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Tookie Binks

A young Gungan trained by a Failed Jedi in the ways of the Force,

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a character in “Star Wars: Return of The Force”, as played by Bombad_Gungan


Name: Tookie Binks

Faction/Group applying for: Jedi Order

Species: Gungan

Age: 30

Physical Description: Green skin Otoall Gungan wearing a dark brown heavy cloak, brown Jedi robes with a tan tunic and matching pants with a leather satchel bag hanging at his side

Birthplace: Umberpool City, Naboo

Gungan sword
Green waterproof lightsaber - Master Tosh's
Jedi utility belt
Holocron - Gift from Master Tosh that teaches about the Living Force and the philosophy of Form Zero.

The Bombad Gungan
Production information:
Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Product line: YT series
Model: YT-1930
Class: Light freighter

Technical specifications
Length: 35 meters
Maximum speed (atmosphere):950 km/h
Hyperdrive rating: Class 2.5 (backup class 12)
Shielding: Equipped
Navigation system: Navicomputer

Double laser cannon (1)

Crew: 2; 1 pilot, 1 navigator
Minimum Crew: 1
Passengers: 6
Cargo capacity: 200 tons
Consumables: 4 months

Tookie was born in 17ABY and grew up in the Gungan city of Umberbool on the peaceful planet of Naboo. His parents, Jac Jac and Pa'lua, were simple fishing folk that helped catch the food that fed the city. Tookie was not a relative of the infamous Gungan Genrral and Senator Jar Jar Binks, something Tookie would have to explain regularly later in life, who shares the same last name. Tookie was raised as a any fisher would be raised but a part of him always wanted to see the other worlds that made up the galaxy, ever since he saw the sky on a clear night he wanted to visit them.

At age 8, Tookie met an outsider that would eventually lead him to seeing his dream a reality; a Human known as Tosh came to Umberpool looking to escape the horrors of the Yuuzhan Vong that were about to fall upon the galaxy at large. Tosh was apparently a friend of Tookie's father, Jac Jac, and was one of the few outlanders that the Gungans trusted. Tookie could tell one thing interesting about Tosh, his lightsaber meant that he was a Jedi. As the war continured on, Naboo was one of the few civilized worlds that remaind unscathed by the ravaging hordes of the Yuuzhan Vong, it was a bleesed fate that Tookie came to know Tosh.

The young Gungan took a liking to "Uncle Tosh", who was eager to tell Tookie about his adventures through the galaxy, and soon began asking anout the Jedi. Tosh, sensing something special about Tookie, began telling him about the Jedi and the Force. Tosh's stories about Jedi and their deep sense of honor made Tookie want to become a warrior. With some help from his parents and Uncle Tosh, Tookie applied and was accepted to the Ni Ten Ichi School of Strategy, the Gungan military academy, to become a Gungan warrior. There he learned how to fight like a proper Gangan warrior should, he took pride in the fact he was helping his people.

Years later, after the Pirate Lords War and the conflicts of the 42nd Galactic Civil War had come to a close, Tookie graduated from the school of strategy and came home from his schooling on break before going to report for duty with the Gungan Grand Army. He walked throught the home beebaa portal to find a somber Uncle Tosh talking with a trio of Gungan priests, Tookie's parents were reported as lost at sea when their fishing bongo failed to report in to the docking officials. Tookie knew something was wrong, something told him that it was bad, he just knew. Tookie ignored the priests and ran to Tosh, the Jedi comforted Tookie in his time of loss and made sure the Gungan wouldn't be alone. After a few months, the search for Jac Jac and Pa'lua was called off and they were official listed as those who walk with Oma-Oma, Tosh came to Tookie and offered him a chance to leave his past behind and take up a new life as something more than just a Gungan soldier or fisher.

Tookie was surprised when Tosh informed him of his sensitivity to the Force, he had no clue, Tosh had sensed something about the Gungan long ago and felt the time to tell Tookie about his ability was now. With a new life offered and a chance to leave Naboo to see the stars, Tookie decided to take up the position as Tosh's apprentice and began training with his new master. Tookie decided to refuse service with the Gungan Grand Army and istead took the money his partents had left him and bought a ship for him and Master Tosh to use to travel the stars. Tookie was so excited as they departed from Naboo and made their way across the galaxy.

