horrendously mutated beings was discovered on the planet of Onderon in the lowest sector within a basement, all of the beings were mutated beyond identification however one of them was still sentient enough to give us information. The others unfortunately weren't stable and most had died. The being that could speak, spoke in a garbled but thick Twilek dialect from the middle-rim colonies. It said "Watch out for the red demon . . . *gasp* He destroys. . . He destroys. . . " That was all the soldiers at the scene could recover before that being too died. Be alert for more of these mutations . . . We have found other pockets on outer-rim worlds. Just know this threat exists. . .
Samirr scratched his head and shrugged.
"Karkin' publicity stunts. . ." Samirr kicked SixDee causing the warning to dissipate. SixDee scuttled back into the cockpit to pilot The Lotus into the atmosphere of Coruscant. Bringing it down for a landing Samirr sighed and grabbed his cloak from a footlocker close by entering the code to reseal it. Muttering bitterly about the temperate climates and such as he stepped out of the airlock and onto Coruscant...


Lord Ulvore walked with strong purpose into the penthouse sweet he had acquired for himself and his apprentice Nethis. Nethis however was out on an errand in the slums of Coruscants back-roads. Ulvore tossed his cloak to the protocol droid called AXIS, Axis caught it and shuffled back into the closet hanging the cloak and walking back to great his master.
"Greetings Master Ulvore. How was your business venture?" Axis asked in a feminine voice. Ulvore nodded and spoke in his deep bass voice.
"It was very . . . Successful. Hah, yes. . ." Ulvore ran his fingers across his head as he reclined on the sofa in the center of the Penthouse overlooking the center of Coruscants skyline. All he needed now was the specimen he had sent Nethis to fetch for him in the slums.

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Character Portrait: Darth Vilarous
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#, as written by claw
Hidden away on the volcanic planet of Mustafar was a secret base, built into and indeed under one of the few dormant volcanoes on the planets surface, despite this relative safety powerful heat shields kept the exterior safely protected, though in truth only the landing pad and a small section of the protruding command tower- where the owner of this hidden fortress dwelt, over looking the blasted landscape- could be seen from the outside, the remaining sections of the base were safely tucked away under the fiery surface.

In his dark and gloomy command room, sat upon a dark throne was an equally dark dressed figure, black robes and armour covered his body and a hood and mask covered his face. The room would have been utterly submerged in shadow if not for the light of the volcanic landscape that made itself known through the shielded windows and from the viewscreen that had been playing on repeat for the last hour, the story of some form of genetic mutation being discovered on mass in clearly tortured states was enough to arouse his desire to learn more and so the Sith, Darth Vilarous, had taken notice and was watching the story over and over to try and gleam some missing detail. After some time he realised that looking back over recorded footage and instead would take action himself. Pressing a button on his throne he sent a message through to one of the earpieces of his henchmen- Though strictly speaking he had relatively few subordinates compared to the other members of the Sith, however whilst most would simply use overwhelming force to overpower their enemies, each of Vilarous's minions were experts in their chosen field, thus he cut down on both the amount of people he had to make contact with and ensured he always had the best at his disposal.

After a moments pause to ensure that his subordinate was listening he spoke. "Garen, prepare my shuttle to travel to the planet Onderon." It was a short and simple message that he knew was going to be swiftly followed, he in turn would swiftly turn his chair around and make his way to the shuttle bay where he knew the shuttle would be prepped and ready for him. In truth he could have taken the shuttle to his personal frigate hidden in the asteroid belt on the outer edges of the system, however a lone shuttle drew less attention.

Striding out of the protected shelter of his fortress he was hit by a wave of pure heat as the protective shields warped slightly to accommodate his passage without simply throwing him from the platform itself, a few brisks strides brought him up to and inside the waiting maw of the shuttle, before it lifted from the platform, its owner safely tucked away in a dark room just off to the side of the main bay. His pilot, Garen, was a Twi'lek who had been in his employ for a number of years, though not exactly of his own free will for the beginning of it. A former republic pilot, Garen was stolen along with the shuttle he piloted for his new master and both had served him with distinction, however he was beginning to age and maybe a new slave was needed for the Sith Lord, perhaps he would find someone to replace him on Onderon.