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Star Wars: The Hoth War

Star Wars: The Hoth War


The Hoth Monarchy has grown into an economic and military superpower threatening the Old Republic. A ragtag band of Jedi and Republic agents are tasked with investigating the mysterious kingdom.

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Fanfic: Lucas Film

Star Wars: The Hoth War

GM's: Loxley and Aftershock

"The Twin Kings? There is something about them that is not right." Senator Medaea of the Republic Senate

"There comes a day when Hoth and the Republic must go to war. As the Dark Side and the Light Side of the Force does not mix, so cannot Hoth and the Republic coexist. It is inevitable that one or the other be destroyed. The only question is, will it be a war for freedom, or a war of clashing ideology?" Unknown

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

The Old Republic stands at its peak, unchallenged, unwavering. It is a Golden Age of the Republic. The Sith has not been seen in centuries, and in peace, the Republic thrives, guarded by the honorable knights of the Jedi Order. But peace is not the way of humanity. In the distant, hostile Outer Rim ice planet of Hoth, a kingdom is growing, under the strong leadership of its Twin Kings.

Only years after the declaration of independence of the Hoth Monarchy and the Hoth System, the nation has grown into an economic and military superpower rivaling the Republic in strength and influence. With the Twin Kings of Hoth pursuing an aggressive expansionist policy that sees the borders of the Hoth Monarchy expand far beyond the Hoth System, it is only a matter of time before the Republic and Hoth come head to head...

In this unstable political climate, a small group of Jedi and Republic agents arrive to Nar Shaddaa on a secret mission. They are to recruit capable soldiers and agents to form an intelligence unit with the sole mission of investigating the monarchic nation and its Twin Kings, not to mention the troubling rumors surrounding them.

To do this, the Republic's secretive spymaster, Argos Vale, have formed as unlikely as unethical an alliance with Huttese crime lord Groba the Hutt, against the common threat of Hoth. And so, under the guise of diplomatic envoys, a ragtag band of Republic agents, Jedi and talented Nar Shaddaa individuals, leave for Hoth.

Toggle Rules

- No godmodding, omnipotent or all-knowing characters.
- What I or Aftershock says - goes.
- No canon characters or characters related to canon characters.
- No killing each other's characters off.
- No laughing.
- No ice cream.
- No hanky panky in the RP, though you may indicate/hint at it happening.

Y'all know the rest by now. We're all adults here, so use your common sense.

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#, as written by Loxley
Mov Otta's Cantina, Nar Shaddaa

Mov Otta's Cantina was a shady place. Full of criminals, smugglers, pirates, mercenaries and bounty hunters, it housed all the worst dregs of Nar Shaddaa. And the fact that it was a common meeting place for Groba the Hutt's people when conducting business didn't help to raise the cantina's status - though its status in itself, on Nar Shaddaa, was a good thing. As the largest cantina, it was also the place where most travelers would end up first when newly arrived from Nar Shaddaa, much because of its close proximity to the spaceport. Some of these travelers would be scammed by locals. Others robbed, others yet even killed. And some would find employ with the Hutt syndicates, or as freelancers.

Tesla Carid, Mandalorian exile turned Groba the Hutt's personal enforcer, the Hessian, looked up to the "sky", when a spaceship roared past him and landed in the spaceport. Its passengers would surely soon enough end up in Mov Otta's cantina, like everyone else. He proceeded down the street until the cantina came in sight. The guard standing outside under the orange neon sign spelling out the cantina's name in Galactic Basic, looked at him, but didn't give him the usual warning not to get into trouble. You didn't threaten the Hessian, or any other of Groba the Hutt's employees. Instead, he merely stepped out of the way and let Tesla step into the noisy cantina, the door closing again behind him. As soon as he entered, the Hessian was reminded of why he never went to the cantina.

The happy music, played by a group of Bith musicians, gave him a headache. The laughs from the drunk criminals of Nar Shaddaa annoyed him. In fact, the only thing that cheered him up was the sight of the beautiful Twi'lek dancers. He ignored them tonight, though. He was there on a mission from Groba the Hutt, and as such, focused on the mission. He didn't have to like the job, but at least he got paid. Though working with Jedi was something he loathed, a job was a job, and business was more important than personal feelings to the Hessian. In his armor, he stuck out in the cantina like a sore thumb, but everyone knew not to bother a Mandalorian, let alone the Hessian, Groba the Hutt's personal enforcer.

Standing by the bar, all he could do was wait for the people he was looking for, to arrive, and so, he waited.

Not far away, a drunk Aquala roughened up some other customers. Quickly, a guard intervened, and the Aquala was beaten to a pulp in front of the Hessian's eyes, and then thrown out.


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Hm..This should be the place. The notorious Cantina on Nar Shaddaa had an infamous reputation, making it easy to find on the backwater planet. The place reeked of the typical odors that lined a place like this. Some of the locals were giving Koji a death stare. He could tell by their body stance and their faces; Jedi weren't welcome here. Master Koji decided to take an early flight to Nar Shaddaa, since being late was simply not a thing he did. Was he thrilled about this assignment? No. The last thing he wanted was to work alongside someone like Tesla Carid. But, the Council had this special mission on the top of their list. Besides, I'm sure he's not that bad. We might even get along if things go well. That's what Koji wanted, at least. He wasn't about to go and act like a child who didn't get their way. He was a Jedi master after all.

Approaching the Cantina was easy. No one seemed to want anything to do with this stranger that was known throughout the entire universe. That is, no one except the doorman. "State your business Jedi!" The guard, who had tensed up, carefully watched Koji, blood lust easily spotted in his gaze. This man did not like Koji. At all. "I'm here on official Jedi business, now if you'll please let me pass.." He took a step or two towards the door, but was soon blocked by this rather persistent doorman. "Jedi aren't welcomed here. Get lost!" Koji thought over that option for a brief moment. He could do that. Go back to the ship and have the pilot take him back to Coruscant and the Jedi Temple. But no, he had a job to do, and this man wasn't about to get in his way. With a wave of his hand, he eyed the guard as he spoke calmly. "Jedi are welcomed here." "Jedi are welcomed here." The guard repeated. "You can pass. Enjoy yourself." "You can pass. Enjoy yourself." The doorman mimicked the Jedi once more, stepping aside. "Thank you Sir." Koji walked into the Cantina, but soon found himself lost. He didn't come into places like this often. In fact, he rarely came into places like this. "Well, I suppose he'll be here shortly. I'll just wait here for him." Koji found a comfortable chair close to the door and took a seat, studying the scenes and people around him curiously.

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Character Portrait: Ormir Takaren
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The Dark Side's pull starts with darkness. Frustration is the first small step.


Character Portrait: Ormir Takaren
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The Dark Side's pull starts with darkness. Frustration is the first small step.

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Character Portrait: Ormir Takaren
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The Dark Side's pull starts with darkness. Frustration is the first small step.

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