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Kelnan Vargr

"Good, Evil, just words. All that matters is living till the next day."

0 · 215 views · located in The Star Wars Galaxy

a character in “Star Wars The Old Republic: Outcasts”, as played by IronPhoenix


Name: Kelnan Vargr

Age: 25

Race: Human

Class: Dark Jedi

Force or Non-Force?: Force, but Kelnan was never fully initiated as a sith and is largely undisciplined in the Force, an example would be that he cannot use Force-lightning.

ImageAppearance: Tall, at least 5’11 and though he has gone through rigorous training in his youth he isn’t muscle bound, only well toned in terms of physique. Behind his battle worn attire which he picked up from various bounty hunters and sith that hunt deserters, you wouldn’t notice any skin as he refrains from physical contact with most people.

His hair travels to the middle of his back and almost takes on a tribal presence. His eyes are a deep brown which if you didn’t look closely you’d mistake for being black. If it weren’t for his demenor one might consider him handsome, if you told him this up front he would only sneer and disregard the statement.

Personality: Simply labelling him a renegade would only put things in a broad prospective. For the most part he keeps his demeanour stoic and silent hiding the bubbling rage underneath. He has no strict code of honour and will do whatever suits him at the given moment, which includes killing with little qualms. However he does in fact draw a line at killing who he personally deems “innocent”, this does not include Jedi, Republic Troopers, or any of the Sith Empire he abandoned as he has no love for either.

Only for the purposes of not attracting attention does he keep his aggression in check, otherwise you’d better not hope you are left alone with him and get on his bad side. He maintains a logical and almost detached mindset when interacting with others in contrast to when his wrathful nature appears. His tongue is spoken with cold wit with little charm and is ready to downsize those he considers “inferior” or when he believes some states something “obvious” or “irrelevant” which leads to the perception of him being a rather pretentious man (though it is mostly true).

He often struggles with the teachings his Sith masters instilled in him in some attempt to feel like he is in control and not the brainwashing militarism, but old habits do die hard.

Starting Equipment:
Sith Fighter

History: Born on Bosthirda to a slave girl whom hid him from her masters for the better part of his childhood, Kelnan was unaware of what his mother had to go through to keep them both alive, but he does remember having great affection for her. It was when slave traders came to collect her that he was revealed, but when they tried to take them both he resisted violently and tapped into the force knocking them against the wall. Kelnan hadn’t realized at the time what he had done, but knowing what it was mattered little when they pulled their blasters out on him.

They shot, but in a final desperate act Kelnan’s mother shielded him with her body collapsing on the floor as a burning husk. Though an undisciplined force-sensitive the sight of his mother’s passing definitely washed him over with grief and unbridled anger, his thoughts only in a basic “die” command as he forced the slavers onto the nearby wall unrelentingly suppressing them. They all eventually died of suffocation as air was constantly being pushed out of their lungs preventing them from adequate breathe, and when all was done Kelnan only sat at his mother’s side, hoping, wishing she would wake up.

This event however did not at all go unnoticed as Sith priests were soon on the scene sensing the dark side of the Force finding only the boy and the damage he had done. From there he was shipped off to Korriban and bred to serve the Empire while honing his talents, during which time Kelnan began burying his traumatic memory under the logical and detached mindset that he has today. The years went on as the brutal training prepared him for the war with the Republic as they constantly instilled in him a sense of superiority and self reliance, qualities needed if one wanted to “survive and evolve” as they put it.

On his first mission for the Empire he and two other initiates were charged with seizing a Repiblic supply vessel, completion of the mission would ensure their promotion to Sith. However Kelnan was unaware that there would be civilians on board particularly a mother and her son. They were cowering in front of with pleading eyes as the mother did her best to try and shield her child drudging up a long suppressed memory for Kelnan. When his comrades ordered him to execute them he, being that they weren’t taking prisoners he was reluctant, and tried to come a with a legitimate reason to enslave them or capture them, anything that didn’t involve killing them. The others recognised his “weakness” and unanimously turned on their comrade now deemed unworthy to live.

Kelnan fought tooth and nail against the initiates suffering many nicks and bruises truthfully lucky to be alive, but of course news of this betrayal would reach the Empire’s ears in little time and they would send bounty hunters and full Sith alike after him, people he knew would much harder to kill than the initiates he just did in. Taking the mother and son to his sith fighter they quickly hopped to another part of the galaxy, not before Kelnan disarmed the tracking device on the ship, after which he dropped his passengers off on a neutral planet where he presumed they could fund transportation elsewhere. They thanked them, but he said nothing, simply taking off in his ship to find anyplace he could lay low for the rest of his life.

So begins...

Kelnan Vargr's Story