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Dar Ta'besse

(Finished) "There is no death, there is the Force."

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a character in “Star Wars: The New Sith Wars”, as played by SirLancelot


Dar Ta'besse
Kel Dor.
Force Sensitivity:
Dar is relatively strong in the force however he doesn't consider himself anymore powerful than others. He believes strength in the force is less about your potential and more about meditation and learning about the force.
Light peach
Black eyes.
5ft 9 inches
10 stone 7
Jedi Order.
Jedi Padawan.
Fashion of Choice: ... 3vux4l.jpg

Dar goes somewhat against general Jedi clothing conventions. Dar wears darker colours much like his Sith counter-parts. Dar also has attached armour to his attire to keep himself quick on his feet and yet have viable protection also.

Weapon of Choice:
Dar uses a single-bladed lightsaber with a green crystal inside.

Dar's alignment is hard to pin down. He fights for justice more than light or dark.


Dar believes that everyone in the Galaxy must pay a price for what they do. If someone takes a life, one day they will have their life taken also. Dar knows he will take many lives in my career as a Jedi and he knows that one day, his life will be taken but he hopes he can make a difference before that happens.

Dar is quick in mind and body. He can seem cold and calculating at times however in his mind, he is doing everything in order to complete whatever task he has been set. He will not hesitate to end a life if they put the lives of others in danger and he will not hesitate to kill if he judges that it is needed for justice. Dar however does have a lighter side, a side not often seen.

Dar is entirely focused on his Jedi training and studies. He does not envy those who are free from the Jedi code, in-fact he pities them.


Home Planet of Dorin, Not having to wear mask or protective goggles, Knowing he brought someone to justice, Learning more of the force.
Criminals of ALL kinds, Sith, Someone getting away.
Dar is quite fond of taking apart lightsabers and putting them back together, if you can call that a hobby.
He also enjoys reading up on History of everything.

Dar was born on the planet of Dorin. He remembers very little as when he was very young his parents offered him to the Jedi after a long debate as to whether Dar become a Jedi or not. It was finally decided when Dar's parents met a Jedi and Dar's force sensitivity was discovered.

Dar then began his training as a Jedi. Dar has become entirely focused on his Jedi training and studies. He has trained for many many years and believes himself to be ready to move on in his Jedi training. He has been sent on missions before but none as large as his upcoming mission.

So begins...

Dar Ta'besse's Story


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#, as written by Sibrand
A slow gust of wind caress the grass field set upon the foot of an estate. This is one of the many estates built on the planet who shares the land with farms and colonies holding citizens of all origins; War veterans, fugitives of war, retired soldiers, poor farmers and free Imperial slaves seeking a fresh start. While this planet is not that of opportunity, it is one of peace and prosperity. A planet where the philosophy of the Empire is shunned, it’s citizens fairly treated and starvation a bleak memory even though poverty still exists around the corners of the planet.

Dantooine, the home planet of many and the planet upon which the Jedi Order once built one of their largest academies. This academy was destroyed during the Jedi Civil War for almost 2800 years ago and has been rebuilt to its former glory at last. Where the corpses of children and Jedi lay and where fire scorched the earth there are now students and Jedi studying, learning and training and the grass has grown back once more. This is an institution of learning where students arrive seeking knowledge and leave as Jedi knights, ready to serve the Republic and bring justice and peace to the galaxy.

However, even though peace seems to be everlasting on Dantooine, the rest of the galaxy is in peril; The Galaxy has been in a state of war for almost an millennium and during these waning years of the millennium, the fighting forces between the Republic and the Empire has reached a stalemate, leading to decreased activity upon the fields of battle. Although it seems as if peace would be possible between the factions, everyone knows that all it takes is one small tip in favor for one way or the other and the war would restart once more. So the question on every ones lips are not whether the war will restart or not, it’s only when it will restart.

Inside the academy a meeting concerning not only the war, but also the fate of the galaxy is taking place; For the first time in hundreds of years, the Jedi council has decided to meet on Dantooine instead of Coruscant or Tython. For this meeting, they’ve summoned two of their brightest Padawans to attend the meeting and to recieve a special assignment. They’ve received instructions to meet the Zabrak known as Jedi Master Rek-noll, one of the orders strongest Jedi Watchmen, at the courtyard of the training grounds. He will lead them to the council chamber where they will be briefed on what assignment the council wants to bestow upon them. While the Jedi padawans have been summoned to speak with the council, the Republic has deemed it necessary to aid the padawans in their quest and has sent an SIS agent to aid them as well as hired a bounty hunter to assist them. They’ve all been instructed to meet with Rek-noll in the courtyard.


The small pile of sand slides off the large egg that is hatching. Out from the broken shell, a small rat-like creature creeps out to see the light at the end of the cave for the first time. There is no mother nearby and all the other eggs around the creature has either already been hatched or destroyed. The little fellow is alone, abandon to its fate. However, that will not stop it from facing the world. Out it crawls from its egg and it doesn’t take long for it to start walking around the cave with its abnormally large legs even for its small size. The creature has mixed feelings of joy and hunger as it makes its way towards the light at the caves exit. It is greeted by an almost red sun and a scorching heat. The fellow starts to make its way down the hill towards the rocky surface below. However, it never reached the end of the hill; A giant bug-like creature rose from the sand and in one bite it swallowed the little creature and returned to the warm sand.

Indeed, Korriban is a planet where the weak are killed and the strong rise in power upon the corpses of the weak. This rocky planet is filled with dangers beyond imagination and this is the birthplace of the ancient Massassi, a sub-race of the ancient Sith race. However, today it serves a different purpose for an Empire not so different from the ancient Sith. Instead of a home for a race or a base of operation during war, Korriban serves as the planet of training and trials; This is the hellhole to which acolytes of the Sith Empire are sent to be trained and tested at the Sith academy. If they die, they are forgotten. If they survive, they become Sith. Or more precisely, Sith apprentices under great Sith lords of the Empire.

On this day a group of Sith apprentices has been summoned to the ante-chamber of the Sith council where a daunting task will be laid upon their shoulders. They’ve been instructed to meet with Darth Inferno at the monument of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Ruin, at the courtyard leading to the stairs of the academy. She will explain the situation to them and lead them to the Sith councils ante-chamber. Along with the Sith apprentices, a droid mercenary who excels in many areas has been hired for a hefty price to join them in their quest. The droid has received the same instructions as the Sith apprentices.


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Character Portrait: Dar Ta'besse
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A Kel Dor was in the middle of a dark room. He was kneeling in the center of the space. Dar was meditating. His voice echoed around the room. "There is no emotion, there is peace." The young Jedi stood and from his belt, his lightsaber lifted towards his hand slowly. The Jedi ignited his saber and the soft hum of the blade calmed his senses. He held the blade gently and twirled it in his hands. "There is no ignorance, there is knowledge." Dar ran towards a wall and kicked himself off of it using the force to flip him in the air. "There is no passion, there is serenity." The alien warrior threw his lightsaber into the air and ran to catch it, spinning in the air. "There is no death, there is the Force." The Jedi dis-engaged his saber and put it back on his belt, refreshed from his small workout.

He'd received a message to meet with Master Rek-noll for something important. Dar made haste to make sure he was there on time. Dar made his way there quickly and before long was in the Courtyard of the Training grounds.