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Tal-Koren Wavingstrider

Grand Lord of the Imperial Union

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a character in “Star Wars: Reborn Conflict”, as played by Torrentwolf


Tal-Koren Wavingstrider


Quote: Knowledge is power, but it’s useless if you don’t use it. - Tal-Koren to his companions.

Full name: - Lord Tal-Koren Wavingstrider
Alias/Nicknames: - The Imperial Guardian, Lord Timaeus / Koren
Gender: - Male
Species/Race: – Human/Imperial
Birth Date: - 288 ABY
Age: - 32
Descendent(of): - Titus Wavingstrider & Verena Wavingstrider
Current Residence: - Ossus
Job/Profession: - Imperial Warlord
Title: - Grand Lord of the Imperial Union
Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): - Himself and his people

Quote: Don’t let my looks deceive you. Behind this “devilishly handsome” facade is an even more devilishly handsome man. - Tal-Koren being cocky to his fellow Jedi.

Height: - 6’2”
Weight: - 180lb
Build: - Strapping
Eye Color: - Dark Brown
Hair Color: - Black
Handedness: - Right
Skin Shade/Color: - Honey tan
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: - Tal-Koren has a variety of battle scars across his torso and arms, most of them results from lightsaber battles, the rest from blaster and knife wounds.

Description: – Tal-Koren is a rather tall man with a strapping build acquired from years of training and fighting. Koren is not vain about his appearance but does keep himself well groomed and presentable. Koren has been described as handsome with a statuesque like appearance. His facial features are firm and strong which is framed by a short boxed beard and complemented with shoulder length ponytail.


Quote: When your lines break and find yourself at the mercy of the enemy you will wish for just one tenth of my mind. - Tal-Koren to an enemy commander during the Geonosis Campaign.

Sexuality/Preference: - Heterosexual
Sanity: - Stable
Friends: - Tal-Koren has many friends ranging from within his own ranks to those among other factions such as the Jedi and Federation.
Likes: - The Force, women, Tei’leks, Ships, Peace, combat, music, Aliens
Dislikes: - Needless killing, people harming his daughter, alcohol, humanocentrism, slavery, his kindness being taken advantage of
Hobbies: - Training/sparring, studying and experimenting with the force

Personality: - Tal-Koren embodies the morals and principals of the Jedi while at the same time having the ambitions and desires of a sith. Koren has an imposing and exalted air about him but he is nevertheless a kind and helpful soul despite his need to project the air of a strong leader. He is respectful of other cultures and is even fond of aliens to the point of being a xenophile. As a result Koren has zero tolerance for Humanocentrism policies and slavery and reacts quite harshly when he encounters it.

Tal-Koren may have been raised as a Jedi but his time with the sith imparted to him their teachings which he incorporated with those of the Jedi to determine the type of person he wished to be. Koren has a high set of morals and lives by his own code of compassion, mercy and consideration, but on the other hand he is also very ambitious and is a bit prideful. By balancing the two aspects, light and dark, Koren is able to maintain his good aspects while indulging himself in some selfish endeavors.

Koren has a charming personality and can be very persuasive at times which affords him a good deal if not a lot of diplomatic skill. He presents an open mind willing to hear out everyone and a generous soul willing to negotiate so everyone is satisfied. But he also makes clear he is not looking to be tricked or short ended in a deal.

Quote: Why is there always someone who brings grenades to a fight? - Tal-Koren during a bar fight.

Weapons: – Three lightsabers,
Combat Attire: – When battle is inevitable Tal-Koren dons a set of black, gold and red robes with a matching mask which adds an intimidation factor. His arms and and legs have black armor protecting him which have been enhanced by Force Alchemy.

Accessories: – A singnant ring belonging to the house of Wavingstrider

Miscellaneous: –


-Quote: I don’t know, what you think I’ve done. But if we were to battle, I’ve already won. Tal-Koren to another Sith.

General/Preferred Style: – Tal-Koren is not a man who leads from the rear unless required to do so and often gets into the thick of fights.
Hand-to-Hand: – Echani
Weapons Style: – Though a practitioner of all seven lightsaber forms Tal-Koren prefers Form III and Form IV.
Special Abilities/Affinities: – Koren is a natural prodigy of combat.

Quote: In actuality the force is naturally neither light or dark. It is only what we shape it to be. - Tal-Koren’s philosophy of the force.

