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Ishmael Hephestus

"Rakghouls? Ugh, should of asked for hazard pay, maybe when I get out of here."

0 · 347 views · located in Nar Shaddaa

a character in “Star Wars Old Republic: Outbreak”, as played by Eisenhorn


Name: Ishmael Hephestus
Age: 29

Species: Human

Occupation: Mercenary Soldier

Affiliation: Republic Interests (Currently employer)


Personality: Ishmael is hardly the most hostile or disagreeable person, if you catch him off duty or paid to be on your side. He's professional, not letting petty things such as grudges or rivalries get in his way when it comes to doing a job, so he has little qualms working for someone who was shooting at him a few moments ago, relatively speaking. While there are a few jobs he won't take out of principle, those are few and far between, and he can be counted on to complete his job, regardless of whether his foe makes a counter offer that is greater than what his employer is paying. Taking ingenuity, awareness of his surroundings, and sheer determination make him a far more difficult to shake opponent than some who might be physically stronger, mentally more capable, or more in tune with their surroundings, and these traits are never more apparent than when on the hunt. He doesn't generally have extreme reactions to situations, whether good or bad, and tends to be a voice of moderation or reason when in the company of zealots and extremists for their cause, watching them storm off on some self righteous goal, to get cut down and increase the pay he's getting by whatever their share was worth.

Bio: Violence and strife are ways of life to many, and when one is born into such a trade, how can you expect them to do anything other than pick up the family business? Born on an asteroid mining station, Ishmael's father was a hired security hand, his mother was an unknown, probably a flame aboard the very same vessel. That hardly mattered, as the first thing the lad can remember of his early childhood was passing his father power cells for his repeating blaster as they came under fire. You wouldn't expect that a child could be raised on the run like that, either under fire or putting someone under fire, but it worked for the old man and Ishmael, who learned to shoot and run as fast as he did to walk and talk. Carrying a blaster and shooting first came as naturally as breathing and eating did, all as equally necessary to survive in his young life. He would grow into quite the young teenager, while others brooded and sulked, hating their parents or being whiny, spoiled brats, Ishmael earned his meals and leisure pay, although that would go towards equipment maintenance more often than not.

At the young age of 17, Ishmael was hired onto a security job that should have been easy for someone of his talent. His father had warned him about the dangers he had yet encountered before, cryptically passing on his vibroblade to the young man before disappearing for a long term job, never to be heard from again. This wasn't nearly as traumatizing as one would expect it to be, as neither of the two expected to have forewarning before the others death or disappearance, so Ishmael just moved on with this apparently well paying, easy job. That changed with the arrival of a Jedi led interdiction team, and the young lad barely got away with his life, blasting his way through the squad of Republic soldiers, but ending up captured by the Jedi after deflecting a death stroke with his vibroblade, which he hadn't known was outfitted with a cortosis weave. He would break out of confinement rather swiftly, crossing paths with this same Jedi as the years went by, and Ishmael grew more and more adept at fighting force users, Jedi, Sith, or any in between, including how to shield his thoughts and tactics for besting the major groups of force users.

His talent as a "Jedi Killer" made Ishmael somewhat infamous in the circles he ran in, although it was not really fair to say Jedi, when he would strike down anyone who he needed to, not just specifically Jedi. An oddity in this was he, in fact, did more work under contract with the Republic than anyone else, often times picking off lone Sith or scouting gatherings of them as an expendable resource that could plausibly be denied. His track record got him hired to go bypass another blockade, this time on the smuggler's moon, and meet up with a Republic liason who had snuck by the blockade and had requested additional support. His overarching orders were simple enough, find the source of this outbreak, and either capture and transport it to a certain safe place, or destroy it if acquisition was not viable.

