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Kelios Shara-da

"The Force comes in many lights and shades; just some not as bright as others."

0 · 421 views · located in Star Wars

a character in “Star Wars: Return of The Force”, as played by Shadow44499


Name: Kelios Shar-da

Species: Gorvan-Horansi

Example:(Of the species, not my character.)

Force Sensitive: Yes

Jedi Specialization: Sentinel

Jedi Rank: Knight

Age: 29

Appearance: Kelios is a Gorvan-Horansi, a feline race native to the planet of Mutunda. As the Lord Subspecies, he is dark tan in color the fur growing lighter around his neck and the middle of chest to a sandy tan. His mane is a deep black color, mirroring the night sky in intensity and shade. The fur is well-kept obviously well-taken care of. A scar runs down the side of his muzzle and one running above his left eye, his eyes are in sync with his lightsaber color wise, a brilliant golden yellow. Physically he stand 9'4" and 320 lbs. His voice has a deep baritone that nearly rumbles as he speaks.

In terms of clothing the Horansi wears dark grey robes with silver inlay around the folds and on the wrists in intricate designs reminiscent to our Universe's Celtic designs. His hood is black and comes from underneath the robes with a black belt. Upon his wrists and forearms he wears two bracers which oddly seem to be made of junk metal, both of them are rusted and upon further examination have many lines of writing on them in what seems to be names, on the left one large name was drawn in: Mylina Hu'larum. Both bracers were made of metal from Raxus Prime and are a memorial to his fallen comrades when he was a slave and his lost friend.

Language(s): Galactic Basic (Spoken), Bocce (Understood), Dosh (Understood), Horansi - All Dialects (Spoken), Huttese (understood), Twi'lek (understood), Rodian (Understood), Cathaar (spoken), binary(understood.)

Personality: Kelios' personality fluctuates from time to time, at times he can be completely and utterly silent other than brief sentences as occasional noises, grunts, and body signals. Other times he actively seeks out conversation and company as if afraid of being alone. But in constant he is loyal to the bone to his order and those he professes to care about. In most aspects and situations he keeps his cool, calmness fueling his intelligence. Though due to his training and philosophy as a Grey Knight he will resort to negative emotions.

In all things Kelios is also reminiscent of his past, he refuses to forget and forgive. Searching out links to the past whenever he can and whenever able. This has caused distrust from some of his fellow Jedi and the council. Kelios can be gruff and blunt as well, getting straight to the point when aggravated but when in a light-hearted mood will often play word-games or speak in very delicate manners.

Kelios also takes personality from species. Being a Gorvan he will try to establish dominance without realizing such and will seek out solitude of many occasions, he has establish a territory of his own. This also gives him a set of pride sometimes flaring in acute and sensitive ways.

History: Kelios was born on Mutanda to a royal house and pride. His family rejoiced in his birth and for the first several years of his life the cub lived in relative leisure and comfort. His childhood was to groom him into a High-Lord of his people. He spent his days running along the town his people owned, attending classes between his bouts of adventure with a friend, Mlyia, a Mashi Horansi of the same fief or pride.

Peace was not to be warranted to though, the Pride owed a large debt to an off-world Hutt gang for weapons and raw materials they used to dominate the nearby tribes and prides. These beasts required payment and the Pride had to pay their debt, low on currency of any kind they had to give cubs to slavery. Both Kelios and Mlyia were among those sold into slavery.

The two and the other's sold were shipped to Nar Shadda where they were eventually sold in Slave Auctions. After months surviving together Mylia and Kelios were sold to seperate owners, the mystic was sold to a wealthy Nar Shaddarian Crime Lord and Kelios was bought my a scavenger core and company on the outer rim.

Kelios was re-boxed and shipped to Raxus Prime where he toiled for the mercenaries, scrapping salvage digging through metal piles, even finding safe paths through explosives and acid fields. Somehow among all the other slaves that died around him he continued to survive. As if some outside force guided his movements.

Around the age of 12 he began feelings would happen before they did, it saved his life on multiple occasions including a fight in a Slave Pit with a large Trandoshan, the lizard was both stronger and more adept but through the force Kelios was able to beat and even save the creature. The two soon formed a steadfast alliance, keeping each other alive in the harsh environment. Fate or the Force also tore this friendship apart as the Trandoshan was devoured alive by a Garbage Thresher.

