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Star Wars: Old Republic: A Genetic Crisis



a part of Star Wars: Old Republic: A Genetic Crisis, by Alliqua_Dark.

This is the edges of known space.

Alliqua_Dark holds sovereignty over Outer-Rim, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

105 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


Planets in the Outer-Rim (If I missed any or repeated any please just bear with it cause this took me many hours of research and cross-referencing to get all these planet names.)

Kubindi, Fwillsving, Honoghr, Aduba III, Rinn, Barab I, Tammar, Sneeve, Boz Pity, Bimmisaari, Charros IV, Chalacta, Lannik, Ruusan and, Tholatin Pii System, Tattooine, Hypori, Excarga, Lamaredd, Nelvaan, Geonosis, Siskeen and, Ryloth. Kamino, Rishi, Pzob, Lashbane, Roon, Ukio, Kowak, Gamorr and Rothana. Lok and, Zhar. Melida/Daan, Vergesso Asteroids and, Alzoc III, Silken Asteroids, Suarbi 7, Svivren and, Elshandruu Pica. Exocron and, Kal'shabbol. Adarlon, Karideph and, Pergitor. Omwat, Xegobah and, Clak'Dor VII. Asmeru, Virmeude, Cyphar and, Belsavis Eriadu, Dorvalla, Sullust and, Karfeddion. Degobah, Sluis Van, Utapau, Rutan/Senali, Polis Massa and, Subterrel. Endor and, Xal 3. Annaj, Firrerre, Bakura, G'rho, Rattatak, Cerea, Riflar and, Codian Moon Bastion, and Durbrillion Muunilist, Yaga Minor, Borosk, Ord Biniir, Garqi, Mygeeto, Valc VII, Kalee, Morishim, Bimmiel, Gravlex Med, Sinsang, Dantooine, Shusuguant, Ord Canfre, Generis and, Phaeda. Agamar, Serenno, Vinsoth and, the Cowl Crucible. Belkadan, Helska, Ord Janon, Sernpidal and, Zonama Sekot. Toprawa, Junction, Dathomir , Cadomai, Ruuria, Mirial, Telos, Ord Radama, Thule, Korriban, Ziost, Almania and, Elom. Bonadon, Kamar, Ammuud, Etti IV, Lorrd and, Mytus VII. Vaynai, Troiken, Quermia, Cholganna, Toola, Mon Calmari, Munto Codru, Drongar and, Pakuuni. Muskree, Felucia, Rhen Var, Belderone/Kulthuis and Makem Te.Tund, Gand, Teth and, Toong I Ossus, Nespis VIII, Cron Drift, Lego, Jabiim, Handooine, Anzat, Saleucami, Kegon, New Holstice, Metalorn and, Roche Asteroids. Dellat, Chandaar, Lianna, Raxus, Caluula, Eredenn, Jaminere, Rudrig and,Brigia. Onderon, Taboon, Umbara, Vena, Donovia, Taanab, Hapes, Colla IV, Telti, Ambria, Zeltros and, Tarhassan.
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This is the edges of known space.


Outer-Rim is a part of The Star Wars Universe.