+ Repeating Blaster Carbine
+ Wrist mounted flamer, with self contained and replaceable fuel cells
+ .48-caliber Enforcer Pistol
+ Breaching Explosives
+ Vibroblade
+ HWK-290 Light Freighter (See Other)

The Stormfell: A heavily modified and fine tuned HWK-290 Light Freighter, the Stormfell has been overhauled to meet the needs of its owner, Ishmael, who will often fly it into the maw of death, only to fly out later, dragging some little prize or bauble along for the ride. A lot of cargo space is lost in favor of the retrofits, carrying barely 15 tons of cargo, though it retained its full capacity of passengers and crew. The extra space is replaced with additional shielding, an upgraded and overcharged hyperdrive, larger core for more energy output, and other retrofits that make it a warship, rather than a freighter. Thicker armor takes up a lot of the weight that the other retrofits don't, and the ship is outfitted with the following armaments.
- x4 Dual Heavy Laser Cannons
- x2 Concussion Missile Tubes
- x2 Proton Torpedo Tubes
- x2 Ion Cannons
- x2 Turret AG-2G Quad Laser Cannons

The primary downside is, of course, the lack of cargo space makes smuggling a much less lucrative job, but men like Ishmael aren't smugglers, so such things are of little consequence. Beyond these weapons, the Stormfell is, under the hood, barely recognizable as a HWK-290, and mounts the following upgrades and retrofits that take up the space that the new weapons don't.
- Upgraded Hyperdrive (Class 0.9)
- Enhanced Redundant Shielding
- Upgraded Power Core
- More layers of Armor
- Enhanced Sensor Suite and Electronic Warfare Systems
- Upgraded engines

Aesthetically, the Stormfell is a deep, midnight blue ship, with splashes of red that seem to match the armor design of its owner, the non turreted weapons facing forward to bring the potentially maximum amount of firepower to bear on whatever has earned the ire of its owner, while the twin turrets can fire in any direction, either automatically or operated by passengers or crew aboard the ship. All in all, the Stormfell is no longer a freighter, and could easily be mistaken for a warship all in its own, whilst maintaining the ability to land planetside that many warships can no longer due.

Hunter Power Armor: If anything, this set of custom power armor makes Ishmael more of a threat on the ground than in the Stormfell. The armor is constructed using a durasteel base, which provides a base level of defense against a variety of common attacks and originally did not have any advanced powered systems or modifications. Once he crossed paths with force users, however, Ishmael decided he needed a defensive and offensive overhaul. His armor received this attention first, and his vital areas, including joints and common places saber strikes might land such as wrists and forearms, were coated with a solid layer of Phrik, as a cheaper alternative to Cortosis. Phrik provided a reliable defense against sabers, but did not short them out. Once his armor was able to take hits, he modified it to return them. Overall, the Hunter Power Armor has the following defensive work done to it.
- Durasteel Construction, Phrik reinforcement on Torso, Helmet, Joints, and Forearms.
- Powered Systems added, increasing the strength and speed of its wearer to match force users, should it be necessary
- Neural Linked Motor Joints, in situations with shattered limbs, Ishmael can still utilize shattered body parts like normal, though this is normally a painful situation that aggravates the healing process.
- Full Medical Uplink to the wearer's body, capable of tracking vitals, infections, injuries, and administer proper field aid both on command and automatically.
- Capable of Fully sealing to prevent air contamination of its wearer, as well as functioning in No atmospheric conditions
- Mag lock boots, for zero G environments.

To make matters better (Or worse, on the side of those facing his armor) a series of offensive upgrades have been put into place, both for general use, and specialized purposes when faced with hostile force users. These include
- Left arm mounted Cortosis Wrist Blade, used to parry and short out hostile enemy blades before making a killing blow with another weapons platform, or all on its own.
- Right hand features a built in Stun Gauntlet, which has had the safeties overriden to allow an overcharged punch capable of lethal amounts of damage, and can have obviously detrimental effects on droids and other electronics.
- The visor has a full suite of data analysis and targeting software for making shots that are too difficult to normally make unassisted, as well as housing the countermeasures against electronic attacks against the system.

The Hunter Power Armor is, obviously, only a machine, and suffers from the fact that they can break down and require repairs that can often times take longer than normal force users can simply heal themselves at, and is hardly a substitute for force powers should they be available. However, the modifications and baseline usefulness of the armor is reliant on the wearer's training and skill, so no novice can use the HPA system and operate at full efficiency without some training and practice. Once enough systems fail, the armor can be scuttled and abandoned, though this obviously leaves the wearer at a most probably serious disadvantage, but at least could provide some last ditch attempt at survival, should the need arise.

Other Notes: Ishmael's outer thoughts are constantly a chaotic scattering of surrounding information, target calculations, number games, and other mindless, useless information to help screen his inner, real thoughts from unwelcome intrusion.

So begins...

Ishmael Hephestus's Story