After making their way off of Naboo and back to the Jedi Temple, Tookie and Tosh began a 'quest to understand the Living Force' as a starting point to Tookie's training. Along this quest, the duo stopped off at many worlds for varrying periods of time to solve any problems that crossed their path and learn about the Force and the effect it can have on people. One of the first things Tookie wanted to learn was the art of the lightsaber, Tosh was hesitant but decided to teach Tookie about the lightsaber and, more importantly, Form Zero. Tosh explained that while the lightsaber is an invaluable tool it is also invaluable for a Jedi to know when and when not to use it. Tosh gave Tookie lessons about how to talk to people and listen and help settle things without conflict and that using his lightsaber is a last resort. Tookie took this to heart and followed Tosh's instruction to the best of his abilities. It was on one such visit to Selonia that Tosh learned he had contracted Knowt's Disease, a degenerative affliction that destroyed body tissue, and that the outlook wasn't promising. Tosh told Tookie, who wondered what was next, that the Gungan's training would continue.

Over the next four years, Tosh taught Tookie everything he could as his body slowly ate it self and reduced the once hearty Jedi into famine on legs. Tookie sat at Tosh's side as his friend, and ultimately his master, was laying there dying. Tosh was always about teaching Tookie something, his last moments were talking about the choices that one can make and the effects it has on the Force, a discussion Tookie remembers having with Tosh a long time ago. Tosh told Tookie that he was proud to have made the choice to train him in the Force, that he felt that the Gungan was ready. Tosh pointed to the old satchel bag hanging on the wall, and told Tookie to grab it and take it with him. Inside the bag was Tosh's green bladed lightsaber and a blue cubed shaped holocron, Tosh looked at Tookie and told his apprentice "Do what you feel is right, Jedi." Those were Tosh's last spoken words, he fell into a coma and died three days later, Tookie was at his Master's side as Tosh faded away and become one with the Force.

Beast Riding
Beast Riding [SPECIALIST]: Kaadu
Blaster Weaponry Op/Repair
First Aid
Gungan Martial Arts
Gungan Military Tactics
Gungan Weaponry Op/repair
Jedi Lore/History
Law Enforcement
Starship piloting
Starship repair
Watercraft piloting
Watercraft repair
Underwater Basket Weaving

Force Powers:
Sense Force
Force Push
Force Pull
Force Jump
Lightsaber combat

Personality Profile: Tookie can be clumsy at times but for the most part always comes through when needed. He is generally trusting of all outlanders but has his moments of skeptisism thanks to Gungan misconceptions. He is somewhat protective of the memory of his parents and Master Tosh.

Other Personal Details: Will fill out once I flush the character out a little

Any Special Notes:
Amphibious - self explanitory, can hold breath a really long time
Long tongue - Can grab items (mostly food) with tongue

Role-Play Sample:

Once inside the coridoors of the spaceport, Tookie looks for a cantina hoping to find someone willing to take him home to Coruscant. After walking almost half way around Yavvitiri, Tookie finds a place called the Exile's Pit Stop near the docking bays along the south side of the Speaceport. It is a rough place, spacers are getting drunk, smugglers talking amongst themselves, certain people hiding in the shadows and a couple of pirates beating the space slugs out of each other. As soon as Tookie walks in, people notice him so sharpishly its as if the perverbial holo-record has come to a scratching halt. Not only do they notice how tall he is but the fact that you don't see too many Gungans in these parts. For a few moments the bar is virtually silent, even the brawling pirates stop and look at him briefly

"Heyo-dalees!" Tookie calls out to everyone, who all look and stare at the Gungan for a few moments before soon going about their drinking, talking, hiding and brawling. Tookie doesn't think about this and walks up to the bar and sits down. "Esqueeze me..?"

From behind the counter pops up a thin human woman with long black hair and olive complexion. She has a barrag over her shoulder and a case of Lum in her arms. "What is it?"

"Can yousa be tells mesa where I mights be findins someones whos mightin be ables to take mesa to Corseecont?" Tookie asks the bartender, who looks blankly at the Gungan wondering what he just said.

"What do I look like? A tour guide?" the Bartender replies rather rudely. "Either buy a drink or get out."

So begins...

Tookie Binks's Story