However, the young Horansi continued to live on, beginning to see his own existence as a curse because miraculously he carried on while all those he knew perished. Luck finally turned for his better as a Jedi Master Denack Kilbaine arrived on Raxus Prime and landed in the Mercenary Camp and freed Kelios through "aggressive negotiations" after the ensuing fight Denack sensed Kelios' sensitivity to force and returned him to the Temple to train to become a jedi Knight.

He was trained under a Human Sentinel named Kisha Kil'donis. The Horansi was quick to learn, picking up on his lightsaber style and a few force powers with attentive eyes. But both he and is master shared a view on the force unorthodox to Jedi, both were more morally grey and his master even gave him basic teachings in the dark side and how to gain power off darker emotions but warned caution and only to use them in times of dire need. Kelios quickly accepted this philosophy, due to his past he took a more cynic view on the force. Years passed and Kelios continued to excel in the order, becoming a Knight by age 24.

Equipment: Computer Jack and Hacking Interface, grapple and multi-use jedi utility belt, repair kit, Lightsaber, robes and bracers, comm-link set, and a chemical mask set with re-breather.


Strength: 9
Dexterity: 5
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 7
Awareness: 7
Constitution: 9
Luck: 3


Major Skills: Survival (Harsh Environments, SERE), Security, Repair (Ships)

Minor Skills: Programming (Ship Systems), Speech (Persuasion), Unarmed (Tooth and Fang)

Lightsaber and Styles:


(The core is yellow and corresponds with the crystals' color.)

(The core is yellow and corresponds with the crystals' color.)

Color: Gold-Yellow

Style: Double-Blade Saber

Modification: Duel-Crystals System

Form I: Shii-Cho
Proficiency: Novice

Form II: Makashi
Proficiency: None

Form III: Soresu
Proficiency: Journeyman

Form IV: Ataru
Proficiency: None

Form V: Shien/Djem-So

Proficiency: None

Proficiency: None

Form VI: Niman
Proficiency: None

Form VII: Juyo
Proficiency: None

Force abilities:


Force Speed: Journeyman

Force Strength: Journeyman


Precognition: Adept

Force Sense: Journeyman


Death-Sight: Apprentice

Telekinesis: Journeyman

Force Jump: Apprentice

Battle Meditation: Journeyman

RP Sample: Kelios roared as he lifted a large piece of durasteel onto his back, the wires untangling from the metal and coming free with pops as he opened a tunnel into a behemoth of rust and decay. Just as expected it opened into the hull of an old starship, left abandoned for years, possibly thousands. His master's grinned and walked in, one a Mandalorian and the other a Rodian thug. The two began searching the hull as Kelios followed after a large Trandoshan behind the Horansi.

The predominate scent in the air was that of acidic metal decay followed by his own and then his companion's. A collar remained around his neck, giving subtle beeps. The Rodian turned around and barked in its native language, sending the two slaves up to the cockpit. It was a climb in all honesty, the trash-strewn metal sharp. The Trandoshan went first to clear a way for the large feline. The two making their way there soon. The cockpit of the large freighter jutting out above an acid lake.

"I hate this place..." The Trandoshan muttered in Basic, arms crossed as it hissed and looked out the window, standing on an old broken console since the ship was flipped onto its side. "I know quite well." Kelios responded in a simple and brisk tone. The two got to their jobs before looking around, suddenly something hit him. He got this aching feeling in his mind. "We need to get out of here." He said aloud and stood, heading towards the entrance almost positive his friend would have heeded the warning. Kelios for some odd reason was right about these things, like a canary. But for once he wasn't listened to.

It wasn't long before trough the hall way, the male heard the grotesque twisting and shrilling of metal and glass. He bounded back toward the cockpit, only to catch a wrenching glimpse of what seemed to be the chitin of a massive worm pulling away. He closed his eyes and snarled before turning back around, there was nothing he could do. And he still had to survive.

So begins...

Kelios Shara-da's Story