Force Sensitive: - Yes
Force Alignment: - Balanced/Grey

Major Powers: -

Battle Meditation
Force Lightning

Minor Powers: –
Force Alchemy (Sith Alchemy)
Breath Control
Force persuasion
Animal Friendship
Force Sense

Abilities: – ?? TBD


-Quote: “When I took power there was chaos, and I brought order. I took an inefficient government and made a nation. It was done the way it was because that was how it had to be. No one complained when brought an end to my predecessors tyranny. No one complained when I set out to end the threat of the warlords and bring peace and unity to our people. An ideal, is what has made us what we are. You call it, conquest. I call it, liberation. - Tal-Koren on INN.”

Relationship Status: – Single
Family: – Titus Wavingstrider (Father, alive), Verena Wavingstrider (Mother, alive), Sydaria Wavingstrider (Daughter, alive)
Known Languages: – Common, Twi’lek, Shyriiwook, Droid, Sith

Personal History/Background: -

Tal-Koren Wavingstrider was born to the house of Wavingstrider, a house of nobility under one of the Imperial Warlords. For Koren’s parents it was a time of great joy and excitement for the new parents whom were practically excited to be parents. But these were times of conflict when the warlords were constantly fighting for dominance. To make matters worst the post remnant of the once great Imperial knights had discovered Koren to be a very strong in the force and came to take him into their ranks. Koren’s parents were very against the idea of their son having to fight for any warlord but there was very little they could do. If they hid him away he would eventually be found by the knights via sensing his power. And they no longer held any respect for the Imperial Mission so they had only one option, to send Koren the Jedi. Using the little time they were afford to say goodby to their son, Koren’s parents quickly contacted the Jedi to quickly have him taken away from the Imperial knights. The exchange took place quickly and soon Koren was far away from imperial space and within the hands of the Jedi.

Life as a Jedi was the only thing Koren knew growing up. From the first day he was trained in the life of a Jedi, protecting the territories the Jedi controlled, learning the ways of the force and training in the arts of the lightsaber, all things Koren took to with zeal. Koren proved to be a prodigy of the blade and very adept with force abilities once he learned the very basic techniques. But over time he saw the flaws of the Jedi way of life and the Jedi themselves. While he agreed with the many teachings and rules of the Jedi he saw how to ridged they were and felt at times exceptions should be made. As he was partnered with a master and other padawans Koren meet and found attraction in a togruta female named Alotha Vetto whom also shared a similar attraction to him and the two became close. However his tenure as a Jedi wasn’t to last as when he was fifteen Koren and his master were sent with his master’s other seven padawans to aid Geonosis which was on the brink of a hostile takeover. The Geonosians were under threat by a mega corporation which was trying to overtake their world and claim the Geonosian factories and eliminate their competition. During their three day tenure the Koren and the other Padawans worked to keep the peace while their master Jav’air spoke with both parties. However negotiations soon collapsed when it was revealed the corporation had tired of waiting and moved their military to take control of the planet.

Koren felt it was necessary for them to intervene and stop this but their master told them they needed to stay out of this due to the internal politics involved. Koren was disgusted with the political pandering the Jedi played but none the less returned with his master to the Jedi Temple. Koren returned to his normal routine but continued to listen to the situational reports regarding Geonosis. Day after day reports came in, all of them getting worst for the Geonosians and more and more Koren questioned the Jedi council. Finally after six days Koren could stand it no more, he was going to stop this one way or another. Sneaking away from the temple, Koren employed a smuggler named Taven Vor to get him to Geonosis and past the corporate fleet blockading it. It was rough getting past the blockade which was thick with corporate ships but Koren and Taven found a way, though it meant they wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon.

When Koren made contact with the Geonosians at first they distrusted him for he was one of the Jedi whom abandoned them but they accepted his help anyway. Koren was given a small brigade of Geonosians and battle droids to prove his worth and he did. Though outnumbered and outgunned, Koren managed to pull of victory after victory through careful planning and tactical superiority. Each victory earned him more trust with the Geonosians until eventually he was widely accepted and trusted by them. Koren’s aid helped with the campaign and within a month the Corporate forces had almost been pushed offworld. It was now a war of attrition as Koren realized early on the more it cost the take Geonosis the more likely the invasion would be called off. And it worked, the Corporate army was recalled. But it had been the Jedi through behind the scenes negotiations who managed to convince the corporation the cost to take Geonosis would not be worth it.

