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Saladriel Tai Rohshiyo

Sentinel and Jedi Master

0 · 414 views · located in The Star Wars Universe

a character in “Star Wars: Old Republic: A Genetic Crisis”, as played by Ashmotal


Name: Saladriel Tai Rohshiyo
Race/Gender: Female Miraluka
Appearance: Image
Personality: Serious at times, but mostly an upeat friendly person.
Skills/equipment(no unbeatable powers that's hardly fair): Two sabers and significant connection to the force, but can only channel that energy if she is truly focused, which most of the time she is not.
Force sensitive/alignment of the Force: Connected intensely with the force, but cannot channel its energies properly. ((Didnt understand how to answer this))
Other Information you feel is relevant:
Back Story:
Grand Master they call her now. Saladriel Tai Rohshiyo was born a feeble Miraluka. She was born on the planet Coruscant to a mother who was in one of the local gangs that served as a Renegade. Her father was never a part of Saladriels life she believed him to be a Jedi or Sith, however she never cared to confirm. Born with such force potential the gang meant to train Saladriel in the ravaging ways of a Marauder. However she had a weak immune system so training always went poorly as a young girl. Her mother seeing her daughter struggle felt helpless and finally made the choice to send her to the Jedi. While handing her daughter off to a Jedi Master, Tamara Erna Rohshiyo was assassinated for taking away from the gang in such a way. Saladriel had simply thought her mother had fallen, but as the metallic smell of blood passed threw her nose she'd known what had occured. The Jedi Master quickly put her on a shuttle and brought her before the council. She was so potent in the force even they were suprised. She was put threw trials to become Jedi. The physical trials she Aced, and the force control was so well done they'd never seen anything like it. Her ability to learn and understand was incredible, but her ability to communicate is what puzzled people. She would some days talk in rhymes and others the whole day in poetic methods, and others she would simply only use sarcasm. After many trials she earned her right to be Jedi. The Sentinel searched for purpose, but could not find one. For years she traveled the galaxy. Saladriel while on her travels was attacked multiple times by Imperial patrols. Eventually she caught more than she could handle and her ship was shot in a vital point. Her life support was failing. She could only accept death at this point. She eventually passed out. However the Force had use for her. Her ship was slowly pulled toward the Planet Ruusan. Upon impact with the planet the near death Miraluka was pulled into the care of a Hermit. She woke up alone with her gear spread on a table. She found a note telling her she was 'On her own from here. Force be with you.' Not understanding she found a meal waiting for her near her gear. AFter eating she looked around and her eyes stopped on a tattered piece of Parchment. A map of sorts. To what however, she must know. She followed the map to a ruined tomb of sorts. Approaching she could feel something, unthinkable, such powerful force energies flowed from the site. Walking in she meditated inside the Tomb. Revealing itself to her one of the spirits whom still remained spoke to her. Told her where she was and what she stood upon. Understanding she knew what she must do. She took on the wisdom of all spirits who showed them self to her. While learning she subconsciously soaked some of the force power that emanated from the Force Nexus. She had left with a purpose, a secret, and a mission. After scavenging and rebuilding her ship, she went off to many distant lands meetings a variety of people some very close friends whom joined her Enclave and became masters. She would eventually share with them everything she knew, but she did not feel any of them was quite ready enough to hear the Legend come to life.

So begins...

Saladriel Tai Rohshiyo's Story

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Character Portrait: Samirr Duunlith Character Portrait: Lord Ulvore Character Portrait: Saladriel Tai Rohshiyo Character Portrait: Darth Vilarous Character Portrait: Aliyes Character Portrait: Darth Nethis
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Samirr walked along the metal hallways of The Lotus his domestic cruiser that served as his transport and his place of residence. As his droid beeped from the cockpit Samirr swore under his breath. "Yeah SixDee?" Samirr called from the main hull as he slumped down into a chair to watch the holofeed while 6D4X whirred into the main hull with a message.
"Whaddaya want SixDee?" Samirr grumbled as the rickety old astromech droid beeped and sputtered before a glitchy message popped onto the holofeed. A large notice in big red lettering read.
A small grouping of horrendously mutated beings was discovered on the planet of Onderon in the lowest sector within a basement, all of the beings were mutated beyond identification however one of them was still sentient enough to give us information. The others unfortunately weren't stable and most had died. The being that could speak, spoke in a garbled but thick Twilek dialect from the middle-rim colonies. It said "Watch out for the red demon . . . *gasp* He destroys. . . He destroys. . . " That was all the soldiers at the scene could recover before that being too died. Be alert for more of these mutations . . . We have found other pockets on outer-rim worlds. Just know this threat exists. . .
Samirr scratched his head and shrugged.
"Karkin' publicity stunts. . ." Samirr kicked SixDee causing the warning to dissipate. SixDee scuttled back into the cockpit to pilot The Lotus into the atmosphere of Coruscant. Bringing it down for a landing Samirr sighed and grabbed his cloak from a footlocker close by entering the code to reseal it. Muttering bitterly about the temperate climates and such as he stepped out of the airlock and onto Coruscant...


Lord Ulvore walked with strong purpose into the penthouse sweet he had acquired for himself and his apprentice Nethis. Nethis however was out on an errand in the slums of Coruscants back-roads. Ulvore tossed his cloak to the protocol droid called AXIS, Axis caught it and shuffled back into the closet hanging the cloak and walking back to great his master.
"Greetings Master Ulvore. How was your business venture?" Axis asked in a feminine voice. Ulvore nodded and spoke in his deep bass voice.
"It was very . . . Successful. Hah, yes. . ." Ulvore ran his fingers across his head as he reclined on the sofa in the center of the Penthouse overlooking the center of Coruscants skyline. All he needed now was the specimen he had sent Nethis to fetch for him in the slums.