With Geonosis safe and the Geonosians thankful to Koren and in his debt, Koren was brought back to the Jedi Temple where he was reprimanded for his actions. Koren argued his point only to be scolded and accordingly punished for disobeying the will of the council. Koren’s actions brought him mixed opinions among his fellow Jedi but at this point Koren had little interests in their opinions as his faith in the Jedi was now severely shaken. Even with his friends and Alotha couldn’t bring him back from the brink and after a month of consideration Koren made his decision. Koren spoke to the council of what he felt about the Jedi, their philosophy and their political standings and resigned from the Order. This was a shock to the council who urged him to rethink his decision but Koren did not falter, stating his belief in the Jedi had been broken and he had to find his own way in the force. Before he left he said goodby to his friends and gave his lightsaber to tearful Alotha.

On his own for the first time Koren left with a plan to undergo a pilgrimage to better understand the force. He contacted his smuggler friend Taven and asked for help in getting to planets in his journey. At first Koren traveled to places strong in the force such as Coruscant and Dagobah in an effort to connect to the force. Koren also traveled to planets with other force based cultures existed to learn more about the force from different perspectives. Koren traveled to Dorin to learn from the Baran Do sages, to the Suarbi system to train with the Jensaarai and he had a chance encounter with the Aing-Tii. Koren would also have some very interesting adventures over his two year journey. But his journey would ultimately take him to sith space to learn of the dark side, a choice he would never have made two years prior. After surviving multiple attempts at his life by the Sith, Koren was able to be taken as an apprentice by a Sith lady named Darth Vorn. However once he accepted Koren realized too late what he had put himself in. He would be put through a rough training regiment, cruelly tortured and denied basic necessities like food and sleep and forced to do things against his moral principles.

Lady Vorn could see the potential in him and was determined to make him into a grand Sith Lord worthy of surpassing her and leading the sith. She put much of her training focus into Koren, almost disregarding her apprentice, a dathomiri nightsister named Vassa Sol. She considered Koren her rival and fought to surpass and show him up, even going as far as trying to kill him. But time after time she would fail and it would continue to infuriate her until she questioned why she couldn’t destroy him. In the end it was Koren’s training and tutelage from many sources which made him much stronger. When he told her this she questioned why, if he had so much power, did he come to learn from the Sith. His answer was he wanted to find his place in the force and he could only do so by learning from more than just a Jedi or Sith perspective. Vassa at first scoffed at this but after a few months of mulling over what he said she would approach him and ask for him to teach her his way, something he would happily do. This would be the turning point in their relationship from enemies to close friends.

The three years of grueling work would push Koren to his limit as he worked hard to master what Lady Vorn taught him and fighting many of her battles and wars for her which forged him into a talented and strategic leader. He would end up liberating a slave named Ivara Kossa, who became an important member of his officers and a close friend. He also befriended a fellow sith, Volla Song, whom was an apprentice of a Sith “Ally” of Koren’s master. The two would have no animosity between each other and would in fact become romantically close. But things could fall apart when Lady Vorn subtly suggesting to Koren to kill Vassa as part of a test. Vassa, despite what Koren had taught her, felt he would betray her and readied to kill him. But Koren surprised her by telling Vassa he didn’t want to kill her and offering to take her away from the life of a Sith. She would agree and the two with Ivara would begin conspiring to make their escape. However before they could escape Lady Vorn caught wind of their plan and moved to punish them both. But Koren and Vassa together managed to turn the tables on her and challenge her. The battle was fierce and Lady Vorn was surprised by Koren’s unusual skill and power as well as Vassa’s rapid advancement. In the end the two were too much for the Lady of the Sith and she was cut down.

With her death the two realized they needed to escape quickly and put their plan into motion. They took as much of Lady Vorn’s artifacts and texts with them as they escaped with Ivara to a ship they had prepared to take them away from sith space. Before leaving Koren met with Volla and tried to convince her to come with them but she refused, as she was determined to change things with the Sith and with a final kiss the two parted ways. Koren took Vassa and Ivara back to Imperial space where they took refuge for some months as they planned what they would do next. Koren wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to visit Dathomir and learn from the Nightsisters, something his companions thought he was crazy as they just escaped from the sith and he was now talking about going to another crazy organization, albite a bit safer. However Koren realized he was in his home space and decided to meet his parents for the first time. But upon inquiring he found his parents had not fared well for their actions in giving him to the Jedi and the Imperial Knights had seen to it their holdings had been sized and them sold into the services of an Imperial Warlord, Vass Kaan. This angered Koren and he set out to find his parents in this Warlord’s holdings. It took a month and help from Ivana and Vassa but he managed to find them close to death after having been worked to near death in an Imperial Factory producing weapons for the Warlords warmachine. Koren saved them and after making sure they were safe, set out to end this Warlord’s reign.

Koren waited until Vass Kaan made a public appearance before striking. Announcing himself as Tal-Koren Wavingstrider, he demanded his family status and fortune be returned. His demands were met with much laughter and dismissal but when they tried to remove him they found it impossible. When the Imperial Knights became involved Koren revealed his force heritage, reminding the knights of their prior mission to take Koren into their order. Unlike the guards Koren did not hesitate to strike the Imperial Knights down, though he kept as many alive as he could. When he had Vass Kaan at his mercy he made the man beg for mercy before forcing to surrender his title. With him no longer in command Koren turned him over to be tried by the people and left with his family fortune and status restored. Afterwards Koren decided to remain with his parents to connect with them for the first time since he was born. For many months Koren spent much time connecting with them and telling them his stories, most of which horrified them but they were grateful their son was alive nonetheless. But during these months Koren watched as the anarchy in what used to be Vass’ territory escalated. The power vacuum left in Vass’ wake caused much infighting among his former command and as a result the people were suffering.

Koren watched these developments, safe on the side lines and noticed the one thing in the many news reports were mentions of him and how the people saw Koren and his actions against Vass as a beacon of hope for them. Koren mulled upon this information, he always had been at odds with politics and believed in doing the right thing rather than the political thing. After some consideration Koren made a decision and informed his family and two close friends of it. With their support, Koren marched upon the central command center on public news and said that in interest of the people he was demanding they step down and surrender command they turn over command to him. Only half of the command opposed him resulting force being used to secure command of the territory but after just a few days of fighting Koren had total command and was officially an Imperial Warlord.

Koren wasted no time putting in motion a plan, starting with stabilizing the economy of his worlds and removing and amending many laws to make things better for his people. He did not rule with an iron grip but a firm hand meant to protect the people rather than dominate them, which quickly grew his popularity. Koren then announced his plans to the people, the Empire was shattered and controlled by the Warlords and needed to once again be hold for peace and prosperity to exist and declared he would reunite the imperial territories into the Imperial Union. Koren then went on a military buildup campaign, requesting rather than drafting recruits and rebuilding the new Union’s military. Koren contacted arms and ship manufacturers such as Kuat Drive Yards and BlasTech Industries, offering military contracts for new weapons and ships for the new Imperial Union. He also contacted the Geonosians whom were happy to take contracts for the man who helped them during the war.

While building the new Union Koren expand his territory steadily over six years by seizing the territory of smaller nearby warlords which were threat to his people. Koren also built a following of individuals strong in the force willing to learn from him, which he organized into the Hydeo Conclave, a small but significant force based organization. Through a mix of diplomacy and some military force Koren was able to turn his small territory into a sizable one. One of his major military challenges was an Imperial Warlord named Lady Elanara. Lady Elanara proved to be the first major military challenge for Koren, as at the time she didn’t recognize him as a threat. Nonetheless she didn’t underestimate Koren and he was forced to engage in his first major military conflict. The conflict did push Koren’s military prowess to it’s limit but he was able to force Lady Elanara into a surrender. In return for her unconditional surrender she and her staff were integrated into his advisors.

During his sixth year he experienced a curious moment in the force when he experienced a moment of crippling pain, as if a part of his soul had been rended asunder. It wasn’t until a month later he found out when a Sith transport arrived bearing a sith lord and a six year old child. The Sith Lord, a friend of Koren’s former love Volla, had come to inform him of Volla’s death at the hands of a rival. He was also instructed to bring the six year old girl to Koren in the event of her death, considering she was his daughter. Koren was emotionally shattered hearing of Volla’s death but shocked to know he had a daughter he had never known of. Though unprepared but happy to have her, Koren welcomed his daughter Sydaria into her new family, glad that she was no longer among the sith influence.

With his new role as a father Koren had even more reason to unite the imperial factions and between time with his family poured much of his time into making his dream a reality if not for him, but for his daughter. It has been ten years since he took his role of leader the Imperial Union and now with the loyalty of his people and a strong military with new backing him it Koren is ready for an all out war to unite the warlords and bring peace to the sector.

So begins...

Tal-Koren Wavingstrider's Story